Arrakan “Ma May Naing” Heritage Developments

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Best Heritage Home Cooking Restaurant “                Ngapali Beach, Thandwe – Arrakan State – Myanmar 2021

Shwe Phone Thar Street


All @ Best Value “4” Money

Arrakan Heritage in Thandwe City

In the middle of Thandwe – so Far from the World,…

,….Culinary Heritage Ngapali Beach – Arrakan, still a secrete – so a Best Known already. “ Ma May Naing – Never Forget “ authentic Arrakan – Myanmar family “ Home Cooking “. As Ma Win the only Chef, Waiter – Owner there herself early up in the morning sourcing the best food ingredients,– the most seasonal food items,- all local sources – near ZERO CO2 from cargo – travel. Fully Local Arrakan Communities, Fishermen and Farmers support. 

After the daily shopping, which starts for Ma Win before dawn,– the Kitchen then, the center of the “ Culinary Rock `N Roll “ at “ Ma May Naing Restaurant Ngapali – Thandwe “. Even some items are ready on display all is cooked daily fresh – there is no way to get a bite before 11:00 am all is in one strong “ General in White Jacket` “ hand. 

In the middle of Thandwe – so Far from the World,…once you choose your favorite curry, fried meat or fish,- it all arrives with fragrant rice and always a Sour Soup, A Chili “ Ngapali Kyaw “,— much seasonal herbs, roots, flowers raw or blanched to perfection. Season Vegetables at side.

A Place which transfers to a “ Feel Quite World,… “

While sitting at Ma May Naing Restaurant, even a TV runs or some other guests talk at the next table,— the atmosphere,- the feeling is so calm and peaceful that one quick forget the day, the outside world in Myanmar and a fresh breeze of wind streams from the nearby Thandwe River through the “ Colonial – Arrakan “ style high ceiling “ Brick and Ironwood “ room. Traditionally with many natural air flow designs at the upper walls.  

Location: Thandwe City – Shwe Phone Thar Street

The place – the “ Thandwe – Arrakan Heritage Atmosphere “ there at Ma May Naing,- in Old Patina Off White and Pinkadone Bordeaux Brown transfers one quickly intro a : “ Feel Quiet and Relaxed World,,, “ – so usually a dining there should not have any more appointments for later in Thandwe and is a great place to just Dine & Fade away with a best – tender – tasty – original culinary treat. 

Pauk Pan Phyu – were the Seasonal Specialty today,…

,….Paul Pan Phyu – a flower, fruit, leaves short blanched – with a texture and flavor of an Artichoke leave and heart. Interesting seasonal cooked to perfection actually for the chili dip “ Neo Thi Chet “ – I love to eat it alone – chew well and get all the Artichoke kind of flavors.

At the Daily Menu in Standard as well Changing ways cooked

All @ Best Value for Money

 ,… are different beef curry & crispy, pork, duck or chicken, squid,- a best Arrakan potato – dry fish curry, chick pea with beef, deep fried fish, dry roasted chili shrimps,  assorted organs as curries. One is better than the other and now in November 21 I am looking already to July 2022 when again than the “ Arrakan style Asparagus “—the fresh young Bamboo Shoots are in season. A Highlight of the much Seasonal, Leaves and Flower based Arrakan Cuisine by Nature.

One end up usually order more of the best,- and have some always as parcel “ take away home of a little bit – Ma May Naing “ for the days until the next return to “ Never Forget Restaurant – Ma May Naing “ Ngapali Beach – Thandwe City. 


Arrakan Heritage Athmosphere in Thandwe City – Ngapali Beach

,….It might not be by surprise or coincident that “ Ma May Naing – Never Forget “ Arrakan Heritage Culinary Restaurant is in the “ Old & Heritage “ part of Thandwe City. With so many “ Cultural – Architectural Heritage buildings,- some hundreds of years ago – often the multi religious buildings. So also the former “ Opium Wholesale & Retail “ Offices of the British ( all came down the Arrakan Yoma – Mountains from Shan State – today it is the Thandwe Tax Office ),. Next to the Colonial building of the today TCDC – Municipal Office lead by Daw Khin Khin Saw, the near 200 years old Colonial Administration today District and Township office – followed by the old “ Historical Designed – Thandwe Police Station “ ( one can imagine the old days of Thandwe and Arrakan after 1825 the British invaded Burmese occupied Arrakan Kingdom after in 1824 Arrakan resistance at Chittagong were ignored by the British to help the Arrakan to get their Kindom of Pre 1784 back – that time near all Burmese had left already and Arrakan was with just 60.000 people near deserted ). 

Also worth a visit is the “ Bo Thaung “ ( white mans hill ), so called as there the British Governor of Thandwe lived in big Iron Wood – Brick houses – elegant built at best quality today still stand strong so the all Governments of Myanmar the past 60 years totally neglected the houses and zero care went into – neglecting today the great “ Tourism & Arrakan Historical Heritage Value “ of all these building. All could be partly or at office closure – weekends be opened to public at a fee ( see the Heritage Projects draw millions of Tourists to Penang in Malaysia earning hundreds of Millions of $ US a year for Hotels, Services, Restaurants, Chocolate and Souvenirs “ Made in Penang “ —- “ Sweet Arrakan & Green Pepper “ would be sure a theme to earn millions of $ US from people visiting Ngapali Beach – Thandwe & Arrakan. Not to experience a night live or a noisy rush at Beach front – selling all lowest quality items as souvenirs – NON is Thandwe or Arrakan made = ZERO Jobs, ZERO development for all local community — a Clear Failure of Myanmar & Rakhine Governments since 2005 … Today could be a Time of Good Sustainable ,…………Changes. /////////

Good – Future Vision Leadership is needed for Success

Development Ministers Pro Active – All Inclusive and Non Corrupt

Many wonderful old Arrakan & Colonial designed Pinkadone – Iron Wood houses are still in good shape and could be the Soul for a “ Ngapali Beach – Thandwe Cultural & Natural Heritage Site 2021 and Beyond …. “. Funding should be provided with clear “ Arrakan Heritage Guidelines “ to ensure and secure “ Ngapali Beach – Thande – Arrakan History “ is not lost by time in time – so sadly mostly and often by Business Minded quick developments where “ Money is the only God to believe and trust in “ . Logically for some, view and less only … The public Communities usually pay the price of such failure and missed long term Developments. 

Ma May Naing – Never Forget Heritage Restaurant at Ngapali Beach in Thandwe City is such a sustainable – quality – Arrakan Heritage place — may it for many years be there for Food, Soul and Inner Peace Lovers ,….

Thank YOU,- Dear Ma Win for the wonderful Culinary Moments

“ @ Ma May Naing – Never Forget “ Restaurant Thandwe

Shwe Phone Thar Street 

Oliver E Soe Thet

Arrakan Heritage Promotion Ngapali Beach – Thandwe

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