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Smiles from Food & Household Aid,- ZERO Tears from Hunger 21

20 families which lost their houses at Thandwe Flood

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

3rd Food Basket & Aid ( WFP style ) 7.11.2021


Quality & Nutritious Food for several weeks by Donors and Chefs of Ngapali Beach

Being at Green – Clean Ngapali Beach Front,- Myanmar`s Best Prime Beach

,…. On Sunday 7.11.2021 all young Chefs and Senior Chef Ye Nanda Khin loaded again, for the third time food, household and hygiene as well COVID19 protective aid from our store at Laguna ECO Lodge – Ngapali store room to the mini truck. Enough for 24 families around 130 to 150 people basic – so high nutritious meals for the next some weeks. Semolina Pasta, Bo Cate Beans, Quality Rice, Cooking Oil, Toothpaste, Toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, Face masks & hand sanitizer to protect from COVID19 virus infection. Glass ware, iodine Salt, the typical – extended “ Food Basket of the UNs World Food Program “  

All family members already familiar to the chefs – their kids – one was healthy OK again after last time much health issues,– all lost their entire houses when the Thandwe River rose and flooded all Thandwe regions.

As usual our volunteer Chefs team were near all Generation Z young Myanmar from Mandalay, Minyan, Myiktina, Taungyi, Yangon, Ngapali, Taungwindgyi regions of Myanmar attending our Boarding “ 1. Arrakan Hospitality Academy 21 “ –  at Ngapali Beach Front since May 2021.

To ensure just in these days of 2021 with the “ 3 C`s ” financial and no jobs challenges our aim is to give a lifeline for all these people to ensure the basics of nutritious food and personal hygiene are at their hands and money if at all available can be spent for other important issues as health, rebuilding and school matters for the Children.


,… as in all Arrakan State we work usually together for all aid as well interfaith aid with the Alodawphye Seyadaws – Social networks and here in Thandwe specially with the “ Andaw Pagoda Seyadaw “ – at Ma Ha Aung In Monastery and with the head Seyadaw – Abot “ Ko Than Hla Seyadaw “,… already 37 years at the Andaw Pagoda in Thandwe,– many years a best friend and guardian. In early 2002 we restored one corner heritage building and set up a Buddha image on the guidance of Alodawphye Seyadaw that time.

Ko Than Hla Seyadaw arranged all families and timings with Giacomo for this Sunday again,– at 14:00 we arrived and the many elder women and children were waiting already. All Chefs followed Chef Ye Nanda Khin`s arrangements – lined up and all aid goods financed by all donors ( as – German based – AKTION Myanmar e.V. & German – Myanmar Dental Drs Education group ) were smooth handed over the chefs helped the elder women carry the aid goods.

Donated: 250 kg rice, 100 kg Semolina Pasta, 80 kg Bo Cate Beans, 50 kg Iodine Salt, 50 Toothpaste, 250 rolls Toilet paper, 100 glass for drinking, 40 ltr dishwashing liquid, 2000 COVID19 protective Face Masks, 50 Ltr Hand Sanitizer, 150 ltr cooking oil.

A political miss use of people’s needs — in dark blue … ???

,… a bit outstanding and clear to recognize was that many people had dark blue face masks ( known from a political party which did not gained 1 seat at 2020 election ) – so far no surprise – what surprised was that the text on the masks stated “ Union Ministry of Social Welfare and Relief….. “. Not sure it would be seen in general as such – so a small bitter taste came up when one would draw the conclusion someone deliberately might mixed party politics for own advantage ad recognition with Unions Peoples benefit needs & politics. It had a poor outlook never saw such “advantage taken before “ .


In a view weeks we will be back to keep to keep daily expenditures low for them

We thank as usual as all in many other regions of Myanmar this 2021 for the great restless hard work by all donors as well all Chefs and volunteers involved to make all possible. Great Thanks to Andaw Pagoda Seyadaw – Ko Than Hla for all arrangements we will be back in a view months to support these people which lost all houses with all house hold goods . We had for 4 families more all goods which we left with the Seyadaw to treat people in need at the village as knows best who is in need of support,—- Yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

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