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ERO tears for Children & Elders on the run from Russian Jets


Late Thomas & Thomas, a Dr. & Son in Law Protect from Cold & Sickness

A noble man never had been in Myanmar himself,-

 it was his “ Last Will for all Myanmar People never get Sick “ 

One more Mission Accomplished @ AKTION MYANMAR

Great, Z,…..

We were able to arrange with Bazaar 4000 warm bunny wool hats and 4000 pair of warm long socks for all your Kids and elder people in the Mountains, together with 1000 warm blankets ( 2000 / 2000 are for Taylor )  — needs around 2 weeks for production. This by “ The late Dr Thomas Last Will,,… “ – a real Aktion Myanmar to prevent sickness as the best medicine to keep the children and elder people healthy and alive in the since weeks often deadly events. We used the ” very bad weather ” in most areas, to prepare for this health and live saving project to get on the road to children and elder people on the run. — In process with much pleasure, thanks to all great Donor, supporter and volunteers. So here dedicated to a very special Donor which even had never been in Myanmar,- just loved people and loved to see people healthy – The Late Dr. Thomas “ His Last Will – Healthy for Live – NO Flowers “.

Chef O : Me & Bazaar are on for warm chef hats warm long socks. Many Thanks to Dr. Thomas & Z

Thanks to all which made this again possible for the benefit of Myanmar Citizen and people living in Myanmar in this 2021 and already 2022 even more deadly. Just 3 children were killed, along side with three medical staff as well killed by Russian war Jets at night of 17.1.2022 – at 1:00 am. All already ran away from burnt down homes and took refuge in a forest – cold mountain camp these January 2022 days. Many more are burnt these days. Thank YOU to all which gave and give many hands to ensure at least some dignity and safety to innocent civilians in the cross fire. ( as some 40 with children burnt alive at Christmas Even 24.12.21 at very same near area together with two staff of UK Save the Children burnt. When a so called Christian leader Charles Bo happy smiling cut a Christmas Cake in all luxury possible with his friends in Green … ). Surprising a Christian Leader in Myanmar not able to share a healthy and live ensuring Christmas Cake for his and all Myanmar people in the east, the west and the south next to the north.  Contrary to what a Pope might envisions Globally ??



Thank You late Dr Thomas

Another Mission Accomplished – many more come up daily now

Warm Hats, Socks, Blankets for Health & Smiles,-

ZERO tears for Children & Elders in Myanmar,….

World Chefs – Ethical Code of Good Conduct by Myanmar Chefs

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Chef Oliver E Soe Thet, Z, Bazzar & Tailor

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