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Success achieved – Mission Accomplished


Congratulation to a Top Ngapali Internship Student

Ma Kar Yan Cho,- Hospitality as Myanmar Future

Best Scholar of the Month September 2021

@ Swe Sa Bwe Hospitality Training Center Yangon


Legendary D. Tourism Minister,- Gen Aye Myint Kyu,….. always told us “… never call it Training,… there are people who do not like it …call it different – whatever so not call it training “. He the over 19 years deputy Tourism since November 1997 and last Union Culture Minister for President Thein Sein ( himself a champignon for Training & Education as “ Nation Building “ ), Gen Aye Myint Kyu told us off his own experience. While he himself studied “ United Nations – Sustainable Tourism Development “, knew and knows till today well what is best, good & what is honest in Tourism & its protection.


,… equally to Ma Kar Yan Cho, our all congratulation goes to all “ Department Heads “ of 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22 as well to all donor & International promoter of the Education Project for Arrakan Youth in 2021. So also to the generosity of all department heads at Thandwe MOHT, all Myanmar & Foreign donor, all leader at one of Myanmar`s best Hospitality Vocational Education in Myanmar @ Shwe Sa Bwe, Thank YOU .

It is the intern – the scholar Ma Kar Yan Cho, with the full support of her parents seeing the importance that there can never ever anyone be,- who tries to stop education or makes training illegal – as in 2021 at Thandwe / Ngapali Beach.  

In his Great D. Tourism Minister`s footsteps we follow since November 1997 until 2021 – 22 and beyond – “ We call it Internship ,… “ – some call it Nation Building, others call it sustainable development. Near to zero, so some call it Illegal in Thandwe District – Arrakan State, Myanmar 21.- afraid ?? Don`t Know.


No See, No Hear, No Speak – Not enough for Myanmar`s Gen Z 21

,…. having best observed over 27 years in Myanmar departmental,- inter Ministerial issues – mainly “ against each other – from one Ministry to the other, challenging which is right and who in charge – the past 27 years mostly the same group ended up in just do, achieve and create just “ Nothing “.  

The Myanmar old timers protectionism ( Massalla Party – Socialist style )  of:

“ If I don`t do, I do not do wrong,–

If I don`t speak, I do not speak wrong,-

If I do not hear, I do not hear wrong = I can not be wrong “,-


To me nothing more than “ Duty in FEAR “, as in Communist East Germany.

This was the first I learnt in 1995 by my most close friend as well by people in top Government posts than still in Yangon – clearly a result of a certain system.


1.   Olympic Gold for Myanmar – ONLY by Training 2016

Olympic Gold in Germany “ Myanmar Culinary Team “, Training ONLY

It was equal clear that we in 1995 were not called by top Myanmar leaders as U Khin Nyunt, Gen Oliver David Abel, Tourism Ministers as Kyaw Ba, Saw Lwin, Aye Myint Kyu, Soe Naing, U Ohn Maung to Myanmar for just to: “ Prevent , Boycott – So Much Ensure to Hospitality Train, Educate, Upgrade, Develop and Conquer the Hospitality World one day by Myanmar “ as Prime Minister U Khin Nyunt said. In 2016 Myanmar Chefs – The Myanmar Culinary National Team achieved “ Olympic Gold in Germany as “ Culinary Team “ – Training ONLY & ONLY & ONLY & ONLY& ONLY & ONLY Training.

Today Ngapali / Thandwe we can train 120 even 400 people al at other Houses – Online by OUR Global Quality Partners

,— with the in 2020 by than State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi`s CERP initiative to bring back, train & educate higher quality Tourism / Hospitality performance as well COVID19 prevention, protection and information – “ TYPSY “, of the Australian Hospitality Institute – over 99 Global Quality “ ONLINE “ certifications. The UK based “ City & Guild “ by World Chefs Academy Certification – ONLINE. Is what some in Ngapali – Thandwe could & cannot imagine as “ Important for Myanmar`s Tourism Industry – cannot imagine as General Aye Myint Kyu envisioned already in 1997 – 17 years longest serving Tourism Minister and sure best Expert as “ Government Staff “ in the field as he told us since 1997 “ … never call it Training — some will not like it,… call it different. Achieve the best for Myanmar, how ever you call it – NOT Training “.

Of course his spirit and motivation was born out of the same “ destructive mindset “ that time at the Education Ministry = Tourism is not allowed Training.


Thank YOU to since 20 months great guardian for Myanmar s Hospitality YOUTH Generation Z – Dear Mr Max, Thanks to Dr med Fritz & Marlies Froehle, Dr Dent Julia Fruehbuss, Dr med Heinz Schoeneich, Mr Andreas with all their great donor for such “ Future – Nation Building Project – Vocational Education ( not training of course as “ Training is Illegal – prohibited in Thandwe – Ngapali “ ). Thank YOU all for all people in Myanmar. Thank you to all our top “ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotels “ Department heads,- The World Bank officers on Environment, The Thant Myanmar on ZERO Plastic, The Bokashi Myanmar on “ Soil Revolution Myanmar – ZERO Food Waste “, Mr. August – US English Professor to have made all possible. ONLINE NO Training – ONLY Education as General Aye Myint Kyu envisioned. In memory off just U Aye Myint Kyu a one of its kind and Myanmar Professor Daw Khin Shwe Myint both most “ proactive Tourism Professionals for simply honest Nation Building in & for all Myanmar “. He by training ( Illegal in Thandwe – Ngapali 2021 ) mainly himself at highest United Nation Sustainable Tourism Development publications& lecture. As others maybe to early for many in Myanmar…. To advanced,– to much versioned…for many in Myanmar s autocracy – “ Burma Socialism “ left over as we see in Thandwe`s District leadership so much even in 2021,— no one can blame them – they just missed what Gen Aye Myint Kyu promoted “ Education – Training “ for Tourism.


Congratulation to Ma Kar Yan Cho for Best of Month on Yangon

after “ The Internship Work “ at Ngapali Beach 2021

Congratulation to a best of her Scholarship in Yangon – Ma Kar Yan Cho from Ngapali Hospitality – Arrakan, achieved to be selected after “ The Internship Work “ at Ngapali Beach to Yangon`s Shwe Sa Bwe “ Training Center “ for a full year – one or the best in Myanmar as “ Training in Yangon is allowed “. Better to educate at the top ???? I can not say as people here order and threaten even Law Suits – rather than explain their motivation, for fear, what ever it could be ?

We always since 27 years following suite with longest ever Union D & Minister Gen Aye Myint Kyu,-  Education will never stop and will always be on offer – as he told us “ Just Do Not call it Training,… some may not like the word or not understand the value,.. “ . We will keep it up and the English so sure the Burmese as the German Language have so many words that no one ever needs to do “ Training “ in Ngapali / Thandwe – Arrakan State – still achieve “ Nation Building by promoting & Educating – Internship “ to Young Arrakan – Myanmar people – Generation Z. At the end to feed the some which object training in 21 when they retire and now more ” power “.

To be able to earn money and bring Myanmar up again and again- mainly to benefit and often to feed the same people which tried and try in 2021 / 22 to stop training – of the same young Arrakan in Ngapali / Thandwe – Myanmar.

Best results achieved – Mission Accomplished

We are most proud – Gen Aye Myint Kyu would it be as well,….

Ngapali Hospitality Student “ Best of Month ” in Yangon

Oliver E Soe Thet

1.    Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021 – 22

Ngapali Real Natural Beach Front – Arrakan State – MyanmarEthical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21 – 22

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