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is a “ Care Taker “ Duty

To Stop Training is a CRIME

Best Ngapali Internship Student

Congratulation to Ma Kyel Sin Lin 

Now @ Yangon – Training in Hospitality


Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

Congratulation Kyel Sin Lin Ngapali Beach

Best Training Student November 2021

@ Myanmar s Best – SSB Vocational Training Center


,….. Ma Kyel Sin Lin Internship staff of “ Oliver` Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel “ Ngapali Beach Front achieved “ Best Training Student of the Month November 2021 “ @ SSB Hospitality Training Center. Already in September 2021 Ma Kar Yan Cho also Internship staff at our place achieved “ Best Training Student “ of all SSB Hospitality Training Center students. A Great achievement which would never be possible if on would call it Training in Ngapali Beach & Thandwe District,- where “ Training is prohibited – of course that is a CRIME.. “ so it`s fact. Much thanks here to the great leadership at Thandwe Ministry of Hotels & Tourism,- with the clear vision and mission of former Union D Minister of Hotels & Tourism,- Gen Aye Myint Kyu – Training for him always the most holy aim. 


Never call it Training – Some do not like “ Training “ others

Union Minister General Aye Myint Kyu` s message over 25 years

So we do Internship – We Hire – When others Fire

Ma Kyel Sin Lin joint our “ Internship Work Contract “ in May 2021 by “ 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 “ the education arm of “ Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “ established to ensure further education and vocational skills – transfer of knowledge “ On the Job “ to young Myanmar from all over the country. Ma Kyel Sin Lin  & Ma Kar Yan Cho both outstanding at the internship – as many others as well. Both very active online certification learners through our services & partnership with Australian Hospitality Institute “ TYPSY “, UK CITY & GUILDE,- World Chefs Academy,- Global Recognized Quality Certifications. 

As we are allowed to do Training in Yangon ( when NOT in Ngapali by the Thandwe Government 2021 ) and since 9 years stand for the Certification Exams of SSB Hospitality Training Center to two best staff of our “ Internship “ achieved a 1 year scholarship of best international standard Hospitality Training, Theory, Practical and English Language. Then five best Interns than in July were Zoom online interviewed the Winner were Ma Kyel Sin Lin  & Ma Kar Yan Cho from Ngapali Beach. Since August 2021 now at Yangon SSB Hospitality Training Center. Great efforts with two Best of The Month Trainees well done – well doing. As well continue at Australian Hospitality Institute “ TYPSY “ Online courses and certifications weekly. All this great success for all Myanmar would never been possible when calling it “ Training “ as the Government of Thandwe District prohibits training and even threatens “ Law Suites “ for anyone fails. 

Good we had followed past Union D Minister General Aye Myint Kyu` s advise: “Never call it Training,…. Call it whatever you want but never call it Training,…”


An outstanding Thank YOU to Thandwe Ministry of Hotels & Tourism for their future vison & proactive support. 


We Hired Staff – When Ngapali most Hotels Fired in 2021

At a time when most Hospitality stakeholder fired their staff due to the 1.2.2021 economical hardship – we hired 120 young Myanmar for staff as Internship Workforce. Myanmar`s Generation Z mainly from Arrakan State – Ngapali Beach & Thandwe, so also from Kachin State, Shan Danu, Taungyi, Mandalay – Mingyan, Yangon, Mon and Kayah many as Boarding – in house. A sponsored by our German Groups of Medical & Dental Specialist teams and their Donor. Usually Myanmar loving Tourists to Ngapali Beach of the past 25 years always come back, with “ Good Heart & Honest Interest to support Myanmar Direct ”. 

Our “ Department Heads “ lead the interns work daily through Rooms, Kitchen, Front Office, Service, Management, Ngapali Destination Marketing, World Banks Environmental work. Thant Myanmar with Ngapali Beach cleaning & ZERO Plastic work. Bokashi Myanmar with daily “ ZERO Food Waste “ work . 


Online Global Certified Individual Training in Ngapali

All interns were guided and knowledge transferred by each individual “ ONLINE Hospitality Training “ – Global recognized Quality Certification programs by:

–       Australian Hospitality Institute – “ TYPSY “

–       UK City & Guild

–       World Chefs Academy

The International Quality Certificate come direct ONLINE after a course EXAM is successfully passed. Download, Print out, recommendations for a good new Job.

All interns were supported “ ONLINE & by Zoom with their respective Department head for the “ Theoretical “ education next to the practical daily work at the Internship. 

This Online Global Hospitality Certification program we run now the second year for all Myanmar with students in Mandalay, Bagan, Myiktina, Putao, Ngapali Beach, Yangon, Mollamine, Kalaw, Loikaw, Taungyi, Mindat, Sittwe, Punnakyune, Kyauktaw, Mrauk Oo,…. NOT Training – Internship Work.

Many fired staff we hired staff in May 2021


To advanced in Myanmar,- Aye Myint Kyu & Training

,….former longest serving and outstanding D Union Hotels &Tourism Minister, General Aye Myint Kyu told us always: “ We must training the young people of all Myanmar. Training is paramount for the sustainable & positive development of Tourism Myanmar at any Tourism Destination. We must all train and transfer knowledge,— so do not call it Training as there are people which do not like it,- there are people which want to stop Training,— wo we must call it different – not training…”. The Burmese General & Union D. Minister for Hotels & Tourism always stated and finally kick started Myanmar s 1. Ever Hospitality Management at University = Training. The Union D Minister of Tourism sure always to much advanced for the time in Myanmar,- to much future oriented. Himself much educated since November 1997 as autodidact,- General Aye Myint Kyu studied the “ United Nation`s Sustainable Environment in Tourism “. Wrote Tourism Fiction Books on Myanmar – 25 years ahead of all others in the than Government. His many ideas daily normal since decades in all other Asian countries – today still far from reality in Myanmar. As the High Speed train – “ Mandalay – Bagan “ or the direct flight “ Vietnam – Mandalay “ yes even “ Training allowed for young people in Ngapali Beach & Thandwe “…unthinkable 2021/2022. Internship as the general suggested years ago is OK Thanks God. 


Political Suicide by General Khin Nyunt 2004 “ Think Critical “

“… Think Critical we must train all Myanmar teachers to be able to Train – Think Critical for all Myanmar Students,… “ Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt gave the task to “ USA – YALE University professor Daw Win Win Kyi and her “ Teachers Without Borders in August 2004. On 18. October PM Gen Khin Nyunt was house arrested as some in Myanmar do not like Training or Think Critical. Over 60.000 training & knowledge books General Khin Nyunt & General Kyaw Win arranged to Myanmar from quality education & training countries – all without censor, just training – knowledge for Myanmar s youth in 2003 – 2004.

A Genius – “ Never Stop Asking Questions,…. “

Albert Einstein ( Germany ) told the world and always ensure Training and Training and Training “ as we use only 5 % of our Brain Capacity ,… “ Albert Einstein said always.


Myanmar 2021 Training Back to the Future of 2004

Myanmar 2021 became again a target by people which do not like but stop any training. Usually without any explanation “ By Order ONLY “,……

Thank you to all sponsor as; German Medical & Dental teams, METRO Myanmar, Premium Food Service, World Bank Officer Myanmar, Thant Myanmar – ZERO Plastic, Bokashi Myanmar ZERO CO2 from Food Waste, Oliver Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali Beach, Mr August, Chef Htun Kyaw Oo and to all “ Department Heads “ for their great guidance – a 27 years Excellence in Hospitality Industry Myanmar 1995 – 2022. 

Looking forward to see the two Ngapali Beach Hospitality students conquer the Global Hospitality Industry, – for their carrier, their families, for Myanmar and specially for Ngapali Beach Tourism Future. When than in a time to come also Training to young people in Arrakan State – Ngapali & Thandwe District will be not prohibited and at one day be allowed by the “ Care Taker “ Government & seen as a “ Nation Building & Duty of Care Taker “ as all over the world.  Looking forward to these great days of Thinking Critical, Always be allowed ask Questions – so for the time being not to call it Training… Yours

Oliver E Soe Thet 

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 – 22  

1.    Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22

Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge – Hotel, Ngapali Beach Real Natural Front, 

2.3.2022 Arrakan State, A FREE ZONE in Myanmar

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