Merry Christmas Myanmar – Munich Germany 2021

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and big Thank YOU to all which stand with all Myanmar people this 2021 and further in 2022 looking for better days for all people living in Myanmar Thank YOU Oliver E Soe Thet President Myanmar Chefs Association Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 Ngapali Beach Front – FREE ZONE, Arrakan State, Myanmar 24.12.21

Can Training be Illegal in Ngapali

Success achieved – Mission Accomplished


Congratulation to a Top Ngapali Internship Student

Ma Kar Yan Cho,- Hospitality as Myanmar Future

Best Scholar of the Month September 2021

@ Swe Sa Bwe Hospitality Training Center Yangon


Legendary D. Tourism Minister,- Gen Aye Myint Kyu,….. always told us “… never call it Training,… there are people who do not like it …call it different – whatever so not call it training “. He the over 19 years deputy Tourism since November 1997 and last Union Culture Minister for President Thein Sein ( himself a champignon for Training & Education as “ Nation Building “ ), Gen Aye Myint Kyu told us off his own experience. While he himself studied “ United Nations – Sustainable Tourism Development “, knew and knows till today well what is best, good & what is honest in Tourism & its protection.


,… equally to Ma Kar Yan Cho, our all congratulation goes to all “ Department Heads “ of 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22 as well to all donor & International promoter of the Education Project for Arrakan Youth in 2021. So also to the generosity of all department heads at Thandwe MOHT, all Myanmar & Foreign donor, all leader at one of Myanmar`s best Hospitality Vocational Education in Myanmar @ Shwe Sa Bwe, Thank YOU .

It is the intern – the scholar Ma Kar Yan Cho, with the full support of her parents seeing the importance that there can never ever anyone be,- who tries to stop education or makes training illegal – as in 2021 at Thandwe / Ngapali Beach.  

In his Great D. Tourism Minister`s footsteps we follow since November 1997 until 2021 – 22 and beyond – “ We call it Internship ,… “ – some call it Nation Building, others call it sustainable development. Near to zero, so some call it Illegal in Thandwe District – Arrakan State, Myanmar 21.- afraid ?? Don`t Know.


No See, No Hear, No Speak – Not enough for Myanmar`s Gen Z 21

,…. having best observed over 27 years in Myanmar departmental,- inter Ministerial issues – mainly “ against each other – from one Ministry to the other, challenging which is right and who in charge – the past 27 years mostly the same group ended up in just do, achieve and create just “ Nothing “.  

The Myanmar old timers protectionism ( Massalla Party – Socialist style )  of:

“ If I don`t do, I do not do wrong,–

If I don`t speak, I do not speak wrong,-

If I do not hear, I do not hear wrong = I can not be wrong “,-


To me nothing more than “ Duty in FEAR “, as in Communist East Germany.

This was the first I learnt in 1995 by my most close friend as well by people in top Government posts than still in Yangon – clearly a result of a certain system.


1.   Olympic Gold for Myanmar – ONLY by Training 2016

Olympic Gold in Germany “ Myanmar Culinary Team “, Training ONLY

It was equal clear that we in 1995 were not called by top Myanmar leaders as U Khin Nyunt, Gen Oliver David Abel, Tourism Ministers as Kyaw Ba, Saw Lwin, Aye Myint Kyu, Soe Naing, U Ohn Maung to Myanmar for just to: “ Prevent , Boycott – So Much Ensure to Hospitality Train, Educate, Upgrade, Develop and Conquer the Hospitality World one day by Myanmar “ as Prime Minister U Khin Nyunt said. In 2016 Myanmar Chefs – The Myanmar Culinary National Team achieved “ Olympic Gold in Germany as “ Culinary Team “ – Training ONLY & ONLY & ONLY & ONLY& ONLY & ONLY Training.

Today Ngapali / Thandwe we can train 120 even 400 people al at other Houses – Online by OUR Global Quality Partners

,— with the in 2020 by than State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s CERP initiative to bring back, train & educate higher quality Tourism / Hospitality performance as well COVID19 prevention, protection and information – “ TYPSY “, of the Australian Hospitality Institute – over 99 Global Quality “ ONLINE “ certifications. The UK based “ City & Guild “ by World Chefs Academy Certification – ONLINE. Is what some in Ngapali – Thandwe could & cannot imagine as “ Important for Myanmar`s Tourism Industry – cannot imagine as General Aye Myint Kyu envisioned already in 1997 – 17 years longest serving Tourism Minister and sure best Expert as “ Government Staff “ in the field as he told us since 1997 “ … never call it Training — some will not like it,… call it different. Achieve the best for Myanmar, how ever you call it – NOT Training “.

Of course his spirit and motivation was born out of the same “ destructive mindset “ that time at the Education Ministry = Tourism is not allowed Training.


Thank YOU to since 20 months great guardian for Myanmar s Hospitality YOUTH Generation Z – Dear Mr Max, Thanks to Dr med Fritz & Marlies Froehle, Dr Dent Julia Fruehbuss, Dr med Heinz Schoeneich, Mr Andreas with all their great donor for such “ Future – Nation Building Project – Vocational Education ( not training of course as “ Training is Illegal – prohibited in Thandwe – Ngapali “ ). Thank YOU all for all people in Myanmar. Thank you to all our top “ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotels “ Department heads,- The World Bank officers on Environment, The Thant Myanmar on ZERO Plastic, The Bokashi Myanmar on “ Soil Revolution Myanmar – ZERO Food Waste “, Mr. August – US English Professor to have made all possible. ONLINE NO Training – ONLY Education as General Aye Myint Kyu envisioned. In memory off just U Aye Myint Kyu a one of its kind and Myanmar Professor Daw Khin Shwe Myint both most “ proactive Tourism Professionals for simply honest Nation Building in & for all Myanmar “. He by training ( Illegal in Thandwe – Ngapali 2021 ) mainly himself at highest United Nation Sustainable Tourism Development publications& lecture. As others maybe to early for many in Myanmar…. To advanced,– to much versioned…for many in Myanmar s autocracy – “ Burma Socialism “ left over as we see in Thandwe`s District leadership so much even in 2021,— no one can blame them – they just missed what Gen Aye Myint Kyu promoted “ Education – Training “ for Tourism.


Congratulation to Ma Kar Yan Cho for Best of Month on Yangon

after “ The Internship Work “ at Ngapali Beach 2021

Congratulation to a best of her Scholarship in Yangon – Ma Kar Yan Cho from Ngapali Hospitality – Arrakan, achieved to be selected after “ The Internship Work “ at Ngapali Beach to Yangon`s Shwe Sa Bwe “ Training Center “ for a full year – one or the best in Myanmar as “ Training in Yangon is allowed “. Better to educate at the top ???? I can not say as people here order and threaten even Law Suits – rather than explain their motivation, for fear, what ever it could be ?

We always since 27 years following suite with longest ever Union D & Minister Gen Aye Myint Kyu,-  Education will never stop and will always be on offer – as he told us “ Just Do Not call it Training,… some may not like the word or not understand the value,.. “ . We will keep it up and the English so sure the Burmese as the German Language have so many words that no one ever needs to do “ Training “ in Ngapali / Thandwe – Arrakan State – still achieve “ Nation Building by promoting & Educating – Internship “ to Young Arrakan – Myanmar people – Generation Z. At the end to feed the some which object training in 21 when they retire and now more ” power “.

To be able to earn money and bring Myanmar up again and again- mainly to benefit and often to feed the same people which tried and try in 2021 / 22 to stop training – of the same young Arrakan in Ngapali / Thandwe – Myanmar.

Best results achieved – Mission Accomplished

We are most proud – Gen Aye Myint Kyu would it be as well,….

Ngapali Hospitality Student “ Best of Month ” in Yangon

Oliver E Soe Thet

1.    Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22

Ngapali Real Natural Beach Front – Arrakan State – MyanmarEthical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 – 22

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