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Interplast Germany & Chefs “4” Free Medical Operations 1997 – 2022

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25 years “ Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility “ 1997-2022


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25th Anniversary – Union of Myanmar – 1997- in the pipeline for 2022


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“,…See you next year and thank you all… ” ,— is the last sentence of Dr Heinz Schoeneich in 2020 at Monywa General Hospital jet another successful plastic surgery mission which saw over 5000 Myanmar – mainly in rural areas free of charge operated. Live changing and live saving as in Arrakan` Mrauk Oo, Sittwe, Ngapali Beach since 2001, Bothitaung permitted for 2017. Haka Chin State, Kawthaung, Bago, Loikaw – Kayah State ( also with mostly burnt cases imagine in 2021 – 22), Tachilake, Ancient City of Bagan, Monywa 2020, Magway 2019, Pyapon, Yangon, Mandalay, Myeik, Hpa An, the here attached report welcomes all German, Swiss … Specialist Drs ( as well Dentals, Nuero, General, Pediatrics, Anesthetics, ENT – Ear ) quickly back to YOUR Myanmar – German / Swiss family as many patients are asking – requesting daily for .. “

Oliver E Soe Thet FREE ZONE Ngapali Beach Front Arrakan State, Myanmar 27.1.2022


Info, Donations & Support to Dr Heinz Schoeneich:, E-mail:, Phone: +49 (0) 170 5421 571 //  Postbank München IBAN: DE 16 700100800 010666800 BIC: PBNKDEFF


Interplast consists of volunteers, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, anesthetists, operating nurses and other specialists, who work free of charge, usually during their annual holidays. Travel expenses, medical supplies and instruments are funded by donations raised in Germany from companies as well as private donators.

INTERPLAST ( as Chefs ) has no financial, political, racial or religious interest.

The aim is to provide Plastic Surgery to improve function and handicaps. Cooperation – exchange of knowledge with local medical staff and working at existing hospitals close to the patient’s home is efficient and offers education in specialist field for all and all sides involved. Apart from medical staff, local volunteers with social commitment are essential for the preparation and the smooth running of a successful INTERPLAST-camp. Treated patients suffer from facial malformations, cleft lips and palates, malformation of hands, extensive burn scars, tumors located on head and skin, disabilities due to accidents or wound consequences of war and other diseases which require the skills of plastic surgery.

Next to this since years Interplast Munich started to sponsors Meningocele ( over 450 patients operated ) & Hydrocephalus ( over 20 patients operated – Live extending & Live saving ) patients from all over Myanmar mainly rural areas are free of charge arranged to Yangon s Neurosurgery Department and Prof Myat Thu for best International standard full treatment – all cost covered.

The objective is to integrate the patients into society.

The affected people are often not accepted socially. Untreated burn scars could lead to

deformations or extensive dysfunctions of arms and legs. A person which lost his mobility cost money and time to families and society. A person operated and re integrated to the daily live schedules – getting his mobility back can earn money and support families, society and community thanks to the Myanmar-German Teams,- a Family.


Myanmar Chefs & German – Myanmar Interplast 25 years’ excellence

Since 25 years – 1997 – 2022 this great partnership between medical professionals of Myanmar and Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, USA, Italy, France – an always exchange of medical knowledge,- help building Myanmar`s medical infrastructure, trainings and friendship live changing for each year 500 to 800 people mainly in and from rural areas in Myanmar not able to finance such operations them self, missing medical facilities and medical Drs – not able to stay away long from jobs as most people live from hand into the moth and food storage at a villagers house is mostly not more than for 1 to 3 days.

Chefs are since day 1 as Andreas Vogt – Kandawyi Hotel 1997 to

Chef Romeo Team in January 2020 in Monywa

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 1997 – 2022

with each much support to the medical teams – volunteers and patients alike as in Magway November 2019, Monywa January 2020 or Loikaw – Kayah in March 2020 ( all today 2021 – 2022 hot burning places – imagine the need of specialist Drs due to the very sad events in Myanmar since 1.2.2021 ). Just as Philanthropist’s for a better medical and healthy future to all and in Myanmar like our great friend and supporter of all German Volunteer Specialist medical teams the here nobel Dr med Win Maw and his all team in the sole interest of Myanmar people, patients and health through modern international standards ensured.

Great Hosts, best preparations and wonderful team of volunteers in January 2020.

Pro Active Working with a Peoples Government

Plans already cleared to be within a view month back and all arranged by the Sagain Government and Social Organizations, Well Wishers to have the German – Munich Interplast team around Dr med. Heinz Schoeneich via Mandalay direct to Sagain` s “ Nagar Land “. Operate and support some of the most remote living Ethnic Myanmar people operate at the spots for Cleft Lips – Pallets. Screen Tumors, Meningocele, Hydrocephalus and arrange free transport, food and operations to Mandalay Neurosurgery.   

It was COVID19 which delayed the plans and February & March 2021 were the dates for the next missions, to Sittwe by Dr Herbert Bauer team, to Nagar Land by Dr Heinz Schoeneich Team, to Loikaw by Dr Peter Sieg Team. All the patients were screened and registered already,- as well all Myanmar medical Drs, Nurses and admin were in “ Positive Live Changing & Live Saving Mood January 2021 “. All events than are well known to everyone.

Time to be able to Earn Money not Cost Money in society,…

It is time to follow the vision to re start Free Medical Operations – Treatments to Myanmar`s much rural community. More than ever emergency Burnt Scars will be waiting for operations to become mobile again, to become a 100% part of working society, earn money – not cost money. To rebuild Myanmar and Society 2022 and beyond.

The avalanche kind of burnt or other hard hit patients in Kayah, Magway and Sagain, let alone Chin State every one can imagine of 2021 – 22 events.


Thank YOU Dr Heinz & all great friends at “ Interplast Germany – Myanmar Family “ for the thousands of lives changed forever to a better one an all-inclusive one over the past 3 decades as well today this moment when we speak, read and write, for the People of Myanmar.

Info, Donations & Support to Interplast: Dr Heinz Schoeneich,-, E-mail:, Phone: +49 (0) 170 5421 571 //  Postbank München IBAN: DE 16 700100800 010666800 BIC: PBNKDEFF


25 years “ Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility “, 1997 – 2022

Oliver E Soe Thet, FREE ZONE Ngapali Beach, Arrakan State – Myanmar 27.1.2022

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