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February 2022 @ Letters from The East

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2022


See some letters from the East over the past weeks and direct nutritious food support to people and children on the run for their lives in Myanmar again and now daily again,….


This is the lady I was mentioning to you who was helping in TGY to carry out the refugees via hard hit side. She was asking me for help to support this young boy, who got injury & hurt while escaping with his parents from these,….. She told me they’re in need of food and shelter



Chef Z what can we do for the people below at Inle ???

Is help possible with local purchase and sending items ?? see below

More than 500 Karenni refugees in Inle area of Nyaungshwe Township in southern Shan State are in urgent need of food, blankets and sanitary pads.

February 2022 @ The East

More than 500 Karreni refugee arrived last week. Now some of them try to go back. Some of them move to other areas. As from the ground they said now there is a bit better situation but still need much support as they had to leave all behind. Food & Clothing is needed much.

Our Hospitality friend was missing, rumor hearing that he was arrested again. His Family outside now. The Organic and HR Manager are taken in. For refugee in southern region are helped by several farmers group. As there are more than 800 refugee arrived, all farmer group contributed big vegetables basket to refugee family or groups. At house there are 13 people since.   Thanks Chef


Rescue Disabled people over 10 miles on the run,…. 

“…..Dear Chef pls see we can further assist we gave extra rations of pasta,…”

The man in wheelchair video clip when they left their house and run to the mountain IDP camp. They had to run like this around 10 miles far away from the disabled village. We can help him somethings more. True had story. Many Thanks to all medical & dental Dr Teams and Donors, – Chef Z.


After these top emergency rescue and nutritious food aid all windows were closed all ways and all roads blocked to ensure no more food aid would be able to arrive at the remaining people – Myanmar citizen. The whole region is off limit – , most rescue teams had to leave as well to ensure safety and live for their staff and volunteers. It is a War Zone without any protective standard to the remaining villagers. 

All one can do is to have food & aid standby for a day or time when a window opens to be direct with the people in urgent need,—- Thank YOU all volunteers and Chefs at the East incredible work, efforts to ensure the most possible dignity to the here all Myanmar Citizens in urgent need.  



Thanks for all support in and by Myanmar as well the many “ Myanmar Lovers “ for continues support from near as well from far, yours 

Oliver E Soe Thet 

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2022

Myanmar 8.3.2022

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