25 Years Medical Aid Direct to the People of Myanmar 1997 – 1.2021

Dental, Eye, ENT, Child,- Plastic& Neuro Surgery Free of Charge

Myanmar, German & Swiss Medical Family 

“ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge “, Ngapali Beach Front – Arrakan


See the small Time Travel Movie – stop it where YOU need more Time – Reflect


,…. 25 years 1997 – January 2021, — Tens of Thousands of Myanmar people mainly in Rural Area Communities, medical treated, medical educated, free of charge operated by “Myanmar – German – Swiss “specialist Drs Free of Charge. ………Dental Public Health – education for over 7000 students at Ngapali Beach – Thandwe schools. Transfer of Knowledge between German – Swiss and Myanmar Drs in clinic, in field camps, operation theaters at Medical & Dental Councils training & annual assemblies. 


“Patients – Myanmar people asking when the Drs come back ??? “

Interplast Germany e.V.

AKTION Myanmar e.V.

Eagle, ENT – EAR e.V

Dental Study Group Myanmar – Germany e.V.


To Myanmar, over 100 medical missions and medical equipment were financed to ensure medical work in many rural areas for the benefit of the local host community 1997 until 31.1.2021. All Free of Charge for any people living in Myanmar.

500 to 800 patient “ Life Changing “ plastic operation & mobilized again a year all over

( Cleft Lips, Pallets, Burn Contractures, Tumors, NEW Noses, )

1000 to 2000 Dental treatments at Arrakan – Ngapali, Yangon, Delta a year

7000 students “ Dental Public Health “ trained each year in Ngapali – Arrakan State

450 plus Menegoncele operated at Prof Myat Thu`s Yangon Gen Hospital nation wide

35 Hydrocephalus from Rakhine to Yangon and Treated FOC

Millions $ US Medical Equipment – Facilities benefit Myanmar People

Myanmar patients asking where are the German – Swiss – Myanmar Dr teams, – The Dr Teams are ready to do it again at any time safety wise possible,… with first Drs plan for January 2022 to be back in Ngapali – Myanmar to plan a road map of much needed Medical support to Myanmar people.

See the small movie a review of many of the great Dr teams& friends with Myanmar college’s,— also much caring, supporting the Environmental protection of Myanmar` s Arrakan Coastal region – support the stop of Beach Sand Mining,– save coastal region communities when global warming raises sea levels. Be there when near all Myanmar was under water in 2015 with funding for nutritious healthy food, livelihood and medical support.

Special Thanks to all Drs and more to mention for sure,…

Drs – Paul, Nuri, Dirk & Dirk, Heinz, Julia, Axel, Roland & Roland, Beate, Ulrike, Robert, Ulli, Helmut and Helmut, Harald& Klaus,- Susanna, Marlies & Fritz, Mallu and Werner, Michael & Michael, Wyn Kyaw, Myat Thu, Moe Thuzar, Win Htu, Sunny, Aung San Thet, Dent Dr Soe, Dr Marlar, Dr Ingrid, Lena, Lwin, Tin Tun, Andreas, Michael, Peter, Paul, Katharina, Lina, Annabell, Klaus, Kurt, Eberhard, Benedikt, Christian, Udo, Thomas, Angelika Wagner, Heike, Gerry, Soeren, Mrs Dr Kyaw, Dr Bernd, Dr Christian & Ilse Runge, Arian, Wolfgang, Maung Toe, Philippe, Dr Ruben, Dr Khun Zaw Naing, Dr Ku Ku, Wai Wai, Dr Schieferstein, Ruedi Weber, Dr Romi, Dr Liebelein, Dr P.P., Su Su, Swe, Dr Sascha, Dr Evgeni, Juergen & Regina with MHW, ….. I might forgot one, “Old man’s Brain”, excuse me for that – hahahahaha – we miss you all.


I would love to mention specially this time:

Dr. med. Thomas Gesenhues which is with us all time,- the past months and the next with 

his vision & request – his enormous support to Myanmar people in this 2021,……

And all the noble Donor to make all this happen 1997 – 2021

Today we are all at standby and more than that all help to help Myanmar in many ways,– as Zoom Online medical & dental training to young Myanmar Drs. Care for food, free medical drugs, operations as below. Projects go with all your Myanmar Colleges in many parts of Myanmar direct medical aid to all Myanmar people.

Great Efforts by: ” Specialist Nurses Ma Su Su and Ma Swe of AKTION Myanmar e.V “

 So as well and very much attached to the all so well-known atmosphere here at Ngapali Beach Front @ “ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge, Arrakan State – Myanmar. The two top class Myanmar & French specialist nurses Ma Su Su and Ma Swe many of you worked for years in Arrakan State,- are since May 2021 at our Laguna ECO Lodge to provide free of charge medical drugs for common health issue, seasonal sickness as well long term free of charge medical drugs for hypertension and diabetes. A special additional field is since June 2021 the 3rd wave of COVID19 outbreak in all Myanmar was more or less “ Not Managed “ the way every one well remembers from 2020 – Myanmar one of the best performing countries to secure Public Health under Union Health Minister Dr Myint Htwe.

Ma Su Su and Ma Swe since June very much supported the communities as well official health centers with medical – “ Lifesaving Drugs ” ( as blood thinner ) , all needed COVID19 preventive items for the general public as face masks, face shields, hand and room sanitizer as well COVID19 quick tests , OXIMETER and Oxygen Concentrators. Here much thank YOU to Mrs Christine and Mr Hans – “ Myanmar Friends “ since decades as well to Mrs Li Jun of Premium Food Service and City & Love Foundation to make that all happen – the eldest was a 86 years old lady which could life saved in Thandwe next to many in an radius of 250 to 300 km from Ngapali Beach – South to North ( near Mrauk Oo ). All best supported by Myanmar& German medical Drs via “ Tele medical Consultancy “ direct with patients as well between different Drs and Nurses. I got my “ COVID19 negative Antibody test – at 16.000 Kyat “ through this wonderful system – Thank YOU specialist Nurse Ma Su Su & medical Colleges.

Thanks to YOU All and here outstanding Dr. med. Thomas Gesenhues for AID.


Ngapali Beach Front,- Not much Change Just the Beer,…

Ngapali Beach Front,- A FREE ZONE in 2021

hahahahah the rest is at YOUR Service – The Best as Ngapali Beach in 1995,- The Beach is YOUR`s, Clean, Green, Crystal Clear Water, 

– 28 degree Celsius,- daily a slightly refreshing Breeze – CO2 and COVID19 Free Ocean Air from the Bay of Bengal.


Latest such medical support by German Drs to Myanmar Community

Decade Long; ” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth in Myanmar “,.. Dr dent Julia 

Thank YOU Dental Drs for Ma Ohn Tin Shwe s Eye Operation 11.21

Many years “ light assistance ” and “ Good Hand & Soul “ at German- Myanmar Dental Drs “ Solar Community Clinic “ at Linthar Village – Ngapali needed an eye sight saving,…

,…. Thank YOU Dear all German & Myanmar Dental Drs, Team and Donors. The Eye operation of the near blind eye of Ma Ohn Tin Shwe was successfully operated in Pyay over the past 6 weeks. Thank you for your generous stepping in and financing much of the operation, medical drugs and side costs.

Today Ohn Tin Shwe wears a black sun glass – so she can see again at all with her eye,— needs to rest for another month and is not allowed to lift heavy. Sure as usual her salary continues and she lives at Solar Community Clinic compound. Her nephew stepped in for the work three days a week to cover & help and support during this time.

Again you all made it happen, Dr Ulli, Dr Robert, Dr Ulrike, Dr Roland, Dr Angelika , Dr Julia, Dr Axel, Dr Helmut, Dr Ingrid, Dr Helmut and all supporting members of the Myanmar – German study group for Dental Treatment and Dental Public Health.  Pls forgive me if I forgot one – usually a most famous — I tried my best. 

It is time to see you all again in the one or other way at the Dental project Myanmar – also as Zoom Dental Education by Dr Julia with and for young Myanmar Dental Drs is ongoing, – as well Ma Wai Wai s Dental Public Health and training in Dental Hygiene restarted in Schools in Ngapali Beach – Thandwe, Arrakan State – “ A Free ZONE “ in Myanmar 2021.

Not to forget our Great and Best Dr Khun Zaw Naing with Ma Khet Khet at Solar Community Clinic for all his medical and technical assistance to arrange transfers and all contacts with the Drs in Pyay – which saved all and the mission over 50 % of cost. Compared to a treatment in Yangon as first planned.

Great to see all also again in person at Ngapali Beach Front much greetings from Solar Community Clinic and ” Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel “ Ngapali Beach Front, Yours with thanks again

See YOU all Soonest again in Ngapali Beach Front

We are waiting for YOU, – January 2022 YOU are welcomed to Ngapali Beach

Oliver E Soe Thet and all “Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge & Solar Community Clinic “Team

Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel, – Ngapali Beach Front – Arrakan State, Myanmar 26.11.21

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