A Secret of best Taste @ Secret Taste Fine Dining

,…. the latest culinary secret,- is still a secrete @ the Secret Taste. The top fine dining restaurant around the corner had its first ” Try & Tell ” us invited fine dining guests from Yangon and oversea this Sunday 23.8.2020 to this new, modern setting with much light and space most well designed and first class interior. Nestled within one of the hidden pearls of Yangon` s top residential areas at the corner of Magin Street & Zaburit Street in Yankin ( 09 965331575 ). Opened it s door s for a moment and had show cased it top trained service staff and an international standard fine dining cuisine of highest levels. A light – healthy menu with many great visual and culinary applications, combinations and modern culinary art. 

The young, energetic and very brave in times as today,- Ma Su Thant Sin@An and her brothers and sisters created a culinary dining place where your heart beat drops when you enter the great designed restaurant all in white and you feel free, relaxed and quick able to forget Yangon and the outside world. It could be felt from the first step in,- that here no one opens a restaurant to make money only,- so cause of love to quality arts, interior: Culture and Culinary fine dining combined. 

Well known Executive Chef for fine dining and modern – healthy cooking Chef Thein Soe leads the team with Chef Thet Htoo Zaw & Chef Thet Naing Tun. All three chefs belong to the some best chefs of Myanmar in Western as well Myanmar Traditional Fine Dining,- with their 8 chefs strong team. 

A combination of East meets West with a ” crispy cheese & tofu ” in a thin wafer topped with wasabi an caviar as a light tapas followed by an excellent seared ” Yellow Fin ” tuna where all flavors complimented to top fresh yellow fin. Served as fresh from a cold sea over the mist of dry ice, very well done – ” Adventure Dining ” again perfect in taste – unbeatable in texture, just marvelous. 

A light leek – broccoli soup with a crisp from the bakery prepared us well for an ” Exotic Food Angel “,- the sous – vide black Angus flank steak – ” grain fed ” cooked to perfection, juicy, tender full body flavor and seasoned through. A wonderful job by the Chefs. Complimented with Myanmar s potato mash, Angels Mico leaves and Cauliflower puree.

So before the menu started a for me top culinary taste came with the fresh Rosemary herb butter all the freshness of the herb, light creamy and well seasoned I remembered my time in the Provence in France where all these herbs grow as now fresh also in Myanmar.   

A refreshing lime sherbet in its own fruit cleared our pallets, refreshing mint prepared us for the grand final. A ” Chili – Lime, marinated Foie Gras,- pan fried and mango salsa was just a fantastic closure of a wonderful dining experience with best care by all the service staff, great wines and good bread.

As said early – the moment you step into The Secret Taste, you will forget the outer world,- the interior art and setting, much light and clear concept made me feel free and light. It is a sure a new place for highest culinary dining so it is also sure a place where one want to come back to and feel the lightness, relaxing atmosphere created by Ma Su Thant Sin,- or as in her family business or fitness goes often together with wellness. The Secret Taste is sure a Wellness place for Dining. Thank you for the evening, yours

The SECRET Taste will open its doors soon for the public and invited friends and culinary experts to taste, feel and get treated – give advise and support that the SECRET Taste team can even refine the already very well service, cooked and hosted Fine Dining Hospitality at this latest Myanmar Restaurant. Look out and be with the first in a view days and weeks.   

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

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