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Several World Central Kitchen workers killed in Israeli attack on Gaza’s Deir el-Balah

Australian, Canadian, Polish, American, British and Palestinian aid workers were reportedly among seven killed in an Israeli attack following the delivery of food relief in central Gaza’s Deir el-Balah, the Gaza government media office reports. US-based aid group World Central Kitchen (WCK) said “several” staff were killed in an Israeli air strike and called on Israel to stop “this indiscriminate killing” in Gaza. Australia’s Prime Minister says he expects full accountability for the deaths. The Israeli army says it’s conducting a thorough review at the highest levels into the incident. Al Jazeera’s Hind Khoudary Joins us on the phone from the al-Aqsa hospital in central Gaza’s Deir el-Balah, where the victims have been taken.

“,…. Humanitarian Aid Worker as Chefs or Medical staff must never be hindered to do Humanitarian Work People to People anywhere in the world . Humanitarian Aid Work must be Secured, kept in Safety and fully Supported by any party of a conflict or Natural disaster. All Over the World and At Any Time, – as here in GAZA , so in Yemen and all places in the world where Humanitarian Aid – Food Nutrition, Health, Education , Shelter & Clean Water is needed…. ” Oliver E Soe Thet, President & Members of Myanmar Chefs Association, Member of World Chefs – Founding Member World Chefs Without Borders. Ngapali Beach Rakhine Myanmar 2.4.2024

” Myanmar Chefs 5F, Food Aid: Free Fresh Food For Fun 2024 “

” VolunTourism @ Myanmar Lovers & Myanmar Chefs – Free Fresh Food For Fun 2024 

Myanmar Ethical Chefs Social Responsibility to Orphanage far outside of Yangon.

Today,- 16.3.2024 we left early at morning to Yangon fresh fruit wholesale market at Bayintnaung with MCA Naing Oo, Khet Khet, Giacomo to buy for 10 days fresh healthy food most long lasting season vegetables, onions, potatoes ( high nutrition ), dry lentils, fruits, dry Soya, much Chili and some Fresh Herbs.. 

The next few days and weeks we will be there as well for similar places in Need of Food: ” The 5 F “,….

 ” Free Fresh Food For Fun 2024 in Myanmar ” Donations thanks to YOU with support by Chefs from all Myanmar.   

All for a Rakhine Monastery far outside of Yangon, which has been there for many years, — and has over 75 orphans and young children to take care of , have a secure place to stay as well as attend the area school and a teacher for special support education at the monastery.. A Place where Ma Khet Khet visits and has donated many years already. 

It is as in a semi desert with no electricity lines as a years ago new city development project and Government plans changed, failed or just on hold.

The Bayintnaung WholeSale Market is actually always like a Yangon Myanmar Culinary Adventure to me since decades we come here whenever we buy for biggest and big donation and humanitarian aid cooking or food providing as flooding, cyclones or as now the ” 4C1s ” as since 2020 in all Myanmar. 

Always the best most fresh vegetables and fruits are here , 24/7 open and most is only at 40% of cost compared to all usual retail markets in Yangon so here 1 Euro makes good for 3 Euro. And there is always a bargain even from the shop owner himself. It is a very good and fair ” Business Alliance and great Myanmar Business Ethics ” there. All casual on trust and hand shake. Next to the good ” Win – Win ” convenience that there are the strongest guys stand by ready to shuttle all the bulk food from traders’ place back to the car at a fair rate. 

Donation Account – Spendenkonto:  Aktion Myanmar – Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V.:                                                                                                                         Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V. // 1. Vorsitzender: Dr. Friedrich Fröhle 2. Vorsitzende: Dr. Maria-Luise Gremminger-Fröhle Web: Telefon: 07534-97127 Germany       

Donation Account:  Aktion Myanmar – Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V. // Bank: Bezirkssparkasse Reichenau // IBAN: DE71 6905 1410 0007 0852 10 // SWIFT/BIC: SOLADES1REN

The Bayintnaung WholeSale Market is actually always like a Yangon Myanmar Culinary Adventure



Then we took to the road and had a well 2 hours drive not much feeling anymore to be still in Yangon ( outskirts ) where also several Universities are all transferred there by end of the 90 ties during Gen Khin Nyunt s time to have all ” Critical Thinking ” ( which he himself promoted much in mid 2004 after 8 weeks he was gone ) the Universities also far outside then built to have all out of the city . 

No more Diesel available that day along the way ?? Not sure what happened: All petrol stations had the longest cues of trucks and cars along the roads as today there seemed to be No more Diesel available — people in Myanmar used to — so our car as well needed much Diesel and zero way, lucky we made it home. 

At the monastery – Orphanage we downloaded all food and advised to quickly take out of the bags as the heat and moisture would kill all quick — much items are good for long storage. Rice seemed to be OK. They have a source so we avoided this as well as cooking oil. I avoided it first as Rakhine usually eat less cooking oil compared to Burmese specially compared to Bagan people. As well if Myanmar uses cooking oil it is as the Indians are often totally over used or many times used to deep fry items which to me kills everything good at the food as well the oil as energy is also gone by the often heating no one eats. So my personal way of donation never includes cooking Oil as it is a waste in Myanmar as well the by far most high cost factor. 

We bought :

– 20 kg Potatoes

– 40 kg Eggplants

– 10 big Cabbage

– 10 kg Ginger

–   5 big Gourd

– 10 kg Taro roots

– 10 big bundle Lemongrass 

– 10 Big Pumpkin

– 10 kg fresh Chili ( Rakhine like it Hot and Spicy )
– 34 kg Onions 

– 18 kg yellow Lentils 

– 10 kg Dry Tofu Balls ( great for Vegi Curries or Soups ) 

– 30 kg of Fresh Tomatoes 

Oliver E Soe Thet

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2024

See all Links – Thank YOU for making it Possible with Your Friends & Donations ” 5F Info Charity Project 16.3.24 ” 

The Bayintnaung WholeSale Market is actually always like a Yangon Myanmar Culinary Adventure



” 5F – Free Fresh Food For Fun 16.3.2024 ” Myanmar


It was easy to see along the way and in the area where the Orphanage – Monastery is located very dry and hot — not a fresh vegetable place all if at all arrives from

far away is expensive and so not bought most time.. Nutrition and Vitamin Rich Food most needed for these children in their early stage to grow and learn.

We talked much with the Seyadow s on helping people in need as one of our 30 years main aim in Myanmar either food, education, vocational training or Natural Disaster 

Humanitarian & Medical Aid delivery as so many times since 1995 – in North Rakhine since 2001 and specially 2010, 2014 – 2016, 2021 all the floodings in Mrauk Oo

, Mimbya, Thandwe – Cyclones as Giri 2010 at Kyaukphyu and Myebon,- or Cyclone Mocca after 14.5 2023 all over North Rakhine. As usual with and 100 % supported 

by the at any time, any region governments and authorities in charge or capable to support Humanitarian Aid in best Partnership well known. We never Changed,… .    

We will be back soon for School Educational support – already in preparation for the coming new school year in June 2024 .. 

Also the with over 700 orphan girls Buddhist non monastery behind Mingalardon Yangon and the ” U Yi Ware Seyadaw ” @ Twante Dhamar Linkhara Monastery – Nargis Delta 

with all his Orphans well known for all since education, medical , dental and nutrition partnership as well German ZDF TV – KIKA documentaries ” Myat after the Cyclone ” & ” Giacomo & San Myo Htay ” after Cyclone Nargis 2008. So also the World Chefs Food For Smiles – NO Tears from Hunger in June 2008 with over 64 world Chefs from 24 countries cooking for 

people at Shwedagon Pagoda as well on a super Ship for ten thousands of people as a ” 10 years remembrance Cyclone Nargis ” . 

The next days and weeks we will be there as well for similar ” 5F – Free Fresh Food For Fun 2024 in Myanmar ” Donations thanks to YOU with support by Chefs from all Myanmar.   

Thanks to all the team and thanks to the Seyadaw s there for their good insight to all Myanmar 2024 happenings and future visions. Lets follow the Silverline 

@ the Horizon at many places in Myanmar — Looking for a good 2024 and beyond for all people living in Myanmar. Yours,—- 

– ” Always keep it Very Hot and Very Much Cooking as Ethical Chefs ” 

– ” Run Forest Run ” all over the world where people, children, elderly and disabled are in Need of our Help as Chefs. 

Oliver E Soe Thet

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2024

Myanmar World Chefs Without Borders

President Myanmar Chefs Association 

Ngapali Beach – Yangon Union of Myanmar 16.3.2024 ReplyForward

R.I.P Kyaw Swar Chan Myae

It is with great sadness that we inform you about the unfortunate and sudden passing of Chef Kyaw Swar Chan Myae  – he well known for his high values of Friendship, Support Young Chefs Education, Freedom and Peace.  

Chef Kyaw Swar Chan Myae. was a  brave and dedicated chef, involved for many years in various social and  peoples centred activities.  


Children’s Choir for Peace

30 Children from the Ukraine gathered and sang for peace in the Ukraine, this video has reached 25 Million people…..pass it around and listen to the plea for Peace and Freedom from Children

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