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Cooked on the Run for Ethnic Children 2021

Ethnic Cuisine & Italian Semolina High Nutrition Pasta

Children & Villager learn about Healthy Food


,…. Dear Chef

Our guys sent the pictures that they contributed to P. Mountain 10 box yesterday. Actually they planned to deliver 20 box for the refugees there, during these day the green team come with very bad weather to the region so it stoped any help from the people for the people.

Chef decided to share 10 box of Pasta to Y. Village, down outskirt of L. where most of people suffer for food shortage. The rest of 10 box had reached the final destination point at open kitchen received save by all villagers. The Chefs were able to create ” Ethnic Semolina Pasta to their likes — the Children joined and enjoyd Chefs talks on Healthy Food & Nutrition for good health. In these situations mainly on the run and in make shift huts, no schools, getting cold now at the mountain fortests – To Stay Healthy by Healthy Food is the best and often ONLY Medicine available if at all.

Healthy Culinary Education with Nutritious Pasta, Beans, Oil with Forest Herbs &Plants

The Children were happy to join the chefs talks as they have no School

We worked with the Ethnic Villager cum Refugees on Fried Pasta in Camp


Tomato chopped

Anchovies Paste ( pounded Fish Paste )


Basil (if have or Forest Herbs)

Cooking Oil

Salt and seasoning powder



Place Garlic minced in hot Oil.

Heat it till golden brown and then add Tomato chopped.

Add a little water and Anchovies, than the Chili.

Cover it and simmer for a while.

Add the Boiled Semolina Pasta and Salt Seasoning Powder and Basil.

Keep it for a while on the heat and let all flavors go into the semolina pasta.

Dear great Donor,- You can enjoy now same as the people eat in the refugee camp.


The way the villagers come down to nearest village and change package and deliver it a little by little by their motorbikes. They said 2 more box still in stock with chefs hand which will go to other place where we never reached before, we will try tomorrow. Please see the link for Y.

Dear Chef Hope you well run good operation during full mon day😍😍,- possible a chance to get some earning after many month s of zero income,. Many Thanks to our lovely donors, logistics of METRO Myanmar, all chefs involved to make this possible for the people,– Yours Chef XY.


Oliver E Soe Thet

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

Ngapali Beach Front,- FREE ZONE, Arrakan State, Myanmar 9.11.2021

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