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Requiem en Pace

It is with great sadness to announce the sudden passing of U Aung Myo Lwin, a pillar of the Myanmar Chefs Association, a very well established chef in his own rights and a friend and colleague who will not be forgotten.

May his soul rest in eternal peace !

Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2020

OT-OT, One Tourist One Tree – Ngapali Beach

World Chefs Without Borders – Arakan – Myanmar 

COVID19 gave & gives much time for more OTOT,- Thant Myanmar joins

2000 new trees are at stand by the first 100 are planted past days, with Thant Myanmar in Ngapali Beach…

There are also Tree to take and plant from Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Ngapali in Myabin as well at the a projects site in Gaw – North of Ngapali. Contact Ma Pan su Aung 043 42 312, 01 501123 – angelatmyanmar@gmail.com & esserrene@aol.com …

,…. 2004 at Old Bagan` s River Front I met with U Win Maung on a very special and that time for Myanmar new project in Tourism. ” OTOT” U Win Maung a Myanmar Dr most of his live lived in England explained me his vision of One Tourist pays for One Tree – “OTOT”. We arranged direct with the Forestry department many different trees and dug holes in the public area of Ancient Old Bagan. Tourists at the Hotel & Restaurant were charged 1 EURO more on the invoice with the info; ” OTOT – One Tourist One Tree,… if you do not like it or did much already we are more than happy to pay back the 1 Euro… “. From the first guests until today 17 years later never ever one took the 1 Euro back,- most people wanted and paid for 5 – 10 and more trees to be planted in their name and water cared over the year. As the Los Angeles – USA volunteer Adult Language professor for Spanish, German and English Victor Buga and Lovely Georgette planted direct trees for all their family members at home in the US. Aureum Palace Bagan Chef Erik Kolojeskie who arrived to Bagan in 2006 just visited his tall Teak Tree he planted in 2006 with us as OTOT. Over the years the OTOT project continued and moved to Pyin Oo Lwin as well Ngapali Beach with many trees planted in public areas, farms, forests. Not to forget Dr med. Werner & Mallu Heller of German – “Action Myanmar” with many trees planted from 2006 onwards.

A next highlight was the 140.000 Mangrove Trees through our Tourists ,- Nargis Aid friends Juergen & Regina Neuendorf through his German Company FUNK Insurances celebrating 140 years and 1000 Mangrove trees to plant for each year – 140.000 Mangroves were planted in 2019 with Juergen & Reginas 2020 visit to us in Ngapali with the great news that another 58.000 Mangroves will be planted this in Myanmar. At our Mangrove educational days and study with U Win Maung ( the global Mangrove expert ) and Prof Htay Aung of Pathein University we were able to collect and arrange over 2200 new Mangrove seedlings in March & April 2020. They will be planted in the next days and weeks at Ngapali Beach – Arakan to Myabin, Linthar & Gaw rivers.

1. Tourism Forest Myanmar Centers are established, in Ngapali Beach – Linthar, Myabin and Gaw with 4 planting sites. As well in Bagan, Pyin Oo Lwin and Nay Pyi Taw.     

COVID19 gave & gives much time for more OTOT,- Thant Myanmar joins

,… during a Thant Myanmar small team`s waste assessment drive through Southern Rakhine with a short stop at Ngapali Beach Friedor, Ma May and two more members took the chance to plant 42 Trees at the project in Linthar – Ngapali Beach of ” 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2020 “. with funding another 200 trees to be planted by Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel staff team next weeks. Take chance of the great Monsoon which grants the plants all to grow best.

Teak trees, Ironwood – Pinkatone, Mahogany, Cashew Nuts, Thit Phadauk, Taungbein- Wild Jackfruit Trees we have at ” Solar Community Clinic ” project side at Linthar village meain road next to Aung Thukar Monastery. 1 Euro for one Tree and the hole is ready done for plantation by our Team.

Community multi benefit & involvement at 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2020

,… benefits for the Ngapali Beach Community are not only the Tourist Forest, CO2 reduction, greening of wide areas,- shade, fresh air as well protection from erosion and a raise of ground water levels. There is also a very special benefit to the local Ngapali Beach community at our 1. ” Tourism Forest Myanmar 2020 ” project as anyone which brings tourists, domestic, expats or international to the project sites will get 500 Kyat as support to the project,- 1000 Kyat are for the trees and logistics. With a donor easy to donate 10 and more trees at a time – a villager can make easy 5000 Kyat on such donor alone. Take a picture,- send to us by e mail and for every 10 trees a donor gets a personal certificate from ” 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2020 ” with support by MCA, World Chefs Without Borders arranged all by Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel, Myabin Ngapali Beach – Sweet Arakan within Myanmar.

2000 new trees are at stand by the first 100 are planted past days,…

There are also Tree to take and plant at Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Ngapali in Myabin as well at the a projects site in Gaw – North of Ngapali. Contact Ma Pan su Aung 043 42 312, 01 501123 – angelatmyanmar@gmail.com & esserrene@aol.com …                     

        With many thanks to Dr Win Maung 2004 – 17 years ago we started together and the OTOT is still running strong  – even stronger and at different regions, — yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Environmentalist & Chef,- MCA / Global Board member of World Chefs Without Borders,

Ngapali Beach – Sweet Arakan within Myanmar 12.7.2020   

Task Force – World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar & METRO CSR

Yangon – Orphanage, Breakfast & Lunch 26.6.2020

round 500 meals and much more food for next days

” Myittar Yaung Chi – Youth Welfare and Development Home ” – Thanlyin

With the generosity of METRO Myanmar ( Jens & Su Yee Mon – METRO Myanmar team ) we were able to cook another Chefs Social Responsibility event for Myanmar.   METRO Germany & METRO Myanmar,- since many years a professional Charity Food partner to MCA Food Aid Events,.. WCWB Myanmar Task Force & METRO Myanmar team up for another ” Help the Helping during COVID19 ” in Myanmar \ 500 portion ” METRO & MCA Food Aid – Blue Box 2020 “,– CSR Chefs Social Responsibility,  surprise ingredients so top Ingredients for the Myanmar CSR Chefs this afternoon designed & mise en place the menu for  . Friday 26.6.2020 at ” Myittar Yaung Chi – Youth Welfare and Development Home ” – Thanlyin – Outskirts of Yangon.

METRO Germany a regular food aid supporter to WCWB/MCA Charity Events Mainz & Frankfurt at International Children Days past years, by Aviation Without Borders – LOG.

METRO Myanmar, WCWB/MCA chefs have cooked up storms and donated for over 300.000 Euro best quality Food and Beverages in the past 12 month s alone. Thank you METRO to give the Myanmar Chefs the chance and standing to ” Feed Food Back to Society as Chefs Social Responsibility in and to all Myanmar.

Great Feedback Welcome from World Chefs to you Myanmar Chefs:

Willment Leong Chairman / World Chefs Without Borders

” Excellent Job Myanmar Chefs, post at WCWB Global  Face book page “

Chairman / Thailand Culinary Academy  – Vice President / Thailand Chefs Association

KK Yau, Vice President World Chefs Asia:       

   ” great job !!! Myanmar Chefs – My food heroes….take care & stay safe

Rene Marquis – WORLDCHEFS Chairman – Military Committee 

  CEC,CCE,CCA,AAC,ACE, MSG (R), US ARMY, President, ACF Tampa Bay Chapter
                                                                     “… This is so Awesome Chefs – Thanks for sharing and great pictures!.. ”                                                                    

Alan Palmer – World Chefs Historical Committee      

  ” Bravo keep up Challenge of the mystery box whatever the color!!!! Cheers Alan “

Mr Frank Franke, President Aviation Without Borders Germany

Great Work today My Myanmar Friends,- ( …. lets plan for the future,… )

COVID19 Healthy Safety Measures in Place

All MCA – WCWB Chefs wear Face Mask and gloves & much washing hands.The Kids there are already in 4 month Self Quarantine. Due to the COVID19 issues these centers suffer a shortage of usual food donations.  As main cooking utensils the chefs use the WCWB 2018 Humanitarian Tour Myanmar equipment, big pots etc.

World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar cooks up a CSR charity, Breakfast & Lunch on 26.6.2020 to 250 Orphans at the Yangon outskirts,  enough food also for the next Dinner and further… so well over 500 meals.

– Food all sponsored by METRO Myanmar and cooked by 12 Myanmar WCWB Chefs under lead of Yangon Head & Executive Chefs Ye Nanda Khin, Myo Min Soe, Kyaw Kyaw & Zin Myo Nwe and Young Chefs Myanmar are preparing all food items at present and cooking early morning for the Lunch –  as well enough for the next Dinner… makes well 500 portion plus much for the kids there to enjoy later as well like the cakes and many Best Orange Juice & Top Apple Spritzer . A great documentation of the Myanmar CSR Chefs team with WCWB Ambassador Myanmar Chef Thurein Tun.

Special Thank YOU to the Chefs with Great Chefs Social Responsibility

Great Job, Great Food through Great UNION Team Work for Myanmar

1.Chef Ye’Nanda Khin ( WCWB Task Force Myanmar )

2.Chef Myo Min Soe Oo ( WCWB Secretary Myanmar )

3 Chef Khine Khine Aye

4.Chef Ko Mg Mg Lat

5.Chef Thant Zin 

6.Chef Aung Naing Oo ( WCWB Task Force Myanmar )

7.Chef  Ko Zaw Naing (anchor) WCWB Task Force Myanmar

8.Chef Zwe Pyae Paing (golf club) WCWB Task Force Myanmar

9.Chef Myint Thu Htet

10.Chef Kyaw Kyaw ( WCWB Task Force Myanmar )

11.Chef Zin Myo Nwe ( Education MCA )

12. Chef Thu Rein Tun ( WCWB Ambassador Myanmar )

13.Chef Aung Kyaw Soe

14.Chef Aung Myint Myat Oo

15. Chef Thein Naing

16. Chef John

17. Ma Khin Khet Khet Khaing ( MCA secretary for admin – coordination – 09 5138411 )

18. Ma Thanda Tun ( MCA volunteer )  

Oliver E Soe Thet, WCWB – MCA Ngapali Beach – 26.6.2020

Fresh Food Items for 250 / 300 plus meals cooking to Myanmar Orphans

200 kg rice

  30 ltr cooking oil ,

    9 kg garlic, peeled

  25 kg onion, peeled

    5 kg Fresh Chili

10 Bdl lemon Grass

Main Ingredients Donated by METRO Myanmar

– 20 kg Pink Prawn – headless

– 15 kg Cuttle Fish – cleaned 

– 15 kg Snapper Filet

–   4 kg Rohu Meat

– 10 kg Boletus Mushroom

– 10 kg Roast Potatoes

– 10 kg spicy Potato Wedges

– 10 kg Back Bacon smoked

– 40 kg Baby Carrot

–   4 L Satay Sauce

– 10 L Mayonnaise

– 14 L Light Soya Sauce

– 36 L Thick Soya Sauce

– 35 L Chili Sauce

– 288 Bot (0,75 ) Apple – Soda Spritzer drinks

– 60 kg Profiteroles Chocolate filled

– 66 kg Strawberry Cheese Cake

– 5 kg Nagar Pyan Green tea

– 154 L Orange Juice

– 350 no Blueberry Muffin

– 200 pack Popcorn Cracker ( 40 kg )

–   11 L President Whipping Cream

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