Myanmar – Malaysia, Bread for Smiles & Friendship

2200 healthy Bread for a Sweet Meal in flooded KL

Mamasister Bakery – KL Malaysia & Myanmar Chefs

” Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021- Malaysia “

Bread making day 24/12/2021 – 07:00AM (Malaysia) – Donation day 25/12/2021


,…..It was a disaster which brought our great “ Chocolate Chef “ Ye Myo Min back to Malaysia,- the COVD19 Virus global health disaster in 2020. It was a natural disaster of flooding in KL which alerted “ Chocolate Chef “ ( which is a certified expert in all Chocolate farming, production and quality control – sales and export from Malaysia – The Chocolate Expert of Myanmar ) out of the blue in a time of year where rain is more non than there.

Right away he informed the Myanmar Chefs Association at same time he proposed a plan and budget to help people in need or just to send some “ Culinary – Healthy Smiles “ from Myanmar to Malaysia – People to People. Within 24 hours Chef Ye Myo Min had his team of volunteer Chefs together all Myanmar fine men working since years in Malaysia.

“ when KL got flooded,- 22. Dec. 2021 midnight 00:51 am, Chocolate Chef – Ye Myo Min wrote

Yes Chef, I like to inform MCA. As I joined many donations with you (W.C.W.B),- If you say ,we do…. Than I will do for Malaysia. I have several young Myanmar Chef here in KL. We can bake and donation bread. I can arrange this here with friends and Mamasister Bakery as CSR partner. We can bake on 24.12.21 and hand over to the people at Flood region at 25.12.2021. We are also ready to join, volunteer if Malaysian Chefs  (W.C.W.B) have plan for more donation. YOUR s Chef Ye Myo Min Chocolate Maker (MCA)…..”


Give Sweet Smiles back to Society

Merry Christmas by Myanmar Chefs in KL – 24.12.21

,…. “ Chef Ye Myo Min “ a best food and humanitarian aid expert since years at the forefront of Charity, Aid, Education and Vocational training in Myanmar for Myanmar at flooding s like Madauk in Bago region, Culinary Chocolate training at “ Hnit Aung San “ Boys prison in Kawmu outside of Yangon or the Culinary Competition & Training in Ngapali Beach Arrakan, as well Judging pastry during the Myanmar Culinary Art Competitions together with World Chefs Culinary Judges. Also an activist to make Myanmar a more sweet country while promoting and help to grow and establish Cocoa – Chocolate Tree plantations in south Myanmar of Dawei as well in Ngapali Beach – South and North Arrakan.


His Food for Smiles Team – KL

Ma Chit Su Maw from Yangon ensured all was quick financed

Ma Chit Su Maw ensured that all was quick financed by donations from Myanmar Chefs to people in Malaysia. Chef Ye Myo Min`s team of volunteers Myanmar bakers and chefs working in Malaysia as,- Chef Thet Phyo Maung,  Chef Kyaw Naing Tun, Soe Min Paing, Thaw Zin, Myo Swe, Than Htike Soe, Kyaw Thet Tun, Maung Khaine, Shwe Hlaing Win.

As team they baked bread is Sardine Bun, Coconut Buns, Red Bean Buns, Butter Kaya Buns, Butter Sugar Buns…….all well with a good amount of Nutrition = Energy.


Mamasister Bakery “ Thank YOU “ – KL Malaysia

2200 Healthy Nutrition Rich Bread

Thank YOU –

Mr Lassc Law and Ms Ling C Quah

Great partner in need are partner in deed with the full support system of work space and all professional bakery equipment,- Mamasister Bakery in KL ensured a smooth professional and best hygiene food aid production by the Chefs. Thank YOU “ Mamasister Bakery – KL “ .

Coconut, Red Bean, Butter Sugar, Butter Kaya, Kaya, Sardine in 31ctn × 70pcs  =2200pcs

1300 bread were baked by the Myanmar Chefs – 1000 breads the Chefs ordered from Mamasister Bakery.

Chocolate Chefs Bread Recipe: Bread Flour 75 kg / Sugar 25 kg / Yeast 1050 DN -8000 210gm / Egg 9 kg / Full Cream Milk 9 liter / Salt 800 / Water 20 liter / Coconut paste 10 kg / Red Bean paste 12 kg / Sardine paste 12 kg / Kaya 15 kg / Butter 10 kg


“ Sweet Arrakan “ The Chocolate Chef of Myanmar – Ye Myo Min

A Sweet CO2 Reduction by planting more Trees

,….weeks ago Chocolate Chef Ye Myo Min arranged seeds for 1000 more cocoa trees from Dawei to Ngapali Beach to further build up “ Sweet Arrakan “ more than just a slogan or an image to a region in Myanmar s West, which experienced sectarian violence and deadly wars over the past 10 years. The Idea to bring with cocoa plantations ( as secondary forest between rubber plantations and in the forest ) new jobs, new earning, new skills and jet a new industry from farm to production, sales and happiness all in a globally best known Sweet Image of Chocolate – Sweet Arrakan is the Idea Chef Ye Min Oo and myself are driving since three years now in south & north Rakhine, Ngapali – Thandwe and Mrauk Oo. Nursing Cocoa plants and have them given to farmers for free and let them get into a very new crop – a product well a best export product. 250 trees are delivered in 2019 – 1000 more seeds are in our nursery, a part of “ 1. Tourism Forest Myanmar 2004 – 2022 “. OTOT One Tourist – One Tree we started in Ancient Bagan City together with U Win Maung and USA Professor Victor and Georgette Buga in 2004. A Tourist buys a small tree and plants it at nature. The plants need 6 years for the first fruits – we have 3 more to go to get the first Cocoa – Chocolate from Arrakan – Rakhine Ngapali Beach.

It is a Good Spirit a Good Vision which counts and make lives better & smiling

Chefs YOU are wonderful and you do outstanding Jobs as “ Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “ MCA in Malaysia show best example of sharing and caring to community  “ YOUR Malaysian Host Community “.Thank you all a lot for outstanding Chefs performance , YOURs

Oliver E Soe Thet

Global Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Myanmar Chefs Association

Myanmar World Chefs Without Borders

Ngapali Beach Front, FREE ZONE – Arrakan State, 24.12.21

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