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Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21


“… they never tried it before, – called it Nan-Gyi Thouk – Big Noodle Salad,…”

Food for Health & Smiles,- No Tears from Hunger in Myanmar

High Nutrition Food for Healthy Children October 21

820 calories by Semolina Pasta & Beans a meal


,… is getting very cold for the children at the mountains and in the forests there at Ethnic Myanmar Western & Eastern regions, let alone the far Northern part the end mountains of the Himalaya in Kachin State. The children and elder people NOW much more need warm socks, hats and blankets more than before to prevent from sickness as Drs and medical drugs are rare and most not existing at all. Not get sick is the medicine there to stay alive. 

Good healthy – nutrition rich food is paramount so also scarce as all people there are far from home and on the run for their lives and well-being this sad 2021 in Burma,— as in Arrakan State the people experienced since 2012 and again much all over North Arrakan from late 2018 to 2021.

With all your great support as well the logistics support, and much help from METRO Myanmar we were able to deliver thousands of kg`s (hundred thousands of high calories meals direct to people in need) best nutrition Italian  semolina pasta – a portion up to 480 calories – combined with beans add another 350 calories to a meal. Proteins, Fat, Fiber, Carbo, Salt & Sugar an all in one, compared to the usual white nutrition poor rice,- just a bit over 100 calories a portion. Even though rice is in much shortage at the Ethnic villagers hands & mouths these days in the East and the Western jungles of Myanmar. 

Chefs can make a difference,- experts in food treatment, hygiene, storage, logistics, management, cost saving at highest yield. It is as cooking and to arrange food at an Hotels New opening – nothing is ready, many things do not work, essential items did not arrive, and still the Guests – Refugees are here already and every thing must work best efficient and to the best benefits,- “ The Guests – The Refugees “ to stay save and in a kind of dignity at most possible. Let alone a kind of education must continue as well. 


International World Chefs Day 2021 – Myanmar s Chef Z trains children,—

 Healthy Food for Healthy Lives at Ethnic Flavor’s at Refugee Camps

As they said never tried it before, – than called it Nan – Gyi Thouk.

–        Dear Chef

,….this evening we had nice Semolina Spaghetti salad by Ethnic villagers. We worked with their children to let them know what health food products are and how to prepare them to their taste and to their tradition more important with the ingredients they can find here at forest & mountains this time of season. We cooked it together with the refugees for their dinner at B. village also were 4 families which came from war hit D. region. Pls see the ingredients and how we cooked the semolina pasta – easy for them to do it same with all the Pasta and Beans donated to them.

–        Spaghetti

–        Boiled egg

–        Pounded Deep fried bean

–        Onion cuts

–        Lime

–        Salt and Pepper

–        Method- Mixed by hand.

As they said they never tried this before. They called it as Nan-Gyi Thouk,… ( Big Noodle Salad ). They enjoyed it very much and will use the much remaining Italian nutritious rich Semolina Pasta for a daily feast with their Ethnic flavor’s.

The next 15 boxes ( each 15 kg – some 225 kg = 2500 portion ) of Healthy Semolina Pasta,….. will go soon to 150 People where they just created a small IDP ( refugee ) camp in the mountain forest. As their village got into the cross fire of the war in Burma with many lost loved ones and houses were shelled or burnt down. Much building material for roofing as well warm socks, hats and blankets next to Mosquito nets are needed to protect these people from sickness – ensure best health as medical treatment is rare and non-existing for most. Since month s not save for medical staff to treat people outside during these sad days in near all Myanmar.    Thank YOU to all great Donor which made this all happen, yours Chef Z


–        ,…..Dear Chef

Here was the last 2 box of foods shared by villager from 20 the box of for them as assigned after evaluation of area. The location and village name was cannot be found on the map. Because of the ethnic language sound does not match with google maps. I cannot catch him by phone these days, lines down. We had conversation with bazaar regarding the warm hat and sock. Recently my friend from Y.  was able to go M. Z. to get more quotations. I will report back later. All is much needed to secure the health mainly of the children and elder people as in the mountain forest it is getting very cold now at night already.  Thanks to all Donor and Chefs at main kitchen. Chef z


We need urgent warm Socks, Hats and Blankets – Mosquito Nets 

,…. Dear Chef Z,….. Great Chef I come back to you in 2 hours today pls you tell me what Food is needed the next 2,- and 8 weeks at your places .Pls keep a list again for the many which do this great JOB they should not be forgotten and be recognized when time is right …and safe .

Let me know soon all assessment for the next arrangements we sourced already and have at Central Kitchen next to nutritious food also:  

– warm hats.

– warm blankets 

– warm Socks 

– medical drugs 

– mosquito nets 

– Vitamins specialist B1 and C 

Chef Z Pls send me needs in Food & Healthy Nutrition`s, amount for how many people we will do the rest…,— great work by all Donor and Chefs at their bases and regions,…stay all Ethical & Healthy, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet 

 “ Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Social Responsibility 2021

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