COVID19 – Ngapali Airport Mazin Village said to be top COVID19 positive

( it is said that many Ngapali Airportv staff, Emigration, Police is CV19 Positive now )  

Arrakan Oxygen ” 4 ” Live Saving,- Thank YOU Hans

As the greens control Oxygen,- Patients must buy outside Thandwe Hospital  

Blood Thinner out of Stock in South Rakhine,- We share it now,- 7.- 11.8.21


Alive or Dead should never be a matter of Money,…it is simply a management issue next to willing or not willing to help own people,- Oliver E Soe Thet, Arrakan Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social responsibility 2021.  

Myanmar people can dug easily under the Burma Generals away to ensure that their live goes on healthy. In daily reality or not,- it shows that the all Myanmar united people can manage their live very well alone and master their lives and hard ships without the generals….. 


A much COVID19 NOT managed by any one in Charge in South Rakhine 

Much controlled Oxygen by Non Medical Group reminds on Communism in Myanmar  


A COVID19 Tsunami is reported from Ngapali Airport,- 

At All Mazin Village, Admin staff – ” 566 Soldiers ?? ” 

Arrakan Community Aid @ Chefs Social resonsibility & Medical Professionals
People to People Aid at best – Blood Thinner the only in all South Rakhne 11.8.21

Myanmar Thanks to all Donor for COVID19 support.

Great Special Nurse SS & S &  Chefs Oxygen Concentrator


We are happy the Hans and Ma Ei Ei donated the Covid19 test kits which already indicated 4 positive patients where 1 need Oxygen at Thandwe Hospital. The Oxygen there is not enough and has to be bought outside due to no management skills of the group in charge and the Hospital management has no hands on the plans,….Like in a Communist Country as Russia …      


Thanks to Hans we can arrange by ” Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 ” Oxygen Concentrator borrow direct to patients families for their loved ones Oxygen in need.  Oximeter also sent by Hans and his great supporting people we all love so much. 

The Thandwe District Hospital has since 4 years two Draeger German anesthetic machines which just need two or three now pipes — so as we saw in the past many times – miss and no management – the top state of the art equipment donated is neglected not used and patients suffer daily and die possible.   


Alive or Dead should never be a matter of Money,… – Oliver E Soe Thet  
” Blood Thinner out of stock in all South Rakhine – We are happy to share stock for free “,— since days and weeks we are hunting for the Blood Thinner to treat COVID19 patients to prevent from Blood Clots.. First we got a call from Yangon s clinics OUT Of Stock and Drs Cried – we were able thanks to Ma K`s network to get blood thinner in time. 

Today all South Rakhine ( Taunguk, Thandwe, Gwa )  reported, had no more blood thinner – we arranged days ago and got it today,— the message to all — who needs Blood Thinner pls contact and call 09 444 98 2016 – Chef Giacomo @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibilities. Clear system the patients which can afford need to pay,- the patients which are poor will get it for free .

Same with all by Mr Hans and Mrs. L..J. donated Oxygen Concentrator we will borrow to urgent patients in need until they recover,– we have 7 only and might need more,… – YOUR donation to AKTION Myanmar e.V. makes it possible to save lives direct people to people.   

     Thank you Mr Hans and team also for the COVID19 test Kits , Than YOU Ma K.Z. 


,….. Myanmar COVID19 on 15.1.2020 the after 20015 & 2020 ” Constitution based elected democratic Government acted direct after China President visited Myanmar. 31.1.2020 the international airline traffic was stopped and Chinese unhealthy Tourists a whole plane full was sent back from Yangon Airport to China. Many were doomed as ” Zero $US Tourists .. ‘ a system adopted from the pre 2015 Minister of Hotels & Tourism for just a quick raise of tourism numbers – lure in Foreign Investment.  

It was the beginning of COVID19 – The China Virus to the world arrived in Myanmar,– with great knowledge and best management the team of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi & Johns Hopkins university graduate and many years World Health Organization – Geneva Member,- Union Health Minister Dr Myint Htwe Acted – NOT reacted direct as treating a potential global Pandemic could much effect millions of lives in Myanmar. With the Health System of Myanmar most rotten after 70 years miss management and today a Union Health Minister in Place ( 11.8.21 ) ONLY as he must be there to treat  a Greens – Senior Supreme leader ,.. as he told me for the past 11 years – possible not a real qualification to manage a whole countries health Ministry and COVID19 pandemic so an always smiling Myanmar Dr always promised me since 7 years than an ENT Dr would arrive at Thandwe Hospital as he was 11 years the permanent Secretary of Union Health Ministry. I sure remember his gentle smile and sweet talk. More I remember he was and still today is a ” NATO ” No Action – Talk Only. ( reference 11.8.21 MOHS reported 2 postive CV19 cases today in Thandwe – reality is that the possible whole Mazin – Ngapali Airport village , Emigration, Police, Army is infected now by COVID19, according to an in Thandwe District medical Dr… )….  A Union Health Minister sure today very busy as his ONLY ONLY Lonely patient the old Senior General is Hospitalized there  will be little time for the Union Health Minister to take care the all 52 million people of Myanmar — which pay his monthly salary, his car as others.               

What the days in 2020 until 31.1.2021—  when the  Daw Aung San Suu Kyi s Government out of ” Loving Kindness “ cared for all 53 million Myanmar to treat, quarantine, feed, tax, permits  and electricity bill exception   until this crisis is over,….. Only to discover for all 53 million Myanmar that on 1.2.2021 all bills must be paid, all quarantine and all treatment must be charged.  Fair enough for a ” Poor – Poor – Poor Government or Care Taker ” of any country . The one which is so poor can not give , can not help, can not support . Of course the greedy has the same issues and same problems — he / they also can not give.

Give What —– Give back peoples tax paid money to run a country as Myanmar and give back to the people which entrusted their money and future into a 2008 constitution,….. Today it is not even sure one would get back his own saving money as from KBZ Pay,… as they might became green totally or were green always ,— the KBZ Costumer will judge by them self on these most negative ” theft of savings “,…..


It is interesting that there is no one from the business and Myanmar establishment which would be able to get the greens back to the barracks, get the leaders of the greens to have some feeling of Buddhist Loving Kindness shown. 

It all today reminds very much on the very darkest days of German History,— so one need to say clear here in Myanmar and just the past 1 and 2 days proved again,– The Myanmar ” Adolf`s and their whole group in firearms or admin prove already many times to be the super clones of ” Adolf & his Team  “.  As Mrs Priscilla Clap stated in 2020 when the same Burma army group had an issue with torture on a boat in North Rakhine she said as a high US diplomat :”…. Humans are not as such,– Humans do not do as such — this is clearly trained to do as a system of suppression,….”,…. That time in North Rakhine ( today their friends ??? ) ,— yes we see this ” Trained Inhuman Behavior since 5.2.2021 in all over Myanmar and when we thought – “….that is now crazy no one dies as such that is the worse —- it took only a view days and they the ” Dogs ” as the Rakhine first and now the Burmese them self call them do , incredible how they invent so quick so much so bad inhumane ways to treat their brothers and sisters, father, mothers, grandfathers’, grand mothers and neighbors,— what a breed of Humans of Burma. So the Burma invasion to destroy Pyu Dynasty, Mon Dynasty, Ayutthaya ( Thai ) Dynasty and Arrakan Dynasty looks not that much different from the today 2021 Burma Army Mindset. 

It is up to you and your position and siding to judge who is right here and who is wrong …

Sure as a Human,- as  Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim – sure and easy to Judge 

Free State Arrakan 11.8.2021   

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