Objectives, Aims and Regulations of Myanmar Chefs Association (MCA)

Main Objectives:
a) Non political
b) Non Governmental
c) Independent
d) Non profitable
e) Internationally recognized through WACS
f) Open to all ethnic races, religions, nationals and internationals
g) Promote and organize basic, higher & special education for Myanmar Chefs and related professions in cuisine related issues
h) Promote & discover Myanmar Traditional Food and Culinary Entertainment Culture
I) Promote and upgrade of Hygiene, Sanitation and Health Care through Food Safety
j) Promotion and awareness building in Environmental issues as a Chef

Name and Location:
The association is named the “Myanmar Chefs Association”.
The association has its main location in Yangon, Union of Myanmar

The association has the duty to work in the interest of the national as well international community of chefs, and related professions.
To boost and develop the national as well the modern art of cuisine, to install and support education, vocational training, basic & higher education in the fields of chefs and related professions and ensure excess for everyone.
The association will be active in all areas which benefit to the profession of Chefs to ensure the full benefit of this profession and the industry at large. The association will therefore with all other associations, groups, institutions, professions, organizations and state institutions which can be in contact and of interest for a positive and free development to our profession target to promote a positive relationship and working together, as well exchange of experiences.
To ensure that its members understand their importance in our profession as well within the public community following duties were laid down:

>Promotion, Organization and active Operation of National, Regional and International Cooking and cooking related Competitions as well Food related Shows and practical Demonstrations.
>Demonstration of the National Myanmar Art of Cooking on an International Platform (Later with National Team of Myanmar Cuisine).
>Preservation of Myanmar Traditions.
>Issue of official association publications or regular publication of MCA activities in related or associated publications.
>Support and promote development of related groups, institutions and associations.
>Promote and active work to establish contacts with others, education of the profession and related professions, contact with MCA members, planning and operation of profession related seminars, consulting in profession related questions.
>Press and Public work.
>Promote the collegial and positive social relationship.
>The association is natural to any races, political opinion, confession and nation the association will not be involved in pure economical work or duties, and has nothing to do with any questions related to salaries, workers law or union requests or union activities whatsoever.
>The Myanmar Chefs Association abides at all times the laws, rules and regulations set by the government of the Union of Myanmar.
>The Association is a full member of the World Association of Cooks Societies

The association has ordinary, extra as well honorable members.
Active Ordinary Members can be any one which belongs to the profession of Chef, Cook,
Butcher as well Pastry or Bakery and works in this profession as well passed a vocational
Training as such with an Examination of WACS standard, someone who is still involved in such a
Training. Ordinary Members are allowed to vote at MCA meetings.
Not Active Ordinary member are same as under 3/a., but Members which did not pay their
annual membership fee. Annual Membership fee must be paid at the beginning of a members annual term. Not Active Ordinary Member are not allowed to gain the MCA benefits and can not vote at MCA meetings.
People without vocational training in one of the above professions, but with a proven working
experience of at least 6 years in one of the profession can also be an Ordinary Member at the Myanmar Chefs Association.
These members are also allowed to vote in the MCA meetings.
Extra Ordinary Members can be companies or persons, which share the same interest as the
MCA and which are willing to support active the work of the association in any field. Extra
Ordinary Member do not have the right to vote at the associations meetings.
People which made special efforts and arranged over a longer period special benefits for the
MCA and ensured a positive image for the association, as well for the profession as Chef or the Art and Culinary Scene, can after agreement of the Board be given the title as Honorable Member.
Honorable Members are also allowed to vote in MCA meetings, same as Ordinary Members.
All members of the Myanmar Chefs Association are direct also member of the World Association of Cooks Societies.

Application for Membership:
Applications to MCA are to send to the office of the association.
Applications can not be denied or rejected due to reasons of : races, nationals, religious, political.
In case that an applicant gets denied or rejected, the applicant has the right to complain in writing and send to the Office in Yangon.
The Myanmar Chefs Association fully respect the existing law of the Union of Myanmar, as well takes care of the law of Myanmar on transfer of any data.

Duty of MCA Members:
All members are in full duty to support Myanmar Chefs Association in all his duties, aims and targets mentioned under #2.
To support to the best of their possibilities and to ensure the interests of the profession.
All members must submit a registration fee as well an annual fee, which is proposed at the Board
Meeting and agreed per vote on, by all members at an annual membership meeting, which are allowed to vote.
For all out of a membership appearing law suites, the place of such case will be always Yangon, if not any other place is ordered by law and government

Rights of Members:
All member do have after they fulfilled their membership duties as well paid their annual membership fees at the beginning of their fees term (date of entry) the right to :
a) Use of the facilities of the association
b) Entry to happenings and activities of the association
c) The publishing of the association once established
d) Consultative support from the association and his working groups
e) Entry to cultural, society and association related functions
f) Participation to educational seminars and functions
g) Participation to national and international culinary competitions & shows
h) Participation at special courses in culinary skill
i) The right to give suggestions for improvements at MCA
j) Contact establishment on national and international platform
k) Free access to the annual report and fiscal report of Myanmar Chefs Association
l) Participation to all social matters of MCA
m) Help to members in trouble
n) Benefit payment by death of a member to his family (after funds got established)

All functions and happenings which involves costs, entrance fee or charges depend on the rules and regulations of the individual organizer.

Resignation from Myanmar Chefs Association:
The resignation or cancellation of the membership from MCA is only to the end of a Calendar Year possible and only after a resignation or cancellation period announced of 6 months.
The resignation or cancellation request of a MCA membership must be so done latest on 30.6. of a year, while using a registered postal letter to the Office of MCA in Yangon, Union of Myanmar. Business year is the calendar year.

Termination from Myanmar Chefs Association:
The one which does not follow his duties as member of MCA and the one which damages the interest of Myanmar Chefs Association, can by 2/3 majority of the Board agreement expelled from the Myanmar Chefs Association.
The expelled member has the right within two weeks after knowing the result of the Board for his termination, to question the result, which than will be temporary stopped and addressed at an ordinary Member meeting, which than will decide with a normal majority.

Institutions of the Association:

a) Member Meeting
b) Presidium Meeting
c) Board Meeting ( Presidium & general Committee )
d) Workshops
e) Advisor

Presidium and general Committee
(All work at Presidium and General Committee is 100 % voluntarily)

The Presidium should exists of:

a) 1 President
b) 1 Vice President
c) 1 Secretary General
d) 1 General Treasurer

As special duty of the President of Myanmar Chefs Association is to take care on all office and administrative matters. As special duty of the President of Myanmar Chefs Association is to take care, to extend and upgrading of all collections and historical materials ( Press, Picture, Present etc. ) of MCA.

The term of office for the Presidium is 5 (five ) years. If one presidium member leaves his position within his office term, than the Presidium and the general Committee can elect a new person with a 2/3 majority. Until new elections the Presidium will remain in their position.
This regulation is to amend, once different chapters are established within th Union of Myanmar.

The General Committee exists of:

a) Chairman – Membership
b) Chairman – Competitions
c) Chairman – Public Relation
d) Chairman – International Relations
e) Chairman – Social & Entertainment
f) Chairman – Traditional Myanmar Food
g) Chairman – Myanmar Modern Food
h) Chairman – Training and Education
i) Chairman – Food Safety & Environmental issues
j) Chairman – Sports & Recreation
k) General Committee Member

The term of office of the general Committee is 2,5 (two and half) years. If one General Committee Member leaves his position within the an office term, than the Presidium and the general Committee can elect a new person with a 2/3 majority.
This regulation is to amend, once different chapters are established within the Union of Myanmar.

New Elections on the Presidium or the general Committee :
Each ordinary member can apply as candidate for one of the to elect positions, if he is over 21 years old and at least 6 years of experience as a Chefs.
Exceptions only by 4/5 majority of all member electing.
The candidates must submit their intention to run for one of the above position at least 6 months before the ordinary – annual meeting. Here the Presidium can decide an exceptions for candidates which submit their intention later.
All candidates must be made public at least 4 months before the election date. The election is secret and free. It can be protested against the election up to one month after the announcement of the election result in writing with registered letter to the Office of the Myanmar Chefs Office in Yangon.
Future Organization of Myanmar Chefs Association
Further to the presidium and the general Committee in Yangon there might be also Chapters of the Myanmar Chefs Association later in Mandalay, Bagan, Taungyi, Ngapali, Ngwe Saung, Maung Magan, Kawthaung etc. as well representatives in order areas of the Union of Myanmar.

Leadership of MCA:

The President leads all activities of the Myanmar Chefs Association and observes the Presidium and the General Committee.
The Chairman and President is the final and only position, in charge for all public commends and statements to Press, Officials, other Associations or Federations as well to WACS. Any public statement must be in line with the MCA Constitution and needs to be basically the Vice President together with the Secretary General steps in to the Presidents position and duties once the President is not able to fulfil his duties.
If one of both is not able to fulfil this duty, the General Treasurer will step into ensure a two peoples handling of all affaires.

Direction and Guidelines of MCA:
The Presidium establishes and brings into live the Associations Directions and Guidelines, and will refer to all questions on the Myanmar Chefs Association.

Changes of Directions and Guidelines of MCA:
Once established Guidelines and Directions can be only changed by a 2/3 majority of the annual meeting for all members. All members need to be invited by mail delivered letter. This mainly applies to changes of the Presidium, in order to have a general Direction for a long future of the Myanmar Chefs Association.

Treasurer report and control:
The general Committees duty is at all time, to control the treasurers report and the financial activities of the Myanmar Chefs Association in the interest of all members of MCA and favor of its smooth future operation.
Purchases for the MCA must be signed by at least 2(two) members of the Presidium and 1(one) member of the general Committee and need to have at least 3 different quotations.
All financial issues need to be recorded, with official invoiced and with receipt.

Presidiums Duties of Payments:
The Presidium is fully in charge to organize and ensure first the annual membership fee & payment
to the World Association of Cooks Societies.

The Presidium is not allowed to have any credits and is not allowed to take any loan.
Payment of Membership benefits must be ensure as second important after WACS fee.
Annual funds must be used in this sequence for :

1. Annual Fee to WACS
2. Myanmar Member MCA benefits (Hat, MCA Sticker, discounted Annual Dinner)
3. Internal Educational matters for Myanmar Chefs
4. Myanmar Traditional Food Promotion
5. Myanmar Modern Food Promotion
6. Charity in Food to people in need
7. External international educational matters for Myanmar Chefs
8. Support of other related Associations
9. Publications on Myanmar Food Promotion
10. Stationary for annual use within MCA

Travel costs for Presidium Member or General Committee Members for national as well international purpose are not allowed to take from MCA Funds.

These travel expenses can be only born by the members themselves or through sponsors.

These Objectives, Aims, Rules & Regulations of the Myanmar Chefs Association (in all main points already confirm with the World Association of Cook Societies, and acknowledged by the Ministry of Hotel & Tourism of the Union of Myanmar) were agreed by a full majority at the monthly meeting in January 1998.

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