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Oliver Esser Soe Thet
President MCA

Message from the President:

…..all started many years back in 1996 with a handful of dedicated chefs and the Myanmar Chefs Association has grown ever since, we are tremendously proud of what all the Myanmar Chefs have achieved, amongst it just to name a few things:

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals in various local, regional and international competitions, medals at the Chefs Olympics where Myanmar represented the vast and diverse culinary skills the chefs possess.

The annual chefs competition, known as the MCAC, the Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition has grown from 35 competing chefs to over 500 within a few years showing that Myanmar has a very firm foothold in the regional and international culinary scene of the highest standards.

Our aid and support programs have been recognized worldwide and we will continue, with the support of all chefs, to further enhance our reach in the future to come.

Thanks to all chefs and support, “keep it hot and always cooking”.

Chefs Olympics in Erfurt / Germany – IKA Bronze Medal
and……..Gold in Jakarta

Learn more about the “Golden Land”, its deeply rooted magnificent culture, the amazing architecture and the stunning beaches it has to offer.

The culinary scene, as deeply rooted and intertwined with the generous culture and amazingly hospitable people of Myanmar.

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