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13.000 Nutritious Meals “4” 13.000 Smiles – Not Tears

11.21 Nutritious Food for Smiles – Combined a Healthy Meal for Myanmar

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021


,….a November 2021 further Mission Accomplished by Drs and Chefs. These days and these weeks at Ethnic Rural Areas where people were forced to run for their lives leave all behind – children without or with makeshift bamboo – plastic sheet schools in mountains and forests. Hiding to stay alive to stay out of live threatening situations in Myanmar 2021. …….


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,….. Dear Chef O.

Yesterday we support 20 box ( x 15 kg – 300 kg = over 3000 high calorie meals )  of METRO Semolina Italian Pasta for the people from M. People came from M. to meet us at N. to find a safe place for them to collect the all food as well not to put us in danger as the weather is very very bad these days there.

They had been there already a week ago with near nothing and now asking to me if we can support with foods. So we arranged 20 box ( 300 kg ) of METRO, rich Italian Semolina Pasta from our side and the rest Items was arranged from many other friends and networks – so all created a healthy meals. With the Pasta ( 480 calorie a portion, eggs, onions, Ngapali Sea Salt, Fresh Vegetables ) …

We cannot go there alone due to the “ heavy green weather as bad as it can go – day and night,- Myanmar citizen’s are on the run as there are no “ Security Forces Guaranty Security “, so we communicated with regional Rescue teams. They organized for the mission. It is as you said many hands – many groups join together for such a mission, — everyone has a certain item,- all together it becomes a “ Healthy Nutrition Rich Meal “ – added up with what the children and women can find of the Jungle – Forest plants – food. 


Myanmar Chefs Join hands since 1995/96 with anyone works Ethical, Clean & Fair,….

As Myanmar Chefs we Ensure, “ World Chefs Ethical Code of Good Conduct “

We well remember from Flooding in Mollamine south Myanmar in July how the Mon Chefs combined efforts, work force, cars, kitchens and highly fortified “ HEALTHY Food “ there with Rescue Team Bo Bo Min – Chefs, Rescue and Fire Brigade as well medical uniforms — as one for the People in Need only. As MCA and Myanmar Chefs since years ( Nargis Cyclone 2008 ) works with any “ positive, clean, clear and fair minded group and associations,– to ensure at any time the World Chefs “ Ethical Code of Good Conduct “,… so in Myanmar in 2021 as we ever did and always do since MCA started in 1995/96. 

50 box of Pasta ( x 15 kg – 750 kg = 8000 high calorie meals ) still with our team on the way to L. “ Top “. It may take some more time. As we follow your guidance that all support must be save and healthy “ ZERO Risk “ for anyone Chefs, Volunteers as well children and women – mainly in these forest places on the run for safety and their lives. We will info when we get close and communication is possible again.


At main kitchen no balance left at present,- Stock Cleared . 

I emptied the store for food safety reason. Many thanks, – Chef Z

10 Box of pasta ( x 15 kg = 150 kg near 1800 meals ) was contributed to H – her  brother, he will share on the way, if he finds that this additional high nutritious food is needed on top of the sent already at the place. 


,… Last rolls arrived for refugees roofs, walls, toilets arrived,…

Dear Chef O.

This morning, the missing 5 roll did safely arrive. The brother will arrange for this in time to be delivered to H as soon as possible with his team.  In H`s brother delivered first 5 roll 3 days ago as per his conversation with me,– The rest 5 roll will be soon to reach to H.

We were very lucky to accept 10 roll on time. Yesterday all the truck blocked by Military near Kayah main gate.Thanks Chef  — Thanks the Donors Chef z


Thomas & Thomas, Dr & Sun in Law Protect from Cold & Sickness

Great Chef Z,…..

We were able to arrange with Bazaar 4000 warm bunny wool hats and 4000 pair of warm long socks for all your Kids and elder people in the Mountains — needs around 2 weeks for production. This by “ The Dr s Last Will,,… “ to prevent sickness as the best medicine to keep the children and elder people healthy and alive. We use the very bad weather in most areas to prepare for this health and live saving project to get on the road to children and elder people on the run. — In process with much pleasure, thanks to all so here dedicated to a very special Donor which even had never been in Myanmar,- loved people. O


Chef O : Me & Bazaar are on for warm chef hats warm long socks. Many Thanks to Dr. Thomas — Chef Z

Thanks to all which made this again possible for the benefit of Myanmar Citizen and people living in Myanmar in this 2021. Thank you for all which gave and give a hand to ensure some dignity and safety.

Food & Health for Smiles,- ZERO tears for Children & Elders in Myanmar,….

World Chefs – Ethical Code of Good Conduct by Myanmar Chefs

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Chef Oliver E Soe Thet & Chef Z

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs

Ngapali Beach Front – Arrakan State, Myanmar 28.11.21

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