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19.8.2021 Mon Chefs team up again with 4 Mollamine Rescue Teams

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 – MCSR21


,… Mon Chefs lead by Chairman Ko Ko , Secretary Tin Hlaing Win and Pastry Chef Wai successfully donated last days the flood food aid. “ MCSR21 Food for Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger in Myanmar “ rice ( with beans, added up with Onions and Eggs by Mon Chefs ) Rice good for 20.000 meals . At the theme “ give the fisherman no fish but a fishing rot people cooked by them self….

The MON MCA Chefs just founded 2 years ago in August 2019

,…. The chefs teamed up with Bo Bo Win Rescue of Mollamine, provided the cars, which paved the way for the next food delivery as the Chefs have many hands and all knowledge of food, Bo Bo Win had fortified rice a donation from foreign,- both together were the recipe for jet another 600 meals Chicken Rice donated as team together to the people of Mollamine.

,…. As we know best the Mon Chefs of MCA, once they started and got warm it is near not possible to stop and soon the 1000 meals cooking was on the board for 19.8.21. On 18.8.21 Chef Tin Hlaing Win wrote “,…. Chef Oliver all in order and ready for tomorrow, food bought and all donation received, we will cook at the big Kitchen or “ Family Restaurant of Chef KyawMyint in Mollamine” ,… cooking for people at 4 different COVID19 quarantine and isolation centers were the place of best meals cooked delivery as well for then volunteers of 4 different Mollamine Rescue Teams….. Chef Tin Hlaing Win & Chef Wai ensure that all volunteer members are 120% health protected with hand sanitizer face masks, social distancing in smaller groups.


” Valuable Mon Chefs Secretary`s communication with MCA Central Kitchen”

A best & quick communication ensures transparency, quick documentation important for all involved from benefiters, to chefs, cooperation partners & donors,…

Chef Tin Hlaing Win: “…….My First plan is that we will donate fried noodles to Covid19 Positive patients around  300 pax (at Hospital. Isolation 1.3. and Mawlamyine College Covid 19 center ) only.

Now we can donate more than this as we got Food Donor for:  Dry food, Noodles, Cooking Gas and Vegetables. clip_image002clip_image002[1]clip_image002[2]

So we will make over 1000 box fried noodles.

Finally we are able to cook for all Covid19 Positive patients of 300 pax,- than as well to

The 4 Rescue Team volunteers of Mollamine are:

– Bo Bo Win Rescue

– Mawlamyine Rescue

– Yar Ma Nya Rescue

– Aye Mya Kyi Lin Rescue

The Total of 4 Rescue Teams is 200 Volunteers.

Than we have enough food for zero income 500 people in need for support
The total we are able to donate if for over 1000 pers

I am sure you all are also happy for this news.

Yes Chef clip_image004How are you feeling today. We are sure you all are happy for this donation clip_image002[3]clip_image002[4]Today Donation the location is the Hospital Covid19 Positive Center 1, 3, and 4 and Zayar Thiri 3rd Quarter. A total of over 1000 fried Noodles box. The big Kitchen is sponsored / provided by Chef Myint Kyaw’s ” Family Restaurant.

Chef Myint Kyaw`s Family restaurant provides all facilities for  MCA MON Chefs and everything we need to cook. We make Fried Noodles with chicken again maybe for 300 pax. If it is confirmed I report to you again. Your`s Chef Tin Hlaing Win


Everyone of you which visit Mollamine in the near & far future,- make sure to have a good meal with your friends & family here to support the generous people.

Visit and Recommend

Chef Myint Kyaw Restaurant.


Nothing left to say, Chef Tin Hlaing Win a promoter, motivator, logistician, communicator easy for all involved to be at any time up to date to help, suggest and record, Thank YOU Chef.   


Today I know already that Chef Tin Hlaing Win, Chairman Ko Ko , Pastry Chef Wai and the great donor Chef Myint Kyaw s plan already the next “ Mon Food “4” Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger 2021 “. With a fantastic community of Mon Hospitality members joining together for some happy moments for all the Chefs, the Volunteers, the Donors and the People,– Happiness and Smiles when such are hard to maintain in Myanmar and nearly all Myanmar people this 2021.

As so many times well doing Mon Chefs and volunteer supporter, donor  we all admire you and your Social spirit and great United Friendship as Culinary Experts, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach, FREE ZONE, Arrakan State – Myanmar 19.8.2021

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