Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach – Heavy Flood Thandwe District – Arrakan 27. – 31.7.21

Food Aid delivered when others showed ” Security ” to Flood Victims

The most heavy rains from 24.7. onwards already forecasted a coming disaster for any normal Government and people in charge. As there is a history of every 4 to 7 years such a major flood happens into Thandwe City and neighbor villages. Simply a 3 to 5 days much rain day and night,– takes 2 days down all the mountains into the Thandwe river as natural drain out to the Bay of Bengal. Not if there is the every 6 hours high tide raising the ocean waters against the mountain & Thandwe river waters. Than within hours main Thandwe city, market and specially the Thandwe District Hospital will be flooded as is lays to low, every time patients must be evacuated, Equipment must be saved from quick raising brown muddy flood water levels.

So also on 26./ 27.7.2021 last week when the present government in charge acted to slow or not at all. Hospital patients had to be transferred out to higher ground. One would question the management skills and dutiful mindset of such people in charge for Thandwe District and Township. I leave it to you.

Ngapali Chefs Cooked up a Storm for Flood Victims for 4 days

Initiated by Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

,…. funded by our well known best friends of Ngapali Beach,- each year for many weeks guests in Arrakan State ( Rakhine ). Supporting an all Myanmar Community for long time with medical volunteer work, education, food safety, nutrition as ” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth “, wide live changing operations in rural hospitals. Were all the base of this initiative after I and Giacomo went to Thandwe after Chef Ye Minn called for action. We not even reached into Thandwe at big Petrol station was all 4 to 8 feet high water the road not possible to cross by car. A small boat was just downloaded to reach the Hospital and collect naturally died people for transfer back to Myabin village – Ngapali.

On the way we stopped at Mr June`s restaurant and both chefs committed to help cooking for flood victims, next stop Chefs Khin Khin Htwe & Pyo`s Taw Win Nan restaurant than back to Laguna Lodge. Within a hour a team of 25 volunteers were ready the Location the Golden Sky restaurant next to great Arrakan Cuisine Chef Min Thu the flood aid kitchen. Ko Kyaw Swar of Green World supermarket arrived with light truck and we arranged first meals rice, chickpeas, oil and onions, chilly and curry marsalla, salt and oyster sauce to the venue. All I had stocked up already actually for other burning issues as a before looming potential refugee camps near by or a covid19 quarantine center in need. Gas Bottles were transferred, another 50 kg potatoes arranged and at cooking site already big pots, giant woks and chefs from several restaurants and Hotels already in Aid cooking Operations. Peeling of Onions and potatoes at first during afternoon. The whole night was for the cooking .

Lephet Yee – Traditional Milk Tea of Golden Sky Restaurant a best at Morning


Our biggest Culinary respect for two Senior Arrakan Lady Chefs

Daw Tin May

Daw Thwe Kyi

Both outstanding in culinary skills of Traditional Cooking with the most basic facilities,- I myself learnt so many tricks in all these nights that I never wanted to sleep and see how they cook and what they do,— Great Performance and always with a wide smile.

Chickpea – Potato Curry and Rice for first Donation Day 28.7.21

Fried Noodles with Egg by Ma Theint Theint@ Isabella & Kyaw Swar of Green World 29.7.21

Bean Rice with thanks by Yoma Cherry Ma Sue for 30.7.21

Egg – Tamarind Curry and Rice by Green World & LAGUNA ECO Lodge 31.7.21

At final Pork Leg Stew, Arrakan Chicken Curry, METROs Pasta as Salad and Chinese style

( METRO Pasta Salad by Mandalay Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, with help by Maran from Myiktina and Khaung Si Thu from Mingyian . METRO Pasta by Ko Chinese from Mr June )  


Ngapali`s Beach Friend, Kyaw Soe Tun & Thein Lin Thar took the lead in logistics and coordination with Thandwe city and village communities for the always morning 9:00 am starting convoy and food aid delivery.

With the Spirit and the Team Work of, much Ngapali Beach Football team lend their energy and hands to all the Chefs.

Forgive me if I miss out a name there were many more and at all time.   

Chef Min Thu, Ye Minn, Ko Phyo, Khin Khin Htwe, Sithu, Su Su, Saw Mya Ngal, Myat Min Thu ( his father U Tin Ngwe famous former Ngapali Beach hotel chef ), great Chefs of Jade Marina and Aureum Palace, Blue Sea, Min Thu, Best Friend, Lillis Beach Bar,Golden Sky ( all family cooked all time ), Mr June, Taw Win Nan, Green World, Yoma Cherry and Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge cooked at nights, packed early morning and delivered before noon.

NI Nge Chef & Owner of the legendary Smile Restaurant as great Chef and much Entertaining for everyone over the nights long cooking Rice and Curries.

Thein Lin and his sister Ma Phyu donated hundreds of water Bottles each day.


Thank YOU to all sponsors as METRO Myanmar, Yoma Cherry Lodge, Green World Supermarket, Thein Lin Thar Hotel, Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge,- German Dentals & Drs – Aktion Myanmar, MR August & Ma Phyu Phyu Family.  


900 to 1200 Curry meals were cooked daily and delivered to

Thandwe City to two private arranged Flood Victim centers, Sandaw, Andaw Quarters, Thalinzee, Thandwe upper river villages, Thandwe & Ngapali Hospitals patients, medical staff.


Surprisingly Authorities took much care first Only Certain Monasteries, less hit,…

Worse hit was the river side of Andaw Quarter which lost 17 to 20 houses totally gone as well the Monastery of Alodawphye Seyadaw much damaged ( so no government support was see the first days ). We plan to be there soon at the Monastery with head Monk U Paw Than Hla to donate Rice, Cooking Oil, Dry Red Sultani Beans all for a month s for each house family together with Stationary for the school children. Next to COVID19 protective face masks and hand sanitizers, medical free drugs also available

Thank YOU to hands which made this all Volunteer possible over 4500 meals were cooked, hundreds of water bootles donated and millions of Smiles Recieved back .

Oliver E Soe Thet

Aid Delivered when others ensure ” Security “

Arrakan Community Aid@ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021     


Thandwe People were to busy in muddy clothes cleaning all alone

to realize the shortages in Flood Management in Thandwe

So outstanding was the all Thandwe Municipal staff by Daw Khin Khin Soe at every place they were seen loading what residents already places at road side a great Team as well known.


7 days early before the big flood, a big russian built cargo plane of Burma army flew over Ngapali Beach easy to hear on the heavy engine sound. I was told it sent an Oxygen refill plant for Thandwe District hospital. The first ever in possible 50 years as long the Hospital which has 4 operation theaters got. Made much sense also in Thandwe with raising COVID19 positive and stage 2 and 3 patients at the hospitals ICU. As COVID19,- the China Present to the World,- ranges like a Tsunami through Myanmar so in Arrakan State ( Rakhine ).

Set up as much as possible every one in Thandwe knows but not the some in charge ???

All good intention might not always benefit the Myanmar people when management skills and expert knowledge is missing combined with being reluctant of asking people on the ground what is the place for such a plant. “… As high as possible every one young and old in Thandwe would say…. ” knowing the floods every view years overflowing the Hospital in Thandwe.  So what ever was in the minds of the some in charge of Myanmar now, the new and first time Oxygen plant was quick also under water.      

Private Boats next day try to rescue people, older and disabled from their flooded houses were redirected and personal in green ordered them instead of rescue people to carry sand bags to protect what was left from the New Oxygen Refill Plant. In vain the machine was damaged not able to operate. On 2.8.21 there was a talk in town “.. Just two more days oxygen than ZERO … ” have to be confirmed and sure civil society and the people of Thandwe will find their own way and arrange well managed to ensure Oxygen will be there also on 5.8.2021. The Private Initiative of Thandwe donors already assigned a place and collected funds before the flood for an Oxygen refill plant way high up on a hill not ready but well managed. The two Rescue Boats from the Government were not available to rescue people as the one from Ngapali Fire Brigade s boat driver did not know that the high class engine needs Oil & Gasoline mix = Engine broken before 1. use. The other from Thandwe Fire Brigade was not allowed to be used as the District Chief ( Commander ) demanded this as stand by for him / his office only. Left was a smallest Tourism Boat carried than always 10 to 15 people to save ground all old and disabled people. Again I leave it to you to evaluate the management skills here. The pictures in the streets were clear to see for every one who was the flood victim and the Saver in one person = all muddy body and clothing. Compared to best dressed and great boots, well fed and laundry fresh ironed clean in biggest cars. With Equipment on the shoulders or around the necks which would remind any visitor or by passer only on a war zone as in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. So possible someone miss understood a command to ensure Security in a bit different way as it would have been needed in a Flooded City. Their big and high trucks could easy had driven through the water and rescued people direct from 1. floors of their houses. Again I leave it to experts to make up their minds how such groups in a flood region usually operate all over the world,– also in Myanmar as we all saw much in 2015 in 12 states, as we cooperated with them in Mrauk Oo at Lay Myo River flooding and 2019 in Ye – Mon State and Mollamine. So that were sure different time and visually also a different group. May the future of Myanmar ensure better Flood Management or one at all and specially one which put the people into consideration first to be rescued.

Of course with a wise and more interested Thandwe district & township management much hardship and an early warning could have saved much property and hardship for every one. It comes all down to ” Good Governance and Caring, Loving Kindness to its Citizen “.

With many thanks to all donor and a great Ngapali Beach Chefs, Owners and Friends Social Responsibility  in great Friendship and Partnership for many nights cooking and at mornings delivering 900 to 1200 meals to people in need,— many people neglected by the institutions which are tax – salary paid just to care the people, as said ” good Governance ??? ” .

Oliver E Soe Thet

Arrakan Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

NGAPALI Beach Front, FREE ZONE – Arrakan State, Myanmar 30.7.21       

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