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You can make a difference with just 1 Euro we can feed a family a whole day in Myanmar. YOU can bring a future, hope and smiles to young Myanmar`s ” Generation Z “. With your Donation you help building Myanmar`s Future. Donation for Food Aid, Livelihood, Jobs for Young People@ International Certification,- Free of Charge medical drugs for children & elder poor people in Myanmar by Myanmar Chefs & International Medical Drs – partners.

All below projects are possible through support by AKTION MYANMAR e.V., German – Myanmar Dental Group, Interplast Germany – Myanmar, METRO Myanmar – Germany, City Mart Group, Premium Food Service, Mr August & Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali.

,…. is an initiative by Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ( MCSR2021 ), German Drs groups and Myanmar` s Food & Hospitality Services.

It has the aid the support Myanmar rural as well urban communities after 1 year of COVID19 and further devastating events. Bring ” Food For Hope & Food For Smile “ to people in urgent need. Also supports livelihood, medical support where needed and people can not afford anymore by themselves.

MCSR2021 operates volunteer by Chefs and friends of Chefs through Myanmar, also links farmers to a better rated products as ” FAIR Trade ” making it a ” Win – Win – Win ” for all as farmers get better rates and we can support more people at same time..  

Another MCSR2021 & Partners groundbreaking Aid project us the 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021,- where young Myanmar from all over the country enter an,- ” At the Job Internship ” ( hired as Hotel staff ), to get ready for a future job inside or outside of Myanmar. Giving Hope and Future to young people at same time ensure they are not at the streets. These internships are for Chefs, Service, Housekeeping, Front Office with a strong area of Destination & Environmental Management and Protection. Working together with Thant Myanmar – ZERO Plastic, Bokashi Myanmar, ZERO Food Waste – Zero Hunger,- Mangrove Reforestation – Coastal Area Protection & sustainable Food Chain Protection.

MCSR2021 providing at a new Dispensary, free medical drugs for children and elder people which can not afford such anymore with having the monsoon rains started and diarrhea, malaria, respirations sickness being an additional live & health threat to the already poor people in Myanmar.

 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021

 Ngapali Beach Tourism Destination management

Aim: Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility to provide regardless the situations a best standard vocational training & education to young Myanmar as well senior for upgrading courses through International Standard Online & At The Job certification programs. To ensure for each student a good independent future inside or outside of Myanmar. Sponsored by World Chefs Academy, City & Guild, Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021.   

The Curriculums in follow MOHT – ASEAN 2020 minimum standards as well mentor guided by Mr Alan Palmer ( founding member of SHATEC Hospitality Center Singapore and World Chefs Historical Committee Chairman. Honorable World Chefs Member.

The On the Job at Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel, Internship is enabled through support by AKTION MYANMAR e.V., German – Myanmar Dental Group, Interplast Germany – Myanmar, METRO Myanmar – Germany, City Mart Group, Premium Food Service, Mr August, Mr Tun Zaw Oo, Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing & Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali. 

With Great Thanks for all your support again and again as over the past 26 years to Myanmar People direct into peoples hands, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet 

Environmentalist & Chef 

1. Myanmar Tourism Forest & Mangrove Forest 2004 – 2021

Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 

Free Zone Ngapali Beach – Arrakan State, Myanmar 5.5.2021

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