Mandalay Food 5000 Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

500 kg pork liver translates to over 5000 Meals & Smiles

Meet Gen. Z,- a young Chef -Kyaw Tun Oo & Father U HlaTun

More than Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

Thanks METRO Myanmar inspiring a GEN Z Chef help Mandalay People.


Generation Z must Be,- Are the Solution for a better Tomorrow

,.. this is our,- this is your chance to see today`s 2021 Myanmar`s Generation Z as they are, as they liked to be,- as:  The Whole World`s Generation Z wants to be,- is Allowed to Be nearly all over the World – A simple Question of Values:

,…. Free, Fair, Ethical, Free from Color, Free from Faith and Free from Nationality, at same time have a very clear identity feeling where they belong to,- having 1000 friends in a radius of 10 to 20.000 miles all over the globe. Their judgment are based on today modern, global commend values and global commend interests. Much sharing and caring. Free from thoughts as fears and macho as many of their like to be “Grandfathers– Authority which try to rule Nations and People based on seniority less and on understanding each other, quality and equality. Generation Z  in Myanmar do as they were told by the Burma Army Generals &Myanmar Presidents since August 2004 and 2010 to 31.1.2021, “Think Critical “, Albert Einstein would add,” Never Stop Asking Questions,” .The last 7 month`s in Myanmar many learnt that such past 17 years education by mainly the Burmese Army leadership all of a sudden turned deadly execution at the spot as news reported. Where such Myanmar Generation Z go, what can and should they do as all of a sudden since 1.2.2021 is never anymore as before as near all their live were told since they were born in, around and after General KhinNyunt s 2004 . Think Critical agenda followed and renewed by President General Thein Sein since 2011 and logically enhanced promoted. THINK CRITICAL – Never Stop Asking Questions, ” by The Lady – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s elected and by the real Sen General Than Swe endorsed as his commends were posted as She Will Lead the Country, in February 2016. The rest you all know best by yourself, it s all documented. 

Meet such a Generation Z Myanmar young man, a Myanmar young Chef

,…..with a Vision, a plan , an agenda, a time frame & much kind hearted positive energy.  To become a Great Ethical Chef for the best of his Country and People Myanmar clean and positive development. Follow the World Chefs ( 115 countries founded in 1928 with the ILO ),-

World Chefs must follow the Ethical Code of Good Conduct at All Time

A Vision nothing special all over the World & in Asia( lets say countries where young people and generation Z were not suppressed or charged as criminals for what their fathers governments were teaching them and they practices best – Think Critical Never Stop Asking Questions ). So for decades not allowed to have in Myanmar. Danger to think or initiate, control of everyone was the games rules on Myanmar until 2011. In fact when I was told by USA Yale University Professor Daw Win Win Kyi about Spy Chief & S1`s Boyoke Khin Nyunt`s plans for Think Critical ( either he the Bojoke or Bo Joke did it to save is a…. as his mentor Ne Win passed away or he had an honest vision on the Spy Chief can tell – General Khin Yee pretender of fair elections in 2004 had to arrest him and in the video Khyin Yee looked as a small schoolboy to his senior teacher )   as next curriculum for all Myanmar Teachers education and they thanto teach the students by World Teachers Without Borders ” Critical Thinking in all Myanmar for all Myanmar people ” — sure today we know ” UNITL 1.2.21 ONLY.

I knew direct at the spot, Political Suicide, – he ( than Prime Minister and still Spy Chief General Khin Nyunt )  drove an agenda which would end in his own political suicide. On 19.10.2004 The Boyoke was under House arrest all his peoples faith the same as today in 2021 for over 7000 killed or arrested. Suppression, Torcher and imprisoned most harsh changes, up to 165 years in prison ( ensures in Myanmar believing that one even he dies must be reborn in prison  Loving Kindness in Buddhism might works different ??? ) “ all related to the same single family in 2004 as in 2021.  Myanmar`s Generation Z grew up at best to enhance enact  ensure  Critical Thinking – Never Stop Asking Questions they,- Myanmar s Generation Z The Future of the Nation, might have been deliberately betrayed since early 2000 &2004 as a plan at all.

They all like the Young Chef one of Myanmar`s Generation Z were told, trained, educated that they not only were allowed, they were trained since 2004 to Promote Critical Thinking . In August 2004 PM General KhinNyunt tasked the President of World Teachers Without Borders, USA Yale University Professor Daw Win Win Kyi to establish the curriculum for all Myanmar teachers ( as well the Key persons in any election in Myanmar the loved & trusted The Seya Ma s ). As front man to support and ensure, – MI number 2 General Kyaw Win. Over 40.000 international Critical Thinking education books entered Myanmar that time already through this channel into Myanmar s Education system, without any censorship Spy Chief no 2 General Kyaw Win in charge Political suicide as documented on 19. October 2004,– so not for General Kyaw Win as surprise to many. Re Promoted by General Thein Sein since 2010.


Motivated to Ask Questions & Allowed to Think Critical

Young Myanmar Generation Z,- Chef TunKyawOo came to Arrakan Ngapali

for further study which he saw at FB  left home without much words as His Future mattered Most. Mandalay is home town already near a war zone sure not a place to grow a future for long. Already well known as featured in several Myanmar Culinary TV Shows,- grown up and well guided in the small restaurant of his father Senior Chef U Hla Tun. Daily further study culinary online cooking and culinary science more than is hobby his way to a modern world.

Once in NgapaliBeach at the “ 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 “, he ( the young Chef ) motivated many Nation Wide to join, from all over Myanmar students signed up, travelled many hundreds of miles,- brothers which joined the trip for safety got arrested for hours on the way before continue;

The Journey to an Independent Future for Myanmar`s GEN. Z .

“…Hello Chef got World Chef Academy Certificate, clip_image003thanks for every thing…”


Many of ” Myanmar` s GEN. Z. ” followed his motivating call for Independent Higher Education where ” Critical Think is Program “,- from far as north Kachin, Shan, Danu, Burma, Mon, from Arrakan Islands “ Myanmar s Gen Z followed, some as free of charge boarding at Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali, our honor to have all as VIP Guests for Myanmar`s next generation, some had families or friends nearby to stay.

Quick Chef Tun Kyaw Oo with his much knowledge and experience already became an assistant teacher, – offering his help to teachers & students alike. Supporting head Hospitality teachers as Tun Zaw Oo, Kyaw Thu Lin, Lwin Lwin Han, Zaw Lin, Mr August & Mya Win head of Arrakan MCA. In Special classes Tun Kyaw Oo with Giacomo ( a youngest GEN Z ), both IT and Online experts guided the much 70 students successful to 100 % International recognized Certificates achieved ) through the online International Standard UK City & Guild certified education of :  World Chefs Academy and now after 3 months still guiding students at our online Tele education ( during the 3rd COVID18 wave ) support and assisting small class room style for the over 90 certification programs of Australian Hospitality Institute TYPSY ( thank YOU Mr. Max your support is Gold Value for Myanmar` s young people ), they granted for all students Internship staff a Premium Education Status a package Free of Charge hospitality international certified education for Myanmar s GEN Z. An fantastic education & Vocational training with live teachers online – A program first granted to Myanmar s all Hospitality Industry person as CERP ( Covid19 Economical Recovery Program ) initiated and Brain Child of the in 2020 democratically elected STATE Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and elected Union Tourism Minister the Honorable U Ohn Maung. A Government initiative the past 7 month in 2021 missing at all.  ” Thank YOU Max “.  


GEN Z “ Myanmar Chef joins Overnight Cooking to Zero Income Villager

,.. right from the start Young Chef TunKyawOo when he arrived for the Hospitality & Culinary Education in Ngapali Beach ” 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021″ , — he blended in direct  joined Arrakan MCA chairman Chef Mya Win`s 600 to 700 meals cooking overnight at the Thandwe River mouth just before the Bay of Bengal Ocean at two villages Keymo region ( a region with much majority of Kaman Myanmar Citizen often without drinking ground water,- as well much effected by the sad events of the “3 C ” disasters in Myanmar since 1.2.2021 many families at zero jobs = zero income. Set a sign and promote Food 4 Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger. Share motivation, hope and a view of future vision that nothing stays forever The Good & The Bad, all is in the flow of live, no one can escape, no one above.


Generation Z Myanmar Chefs cook day and night for Flood Victims

When Thandwe  was much flooded Chef Tun Kyaw Oo and his all Myanmar GEN Z Chefs and Young Artists stood at the big pot cooking  Golden Sky kitchen Ngapali with all Ngapali Chefs cooking overnight 900 to 1200 meals donation and delivery at the morning to the flood victims. METRO Myanmar sponsored Pasta as his Spicy Myanmar Fusion, peeling Onions, Garlic or at stewarding  big pots washing or packing the meals. Hands on without much need to talk he sees what is next needed and has his hands on already. With several days near no sleep,- products donated by YOMA Cherry, Green World, METRO Myanmar, Best Friend, Min Thu, Htein Lin Thar, Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel.


,..Gen Z. Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, for ZERO INCOME families & flood homeless families,..

he keeps track record on most people in need – zero income families in South Arrakan. 20 Families which lost all houses at Thandwe high Flood – as well at south where he allocated with our partners of ” Arrakan Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ” ( CA@MCSR21 ) 35 families in much need for food and medical support. Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo and his Gen Z friends prepare for the coming days a wider dry food and cooking oil donation funded by CA@MCSR21 friends and donors with support by METRO MYANMAR — Thank YOU.


Generation Z Myanmar Chef`s Protects & Replant Arrakan Mangroves

Since month s Chef Tun Kyaw Oo collected Mangrove Seedlings along Ngapali Beach which would be naturally lost,– he joined our project of Mangrove Forest protection replantation. With several trips already in May 21 to now he proactive with his Hospitality and Culinary friends from Central Burma – Kaung Sithu  & North Kachin  Artist & Performer Maran planted knee deep in the Mangrove forests muds already over 3000 Mangrove small trees which we groomed the past 4 month s at ” Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge ” Ngapali Beach Front  ( our Arrakan Environment Protection program ” 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2021/ OTOT One Tourist – One Tree,- I started in Bagan with UK – Dr Win & USA Professor Victor & Lovely Georgette Buga“. Since 5 years on now Mangrove reforestation for Arrakan ( Rakhine ) Coastal Community protection and Food chain security with our decades long Friends, Juergen & Regina the Funk Insurance Germany over 220.000 Mangroves were planted since 2016. At the Advise & Training by U Win Maung, Myanmar s & one of Global` s best expert on Mangrove Protection and Preservation Replantation.


See here our next stories from Arrakan Nature & Arrakan Community protection


Generation Z – Young Chefs as Tun Kaw Oo,– also took the chance to join our cross education programs for ” Environmental Protective Tourism Destination Management – Ngapali Beach for all ARRAKAN ( Rakhine ) coastal regions. Here specially Thant Myanmar s theory and practical ” ZERO PLASTIC ” workshop at ” Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel ” by Thant Myanmar management. As well ZERO Food Waste, ZERO CO2 from food waste, ZERO Hunger – online with Mrs. Jenny`s, Ma Khaing`s & Ko Inda Aung`s BOKASHI Myanmar. Fantastic ” Soil Revolution in Myanmar ” a Revolution for a better Live to Live in, also Myanmar.    


The young Chefs – Generation Z. so Tun Kyaw Oo were also enthusiastic at the ” Environmental Education Myanmar by senior staff of the World Bank “ online – zoom at ” 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 “.


Generation Z in Myanmar,- a young Chef, away from home Took Care

,….When I shared to Generation Z,- Young Chef TunKyawOo, the message of METRO Myanmar that they would love to donate 5000 kg frozen quality Pork Liver to Myanmar people in cooperation with Chefs Culiary – Culture & Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 on 28.7.21.I told this great news to young energetic always smiling and Pro Active  Mandalay Chef Tun Kyaw Oo as he attended since some month`s our 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocation Academy. “ 800 km far from his home town” in the north. A young Myanmar Development Project at Ngapali Beach Front  ” Oliver`s Laguna Lodge Hotel’. Be able provide nutritious, rich, healthy food for over 50.000 pork Liver Curry or Fried Meals translating to over 50.000 Smiles by Myanmar people at times when there is little to smile for 53 million Myanmar.

Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo calls his father Senior MCA Chef U Hla Tun in Mandalay.

The Gagyi quarter of Mandalay with many ZERO Income Families.

Pyigyitagon –

,….. Already the days & weeks ahead Chef TunKyawOo remembered the people in his hometown and asked me when he saw MCSR21 donating to many regions of Myanmar ( Mon, Yangon, Arrakan, West & East ) dry food through generous funding by Myanmar Loving Friends from all over,- at the ground by Top Chefs with Big Hearts,-

……. Chef can we arrange also some dry food donation to my home town quarter, many families without Job and Income. My Father Chef U HlaTun can arrange there,…. 

GEN Z Chef Tun Kyaw Oo in his polite style requested.

This was and is always the simple base. One no need a care taker to take care,- one need to be on the ground with the people with the base of a Nation, understand the peoples needs. Or as Cardinal Charles Bo the Christian leader of Myanmar expressed it as, .. Good Leadership is based on Service to the People if one want to lead. Yes for such leadership never big people are needed,- as here a young chef of Myanmar`s Generation Z, learning and eager to learn much more to be a best culinary and Ethical Chef of Good Code of Conduct,-  A Generation Z Chef of Myanmar 21 years old Took & Takes Care of his people in his home town even 800 km far away to learn more not & never waiting for a care taker by words only.

We needed the numbers of households, Numbers of people estimated, Location and contact. More than quick Chef Tun Kyaw Oo provided all. Nothing surprising for me as month s ago when our Vocational Training Program was announced he was the very first to contact and arrive from 800 km far Mandalay to be in,- the first one which finished the World Chefs Academy Certification we arranged, the always top at highest certificates achievements of  Australian Hospitality Institute TYPSY online learning program.

Be First, Be Quick, Be Helpful, Be Open & Honest are  Program for Tun Kyaw Oo.

,…. Quickly all communication with his father Senior Mandalay MCA Chef U HlaTun were established  communicated with METRO Myanmar and with Chef Adam arranged in no time the logistics for the cooling trucks, as also for Yangon sites of this great FOOD AID “4” Smiles donation by Chefs Kyaw Kyaw, Alex, Zin Myo Nwe & her Sisters ( all young Myanmar which came back from Singapore,-  followed the democratic progress in Myanmar after 2011 by General Thein Sein`s vision and promise for a Free, Fair and Ethical Myanmar with Critical Thinking as the main aim. Promoted – further and to higher levels driven by ” The Lady – The State Counselor ” – Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s democratically elected government ( 1990, 2015, 2020 ) volunteer team. To Nay Pyi Taw with Chairman Chef Romeo Thu and his best Chefs team ( coincident now three years in a row cooking for hundreds and thousands of people in need around August Mon Flooding 2019, Mandalay Flood 2020, and now for an even near country wide food crisis in 2020 ). Mon Chef s and Ngapali chefs were also stand by and ready to take 1000 kg translates to 10.000 healthy meals each,- so as the usual Tourism Business is disrupted through the sad 3 C Events in Myanmar since early 2021 no cooling trucks drive anymore Yangon Thandwe – Ngapali Beach front best Beach in all Asia – Myanmar. METRO Myanmar as Global s highest hygiene, food safety standards would never allow to take a risk, send by normal cargo as such. Sure to realize that the until today sad events of the ” 3 C`s “, resulting in total disruption of logistics as tourism business is at zero level in Myanmar. Direct deprived here over 20.000 people a healthy meal planned to be donated to heavy flooded hit Mollamine  Mon and Thandwe  Arrakan State. We all in Thandwe as well Chefs in Mollamine were ready for such vitamin, nutrition rich, over 20.000 smiles.NOT possible at 2021 “caretaker”, as in 2015, 19 – 20 all floods.


Really Taking Care,- or ONLY a caretaker,-!!!???

As Father,- like Son,- Chefs Social Responsibility 31.7.2021

500 kg pork liver = over 5000 meals for over 5000 Smiles in Mandalay

Mandalay Food “4” 5000 Smiles,- NO Tears from Hunger 2021. With a fantastic fast & clear cooperation of aMandalay`s Quarter Hospitality members joining together with METRO, Local Community & MCSR21 in Myanmar  for some happy moments for all the involved Chefs, the Volunteers, the Donors and the People,– Happiness and Smiles when such are hard to maintain in Myanmar and nearly to all Myanmar people this 2021.Young Chef TunKyawOo`s a best Generation Z Chef`s pro active,- really Taking Care. His People and not being a caretaker only ensured over 5000 Hot Meals “4” Big Smiles in his home town quarter where his whole heart is 800 km far north from his present Hospitality training in Ngapali FREE ZONE @ Arrakan State, Myanmar.

Thank YOU METRO Myanmar for inspiring a GEN Z Chef to help his Mandalay People.

Well done Mandalay Senior Chef U Hla Tun & Young Chef Tun Kyaw Oo, we all admire you and your

Clean Social Spirit a really Gen Z Chef Taking Care of people in Myanmar,


Generation Z must Be,- Are the Solution for a better Tomorrow

They must NOT be Targeted – NOT be Handicapped,—- YOUR Children   


Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

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