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Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021(CA@MCSR12)

Ethical Front Runner Chefs Kyaw Kyaw & Zin Myo Nwe

Chefs must follow World Chefs Ethical Code of Good Conduct,- Foreign & Local Chefs alike

,…. Ethical Chef Kyaw Kyaw evaluated different areas of poor and very poor people – most ofZero Income due to the ” 3C ” since 1.2.2021 in all over Myanmar. He informed on 24.6.2021:  Good afternoon Chef,- I went and evaluated,- talked to communities and elderly today at – 125 Qr, 133 Qr,155 Qr East Dagon area around. I will go and check one more place soon. Have a good day Chef – Kyaw Kyaw.


Through all our partners mainly from Hospitality and Health members and over 26 years passionate ” Lovers of Myanmar and Myanmar People ” we were able to arrange needed food supply. By that time the 3rd never controlled and no managed COVID19 deadly virus wave covered Yangon and most parts of Myanmar. Also as the clear order was given and enforced to open all schools on 1.6.2021 despite the 3rd COVID19 wave rolled in with the deadly ” DELTA strain “,- 4 new strains started to spread in Myanmar which was to no one ” BUT greens ” a surprise as all neighbor as Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh & India – So Myanmar s leader to first care taking ” the Schools ” must open on 1.6.2021. Not as a surprise as in Ngapali` s Myabin and Keytaw Primary and High Schools it were the ” Seyama`s spread COVID19 virus in the schools “,- despite being China Covid19 twice vaccinated still developed and spread the deadly virus including to several children. After weeks of ” Political Motivated ” keep the schools open despite the deadly virus spreads finally the system broke down and schools had to close even in Arrakan where some proudly tried to play Donald Trump or Brazil`s Boloroso – Ignoring Medical Science. People in Thandwe & Ngapali Beach as in all |Myanmar had to pay the price with their lives. Until today no one is charged with neglect of Community Health Care – it could even build up to ” manslaughter “. As Myanmar was a leading country to fight the pandemic in all 2020 and in January 2021 had secured already 35 million UK – India vaccines – 50% paid already. An elected Government` ” Master Piece ” for a small developing country which over 100 other global countries did not achieve that time.      


Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 – ” CA@MCSR21 “ – all over Myanmar set the goals as early as 5th February 2021 to fill gaps, where chefs can fill them best: ” Tens of Thousands of Food 4 Smiles, No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar 21 ” are ensured since. Thank YOU also to the Myanmar all Food and Food producing Industry as well ” Long Time – Lovers of Myanmar ” creating, planning arranging through Chefs in Myanmar to ZERO INCOME families.   Thank you all so far – needless to say that the hardest days might be still in front of all in Myanmar before the ” Sun can Shine as at Ngapali Beach Front – FREE ZONE after the Monsoon “.  


Food Aid for Zero Income families arrived 29.6.21 – Yangon MCSR21

,….Events by Chefs Kyaw Kyaw & Zin Myo Nwe, thanks to your support, efforts & donation,- handed over on 1. & 2.7.2021 Chef Kyaw wrote to MCSR21 Central Kitchen:..”… Good Morning Chef just now all food arrived food just,- 200 x Rice bag,- 400 x Red dry bean I will start go to the rubbish mountain place  this afternoon. Have a good day yours, Chef & Wedding Planner Kyaw Kyaw,.. “

Kyaw Kyaw wrote:

,..” ….We went to that place with rice and bean bags ….they said thank you thank you so many many times. Asking the people if I could take a picture they answered that:

” we don’t care about photos in Face Book or anything ….these do not matter as our stomach is empty since days.”I don’t know how to reply felt sad as they were so hungry. Totally 75 households there, we used today 40 rice bags and 80 bean bags today.

I will go another place tomorrow with some hundred houses already evaluated with the community…..- as the already known Yangon`s big garbage dump area with lots of children there “…

Thank YOU Chefs Kyaw Kyaw & Zin Myo Nwe with all your great volunteers and in much ” Loving memory your Mother and Father  “ for their much contribution and support made that all much difference to thousands of people with than thousands of smiles, Thanks all donors and supporters, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Security 2021

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