Arrakan Food for Smiles – Zero Tears from Hunger

Arrakan Aid Partnership @ Decades Old Tradition

Ngapali Beach – Sittwe Zero Income Families 21 – 22

Food Aid Myitta Yaung Chi Rescue Team & Chefs October 21


,….Since years,- no since decades now friends and aid partner for North Arrakan, first 2001 Dr Heinz Schoeneich & Interplast Munich ( than Stuttgart – Muenster, Luebeck, Wiesbaden ), operated at Sittwe Hospital free of charge, Cleft Lips, Pallets and Burn scars. Since 2013 usually twice a year more Interplast teams could be arranged and sponsored much from Munich, Stuttgart – Muenster, Luebeck all Drs As Dr Heinz, Peter, Andreas, Herbert, Michael, Philip, Dirk & Dirk, Ulrike, Gerry, Heike, Katharina, Paul & Paul, Nuri, Heinzi, Ruben, Lena, Soeren – Kyaw Myint Swe all are best long term friends with U Pin Ya Sota Seyadow head Monk of Sittwe Alodawphye Seaydows Civil Social Society for all Arrakan.

So also the ENT – Ear mission of Dr Eberhard team, – German – Myanmar Dental group with Dr dent Julia Fruebuss, Michael, Robert, Helmut & Helmut, Ulli, Maung Toe, Win Kyaw, Roland all since decades work for the people of Arrakan – South and North alike. 

Alike AKTION Myanmar with Special Nurses Ma Su Su & Ma Swe here at our Dispensary,– Dr s Fritz, Marlies, Herald, Klaus, Susanne and many donors,– all but all as all these Medical Drs – decade old friends of the People of all Myanmar.

All these good – gentle work never without the Myitta Yaung Gyi Rescue Team as well the Myanmar Red Cross from Sittwe. Already days before the Drs arrive busy with transfer patients from all over Arrakan to Sittwe s Alodawphye Seyadaw Monastery. Register each one – arrange food and food donations ensure all is ready when the Drs arrive. And here all logistics from Airport to Monastery, Hiotel and Hospital. With daily shuttles for patients and Drs alike specially Ko Paing Soe San – usually the head of state s driver – these days than assigned for German Dr Teams 24/7…. 

As a German – Myanmar Family as Dr Heinz always say,…

As the all patients get collected and stay during the medical treatment & recovery at the Alodawphye Monastery, direct next to Sittwe Airport,- all best taken care with food and shelter. U Pin Ya Sota and his team as well daily at the Hospitals operation theater to see the great work and more to bring daily best Arrakan Cuisine lunch, meals, snacks for all Germany, US, Swiss Drs. More than a partnership – trust built with over 900 patients operated the past 7 years alone. Livesaving and much live changing – for many “first time in live – eating normal“.

Next Missions in the Pipeline already

,…with U Pin Ya Sota we are all committed to have an next German Interplast and general Drs again in Arrakan state – Ngapali Beach, Sittwe & Mrauk Oo by then end of 2022. Despite the sad and very bad outlook at much of Myanmar,– one need to have a Vision and create a plan,– the rest will always come alone – as long as plan is good and the Vision is liked by all. We are confident the Dr Teams are stand by and more than ready – the patients asking and are waiting. 


,…Ko Paing Soe San called early October 21 that he is on the way from Sittwe Hospital to Thandwe with the Rescue Ambulance to transfer an orthopedic patient to Thandwe Hospital. — We invited him and his 3 colleges all well known from the medical missions in Sittwe. With a good dinner and much talks about all the Nobel work of German Drs for Sittwe – Thandwe and Mrauk Oo I offered WFP style food basket items as: Rice, Oil, Dry Beans, Iodine Salt, Face Masks – COVID19 prevention to carry back at empty Ambulance. 

Next morning Giacomo arranged the loading of all items near 1000 kg and the Ambulance was hanging low hahahahahah, – Paing Soe San said all at the road is good. 

In Sittwe than the team started the donations and food aid hand over to Zero Income Families, displaced families from Burma War 2019 – 2020 as well for U Pin Ya Sota Seyadaw which has some hundred War Refugees also at is Sittwe Monastery. 


Thank YOU in the name of all German Dr Groups, Friends, Members and Donors

We thank the team of Myitta Yaung Chi Rescue Team Sittwe

Myat Thu Kyaw,- Paing Soe San 

Thar Shay, Lin Lin

And all other in Sittwe volunteer team members

For all food aid transfer to Sittwe and all best logistics and distribution of the much needed Food Aid in 2021 and more in 2022, Thank YOU,

Oliver E Soe Thet

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