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Can Training be Illegal in Ngapali

Success achieved – Mission Accomplished


Congratulation to a Top Ngapali Internship Student

Ma Kar Yan Cho,- Hospitality as Myanmar Future

Best Scholar of the Month September 2021

@ Swe Sa Bwe Hospitality Training Center Yangon


Legendary D. Tourism Minister,- Gen Aye Myint Kyu,….. always told us “… never call it Training,… there are people who do not like it …call it different – whatever so not call it training “. He the over 19 years deputy Tourism since November 1997 and last Union Culture Minister for President Thein Sein ( himself a champignon for Training & Education as “ Nation Building “ ), Gen Aye Myint Kyu told us off his own experience. While he himself studied “ United Nations – Sustainable Tourism Development “, knew and knows till today well what is best, good & what is honest in Tourism & its protection.


,… equally to Ma Kar Yan Cho, our all congratulation goes to all “ Department Heads “ of 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22 as well to all donor & International promoter of the Education Project for Arrakan Youth in 2021. So also to the generosity of all department heads at Thandwe MOHT, all Myanmar & Foreign donor, all leader at one of Myanmar`s best Hospitality Vocational Education in Myanmar @ Shwe Sa Bwe, Thank YOU .

It is the intern – the scholar Ma Kar Yan Cho, with the full support of her parents seeing the importance that there can never ever anyone be,- who tries to stop education or makes training illegal – as in 2021 at Thandwe / Ngapali Beach.  

In his Great D. Tourism Minister`s footsteps we follow since November 1997 until 2021 – 22 and beyond – “ We call it Internship ,… “ – some call it Nation Building, others call it sustainable development. Near to zero, so some call it Illegal in Thandwe District – Arrakan State, Myanmar 21.- afraid ?? Don`t Know.


No See, No Hear, No Speak – Not enough for Myanmar`s Gen Z 21

,…. having best observed over 27 years in Myanmar departmental,- inter Ministerial issues – mainly “ against each other – from one Ministry to the other, challenging which is right and who in charge – the past 27 years mostly the same group ended up in just do, achieve and create just “ Nothing “.  

The Myanmar old timers protectionism ( Massalla Party – Socialist style )  of:

“ If I don`t do, I do not do wrong,–

If I don`t speak, I do not speak wrong,-

If I do not hear, I do not hear wrong = I can not be wrong “,-


To me nothing more than “ Duty in FEAR “, as in Communist East Germany.

This was the first I learnt in 1995 by my most close friend as well by people in top Government posts than still in Yangon – clearly a result of a certain system.


1.   Olympic Gold for Myanmar – ONLY by Training 2016

Olympic Gold in Germany “ Myanmar Culinary Team “, Training ONLY

It was equal clear that we in 1995 were not called by top Myanmar leaders as U Khin Nyunt, Gen Oliver David Abel, Tourism Ministers as Kyaw Ba, Saw Lwin, Aye Myint Kyu, Soe Naing, U Ohn Maung to Myanmar for just to: “ Prevent , Boycott – So Much Ensure to Hospitality Train, Educate, Upgrade, Develop and Conquer the Hospitality World one day by Myanmar “ as Prime Minister U Khin Nyunt said. In 2016 Myanmar Chefs – The Myanmar Culinary National Team achieved “ Olympic Gold in Germany as “ Culinary Team “ – Training ONLY & ONLY & ONLY & ONLY& ONLY & ONLY Training.

Today Ngapali / Thandwe we can train 120 even 400 people al at other Houses – Online by OUR Global Quality Partners

,— with the in 2020 by than State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s CERP initiative to bring back, train & educate higher quality Tourism / Hospitality performance as well COVID19 prevention, protection and information – “ TYPSY “, of the Australian Hospitality Institute – over 99 Global Quality “ ONLINE “ certifications. The UK based “ City & Guild “ by World Chefs Academy Certification – ONLINE. Is what some in Ngapali – Thandwe could & cannot imagine as “ Important for Myanmar`s Tourism Industry – cannot imagine as General Aye Myint Kyu envisioned already in 1997 – 17 years longest serving Tourism Minister and sure best Expert as “ Government Staff “ in the field as he told us since 1997 “ … never call it Training — some will not like it,… call it different. Achieve the best for Myanmar, how ever you call it – NOT Training “.

Of course his spirit and motivation was born out of the same “ destructive mindset “ that time at the Education Ministry = Tourism is not allowed Training.


Thank YOU to since 20 months great guardian for Myanmar s Hospitality YOUTH Generation Z – Dear Mr Max, Thanks to Dr med Fritz & Marlies Froehle, Dr Dent Julia Fruehbuss, Dr med Heinz Schoeneich, Mr Andreas with all their great donor for such “ Future – Nation Building Project – Vocational Education ( not training of course as “ Training is Illegal – prohibited in Thandwe – Ngapali “ ). Thank YOU all for all people in Myanmar. Thank you to all our top “ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotels “ Department heads,- The World Bank officers on Environment, The Thant Myanmar on ZERO Plastic, The Bokashi Myanmar on “ Soil Revolution Myanmar – ZERO Food Waste “, Mr. August – US English Professor to have made all possible. ONLINE NO Training – ONLY Education as General Aye Myint Kyu envisioned. In memory off just U Aye Myint Kyu a one of its kind and Myanmar Professor Daw Khin Shwe Myint both most “ proactive Tourism Professionals for simply honest Nation Building in & for all Myanmar “. He by training ( Illegal in Thandwe – Ngapali 2021 ) mainly himself at highest United Nation Sustainable Tourism Development publications& lecture. As others maybe to early for many in Myanmar…. To advanced,– to much versioned…for many in Myanmar s autocracy – “ Burma Socialism “ left over as we see in Thandwe`s District leadership so much even in 2021,— no one can blame them – they just missed what Gen Aye Myint Kyu promoted “ Education – Training “ for Tourism.


Congratulation to Ma Kar Yan Cho for Best of Month on Yangon

after “ The Internship Work “ at Ngapali Beach 2021

Congratulation to a best of her Scholarship in Yangon – Ma Kar Yan Cho from Ngapali Hospitality – Arrakan, achieved to be selected after “ The Internship Work “ at Ngapali Beach to Yangon`s Shwe Sa Bwe “ Training Center “ for a full year – one or the best in Myanmar as “ Training in Yangon is allowed “. Better to educate at the top ???? I can not say as people here order and threaten even Law Suits – rather than explain their motivation, for fear, what ever it could be ?

We always since 27 years following suite with longest ever Union D & Minister Gen Aye Myint Kyu,-  Education will never stop and will always be on offer – as he told us “ Just Do Not call it Training,… some may not like the word or not understand the value,.. “ . We will keep it up and the English so sure the Burmese as the German Language have so many words that no one ever needs to do “ Training “ in Ngapali / Thandwe – Arrakan State – still achieve “ Nation Building by promoting & Educating – Internship “ to Young Arrakan – Myanmar people – Generation Z. At the end to feed the some which object training in 21 when they retire and now more ” power “.

To be able to earn money and bring Myanmar up again and again- mainly to benefit and often to feed the same people which tried and try in 2021 / 22 to stop training – of the same young Arrakan in Ngapali / Thandwe – Myanmar.

Best results achieved – Mission Accomplished

We are most proud – Gen Aye Myint Kyu would it be as well,….

Ngapali Hospitality Student “ Best of Month ” in Yangon

Oliver E Soe Thet

1.    Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22

Ngapali Real Natural Beach Front – Arrakan State – MyanmarEthical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 – 22

Arrakan Hospitality Academy 2021

” Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “

We partner with Global ONLINE Certification Professionals

The 2021 Union Tourism Minister urgent requested Tourism Training in 2013

Hope & Future through Education – ” Free of Charge Certified Internship “

–           TYPSY – “ Australian Hospitality Institute “ ( 99 certified online courses )

–           TYPSY provides Premium Status for Myanmar Hospitality

Do YOU Like to Join Free Online Quality Training in Hospitality ???

Contact Oliver : myanmarchefsocialresponsible21@gmail.com


–           UK City & Guild / World Chefs Academy for “ Pre Commis “ Certification.


by Myanmar World Chefs Without Borders, Certified by World Chefs Academy & Myanmar Chefs Association, ” Vocational Internship Today for a better Tomorrow in Myanmar “, Ngapali Beach Front – Arrakan State 2021 – 22

Basic for Beginners: Chefs, Service, Housekeeping, Front Office

Special Courses:  Advanced Chefs International Cuisine in Myanmar Language

Including: Environmental Awareness, Marine & Forest Protection, Zero Plastic, Zero Hunger

Contact: angelatmyanmar@gmail.com,- 043 42 312 – 09 5138411 

Address: Ngapali Beach, Myabin – Thandwe District,- Sweet Arakan

By Myanmar Chefs CSR Today all young signed Internship Work Contracts

” Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “

We partner with Global ONLINE Certification Professionals 

TYPSY,- World Chefs Academy, UK City & Guild

Today all the “Internship Staff “ –  Chefs, FO, HK, Service & Management signed all “ Internship Work “ contracts for the 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021. Intro to all courses and the registration for World Chefs Academy Certified “Pre Commis “Chefs Course online at UK City & Guild Certification. 

“TYPSY” with over 99 International standard Quality Certification by the “Australian Hospitality Institute “provided Free of Charge “ Premium Membership for all Internship Staff on OUR requests for Myanmar Generation Z in 2021. TYPSY best known from June to September 2020 as part as the CERP – Myanmar`s elected Governments COVID19 recovery program – for all Myanmar Hospitality Industry. Than extended for MCA Myanmar Chefs until 31.12.2020. 


Supported by Thant Myanmar – Zero Plastic 

And Bokashi Myanmar – Soil Revolution Myanmar – Zero Food Waste

1995 / 2021 – for No Other Reason in Myanmar – BUT EDUCATION

Senior General Than Shwe to State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi alike 

The AIM: To provide best professionalism, knowledge, skills, a kind of future vision and be at a modern world Mind Set.   The simple idea of keeping young people Out of the City Roads of Burma. Not every one understood as such – so many stones were put in front of this project – short of nothing of what we all did, – do and are here for ONLY “ Transfer & Exchange Tourism, Environmental, Clean Development, Community Involvement, Hospitality Knowledge for and to all Arrakan People – within the Union of Myanmar. 

“ FREE ZONE Ngapali Beach “,- when much of rest Myanmar experiences the “ 3 C`s “ Crisis.. A Project of Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021.

All Chefs are now staff at ” Oliver`s Laguna Eco Lodge Hotel ” with internship contracts.

All FO, HK and Service staff signed the internship contracts yesterday already.

Next week we will open a Free of Charge medical Drs center for Children, poor, elder people.


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ZERO Training – ONLY Professional Internship Staff Contracts

Professional English Language Internships are on already since 4 weeks by Prof. August.

Thank YOU to YOU all Donor through AKTION Myanmar e.V., German – Myanmar Dental Association, Interplast Germany – Myanmar, —- big help so we are realistic and know that all is the still very beginning of a long way to walk. YOU help create futures for YOUNG Myanmar.

Greetings in memory to ” Mr. Schindler – A Myanmar List “, Yours

Ngapali Beach Front FREE ZONE – Arrakan State Myanmar May 2021


1995 I arrived in Myanmar and next to be in the management team to open the very first International standard First Class Hotel in Myanmar,- I was in charge for all Culinary trainings, menus and curriculum of Myanmar Hospitality Training Center in Yangon. All much needed for the highly anticipated 1996 “ Visit Myanmar Year “ by the government.


Much efforts by than Tourism Minister General Kyaw Ba,- with a highlight to have the prestigious Singapore SHATEC Hospitality professors conduction the 11 module – over 1 year “ Hospitality Management Diplomas “. Continue with Chef Andreas Vogt and Renato, U Tin and one of the best knowledgeable Hospitality Expert U Than Lwin – Mr Robin, U Tin and Myanmar Chefs to start the Myanmar Chefs Association blessed by Tourism Minister General Saw Lwin and General Aye Myint Kyu. Our efforts were honored with the full membership as MCA in the World Chefs Association,- for many years the only Hospitality Association as such in Myanmar on a global stage since 1998 at Kyoto World Chefs Congress. 2002 Pyay Pyay Culinary school was established with high class lectures – culinary masters from Germany through SES “ Senior Expert Service “,… the here MCA Certificates were the only that time recognized as needed document for a seaman passport ( next to the State Hotel School ). 


First Ever Olympic Gold for Myanmar by Chefs in 2016

Many International Awards and Medals – Winner trophies were possible through constant training of your Chefs in & for Myanmar`s Hospitality Industry with the top highlight of the 2016 Culinary Olympics in Germany and the Myanmar Chefs team with Zin Maw Win, Moe Moe Khaing, Shwe Moe Thar, Roshan and Pastry Chef winning the first ever Gold Awards at a Global Olympic Competition. 


20 years Hospitality Training in Ngapali as early as 2001 

German Senior Expert Service at best Vocational Quality 

Initiated by “ The Vision “ of Dr Christian & Ilse Runge, “ Myanmar Partners “ in 2001 started at the today well known Rakhine Community Medical Care center – “ Solar Workshop “. Foreign languages as German, French, English, Spanish,- Computer trainings, Carpenter & Hotel Engineering,– Solar Cooking as well Housekeeping and Tailor all at 1 year training courses. Away from the in Myanmar ONLY 2 or 3 month short courses where one just touch – so sure not learn the jobs – profession. Today Dr Christian is 92 years old and still manages from Germany the Hospitality Institute at “ Mafel`s Ground 2 “ vocational training center at the doors of Mandalay – after setting up Hospitality, Computer, Language – Solar education at the with over 7000 students “ Paung Daw Oo – Monastic School “ of and much with U Na Ya Ka Seyadaw over the past 18 years. Over the past 20 years many young Rakhine – Ngapali, Mandalay – nation wide people learnt a profession – to be proud and able to make a living independent – support parents and build up own families being economical save through a good “ German Way of Dual Vocational Training “ system ( school as well on the Job ).  In Ngapali Beach one can easy find the Hotel & Restaurant staff – today in the mid 30ties at Bayview, Amazing, Hilton, Sandoway, Art of Sand, Laguna ECO Lodge, Aureum, Thande, Amata Hotels which all attended these 2001 “ First Vocational Training s in Rakhine State s – Hospitality Industry “ – near all of they are in top position, leader and guiding the new generation – earning well and rose their all families status and living conditions to a well good level,—- Unique in Arrakan today still as State or Union Vocational Training Centers were barely a concern for successive Governments from 1995 to 2015 in Myanmar as well Rakhine. 


The 2021 Union Tourism Minister urgent requested Tourism Training in 2013 

So only Short Course,- not Quality Education – Let`s call it Show Course 

Late U Than Lwin – Mr Robin made it all possible,

Thanks Teachers Daw Sie Sie, U Kyaw Myo Aung and U Tun Myint Oo.

265 Hospitality Students Trained at Laguna ECO Lodge Ngapali

In early May 2013 the also present time Union Tourism Minister asked me urgent if we can arrange “ Short Training Courses “ ( actually I hate such as it betray the young Myanmar with a wrong idea of Quality Education,- Sorry I am German trained and we need 3 years for a Certificate – in Myanmar still 2 month s ONLY at the Tourism school – NOT my Thing ) ,- for this monsoon season at Laguna ECO Lodge – Ngapali a series of all chapter of Hospitality and Management trainings – Education.  

,…. It was an easy for as in the Monsoon season the all rooms were empty,– great friends from the old Myanmar Hospitality Training Center ( from UN ILO 1982 ) teacher s were our all best Hospitality Industry friends and the team for all departments was quick arranged. 

Yangon Principle U Win Kyi arranged all professional text books to be printed and sent to Ngapali Beach – Laguna ECO Lodge. The teachers and all schedules were quick arranged by U Than Lwin – Mr Robin the so called “ Myanmar Professor for all Hospitality Departments “,. A walking dictionary and a “ living WIKIPEDIA on Tourism Industry “ – his all live at the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism, a first Manager at The Strand Hotel and many more. The man which any General cum Minister would call if there were VIP treatments, foreign dignitaries – state functions – U Than Lwin s “ Old School – Hands on, NOT Talk ONLY “ was always a grant for success.  All 265 students – all young Arrakan passed the exams by the Teachers of Myanmars Hospitality Training Center of Ministry of Hotels Tourism MOHT Yangon. 


2014 October Hospitality Training Ngapali “ BY FORCE “,… 

2014 all Hotels were ordered “ By Force “ that staff must attend a training in mid October otherwise the operating license could be revoked. Nothing against training the best one can do for good development – so after 5 month s every one was free to do so at that time every one was busy to reopen, renovate make the hard ware the hotel, restaurant, garden ready for the guests to come. It was one of the show off issues as many might know to well.


Myanmar Hospitality Changed much from 2014 to 2021,- 

2021 Training is prohibited, can result in Legal Court cases,…… ?

When 2021 Union Tourism Minister urgent requested Tourism Training in 2013

,…. As we all are here and work 26 years in and for all Myanmar, specially hospitality & tourism training,- as above different schools =, in charge for the Hotel Training Center for Chefs 1995 to 1997 by MOHT in Yangon. Pyae Pyae Culinary Training Center 2002 with all German Expert – Master Chefs – Trainer and granted “ Seaman Passport Certification “ when passed as it had a highest international standard. General Tourism Minister Saw Lwin,- General Ayer Myint Kyu supported. The short courses the in 2013 tourism Minister to be and today again is – requested most urgent Tourism – Hospitality Training “ Mr Oliver do it short course for Ngapali Tourism Destination… “ the than at late September announced Tourism Minister in 2013 told us in May 2013 at a Ngapali Beach Development meeting “ Tourism Master Plan. Community Based and Supportive Tourism……….

In 2021 May all was different,– strict order by the highest authorities in writing it was said ( I never got one ) ordered that any training would not be permitted and is against present laws and orders. At a second attempt a court case was threatened. In October 2021 the same again – same papers ( I never got or saw one ) . “ NO Training allowed at all,… ???


Yes it looked a bit contraire to the past 26 years Myanmar Tourism & Hospitality Industry, Ministers as Army Generals, Prime Ministers and Presidents to State Counselor,—- Training, Education, Vocational Training, Sustainable Tourism Development were 26 years the highest one could do and very much welcomed, promoted and supported by the MOHT Generals from General Kyaw Ba, Saw Lwin, Aye Myint Kyu, Soe Naing and even the present Union Minister. The Aid and main goal was always clear:” Training – Training – Training – Training”.


NO Training just Hire Young People for Jobs – The Solution

,…. When most Hotels & Restaurants laid off near all or all of their young Ngapali Tourism staff during 12 month s COVID19 and then again much more after the 1.2.2021 events as the economic crisis would not result into profits from Tourism to pay staff salaries and other costs. Let alone that at same time the electricity supply got very unstable with many and in May weeks long cut later again,— today December 2021 daily many hours without electricity,– Hotels which stay open must run generators and spend hundreds and thousands of $ US for electricity alone. Great of course for the one which sells the Diesel all in Thandwe – Ngapali “ High Time Business & Profits “ one can guess.

It was the Idea despite all the miserable conditions to find ways how young Arrakan people as well young people from all over Myanmar could be able to learn a profession, – to be proud about, create the first steps into an independent adult live,- create a new or support the old own family with a learnt profession. 
the second thought was also to get young people of the Myanmar roads which are in 2021 some of the most dangerous health wise – globally and daily until today. 

We Hire,- We Not Fire – We Internship Work for Tourism Myanmar

UK City & Guild, World Chefs & TYPSY provided online Certification

,… We made up a budget and hired many young Myanmar people based on each of them with an Internship Work Contract – 1 $ US a month salary. Our Department Heads managed the daily works – everyone had to be hand s on and work for each other in his / her respective work field as Front Office, Housekeeping, Kitchen, Service , Management. Extended to Ngapali Beach – Arrakan Environmental protective daily work. 

,… The work was divided into live work at the departments and individual online learning one by one internship staff alone with his mobile phone and International Standard Hospitality Certifications. 

Individual Online International Certifications in Hospitality

Next to the daily work schedule all over the Hotel in their departments,– each Internship staff was connected for his individual work with his private mobile device to:

–        TYPSY – “ Australian Hospitality Institute “ ( 99 certified online courses )

–        TYPSY provides Premium Status to Myanmar Hospitality

YOU Like to Join Free Online Quality Training in Hospitality ???

Contact: myanmarchefsocialresponsible21@gmail.com

–        UK City & Guild / World Chefs Academy for “ Pre Commis “ Certification.


All work plans were arrange by myself for all Myanmar young Internship staff free of charge,– everyone had to learn after work independent with all Senior Hospitality Department heads at all-time offering ONLINE assistance. 

The Aim: Guaranty Same Chance of Learning a Profession

All interns passed and achieved the UK City & Guild & World Chefs Academy “ Pro Commis “ Certificate which was a great success. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets were arranged for staff without. Mobile data was bought and provided by partner & donor funding to ensure everyone got the same chances to learn online and achieve “ International Quality Education & Vocational Online Training “ in Myanmar in 2021 – 22. When the authorities announced that Training is illegal and can result in a court case and the respective negative effects. Here a Great Thank YOU to President Thein Sein for his arrangements to make ONLINE – Global Quality training and education for all individuals possible since 2013 – 14 in Myanmar. Without President Thein Seins vision it all would not be possible.

In Yangon “ Training “ is allowed !!!???

2 Internship Staff won Scholarships at SSB Educational Center Yangon

All Internship Staff of Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel, Ngapali Beach @ Arrakan State Myanmar received well recommendations from their Department heads and many enjoy these days a Job in Ngapali s Tourism Industry. Some went for higher ground and earned Scholarships for further Tourism – Hospitality Education & Training. Mainly as in Yangon Training & Education was always and is still very much allowed. A strong difference to Ngapali – Thandwe Tourism region which sure the one or the other would try to explain if one would like to know why in Ngapali –  Arrakan Tourism Industry training is prohibited in 2021. 

Funded by Global and Myanmar Corporate & CSO Partners,….

,… funded, arranged by Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 and partners from Myanmar and Global corporate, mainly Health Societies from Germany, Food & Hospitality oriented Civil Society Organizations & Friends of Myanmar people. 

Special Thank YOU for the since many years in Myanmar working “ German Interplast – Munich “, “ AKTION Myanmar e.V. “, METRO Germany & METRO Myanmar, CITY Care & Love, Premium Food Service German – Myanmar Dental Study Group. Mr August, Mr Andreas, “ Liebelein Vogt “, and many more. 

Outstanding Thank YOU to the all Hospitality Department heads,–                                   all “ Myanmar First Generation of Modern Tourism “ from the early 1995,- Myanmar Hospitality Institute,- Singapore SHATEC Hospitality Diploma holder of 1996. For their great transfer of Hospitality knowledge live daily “ On The Internship JOBs “ and promoted daily as Myanmar since 2004 much advocates “ Think Critical “ or as Mr Albert Einstein said: “ Never Stop Asking Questions “. Thank YOU Manager Tun Zaw Oo, HK Supervisor Lwin Lwin Han, FO Kyaw Thu Lin, F&B Zaw Lin,  Kitchen leader Chef Mya Win and assistant Chef Aung Chit Oo, Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, IT service & back up online individual trainings “ Young Chef Giacomo “.

Oliver E Soe Thet

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Myanmar – Malaysia, Bread for Smiles & Friendship

2200 healthy Bread for a Sweet Meal in flooded KL

Mamasister Bakery – KL Malaysia & Myanmar Chefs

” Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021- Malaysia “

Bread making day 24/12/2021 – 07:00AM (Malaysia) – Donation day 25/12/2021


,…..It was a disaster which brought our great “ Chocolate Chef “ Ye Myo Min back to Malaysia,- the COVD19 Virus global health disaster in 2020. It was a natural disaster of flooding in KL which alerted “ Chocolate Chef “ ( which is a certified expert in all Chocolate farming, production and quality control – sales and export from Malaysia – The Chocolate Expert of Myanmar ) out of the blue in a time of year where rain is more non than there.

Right away he informed the Myanmar Chefs Association at same time he proposed a plan and budget to help people in need or just to send some “ Culinary – Healthy Smiles “ from Myanmar to Malaysia – People to People. Within 24 hours Chef Ye Myo Min had his team of volunteer Chefs together all Myanmar fine men working since years in Malaysia.

“ when KL got flooded,- 22. Dec. 2021 midnight 00:51 am, Chocolate Chef – Ye Myo Min wrote

Yes Chef, I like to inform MCA. As I joined many donations with you (W.C.W.B),- If you say ,we do…. Than I will do for Malaysia. I have several young Myanmar Chef here in KL. We can bake and donation bread. I can arrange this here with friends and Mamasister Bakery as CSR partner. We can bake on 24.12.21 and hand over to the people at Flood region at 25.12.2021. We are also ready to join, volunteer if Malaysian Chefs  (W.C.W.B) have plan for more donation. YOUR s Chef Ye Myo Min Chocolate Maker (MCA)…..”


Give Sweet Smiles back to Society

Merry Christmas by Myanmar Chefs in KL – 24.12.21

,…. “ Chef Ye Myo Min “ a best food and humanitarian aid expert since years at the forefront of Charity, Aid, Education and Vocational training in Myanmar for Myanmar at flooding s like Madauk in Bago region, Culinary Chocolate training at “ Hnit Aung San “ Boys prison in Kawmu outside of Yangon or the Culinary Competition & Training in Ngapali Beach Arrakan, as well Judging pastry during the Myanmar Culinary Art Competitions together with World Chefs Culinary Judges. Also an activist to make Myanmar a more sweet country while promoting and help to grow and establish Cocoa – Chocolate Tree plantations in south Myanmar of Dawei as well in Ngapali Beach – South and North Arrakan.


His Food for Smiles Team – KL

Ma Chit Su Maw from Yangon ensured all was quick financed

Ma Chit Su Maw ensured that all was quick financed by donations from Myanmar Chefs to people in Malaysia. Chef Ye Myo Min`s team of volunteers Myanmar bakers and chefs working in Malaysia as,- Chef Thet Phyo Maung,  Chef Kyaw Naing Tun, Soe Min Paing, Thaw Zin, Myo Swe, Than Htike Soe, Kyaw Thet Tun, Maung Khaine, Shwe Hlaing Win.

As team they baked bread is Sardine Bun, Coconut Buns, Red Bean Buns, Butter Kaya Buns, Butter Sugar Buns…….all well with a good amount of Nutrition = Energy.


Mamasister Bakery “ Thank YOU “ – KL Malaysia

2200 Healthy Nutrition Rich Bread

Thank YOU –

Mr Lassc Law and Ms Ling C Quah


Great partner in need are partner in deed with the full support system of work space and all professional bakery equipment,- Mamasister Bakery in KL ensured a smooth professional and best hygiene food aid production by the Chefs. Thank YOU “ Mamasister Bakery – KL “ .

Coconut, Red Bean, Butter Sugar, Butter Kaya, Kaya, Sardine in 31ctn × 70pcs  =2200pcs

1300 bread were baked by the Myanmar Chefs – 1000 breads the Chefs ordered from Mamasister Bakery.

Chocolate Chefs Bread Recipe: Bread Flour 75 kg / Sugar 25 kg / Yeast 1050 DN -8000 210gm / Egg 9 kg / Full Cream Milk 9 liter / Salt 800 / Water 20 liter / Coconut paste 10 kg / Red Bean paste 12 kg / Sardine paste 12 kg / Kaya 15 kg / Butter 10 kg


“ Sweet Arrakan “ The Chocolate Chef of Myanmar – Ye Myo Min

A Sweet CO2 Reduction by planting more Trees

,….weeks ago Chocolate Chef Ye Myo Min arranged seeds for 1000 more cocoa trees from Dawei to Ngapali Beach to further build up “ Sweet Arrakan “ more than just a slogan or an image to a region in Myanmar s West, which experienced sectarian violence and deadly wars over the past 10 years. The Idea to bring with cocoa plantations ( as secondary forest between rubber plantations and in the forest ) new jobs, new earning, new skills and jet a new industry from farm to production, sales and happiness all in a globally best known Sweet Image of Chocolate – Sweet Arrakan is the Idea Chef Ye Min Oo and myself are driving since three years now in south & north Rakhine, Ngapali – Thandwe and Mrauk Oo. Nursing Cocoa plants and have them given to farmers for free and let them get into a very new crop – a product well a best export product. 250 trees are delivered in 2019 – 1000 more seeds are in our nursery, a part of “ 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2022 “. OTOT One Tourist – One Tree we started in Ancient Bagan City together with U Win Maung and USA Professor Victor and Georgette Buga in 2004. A Tourist buys a small tree and plants it at nature. The plants need 6 years for the first fruits – we have 3 more to go to get the first Cocoa – Chocolate from Arrakan – Rakhine Ngapali Beach.

It is a Good Spirit a Good Vision which counts and make lives better & smiling

Chefs YOU are wonderful and you do outstanding Jobs as “ Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “ MCA in Malaysia show best example of sharing and caring to community  “ YOUR Malaysian Host Community “.Thank you all a lot for outstanding Chefs performance , YOURs

Oliver E Soe Thet

Global Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Myanmar Chefs Association

Myanmar World Chefs Without Borders

Ngapali Beach Front, FREE ZONE – Arrakan State, 24.12.21

Merry Christmas Myanmar – Munich Germany 2021

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and big Thank YOU to all which stand with all Myanmar people this 2021 and further in 2022 looking for better days for all people living in Myanmar Thank YOU Oliver E Soe Thet President Myanmar Chefs Association Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 Ngapali Beach Front – FREE ZONE, Arrakan State, Myanmar 24.12.21

Myanmar “4” Healthy Food

Myanmar “4” Healthy Food = Healthy Teeth Myanmar Chefs & German – Myanmar Study Group on Dental

Myanmar “4” Healthy Food = Healthy Teeth, an Annual Report by Dr Dent Julia Fruehbuss,…
Myanmar Chefs & German – Myanmar Study Group on Dental Care and Dental Public Health

Here German story by Dr dent Julia , specialist Dentist and Dental as well General Public Health Myanmar ) ,…. pls see the past months projects as well a reflection on the great Myanmar – Burmese Days over the past 15 years until 2021.In this regard we like to highlight all great support by Dr Julia Fruehbuss and all German Dental Dr s support to all Myanmar people over the past decade plus and specially the past 12 month s .

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Thank YOU Dr Julia, Dr Axel, Dr Roland, Dr Robert, Dr Ulrike, Dr Angelika, Dr Helmut , Dr Ulli, Dr Michael, Dr Ingrid Dieckmann, Edda Dammmueller Rene Esser & Ma Wai Wai for all best support specially with our all ” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth ” in and for Myanmar   ,– 
OLiver E Soe Thet Myanmar Chefs Association Ngapali Beach Front – Free Zone, Arrakan State – Myanmar 15.12.2021 

Theme: Overlay by Kaira all content copyright Myanmar Chefs Association