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Mandalay Food 5000 Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

500 kg pork liver translates to over 5000 Meals & Smiles

Meet Gen. Z,- a young Chef -Kyaw Tun Oo & Father U HlaTun

More than Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

Thanks METRO Myanmar inspiring a GEN Z Chef help Mandalay People.


Generation Z must Be,- Are the Solution for a better Tomorrow

,.. this is our,- this is your chance to see today`s 2021 Myanmar`s Generation Z as they are, as they liked to be,- as:  The Whole World`s Generation Z wants to be,- is Allowed to Be nearly all over the World – A simple Question of Values:

,…. Free, Fair, Ethical, Free from Color, Free from Faith and Free from Nationality, at same time have a very clear identity feeling where they belong to,- having 1000 friends in a radius of 10 to 20.000 miles all over the globe. Their judgment are based on today modern, global commend values and global commend interests. Much sharing and caring. Free from thoughts as fears and macho as many of their like to be “Grandfathers– Authority which try to rule Nations and People based on seniority less and on understanding each other, quality and equality. Generation Z  in Myanmar do as they were told by the Burma Army Generals &Myanmar Presidents since August 2004 and 2010 to 31.1.2021, “Think Critical “, Albert Einstein would add,” Never Stop Asking Questions,” .The last 7 month`s in Myanmar many learnt that such past 17 years education by mainly the Burmese Army leadership all of a sudden turned deadly execution at the spot as news reported. Where such Myanmar Generation Z go, what can and should they do as all of a sudden since 1.2.2021 is never anymore as before as near all their live were told since they were born in, around and after General KhinNyunt s 2004 . Think Critical agenda followed and renewed by President General Thein Sein since 2011 and logically enhanced promoted. THINK CRITICAL – Never Stop Asking Questions, ” by The Lady – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s elected and by the real Sen General Than Swe endorsed as his commends were posted as She Will Lead the Country, in February 2016. The rest you all know best by yourself, it s all documented. 

Meet such a Generation Z Myanmar young man, a Myanmar young Chef

,…..with a Vision, a plan , an agenda, a time frame & much kind hearted positive energy.  To become a Great Ethical Chef for the best of his Country and People Myanmar clean and positive development. Follow the World Chefs ( 115 countries founded in 1928 with the ILO ),-

World Chefs must follow the Ethical Code of Good Conduct at All Time

A Vision nothing special all over the World & in Asia( lets say countries where young people and generation Z were not suppressed or charged as criminals for what their fathers governments were teaching them and they practices best – Think Critical Never Stop Asking Questions ). So for decades not allowed to have in Myanmar. Danger to think or initiate, control of everyone was the games rules on Myanmar until 2011. In fact when I was told by USA Yale University Professor Daw Win Win Kyi about Spy Chief & S1`s Boyoke Khin Nyunt`s plans for Think Critical ( either he the Bojoke or Bo Joke did it to save is a…. as his mentor Ne Win passed away or he had an honest vision on the Spy Chief can tell – General Khin Yee pretender of fair elections in 2004 had to arrest him and in the video Khyin Yee looked as a small schoolboy to his senior teacher )   as next curriculum for all Myanmar Teachers education and they thanto teach the students by World Teachers Without Borders ” Critical Thinking in all Myanmar for all Myanmar people ” — sure today we know ” UNITL 1.2.21 ONLY.

I knew direct at the spot, Political Suicide, – he ( than Prime Minister and still Spy Chief General Khin Nyunt )  drove an agenda which would end in his own political suicide. On 19.10.2004 The Boyoke was under House arrest all his peoples faith the same as today in 2021 for over 7000 killed or arrested. Suppression, Torcher and imprisoned most harsh changes, up to 165 years in prison ( ensures in Myanmar believing that one even he dies must be reborn in prison  Loving Kindness in Buddhism might works different ??? ) “ all related to the same single family in 2004 as in 2021.  Myanmar`s Generation Z grew up at best to enhance enact  ensure  Critical Thinking – Never Stop Asking Questions they,- Myanmar s Generation Z The Future of the Nation, might have been deliberately betrayed since early 2000 &2004 as a plan at all.

They all like the Young Chef one of Myanmar`s Generation Z were told, trained, educated that they not only were allowed, they were trained since 2004 to Promote Critical Thinking . In August 2004 PM General KhinNyunt tasked the President of World Teachers Without Borders, USA Yale University Professor Daw Win Win Kyi to establish the curriculum for all Myanmar teachers ( as well the Key persons in any election in Myanmar the loved & trusted The Seya Ma s ). As front man to support and ensure, – MI number 2 General Kyaw Win. Over 40.000 international Critical Thinking education books entered Myanmar that time already through this channel into Myanmar s Education system, without any censorship Spy Chief no 2 General Kyaw Win in charge Political suicide as documented on 19. October 2004,– so not for General Kyaw Win as surprise to many. Re Promoted by General Thein Sein since 2010.


Motivated to Ask Questions & Allowed to Think Critical

Young Myanmar Generation Z,- Chef TunKyawOo came to Arrakan Ngapali

for further study which he saw at FB  left home without much words as His Future mattered Most. Mandalay is home town already near a war zone sure not a place to grow a future for long. Already well known as featured in several Myanmar Culinary TV Shows,- grown up and well guided in the small restaurant of his father Senior Chef U Hla Tun. Daily further study culinary online cooking and culinary science more than is hobby his way to a modern world.

Once in NgapaliBeach at the “ 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 “, he ( the young Chef ) motivated many Nation Wide to join, from all over Myanmar students signed up, travelled many hundreds of miles,- brothers which joined the trip for safety got arrested for hours on the way before continue;

The Journey to an Independent Future for Myanmar`s GEN. Z .

“…Hello Chef got World Chef Academy Certificate, clip_image003thanks for every thing…”


Many of ” Myanmar` s GEN. Z. ” followed his motivating call for Independent Higher Education where ” Critical Think is Program “,- from far as north Kachin, Shan, Danu, Burma, Mon, from Arrakan Islands “ Myanmar s Gen Z followed, some as free of charge boarding at Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali, our honor to have all as VIP Guests for Myanmar`s next generation, some had families or friends nearby to stay.

Quick Chef Tun Kyaw Oo with his much knowledge and experience already became an assistant teacher, – offering his help to teachers & students alike. Supporting head Hospitality teachers as Tun Zaw Oo, Kyaw Thu Lin, Lwin Lwin Han, Zaw Lin, Mr August & Mya Win head of Arrakan MCA. In Special classes Tun Kyaw Oo with Giacomo ( a youngest GEN Z ), both IT and Online experts guided the much 70 students successful to 100 % International recognized Certificates achieved ) through the online International Standard UK City & Guild certified education of :  World Chefs Academy and now after 3 months still guiding students at our online Tele education ( during the 3rd COVID18 wave ) support and assisting small class room style for the over 90 certification programs of Australian Hospitality Institute TYPSY ( thank YOU Mr. Max your support is Gold Value for Myanmar` s young people ), they granted for all students Internship staff a Premium Education Status a package Free of Charge hospitality international certified education for Myanmar s GEN Z. An fantastic education & Vocational training with live teachers online – A program first granted to Myanmar s all Hospitality Industry person as CERP ( Covid19 Economical Recovery Program ) initiated and Brain Child of the in 2020 democratically elected STATE Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and elected Union Tourism Minister the Honorable U Ohn Maung. A Government initiative the past 7 month in 2021 missing at all.  ” Thank YOU Max “.  


GEN Z “ Myanmar Chef joins Overnight Cooking to Zero Income Villager

,.. right from the start Young Chef TunKyawOo when he arrived for the Hospitality & Culinary Education in Ngapali Beach ” 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021″ , — he blended in direct  joined Arrakan MCA chairman Chef Mya Win`s 600 to 700 meals cooking overnight at the Thandwe River mouth just before the Bay of Bengal Ocean at two villages Keymo region ( a region with much majority of Kaman Myanmar Citizen often without drinking ground water,- as well much effected by the sad events of the “3 C ” disasters in Myanmar since 1.2.2021 many families at zero jobs = zero income. Set a sign and promote Food 4 Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger. Share motivation, hope and a view of future vision that nothing stays forever The Good & The Bad, all is in the flow of live, no one can escape, no one above.


Generation Z Myanmar Chefs cook day and night for Flood Victims

When Thandwe  was much flooded Chef Tun Kyaw Oo and his all Myanmar GEN Z Chefs and Young Artists stood at the big pot cooking  Golden Sky kitchen Ngapali with all Ngapali Chefs cooking overnight 900 to 1200 meals donation and delivery at the morning to the flood victims. METRO Myanmar sponsored Pasta as his Spicy Myanmar Fusion, peeling Onions, Garlic or at stewarding  big pots washing or packing the meals. Hands on without much need to talk he sees what is next needed and has his hands on already. With several days near no sleep,- products donated by YOMA Cherry, Green World, METRO Myanmar, Best Friend, Min Thu, Htein Lin Thar, Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel.


,..Gen Z. Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, for ZERO INCOME families & flood homeless families,..

he keeps track record on most people in need – zero income families in South Arrakan. 20 Families which lost all houses at Thandwe high Flood – as well at south where he allocated with our partners of ” Arrakan Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ” ( CA@MCSR21 ) 35 families in much need for food and medical support. Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo and his Gen Z friends prepare for the coming days a wider dry food and cooking oil donation funded by CA@MCSR21 friends and donors with support by METRO MYANMAR — Thank YOU.


Generation Z Myanmar Chef`s Protects & Replant Arrakan Mangroves

Since month s Chef Tun Kyaw Oo collected Mangrove Seedlings along Ngapali Beach which would be naturally lost,– he joined our project of Mangrove Forest protection replantation. With several trips already in May 21 to now he proactive with his Hospitality and Culinary friends from Central Burma – Kaung Sithu  & North Kachin  Artist & Performer Maran planted knee deep in the Mangrove forests muds already over 3000 Mangrove small trees which we groomed the past 4 month s at ” Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge ” Ngapali Beach Front  ( our Arrakan Environment Protection program ” 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2021/ OTOT One Tourist – One Tree,- I started in Bagan with UK – Dr Win & USA Professor Victor & Lovely Georgette Buga“. Since 5 years on now Mangrove reforestation for Arrakan ( Rakhine ) Coastal Community protection and Food chain security with our decades long Friends, Juergen & Regina the Funk Insurance Germany over 220.000 Mangroves were planted since 2016. At the Advise & Training by U Win Maung, Myanmar s & one of Global` s best expert on Mangrove Protection and Preservation Replantation.


See here our next stories from Arrakan Nature & Arrakan Community protection


Generation Z – Young Chefs as Tun Kaw Oo,– also took the chance to join our cross education programs for ” Environmental Protective Tourism Destination Management – Ngapali Beach for all ARRAKAN ( Rakhine ) coastal regions. Here specially Thant Myanmar s theory and practical ” ZERO PLASTIC ” workshop at ” Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel ” by Thant Myanmar management. As well ZERO Food Waste, ZERO CO2 from food waste, ZERO Hunger – online with Mrs. Jenny`s, Ma Khaing`s & Ko Inda Aung`s BOKASHI Myanmar. Fantastic ” Soil Revolution in Myanmar ” a Revolution for a better Live to Live in, also Myanmar.    


The young Chefs – Generation Z. so Tun Kyaw Oo were also enthusiastic at the ” Environmental Education Myanmar by senior staff of the World Bank “ online – zoom at ” 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 “.


Generation Z in Myanmar,- a young Chef, away from home Took Care

,….When I shared to Generation Z,- Young Chef TunKyawOo, the message of METRO Myanmar that they would love to donate 5000 kg frozen quality Pork Liver to Myanmar people in cooperation with Chefs Culiary – Culture & Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 on 28.7.21.I told this great news to young energetic always smiling and Pro Active  Mandalay Chef Tun Kyaw Oo as he attended since some month`s our 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocation Academy. “ 800 km far from his home town” in the north. A young Myanmar Development Project at Ngapali Beach Front  ” Oliver`s Laguna Lodge Hotel’. Be able provide nutritious, rich, healthy food for over 50.000 pork Liver Curry or Fried Meals translating to over 50.000 Smiles by Myanmar people at times when there is little to smile for 53 million Myanmar.

Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo calls his father Senior MCA Chef U Hla Tun in Mandalay.

The Gagyi quarter of Mandalay with many ZERO Income Families.

Pyigyitagon –

,….. Already the days & weeks ahead Chef TunKyawOo remembered the people in his hometown and asked me when he saw MCSR21 donating to many regions of Myanmar ( Mon, Yangon, Arrakan, West & East ) dry food through generous funding by Myanmar Loving Friends from all over,- at the ground by Top Chefs with Big Hearts,-

……. Chef can we arrange also some dry food donation to my home town quarter, many families without Job and Income. My Father Chef U HlaTun can arrange there,…. 

GEN Z Chef Tun Kyaw Oo in his polite style requested.

This was and is always the simple base. One no need a care taker to take care,- one need to be on the ground with the people with the base of a Nation, understand the peoples needs. Or as Cardinal Charles Bo the Christian leader of Myanmar expressed it as, .. Good Leadership is based on Service to the People if one want to lead. Yes for such leadership never big people are needed,- as here a young chef of Myanmar`s Generation Z, learning and eager to learn much more to be a best culinary and Ethical Chef of Good Code of Conduct,-  A Generation Z Chef of Myanmar 21 years old Took & Takes Care of his people in his home town even 800 km far away to learn more not & never waiting for a care taker by words only.

We needed the numbers of households, Numbers of people estimated, Location and contact. More than quick Chef Tun Kyaw Oo provided all. Nothing surprising for me as month s ago when our Vocational Training Program was announced he was the very first to contact and arrive from 800 km far Mandalay to be in,- the first one which finished the World Chefs Academy Certification we arranged, the always top at highest certificates achievements of  Australian Hospitality Institute TYPSY online learning program.

Be First, Be Quick, Be Helpful, Be Open & Honest are  Program for Tun Kyaw Oo.

,…. Quickly all communication with his father Senior Mandalay MCA Chef U HlaTun were established  communicated with METRO Myanmar and with Chef Adam arranged in no time the logistics for the cooling trucks, as also for Yangon sites of this great FOOD AID “4” Smiles donation by Chefs Kyaw Kyaw, Alex, Zin Myo Nwe & her Sisters ( all young Myanmar which came back from Singapore,-  followed the democratic progress in Myanmar after 2011 by General Thein Sein`s vision and promise for a Free, Fair and Ethical Myanmar with Critical Thinking as the main aim. Promoted – further and to higher levels driven by ” The Lady – The State Counselor ” – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s democratically elected government ( 1990, 2015, 2020 ) volunteer team. To Nay Pyi Taw with Chairman Chef Romeo Thu and his best Chefs team ( coincident now three years in a row cooking for hundreds and thousands of people in need around August Mon Flooding 2019, Mandalay Flood 2020, and now for an even near country wide food crisis in 2020 ). Mon Chef s and Ngapali chefs were also stand by and ready to take 1000 kg translates to 10.000 healthy meals each,- so as the usual Tourism Business is disrupted through the sad 3 C Events in Myanmar since early 2021 no cooling trucks drive anymore Yangon Thandwe – Ngapali Beach front best Beach in all Asia – Myanmar. METRO Myanmar as Global s highest hygiene, food safety standards would never allow to take a risk, send by normal cargo as such. Sure to realize that the until today sad events of the ” 3 C`s “, resulting in total disruption of logistics as tourism business is at zero level in Myanmar. Direct deprived here over 20.000 people a healthy meal planned to be donated to heavy flooded hit Mollamine  Mon and Thandwe  Arrakan State. We all in Thandwe as well Chefs in Mollamine were ready for such vitamin, nutrition rich, over 20.000 smiles.NOT possible at 2021 “caretaker”, as in 2015, 19 – 20 all floods.


Really Taking Care,- or ONLY a caretaker,-!!!???

As Father,- like Son,- Chefs Social Responsibility 31.7.2021

500 kg pork liver = over 5000 meals for over 5000 Smiles in Mandalay

Mandalay Food “4” 5000 Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger 2021. With a fantastic fast & clear cooperation of aMandalay`s Quarter Hospitality members joining together with METRO, Local Community & MCSR21 in Myanmar  for some happy moments for all the involved Chefs, the Volunteers, the Donors and the People,– Happiness and Smiles when such are hard to maintain in Myanmar and nearly to all Myanmar people this 2021.Young Chef TunKyawOo`s a best Generation Z Chef`s pro active,- really Taking Care. His People and not being a caretaker only ensured over 5000 Hot Meals “4” Big Smiles in his home town quarter where his whole heart is 800 km far north from his present Hospitality training in Ngapali FREE ZONE @ Arrakan State, Myanmar.

Thank YOU METRO Myanmar for inspiring a GEN Z Chef to help his Mandalay People.

Well done Mandalay Senior Chef U Hla Tun & Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, we all admire you and your

Clean Social Spirit a really Gen Z Chef Taking Care of people in Myanmar,


Generation Z must Be,- Are the Solution for a better Tomorrow

They must NOT be Targeted – NOT be Handicapped,—- YOUR Children   


Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Nay Pyi Taw Food “4” three thousand Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

16.8.2021 Nay Pyi Taw Chefs team cooks up a storm

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021


Great Chefs Aid support – A tradition @ Nay Pyi Taw

A short historical review of NPT Chefs Aid

,… Nay Pyi Taw Chefs lead by Chairman Chef Romeo Thu team, best remembered just the day in 2020 Mandalay support successfully donated the flood food aid with METRO Myanmar sponsored food and logistics “ “ MCSR20 Food for Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger in Myanmar “ that time Nay Pyi Taw Chefs team baked over 12.000 butter croissants and sent with Chef Ko Soe and Parkroyal Hotels Sous Chef to the all MCA Flood Aid team to Mandalay .

Jet also at very same days inn August 2019 – 2 years ago the Nay Pyi Taw Chefs baked Hamburger, olled Sushi s and snacks to be sold at NPT Myo Mar Market to at 16:00 pm usually all government staff of the “ elected Government “ are shopping. The rates were free,- to give what each one liked, valued or wanted to donate – to MON State, Ye ,- Mollamine high flooding and landslides which killed hundreds of people. The “ Elected Government “ as well all CSO and Rescue teams all at best Pro Active support to the Mon people ONLY. 4.200.000 Kyat – close to 3000 $ US in Kyat the team of Chairman Romeo Thu collected in just 1,5 – 2 hours that time. With a very special donation by the ASEAN Office of Myanmar and a great family with Loving Kindness came extra to the Myoma Market to hand over a great fund to the people of Mon.

Next to the 4.200.000 Kyat Nay Pyi Taw Chefs collected further rice bags, clothing and livelihood all was sent on 19.8.2019 Yangon ( we all just came from Mandalay s ASEAN Food Festival, a brainchild of than State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Union Tourism Minister U Maung Maung Ohn – promoting Myanmar through Traditional Cuisine “ at High Class Presentation “ as modern, global peaceful country to welcome Guests from all over the world to visit Myanmar. All by best educated top class Myanmar chefs of first International standards.


2021 Food “4” Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

13.8.2021 Nay Pyi Taw Chefs team cooks up a storm

,…. METRO Myanmar called for a donation of round 50.000 portion of Pork Liver Curry main ingredients,– it had to go fast as logistics to be planed within Yangon ( Chefs Alex, Kyaw Kyaw and Zin Myo Nwe teams ) and outside trucks to Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay ) within 24 hours. Chairman Chef Romeo Thu got all quick together and sent me his teams plan:

“…28.7.21…Dear Chef Oliver,

       Well received your mail with thanks. So for Naypyidaw we Chefs can arrange 

– pork liver donation with METRO Myanmar. Please let me know how many Kg can help for donations the village and support meal for quarantine center which has not enough food.,…..- Chef Romeo

,… Thu 29. Juli 2021-10:42 am Chef Romeo Thu wrote:

“…..Dear Chef Oliver,

       I already had phone conversation with Chef Adam and settled with all Chefs in Nay PyinTaw. Ready to go – “ Food 4 Smiles,- No tears from Hunger in Myanmar,… “

Best regard, Romeo Thu 


Thanks to the quick respond, logistics arrangements by Chef Adam aid was in the way.

,…..29.8.21, “… Dear Chef Oliver,

After all here it’s the final list for the Pork Liver donation drop point.

Nay Pyi Taw MCSR21, Romeo Thu          –   300 kg   ( Fri/ Sat ) Drop point  NPT

Chef U Hla Tun, Tun Kyaw Oo MCSR21   –    500 kg  ( Fri/ Sat ) NPT Drop point

Yangon MCSR21 Team Chef Kyaw Kyaw – 1,000 kg  ( Fri/ Sat two day Delivery ) North Dagon drop point and Yangon possible to extend more kgs

Yangon MCSR Team Chef Alex                 –     300 kg ( Friday Delivery ) Zealax Hotel

…… “


13.8.21…  Our MCA NPT arrange the pork liver sponsored by METRO and myself donated onions and guava fruits ( to support Vitamin C) for 600 households from Naypyidaw village region as , Lewe , Tet Kone, Pyinmana low or zero income villagers and the orphanage for 159 pax  children.  Please see the attached documentary, Best regards,

Chef Romeo Thu….. “

All at best a great teamwork and superfast hands on Food “4” Smiles, NO Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021 ensure by METRO Myanmar in professional cooperation with the nationwide working Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21.

Tens of Thousands of nutritious – healthy food,

 best quality pork liver curry portions direct into peoples hands.

“…. We did not have meat for a very long time most said,- some – that is the first meat in over a year,,…“

Thank YOU METRO Myanmar & Partners to give Smiles by Food to Myanmar people.

Great JOB and well done Chefs in Nay Pyi Taw – clearly the real challenges are ahead of us all, so stand by in best Health safety for all Chefs, family members and people in and around Nay Pyi Taw . As said in the beginning there is a history running that Nay Pyi Taw Chefs have great peoples benefits food for smiles donations running, cooking, rolling, handing over around 15. To 19. August three years no in a row,….. Next to all other years round activities , Congratulation for Motivation , Team Work and Fair – Free Leadership in your team @ World Chefs “ Ethical Code of Good Conduct in Myanmar “ , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach Front,- FREE ZONE – Arrakan State, Myanmar 16.8.2021

Mon Food “4” 1000 Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

19.8.2021 Mon Chefs team up again with 4 Mollamine Rescue Teams

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 – MCSR21


,… Mon Chefs lead by Chairman Ko Ko , Secretary Tin Hlaing Win and Pastry Chef Wai successfully donated last days the flood food aid. “ MCSR21 Food for Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger in Myanmar “ rice ( with beans, added up with Onions and Eggs by Mon Chefs ) Rice good for 20.000 meals . At the theme “ give the fisherman no fish but a fishing rot people cooked by them self….

The MON MCA Chefs just founded 2 years ago in August 2019

,…. The chefs teamed up with Bo Bo Win Rescue of Mollamine, provided the cars, which paved the way for the next food delivery as the Chefs have many hands and all knowledge of food, Bo Bo Win had fortified rice a donation from foreign,- both together were the recipe for jet another 600 meals Chicken Rice donated as team together to the people of Mollamine.

,…. As we know best the Mon Chefs of MCA, once they started and got warm it is near not possible to stop and soon the 1000 meals cooking was on the board for 19.8.21. On 18.8.21 Chef Tin Hlaing Win wrote “,…. Chef Oliver all in order and ready for tomorrow, food bought and all donation received, we will cook at the big Kitchen or “ Family Restaurant of Chef KyawMyint in Mollamine” ,… cooking for people at 4 different COVID19 quarantine and isolation centers were the place of best meals cooked delivery as well for then volunteers of 4 different Mollamine Rescue Teams….. Chef Tin Hlaing Win & Chef Wai ensure that all volunteer members are 120% health protected with hand sanitizer face masks, social distancing in smaller groups.


” Valuable Mon Chefs Secretary`s communication with MCA Central Kitchen”

A best & quick communication ensures transparency, quick documentation important for all involved from benefiters, to chefs, cooperation partners & donors,…

Chef Tin Hlaing Win: “…….My First plan is that we will donate fried noodles to Covid19 Positive patients around  300 pax (at Hospital. Isolation 1.3. and Mawlamyine College Covid 19 center ) only.

Now we can donate more than this as we got Food Donor for:  Dry food, Noodles, Cooking Gas and Vegetables. clip_image002clip_image002[1]clip_image002[2]

So we will make over 1000 box fried noodles.

Finally we are able to cook for all Covid19 Positive patients of 300 pax,- than as well to

The 4 Rescue Team volunteers of Mollamine are:

– Bo Bo Win Rescue

– Mawlamyine Rescue

– Yar Ma Nya Rescue

– Aye Mya Kyi Lin Rescue

The Total of 4 Rescue Teams is 200 Volunteers.

Than we have enough food for zero income 500 people in need for support
The total we are able to donate if for over 1000 pers

I am sure you all are also happy for this news.

Yes Chef clip_image004How are you feeling today. We are sure you all are happy for this donation clip_image002[3]clip_image002[4]Today Donation the location is the Hospital Covid19 Positive Center 1, 3, and 4 and Zayar Thiri 3rd Quarter. A total of over 1000 fried Noodles box. The big Kitchen is sponsored / provided by Chef Myint Kyaw’s ” Family Restaurant.

Chef Myint Kyaw`s Family restaurant provides all facilities for  MCA MON Chefs and everything we need to cook. We make Fried Noodles with chicken again maybe for 300 pax. If it is confirmed I report to you again. Your`s Chef Tin Hlaing Win


Everyone of you which visit Mollamine in the near & far future,- make sure to have a good meal with your friends & family here to support the generous people.

Visit and Recommend

Chef Myint Kyaw Restaurant.


Nothing left to say, Chef Tin Hlaing Win a promoter, motivator, logistician, communicator easy for all involved to be at any time up to date to help, suggest and record, Thank YOU Chef.   


Today I know already that Chef Tin Hlaing Win, Chairman Ko Ko , Pastry Chef Wai and the great donor Chef Myint Kyaw s plan already the next “ Mon Food “4” Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger 2021 “. With a fantastic community of Mon Hospitality members joining together for some happy moments for all the Chefs, the Volunteers, the Donors and the People,– Happiness and Smiles when such are hard to maintain in Myanmar and nearly all Myanmar people this 2021.

As so many times well doing Mon Chefs and volunteer supporter, donor  we all admire you and your Social spirit and great United Friendship as Culinary Experts, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach, FREE ZONE, Arrakan State – Myanmar 19.8.2021

“2” Yangon Food “4” Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

2 Yangon Chefs Teams & METRO Myanmar 17.8.2021

Mahar Nwe Orphan Charity Monastery

Khin Khet Khet Khaing, Naing Oo & Kyaw Kyaw, Zin Myo Nwe teams

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021


,…days earlier Ma Khet Khet asked for possible food support on 17.8.21 to the Mahar Nwe – girls & boys orphanage in North Dagon – one of Yangon`s hotspot since 1.2.2021 with much hardship and little aid syupport,- for all people lost the normal live and live security on a daily base. Naturally during such hardship people just are not able anymore to share food as they did in the good days in Myanmar until January 2021 despite 1 year COVID19 Myanmar sailed well through this and

Hope was the Captain on board the Myanmar Ship in 2020 until 31.1.2021.

Cooking and Food Donation to people in Yangon from 17.8.21

,….until 16.8.21 morning not much was achieved so the plan was kept alive with Khet Khet s  and Naing Oo s funds. So as lead by someone special above us all that morning Ma Su Yee Mon called me and asked if we could do the “ Culinary Dance “ again. Food “4” Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021 “ . METRO Myanmar offered again for next day well     meals for Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 in Yangon with a total of 132 kg Fresh, Healthy Vitamin Rich Food, Chicken meat, butterfish, crab, veggies and vitamin rich fruits with 78 kg healthy apples and grapes.

Khet Khet, Naing Oo, KyawKyaw & Zin Myo Nwe,- 2 Chefs Teams – 2 Smiling Yangonies

,…..Naing Oo added Milo & Soya Milk nutritious rich drink as well a sweet snack for all the orphan girls & boys at the Mahar Nwe, to METRO Myanmar`s Food donation he arranged with Ma Khet Khet.


,……Chefs Kyaw Kyaw & Zin Myo Nwe made children Smile and Laugh at the least supported urban parts of Yangon,– which tried to eat the Apples all in one with much happiness an Apple a commend fruit and side meal for many of you and us. An Apple something these children should have often – so cannot afford to buy,……

Wonderful efforts by both chefs Teams Yangon & METRO Myanmar, as Zin Myo Nwe & Chef Kyaw Kyaw at Yangon`s hard to live townships and Ma Khet Khet & Chef Naing Oo for all Orphan Girls & Boys at the Mahar Nwe in Yangon North Dagon.

Wonderful – “ Sharing Smiles with good Healthy Food – secure the moment s of NO Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021 by Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021. Thank YOU Ma Su and METRO Myanmar in the name of all Chefs & Volunteers happiness for these moments for all:

 See the Smiles make every one Smiling – Myanmar people Love to Smile, yours

Oliver E SoeThet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach, FREE ZONE, Arrakan State – Myanmar 17.8.2021

COVID19 – Ngapali Airport Mazin Village said to be top COVID19 positive

( it is said that many Ngapali Airportv staff, Emigration, Police is CV19 Positive now )  

Arrakan Oxygen ” 4 ” Live Saving,- Thank YOU Hans

As the greens control Oxygen,- Patients must buy outside Thandwe Hospital  

Blood Thinner out of Stock in South Rakhine,- We share it now,- 7.- 11.8.21


Alive or Dead should never be a matter of Money,…it is simply a management issue next to willing or not willing to help own people,- Oliver E Soe Thet, Arrakan Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social responsibility 2021.  

Myanmar people can dug easily under the Burma Generals away to ensure that their live goes on healthy. In daily reality or not,- it shows that the all Myanmar united people can manage their live very well alone and master their lives and hard ships without the generals….. 


A much COVID19 NOT managed by any one in Charge in South Rakhine 

Much controlled Oxygen by Non Medical Group reminds on Communism in Myanmar  


A COVID19 Tsunami is reported from Ngapali Airport,- 

At All Mazin Village, Admin staff – ” 566 Soldiers ?? ” 

Arrakan Community Aid @ Chefs Social resonsibility & Medical Professionals
People to People Aid at best – Blood Thinner the only in all South Rakhne 11.8.21

Myanmar Thanks to all Donor for COVID19 support.

Great Special Nurse SS & S &  Chefs Oxygen Concentrator


We are happy the Hans and Ma Ei Ei donated the Covid19 test kits which already indicated 4 positive patients where 1 need Oxygen at Thandwe Hospital. The Oxygen there is not enough and has to be bought outside due to no management skills of the group in charge and the Hospital management has no hands on the plans,….Like in a Communist Country as Russia …      


Thanks to Hans we can arrange by ” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 ” Oxygen Concentrator borrow direct to patients families for their loved ones Oxygen in need.  Oximeter also sent by Hans and his great supporting people we all love so much. 

The Thandwe District Hospital has since 4 years two Draeger German anesthetic machines which just need two or three now pipes — so as we saw in the past many times – miss and no management – the top state of the art equipment donated is neglected not used and patients suffer daily and die possible.   


Alive or Dead should never be a matter of Money,… – Oliver E Soe Thet  
” Blood Thinner out of stock in all South Rakhine – We are happy to share stock for free “,— since days and weeks we are hunting for the Blood Thinner to treat COVID19 patients to prevent from Blood Clots.. First we got a call from Yangon s clinics OUT Of Stock and Drs Cried – we were able thanks to Ma K`s network to get blood thinner in time. 

Today all South Rakhine ( Taunguk, Thandwe, Gwa )  reported, had no more blood thinner – we arranged days ago and got it today,— the message to all — who needs Blood Thinner pls contact and call 09 444 98 2016 – Chef Giacomo @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibilities. Clear system the patients which can afford need to pay,- the patients which are poor will get it for free .

Same with all by Mr Hans and Mrs. L..J. donated Oxygen Concentrator we will borrow to urgent patients in need until they recover,– we have 7 only and might need more,… – YOUR donation to AKTION Myanmar e.V. makes it possible to save lives direct people to people.   

     Thank you Mr Hans and team also for the COVID19 test Kits , Than YOU Ma K.Z. 


,….. Myanmar COVID19 on 15.1.2020 the after 20015 & 2020 ” Constitution based elected democratic Government acted direct after China President visited Myanmar. 31.1.2020 the international airline traffic was stopped and Chinese unhealthy Tourists a whole plane full was sent back from Yangon Airport to China. Many were doomed as ” Zero $US Tourists .. ‘ a system adopted from the pre 2015 Minister of Hotels & Tourism for just a quick raise of tourism numbers – lure in Foreign Investment.  

It was the beginning of COVID19 – The China Virus to the world arrived in Myanmar,– with great knowledge and best management the team of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi & Johns Hopkins university graduate and many years World Health Organization – Geneva Member,- Union Health Minister Dr Myint Htwe Acted – NOT reacted direct as treating a potential global Pandemic could much effect millions of lives in Myanmar. With the Health System of Myanmar most rotten after 70 years miss management and today a Union Health Minister in Place ( 11.8.21 ) ONLY as he must be there to treat  a Greens – Senior Supreme leader ,.. as he told me for the past 11 years – possible not a real qualification to manage a whole countries health Ministry and COVID19 pandemic so an always smiling Myanmar Dr always promised me since 7 years than an ENT Dr would arrive at Thandwe Hospital as he was 11 years the permanent Secretary of Union Health Ministry. I sure remember his gentle smile and sweet talk. More I remember he was and still today is a ” NATO ” No Action – Talk Only. ( reference 11.8.21 MOHS reported 2 postive CV19 cases today in Thandwe – reality is that the possible whole Mazin – Ngapali Airport village , Emigration, Police, Army is infected now by COVID19, according to an in Thandwe District medical Dr… )….  A Union Health Minister sure today very busy as his ONLY ONLY Lonely patient the old Senior General is Hospitalized there  will be little time for the Union Health Minister to take care the all 52 million people of Myanmar — which pay his monthly salary, his car as others.               

What the days in 2020 until 31.1.2021—  when the  Daw Aung San Suu Kyi s Government out of ” Loving Kindness “ cared for all 53 million Myanmar to treat, quarantine, feed, tax, permits  and electricity bill exception   until this crisis is over,….. Only to discover for all 53 million Myanmar that on 1.2.2021 all bills must be paid, all quarantine and all treatment must be charged.  Fair enough for a ” Poor – Poor – Poor Government or Care Taker ” of any country . The one which is so poor can not give , can not help, can not support . Of course the greedy has the same issues and same problems — he / they also can not give.

Give What —– Give back peoples tax paid money to run a country as Myanmar and give back to the people which entrusted their money and future into a 2008 constitution,….. Today it is not even sure one would get back his own saving money as from KBZ Pay,… as they might became green totally or were green always ,— the KBZ Costumer will judge by them self on these most negative ” theft of savings “,…..


It is interesting that there is no one from the business and Myanmar establishment which would be able to get the greens back to the barracks, get the leaders of the greens to have some feeling of Buddhist Loving Kindness shown. 

It all today reminds very much on the very darkest days of German History,— so one need to say clear here in Myanmar and just the past 1 and 2 days proved again,– The Myanmar ” Adolf`s and their whole group in firearms or admin prove already many times to be the super clones of ” Adolf & his Team  “.  As Mrs Priscilla Clap stated in 2020 when the same Burma army group had an issue with torture on a boat in North Rakhine she said as a high US diplomat :”…. Humans are not as such,– Humans do not do as such — this is clearly trained to do as a system of suppression,….”,…. That time in North Rakhine ( today their friends ??? ) ,— yes we see this ” Trained Inhuman Behavior since 5.2.2021 in all over Myanmar and when we thought – “….that is now crazy no one dies as such that is the worse —- it took only a view days and they the ” Dogs ” as the Rakhine first and now the Burmese them self call them do , incredible how they invent so quick so much so bad inhumane ways to treat their brothers and sisters, father, mothers, grandfathers’, grand mothers and neighbors,— what a breed of Humans of Burma. So the Burma invasion to destroy Pyu Dynasty, Mon Dynasty, Ayutthaya ( Thai ) Dynasty and Arrakan Dynasty looks not that much different from the today 2021 Burma Army Mindset. 

It is up to you and your position and siding to judge who is right here and who is wrong …

Sure as a Human,- as  Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim – sure and easy to Judge 

Free State Arrakan 11.8.2021   

Food “4” Mon Smiles,- ZERO Tears from Hunger Myanmar

A Chef to Chef communication “4” Food Aid  

23.7.21 – 3 days before the flood,- : “… Thanks for your supporting Chef Oliver. We shell never forget the Donors kindness. We no need dry food. Medicine are highest price and most needed many items out of stock in Mollamine. So some people will need urgent medicine and can not pay as most are Zero Income people:

            Tin Hlaing Win, Rehmonnya hotel,— Mawlamyine than the flood came,… 



” Than ” – Monday  26. July 2021 / 04:56 pm / mca.monregion2019

flooding again  Chef Tin Hlaing Win

As Low-lying areas in Mawlamyine, including Thiri Myaing ward, are flooded, preparations are being made for food distribution. See the attached pictures of Chef Tin Hlaing Win which prepares food, ” Food 4 Smiles No Tears from Hunger 21″  Mollamine.

Mon Community Flood Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021


All Mon Chef joined together for the 2021 Flood Food Donation

Win Ko Ko

Tin Hlaing Win

Htin Kyaw

Myint Kyaw

Wai Lwin Lwin

Lwin Oo

Chan Myae Lwin

Zaw Zaw Aung

Kyaw Thu Moe

Kyaw Thu Myint

Win Aung

Hsan Tun Oo

Aung Kyaw Lin

Donate Place is ThiRiMinGalar Quarter — Mawlamyine, Mon State .

Ps. Please Take care of yourself 


Mollamine Rescue Group teams up with Mon Chefs again 2019 to 2021


,…..2. Aug. 2021 / 13:23 mca.monregion2019   — “…Dear Chef Oliver

Today Chef Adam,- METRO Myanmar Team send the ” MCSR21 ” Flood Food Aid ordered 1500 kg Dry Rice and 600 kg Beans. We will donate on 5.8.21..”,- We also have Donor from here for Onions and Eggs to all ZERO Income people,…..


Aug 2, 2021 2:45 PM written by Oliver E Sor Thet, “…Dear Chefs , Ko Ko . Thein Hlaing Win, Ma Wai and all Mon MCA Chefs, you are great and best cooperation with Chef Adam very well done we are very proud of your excellent team work in Mollamine…. 

Urgent take care always best for social distancing to people, Face Mask well on best Face Shield and always have Hand Sanitizer with you I also put in my face > be very careful when you are with people ONLY small groups and try no direct contacts … we must be very careful all time also for your Families ..

Thank you for the info Oliver 

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21/ Ngapali Free ZONE 2.8.21


5.8.2021,…. “….. Dear Chef, Dear Donor,

Today Our Donation is very well done. We can send food to every home

The home are really Zero income Zero money families.  We are very happy as Chefs.

Some streets is we cannot drive with car,- so we carry and walk into small street.

Mawlamine Rescue is sporting Our Food for people Donation.

Main Thanks to You and all Donor to people min need at Mollamine during Mon state flooding – as you all will also be happy with the donation. Thanks again Your Chef Tin Hlaing Win,- Secretary MON MCA Chefs Association for:

                   ” Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Social Responsibility 2021….. ” 


Dear all Mon Chefs , Chef Tin Hlaing Win , Chairman Ko Ko & Pastry Chef Wai 

great efforts and wonderful clean and clear done many greetings and all the best let me know how the situation is in the next 3 to 4 days,still I need to do the medical items for you .   Many greetings and thanks very valuable and kind \

Oliver E Soe Thet

” Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021″  

When we can’t Drive car into small street  Ready for tomorrow

Thanks again, pls see below all our Mon Chefs Social Responsibility 2021Team & Food

Your Tin Hlaing Win

We can donate to One ZERO Income Home

On donation day, supporting for Transport car from Chef Myint Kyaw help us.

Also Mawlamyine Rescue Organization help us with one ambulance car. Many greetings from Rescue team leader Bo Bo Win well remember MCA Chefs in 2019 cooking for 1 week in Mollamine for food victims with METRO Myanmar 8000 hard roll donation and Chef Nanda, Chocolate Chef Ye Minn Oo Team cooking daily for 2000 people — he say hello Chefs & thanksYour Tin Hlaing Win

Dry Rice 5 kg

Soya bean 2kg

Onion 800g

Egg 4 Nos


Dry Rice 1500 kg

Soya beans 1200kg

Onion 2400 kh

Eggs 1200 Nos

Oliver E Soe Thet –  wrote on Aug 4, 2021 2:52 PM:

Wonderful great Chefs that is best so the same we do here and also in some other regions it is a some days help for each house and the most it is Loving Kindness Sharing Happiness and Friendship which is the most we can do with and for all Myanmar people in need all over Myanmar.  Urgent care also with cars and sitting in cars or trucks careful with COVID19 , spray all with sanitizer for room plastic and hands , let the chefs use Plastic Gloves pls and later or all time best washing 

Great Job good plan Oliver   

                 Myanmar Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

Flood Aid to Mon State – Oliver MCSR21 – 26.7.2017

Urgent 2100 kg Rice and Dry Beans on the way to Flood Region Mon State

Dear Friends and Donor to Myanmar Communities,.

Myanmar Arrakan & Mon State – Due to heavy rains since July 22, low-lying villages and wards in Myawaddy township and j Township in Kayin State have been flooded for the past few days. Currently, floods are occurring in Mawlamyine township, Mon State and Launglon Township, Tanintharyi Region.

“The floods have started and we are going to be in a situation that we have to wait for food packages,” said a local resident in Thiri Myaing ward, Mawlamyine.

Chef Tin Hlaing Win and Mon Chefs Chiarman Ko Ko with Pastry Chef Wai joined our Zoom meeting where we already committed for Food Aid as per ” Mon Community Flood Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “. Which was aimed to lower the pressure on families in food insecurity from coup and covid19…    

” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “

As for YOUR team we will call it ” MON Hills Weddings “,…flower language 

I will arrange all for you and Mon Chefs Families. I need urgent your Address , Phone and best Cargo Truck Car gate or Highway Bus Yangon to Mollamine – I will arrange give me some days … send me your all best contacts and address.. Oliver 

We will arrange soon for Mon Chefs Aid missions – Vitamin c 500 mg, Zinc 20mg, Oral Rehydration Salt, Cetirzine As in Mollamine COVID-19 cases is very high going one. Old people are need very much take care.

I wish you want to stay strong and healthy  .Please don’t forget your health. Strong is first, Strong is second.


See you soon Day Your Chef Tin Hlaing Win – From Moulmein.


All Mon Chef joined together for the 2021 Flood Food Donation

Win Ko Ko

Tin Hlaing Win

Htin Kyaw

Myint Kyaw

Wai Lwin Lwin

Lwin Oo

Chan Myae Lwin

Zaw Zaw Aung

Kyaw Thu Moe

Kyaw Thu Myint

Win Aung

Hsan Tun Oo

Aung Kyaw Lin

Donate Place is ThiRiMinGalar Quarter — Mawlamyine, Mon State .

Ps. Please Take care of yourself 


Mollamine Rescue Teams up with Mon Chefs again 2019 to 2021

I meet with Bo Bo Win again and we discussed that we will work together again as he has mucch fortified rice from foreign and we have the chefs – man power we will cook together next days I will update you Chef on al progress of ” Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ” greetings yours

Chairman Chef Ko Ko, Secretary Chef Tin Hlaing Win, Pastry Chef Wai

Mollamine,- Mon State 8.8.2021 – Myanmar

Chairman Chef Ko Ko, Secretary Chef Tin Hlaing Win, Pastry Chef Wai

Mollamine,- Mon State 8.8.2021 – Myanmar

” Food 4 Smiles,- STOP Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021 “

METRO Myanmar & Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2008 – 2021/22

5000 kg Food Aid by METRO & Chefs KK – ZMN, Alex & U Tun Hla Teams

Yangon & Mandalay ” MCSR21 ” 29.7. to 31.7.2021

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ( MCSR21 )

,…. as so many times over the past three years one called “…. Oliver METRO Myanmar called & sent a mail, pls check it s urgent it s food aid,…. “. Mrs Jocelyne sent a mail offering 5000 kg frozen Pork Liver of best nutrition value as donation through ” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 ” ( MCSR21 ) to Myanmar s communities in urban and rural areas. Cooked and handed out by the now since 6 month proactive ” MCSR21 Team Chefs ” caring for the most poor and people in need all over Myanmar.

Lets Ensure Food 4 Smiles & Stop Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021/22


On 29. Juli 2021 at 11:14 Uhr logistics cleared with Chef Adam – METRO Myanmar

Dear Chef Oliver,  After all here it’s the final list for the Pork Liver donation drop point.

Nay Pyi Taw Chef Association – 300 kg    ( Friday / Saturday )  Near Plaza Tools Drop point  NPT

Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, U Hla Tun Mandalay – 500 kg     ( Friday / Saturday ) House Drop point

Yangon Chef Kyaw Kyaw          – 1,000 kg  ( Friday / Saturday  two day Delivery ) North Dagon drop

Yangon Chef Alex                      – 300 kg      ( Friday Delivery ) Zealax Hotel Drop point

Thank so much for your time and support. Chef Adam METRO Myanmar.


It took only 30 minutes to get the join in confirmation from chefs Kyaw Kyaw, Zin Myo Nwe, Alex for Yangon and for Mandalay from YOUNG Chef Tun Kyaw Oo which attends the ” 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 ” in Ngapali Beach since May 21. He quick took the chance caring his home town Mandalay and specially the poor people near his quarter. He contacted his father Senior MCA Mandalay chef U Hla Tun and got commitment at the spot 500 to 800 kg he would take and share with people in need. These days of Myanmar`s ” 3 C” disasters in 2021 such high nutritional and vitamin rich food more valuable than ever.


Message from Chef Zin Myo Nwe Date: Mo., 2. Aug. 2021 um 12:11 Uhr

Dear Chef Oliver,

The internet is working too bad yesterday….I couldn’t attach the photos.

Here Is some photos that we went to South Dagon and Hlaing Tharyar township.

This morning,Kyaw Kyaw went to train station at Tarmwe with Chef Alex and Adam.

I will send to Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo too with Myanmar text and detail location.

With Regards Chef Zin Myo Nwe, Kyaw Kyaw & Chef Alex

Lets Ensure Food 4 Smiles & Stop Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021/22

Following METRO standards and Daw Thuzar Myint Health Mantra for Chefs

All arrangements and logistics were careful planned by METRO Myanmar and Chef Adam to ensure at any time the cool chain at highest level to grant Food Safety – Food Hygiene – Healthy Nutritious Food for Myanmar people.— Yes same as for you writing these last words I have goo pimples on my arms,— as these three were the livelong Mantra of Daw Thuzar Myint. To ensure the best, healthy and valuable food for Myanmar people he live time aim.

Chef Adam arranged all at best for Chefs Zin Myo Win, Kyaw Kyaw and Alex team in Yangon two days the METRO Myanmar Trucks were on the way to the places where good food is most needed. Kyaw Kyaw evaluates places since 5 month s for such ” Humanitarian Food Aid “.  The Day was set by METRO team with MCSR21 Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo ( not a stranger in Myanmar s culinary scene – best know for his MRTV cooking shows ) and arrange for his father all goods by METRO Myanmar trucks delivered to his Mandalay Quarter with over 500 kg.

Message from Chef Zin Myo Nwe & Chef Kyaw Kyaw Yangon Sat, 31. Juli 2021/13:56 pm

Dear Chef Oliver,

Here are some photos of today Yangon`s Rubbish Mountain peoples area and 700 girls orphans at Mya Theingi, behind Yangon airport also with some more poor households.

As sad news,  the Lady Nun who was the Head nun leader of Mya Theingi was passed away.

One of the nun said big thanks to the Myanmar Chefs & METRO Myanmar for giving them kind of meat because it has been a lot time ,they only eat vegetable as there are no fundings.

Greetings Chef,

Chef Zin Myo Nwe & Chef Kyaw with Chef Alex

Yangon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021


Chef Romeo Thu and Nay Pyi Taw MCSR21 team kicked in and took 300 kg of frozen Pork Liver for villages around Nay Pyi Taw as well COVID19 quarantine centers in the capital city much in food support need. A Clear different picture from 2020 when Myanmar experienced the 1. and 2. CV19 waves. Today in 2021 everything has a different & harder challenge in it.

With much thanks and despite the murderous situation at COVID19 Tsunami in Yangon,- people and children still happy smiling:


Documentation by Chef Zin Myo Nwe, Kyaw Kyaw & Chef Alex – Yangon 30. & 31.7.21

Yes Chef,

We bring hand sanitizer  spray all the time,I took photos and always give sanitizer to his hand also for car that we used. We went to south Dagon and people at Rubbish mountain where they don’t have mask and when we took photos, we requested to wear mask then, they borrow mask from each other…..what can we say to them?

Dr Heller always judged the wealth of people on 2 things no under ware poor, no shoes very poor see the pictures – many children for sure not have only NO shoes in Yangon at the garbage dump place.

Almost all of people said that it has been long time they don’t eat any meat so they appreciate so much  for pork liver. Thank you so much chef, we will take care more for this.

I already sent to Chef Tun Kyaw Oo with some photos and Myanmar text .

With best regards

Chef Zin Myo Nwe – Yangon

Yangon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021


As Myanmar Chefs slogan already in 2008 after Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar Delta hard ( today also Delta – COVID19 – Delta Strain ). In 2008 to 2010 also much with METRO,- than METRO Germany by Aviation Without Borders Germany – LOG, Mr Frank Franke & Mrs Marie Luise Thuene direct into Delta peoples hands:

          ” Food 4 Smiles,- STOP Tears from Hunger in Myanmar –

                                  Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2008 – 2021 & 22 ”           

Friends from oversea wrote to me ” We Cried “when we saw first pictures of Chef Kyaw Kyaw & Zin Myo Nwe at the Garbage Mountains of Yangon and the ordinary Myanmar people, the children laughing and smiling for happiness. ” Food 4 Smiles & Stop Tears from Hunger in Myanmar ” – thanking the Donor ” METRO Myanmar ” and these fine Gentle Chefs of Myanmar`s ” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “.

Thank YOU,- U Myo Min Oo & Chef Daw Myint Myint Aye

,….Chef Zin Myo Nwe`s now late father U Myo Min Oo and Great Chef now late mother Daw Myint Myint Aye just 4 weeks ago, both were  at forefront cooking for the poor, also with a wide healthy METRO Myanmar & MCSR21 cooked rich meals for boys orphans, than the poorest of Yangon and  ” The Legendary 700 Blue & Black Berry Jelly s of Chef Daw Myint Myint Aye ” for 700 Girls Orphans at Yangon`s Palae ( Mngaladon ) Township the Mya Theingi Nun Monastery. The first food donation they got within a year the head nun told Chef Zin Myo Nwe. Today also her father and mother since month s at the forefront cooking for people in need passed away due to a not managed COVID19 Virus outbreak in Myanmar. In their names Chefs go on.     

Thank YOU to METRO Myanmar for this great chance that Myanmar Chefs can show their Social Responsibility in this 2021 to the people of Myanmar.

Thank YOU to the MCSR21 Chefs Teams in Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon for their courage to deliver food in times when deadly viruses can easy and quick end a live as chefs lost their lives past weeks due to the 2021 sad issues.

Thank YOU to all Sponsors and Donors which make the daily volunteer work Food Aid and medical drugs direct into peoples hands by chefs in Myanmar possible.   

Lets Ensure Food 4 Smiles & Stop Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 2021/22

Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach – Heavy Flood Thandwe District – Arrakan 27. – 31.7.21

Food Aid delivered when others showed ” Security ” to Flood Victims

The most heavy rains from 24.7. onwards already forecasted a coming disaster for any normal Government and people in charge. As there is a history of every 4 to 7 years such a major flood happens into Thandwe City and neighbor villages. Simply a 3 to 5 days much rain day and night,– takes 2 days down all the mountains into the Thandwe river as natural drain out to the Bay of Bengal. Not if there is the every 6 hours high tide raising the ocean waters against the mountain & Thandwe river waters. Than within hours main Thandwe city, market and specially the Thandwe District Hospital will be flooded as is lays to low, every time patients must be evacuated, Equipment must be saved from quick raising brown muddy flood water levels.

So also on 26./ 27.7.2021 last week when the present government in charge acted to slow or not at all. Hospital patients had to be transferred out to higher ground. One would question the management skills and dutiful mindset of such people in charge for Thandwe District and Township. I leave it to you.

Ngapali Chefs Cooked up a Storm for Flood Victims for 4 days

Initiated by Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

,…. funded by our well known best friends of Ngapali Beach,- each year for many weeks guests in Arrakan State ( Rakhine ). Supporting an all Myanmar Community for long time with medical volunteer work, education, food safety, nutrition as ” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth “, wide live changing operations in rural hospitals. Were all the base of this initiative after I and Giacomo went to Thandwe after Chef Ye Minn called for action. We not even reached into Thandwe at big Petrol station was all 4 to 8 feet high water the road not possible to cross by car. A small boat was just downloaded to reach the Hospital and collect naturally died people for transfer back to Myabin village – Ngapali.

On the way we stopped at Mr June`s restaurant and both chefs committed to help cooking for flood victims, next stop Chefs Khin Khin Htwe & Pyo`s Taw Win Nan restaurant than back to Laguna Lodge. Within a hour a team of 25 volunteers were ready the Location the Golden Sky restaurant next to great Arrakan Cuisine Chef Min Thu the flood aid kitchen. Ko Kyaw Swar of Green World supermarket arrived with light truck and we arranged first meals rice, chickpeas, oil and onions, chilly and curry marsalla, salt and oyster sauce to the venue. All I had stocked up already actually for other burning issues as a before looming potential refugee camps near by or a covid19 quarantine center in need. Gas Bottles were transferred, another 50 kg potatoes arranged and at cooking site already big pots, giant woks and chefs from several restaurants and Hotels already in Aid cooking Operations. Peeling of Onions and potatoes at first during afternoon. The whole night was for the cooking .

Lephet Yee – Traditional Milk Tea of Golden Sky Restaurant a best at Morning


Our biggest Culinary respect for two Senior Arrakan Lady Chefs

Daw Tin May

Daw Thwe Kyi

Both outstanding in culinary skills of Traditional Cooking with the most basic facilities,- I myself learnt so many tricks in all these nights that I never wanted to sleep and see how they cook and what they do,— Great Performance and always with a wide smile.

Chickpea – Potato Curry and Rice for first Donation Day 28.7.21

Fried Noodles with Egg by Ma Theint Theint@ Isabella & Kyaw Swar of Green World 29.7.21

Bean Rice with thanks by Yoma Cherry Ma Sue for 30.7.21

Egg – Tamarind Curry and Rice by Green World & LAGUNA ECO Lodge 31.7.21

At final Pork Leg Stew, Arrakan Chicken Curry, METROs Pasta as Salad and Chinese style

( METRO Pasta Salad by Mandalay Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, with help by Maran from Myiktina and Khaung Si Thu from Mingyian . METRO Pasta by Ko Chinese from Mr June )  


Ngapali`s Beach Friend, Kyaw Soe Tun & Thein Lin Thar took the lead in logistics and coordination with Thandwe city and village communities for the always morning 9:00 am starting convoy and food aid delivery.

With the Spirit and the Team Work of, much Ngapali Beach Football team lend their energy and hands to all the Chefs.

Forgive me if I miss out a name there were many more and at all time.   

Chef Min Thu, Ye Minn, Ko Phyo, Khin Khin Htwe, Sithu, Su Su, Saw Mya Ngal, Myat Min Thu ( his father U Tin Ngwe famous former Ngapali Beach hotel chef ), great Chefs of Jade Marina and Aureum Palace, Blue Sea, Min Thu, Best Friend, Lillis Beach Bar,Golden Sky ( all family cooked all time ), Mr June, Taw Win Nan, Green World, Yoma Cherry and Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge cooked at nights, packed early morning and delivered before noon.

NI Nge Chef & Owner of the legendary Smile Restaurant as great Chef and much Entertaining for everyone over the nights long cooking Rice and Curries.

Thein Lin and his sister Ma Phyu donated hundreds of water Bottles each day.


Thank YOU to all sponsors as METRO Myanmar, Yoma Cherry Lodge, Green World Supermarket, Thein Lin Thar Hotel, Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge,- German Dentals & Drs – Aktion Myanmar, MR August & Ma Phyu Phyu Family.  


900 to 1200 Curry meals were cooked daily and delivered to

Thandwe City to two private arranged Flood Victim centers, Sandaw, Andaw Quarters, Thalinzee, Thandwe upper river villages, Thandwe & Ngapali Hospitals patients, medical staff.


Surprisingly Authorities took much care first Only Certain Monasteries, less hit,…

Worse hit was the river side of Andaw Quarter which lost 17 to 20 houses totally gone as well the Monastery of Alodawphye Seyadaw much damaged ( so no government support was see the first days ). We plan to be there soon at the Monastery with head Monk U Paw Than Hla to donate Rice, Cooking Oil, Dry Red Sultani Beans all for a month s for each house family together with Stationary for the school children. Next to COVID19 protective face masks and hand sanitizers, medical free drugs also available

Thank YOU to hands which made this all Volunteer possible over 4500 meals were cooked, hundreds of water bootles donated and millions of Smiles Recieved back .

Oliver E Soe Thet

Aid Delivered when others ensure ” Security “

Arrakan Community Aid@ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021     


Thandwe People were to busy in muddy clothes cleaning all alone

to realize the shortages in Flood Management in Thandwe

So outstanding was the all Thandwe Municipal staff by Daw Khin Khin Soe at every place they were seen loading what residents already places at road side a great Team as well known.


7 days early before the big flood, a big russian built cargo plane of Burma army flew over Ngapali Beach easy to hear on the heavy engine sound. I was told it sent an Oxygen refill plant for Thandwe District hospital. The first ever in possible 50 years as long the Hospital which has 4 operation theaters got. Made much sense also in Thandwe with raising COVID19 positive and stage 2 and 3 patients at the hospitals ICU. As COVID19,- the China Present to the World,- ranges like a Tsunami through Myanmar so in Arrakan State ( Rakhine ).

Set up as much as possible every one in Thandwe knows but not the some in charge ???

All good intention might not always benefit the Myanmar people when management skills and expert knowledge is missing combined with being reluctant of asking people on the ground what is the place for such a plant. “… As high as possible every one young and old in Thandwe would say…. ” knowing the floods every view years overflowing the Hospital in Thandwe.  So what ever was in the minds of the some in charge of Myanmar now, the new and first time Oxygen plant was quick also under water.      

Private Boats next day try to rescue people, older and disabled from their flooded houses were redirected and personal in green ordered them instead of rescue people to carry sand bags to protect what was left from the New Oxygen Refill Plant. In vain the machine was damaged not able to operate. On 2.8.21 there was a talk in town “.. Just two more days oxygen than ZERO … ” have to be confirmed and sure civil society and the people of Thandwe will find their own way and arrange well managed to ensure Oxygen will be there also on 5.8.2021. The Private Initiative of Thandwe donors already assigned a place and collected funds before the flood for an Oxygen refill plant way high up on a hill not ready but well managed. The two Rescue Boats from the Government were not available to rescue people as the one from Ngapali Fire Brigade s boat driver did not know that the high class engine needs Oil & Gasoline mix = Engine broken before 1. use. The other from Thandwe Fire Brigade was not allowed to be used as the District Chief ( Commander ) demanded this as stand by for him / his office only. Left was a smallest Tourism Boat carried than always 10 to 15 people to save ground all old and disabled people. Again I leave it to you to evaluate the management skills here. The pictures in the streets were clear to see for every one who was the flood victim and the Saver in one person = all muddy body and clothing. Compared to best dressed and great boots, well fed and laundry fresh ironed clean in biggest cars. With Equipment on the shoulders or around the necks which would remind any visitor or by passer only on a war zone as in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. So possible someone miss understood a command to ensure Security in a bit different way as it would have been needed in a Flooded City. Their big and high trucks could easy had driven through the water and rescued people direct from 1. floors of their houses. Again I leave it to experts to make up their minds how such groups in a flood region usually operate all over the world,– also in Myanmar as we all saw much in 2015 in 12 states, as we cooperated with them in Mrauk Oo at Lay Myo River flooding and 2019 in Ye – Mon State and Mollamine. So that were sure different time and visually also a different group. May the future of Myanmar ensure better Flood Management or one at all and specially one which put the people into consideration first to be rescued.

Of course with a wise and more interested Thandwe district & township management much hardship and an early warning could have saved much property and hardship for every one. It comes all down to ” Good Governance and Caring, Loving Kindness to its Citizen “.

With many thanks to all donor and a great Ngapali Beach Chefs, Owners and Friends Social Responsibility  in great Friendship and Partnership for many nights cooking and at mornings delivering 900 to 1200 meals to people in need,— many people neglected by the institutions which are tax – salary paid just to care the people, as said ” good Governance ??? ” .

Oliver E Soe Thet

Arrakan Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

NGAPALI Beach Front, FREE ZONE – Arrakan State, Myanmar 30.7.21       

Free Medical Drugs Center MCSR21

Free Medical Drugs Center MCSR21

Kostenlose Medizin fuer mittellose Menschen in Ngapali – Thandwe

Ma Su Su & Ma Swe 15 Jahre,- Ihr Motto ist,- ” Helfen “

Friends of Myanmar, German Drs,- Myanmar Chefs & Medical Staff

machen es moeglich,— kostenlose medizin and mittellose menschen durch medizinisch geschultes fachpersonal mit kostenloser qualitaets medizin zu versorgen.

“,…. You cannot save all the Children of the Whole World,—— So if you can save one Childs World, than you saved this Childs Whole World,” Frank Franke – Wings of Help Germany  

Alle Menschen in Myanmar so auch Arrakan ( Rakhine ) State mitlerweile durch ” 3 C`s ” hart geschlagen. Ueber 50% koennen bis ende 2021 total existenz bedroht sein laut Welt Bank. Durch die gewaltsame Regierungs – Macht uebernahme der Militaers – Den ” Coup ” am 1.2.2021 hat das Land, die Menschen, die Wirtschaft und das gesamte Gesundheits system einen endlosen freifall ins katastrophale nichts erlebt.

Die Wirtschaft, Banken, Jobs = Leben der Myanmar Menschen ist zerbrochen und weiter im freifall durch den Coup der Armee die von ueber 98% der menschen abgelehnt wird.

Myanmar ein Land mit einer legal gewaehlten Regierung zaehlte im Januar 2021 zu einem der besten in Sachen COVID19 Virus bekaempfung. Die Regierung der Daw Aung San Suu Kyi arrangierte schon fuer 50 % der bevoelkerung ueber UK – Indien CV19 Impungen, ueber 30 million doses,- die ersten 2 millionen waren schon in Myanmar als die Armee gewaltsam die macht uebernahm. Ueber 100 Laender der Welt waren weit von dem hohen standard Myanmar s in sachen COVID19 management entfernt. Best JOB done & doing sagte der WHO in charge for Myanmar und zeichnete die gewaehlte Myanmar regierung aus. 

Der Coup fuehrte zu einer totalen zerstoerung des COVID19 test, gesundheits & impf systems das. Ueber 6 monate schaffte die armee nur weniger zu impfen als die gewaehlte regirung im Januar in 1 woche.

Resultat ein COVID19 Tsunami in Myanmar,- es wird erwatet das bei mitte August 21, 50 % aller Myanmar COVID19 infiziert sind. Krankenhaeuser haben zu wenig oder gar kein personal,- die armee nimmr Drs und Krankenschwestern gefangen weil sie nicht der armees meinung sind. Privaten Sauerstoff firmen wird verboten an private menschen zu verkaufen die Ihre familien angehoehrigen am leben erhalten wollen.

Myanmar im Freifall – Myanmar Menschen brauchen Eure Hilfe,-  von Aussen,…

Seit 6 monaten sind wir nun mit den Chefs von Myanmar unter dem motto : ” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ” auf den Strassen Myanmars ueberall im Land mit vielen aktionen. 

Vor 3 monaten konnte man auch in Ngapali – Thandwe die immer groesser werdende Armut der Menschen in Doerfern und Staedten sehen,- die regen zeit – Monsoon kam immer naeher mit mehr saisonalen krankheits bildern. Hier kam die Idee auf eine Station zu eroffnen fuer kostenlose medizin fuer Kinder und aeltere Menschen. Um neuem leben einen guten start zu geben und aelterem leben eine wuerdigen alterzeit zu ermoeglichen. Mit guter medizin, gesundheit und staerke sicherstellen aber auch und vor allem das bisschen geld was einer noch hat fuer wichtige dinge der familie nutzen zu koennen wie gesunde, ernaehnungreiche nahrung.  Schnell waren duch Euch und viele aller Freunde zusammen um den start zu geben.

Special Nurses Ma Su Su & Ma Swe die auch unter der bedingungen in Myanmar litten waren schnell begeistert weil sie wieder ” arbeiten = gutes tun fuer Menschen ” durften.

Schnell haben wir in unserer Laguna ECO Lodge 2 Zimmer zur mini Medical Drugs station umgebaut. 1 Zimmer als behandlungs zimmer und ein zimmer plus nun abgegrenzter Garten bereich als Warte Raum der genuegend platz bietet fuer SOCIAL DISTANZING.

Ueber Yangon wurden die ersten Medikamente schnell im Gross handel bestellt und mit all Eurer Hilfe – Spenden bezahlt : Durchfall, Grippe, Haut Krankheiten als saisonale Krankheiten und dazu auf Ma Su Su s anraten auch fuer aeltere menschen medizin fuer langzeit Krankheiten wie Bluthochdruck und Hepatitis B Type 2 Medikamente.

Beide haben dann auch die innen einrichtung selber weiter gebaut und der unterschied zu meiner Kuechen planung und einer fachlichen medical station planung war gleich zu sehen. Damals noch vor der 3. Welle des COVID19 Tsunamis in Myanmar hatten beide die gesamte station COVID19 prevention sicher gemacht mit plastic waenden, hand Sanitizer, facemasks, face shields und temperatur messungen fuer alle patienten ist pflicht. neben einer genauen buchfuehrung war kam, was war , welches wurde gegeben wieviel temperatur hatte einer. Am ende der taeglichen oeffnungs zeiten wird der raum mit einer Chloral Flussigkeit ausgespritzt. Geoeffnet ist von 9:00 am bis 14:00 pm. Heute kamen die meisten um 13:50 pm,- ” Murphys Law “,- mit einem laecheln bietet Ma Swe hand sanitizer and und misst die temperaturen und weist die social distance plaetze an.

Ma Su Su hatte dann nach dem standard medizin program ( welches wir auch in anderen gebieten fuer kleine stationen nutzen ) dann noch aufgestockt speciell fuer Kinder Krankheiten und diese Pilz – Haut erkrankungen die typisch sind fuer diese Jahreszeit hier. Immer alles nass und klam in den kleinen Bambus Huetten…

50 % der patienten die kommen sind die mit langzeit erkrankungen Diabetes B Type 2 und Hypertension ,— die anderen 50 % sind Grippe, Durchfall und Haut Krankheiten.        

” ,.. GUTEN Morghen wie geht es Ihnen ,… ” sagt Ma Su Su wenn ich morgen rein komme und lacht dabei… sie will mehr Deutsch lernen,- online….

Special Nurses Ma Su Su & Ma Swe kennen Ihre patienten, sind seit 15 jahren in ngapali – Thandwe in sachen medical Charity taetig und bei allen Deutschen Drs besten bekannt fuer ihr grosses Fachwissen aber auch Ihre liebevolle und diplomatische art. Ueberall die Jahre kennen sie das gesundheits system und wissen genau wo was fehlt.

Seit 4 wochen ist die station nun offen und hat ueber 510 patienten gesehen,— hier folgen wir dem alten grund satz ” No Hands ON “,… der patient sagt beschreibt, misst sich fieber und reported – fast wie bei ” Tele Medicine “. Ma Su Su & Ma Swe geben medizin aus und “,… Der Naechste Bitte … “. 

Im Verdachtsfall auch auf COVID19 vorbereitet,-

Heute uebergabe im Bild COVID19 Ag – Antigene tests for SARS-CoV-2

Ueber Herrn Hans Leinedecker haben wir mit Groesstem Dank 150 COVID19 test kits gespendet bekommen,- Auslaendisches qualitaets produkt. Diese haben wir heute in der station eingefuehrt so werden wir aber keine werbung in der Sache machen um nicht den Virus anzulocken. So kann Ma Su Su schnell sehen wo ein verdachts fall ist und den test machen. Auch wenn familien mitglieder an COVID19 Virus positive erkrant sind und im Hospital – kann Ma Su Su & Ma Swe hier nun follow up tests machen.

Sehr wichtig da in Myanmar under der Armee leitung nichts mehr vom staat zur verfuegung gestellt wird. Die Menschen in Myanmar schon nach 1,5 Jahren COVID19 meist ohne job und geld, dann der Coup mit inflation und nahrungs mittel preise explodieren muessen nun auch noch alle medizin und tests selber bezahlen. All dieses war durch den Union Gesundheits Minister Dr Myint Htwe & der Daw Aung San Suu Kyi gewahlten Regierung alles vom Staat ueber steuergelder zur verfuegung gestellt worden.  

Mit OXYGEN Concentrators heute hier Leben Retten

Hans hat auch schon 7 Oximeter geschickt und ist dabei 7 Oxygen Concentrator zu schicken. 

Hans gerade zur rechten Zeit,- Thandwe Hospital hat wohl nur noch fuer 2 tage Sauerstoff,- die Armee hatte vor 14 tage eine suaretsoff anlage installiert die erste in 30 jahren. Aber sie wurde so am falschen ort installiert das letzte woche bei der grossen ueberschwemmung in Thandwe wie alle jahre oft passiert,– so das die Sauerstoff Fuell anlage schon nicht brauchbar ist… Man mag sich gar nicht vorstellen jetzt in Thandwe unter dieser Regfierung krank zu werden.  Die Sauerstoff Concentrators von Hans koennen Leben retten. Vielen Dank Hans.

Wie bei allen taetigkeiten waere das meiste nicht moeglich ohne all Eure unermuedliche unterstuetzung,- kleine und grosse spenden. Aber vor allem Euer fachlicher medizinischer Rat, auch schon mal ueber einen weiteren spezialisten – kollegen hat viele wege bereitet und sicherheit fuer uns alle hier gegeben im umgang mit der Situation ” Myanmar 2021 “. Vor allem in den vielen Medizinischen fachfragen wobei ich immerwieder staune ueber Ma Su Su s taeglich aktuallisierte Fachwissen, unglaublich wie sehr sie auf dem neuesten Stand ist.

Stage 2 COVID19 Patienten Hilfen – Neues Zusatz Projekt in der Mache

    Dieses Projekt kam mir in den sinn als unser guter Freund Ueli aus dem Sueden Rakhines in GWA schrieb.” …. many villagers are now Stage 1 COVID19 positive with low symptoms at stay at home order isolated and are to take supplements & vitamins to treat their COVID19 positive illness. —- So at Gwa Hospital the more severe CV19 patients must now pay all their medical drugs them self …”. Das kann schnell die finanziellen mittel einer familie uebersteigen. Verschulden oder Sterben kann hier schnell realitaet werden.

Ich fragte Su Su zu sehen was in Gwa und im Thandwe Hospital fuer Stage 2 COVID19 patienten neben Sauerstoff zur behandlung angewendet wird. Diese Liste hatte sie schnellst zusammen und unser ziel ist es nun zu sehen ob genug dieser medikamente in Thandwe und zu einem normalen preis vorhanden sind. Zeitgleich werden ich in Yangon ueber den grosshandel nachfragen um eine quotation zu bekommen.

Ziel ist es ueber die familien Stage 2 patienten den patienten diese wichtigen und lebens rettenden medikamente kostenlos zukommen zu lassen.      

Gestern konnten wir dann aber auch Yangon kleinen Clinics helfen,— es gibt wohl in Yangon keine Blutverduennungs medikamente mehr zur zeit und die Drs auch von grossen Deutschen INGO s sind verzweifelt , so wie auch ein Dr Freund von Ma Su Su ” Depressed to see people die as we do not have the tools and ingredients to treat,…. ” Ein ” Failed State Myanmar ” in nur 6 monaten.

Ueber unsere beste Frau im Westen Myanmar haben wir fuer 35 COVID19 Stage 3 patienten in Yangon das Medikament finden koennen, wir bekommen es ueber Indien in 2 bis 3 Tagen. Dies ist ein sehr positiever neben effekt dieses ganzen ” Myanmar Drama 2021 ” was nicht zu enden scheint und nun seit 1 woche mit grossen ueberflutungen nochmal einen oben drauf setzt und das leben schwerer macht fuer die menschen und familien von ganz Myanmar…

Ich moechte im namen aller hier in Myanmar aktiven helfer und vor allem im namen von Ma Su Su und Ma Swe unendlich Danken fuer das was Ihr alles bisher mit Euren Freunden, Medien, Briefen and Lokale und Berlin Officielle alles schon erreicht habt , eine gigantische aufgabe die bei uns und sicher auch bei Euch beim ersten augenblinken morgen beim aufwachen voll da und present ist und uns alle den ganzen tag verfolgt bis wir die augen wieder schliessen frueher oder spaeter in der Nacht.

Menschen geben alles um anderen Menschen zu Helfen

Besonderen Dank an einige liebe personen im hintergrund ( fuer deren sicherheit ) die vieles in Myanmar fuer uns alle moeglich machen was seit 1.2.21 eigentlich nicht mehr moeglich ist,… was nicht ohne risiko ist fuer jene & deren familien. 3 familien haben vater und mutter verloren, 1 den vater – den mann, in den letzten 10 tagen durch den direkten einsatz an 2 toedlichen fronten COVID19 & COUP21. Unsere Gedanken und Dank sind bei Ihnen.  

Auch in Ihrem Namen und fuer Ihre Aufopferung kann es unsere Pflicht sein weiter zu machen, weiter zu helfen, weiter da zu sein,– Gesundheit & Leben zu retten im verbund von vielen guten menschen mit besten Ethischen & Humanitarian standards. Mit Sicherheit werden die probleme, Das Leid, Der Hunger, Das Krank werden, sein und Das Sterben noch um etliche ungewuenschte grade vermehrt werden in Myanmar und seinen menschen in den naechsten 3 bis 6 Monaten.   Es ist ein ” Flaeschenbrand den auch wir alle zusammen nicht Alleine Loeschen koennen so halte ich es immer mit einem sehr guten Freund der sagt,… :

“,…. You cannot save all the Children of the Whole World,—— So if you can save one Childs World, than you saved this Childs Whole World,” Frank Franke – Wings of Help Germany  

Vielen Vielen Dank von uns allen hier in Ngapali – Thandwe, Arrakan State, FREE ZONE, aber auch in den vielen anderen gebieten wo wir aehnliches gutes tun duerfen durch Eure unterstuetzung im Westen und im Osten nun auch im Sueden Myanmar s. Bis Bald

Ma Su Su, Ma Swe, Oliver E Soe Thet

” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “

Ngapali Beach Front – FREE ZONE, Arrakan State Myanmar, 2.8.2021

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