Myanmar ” Food for Smiles, ZERO Tears from Hunger

,…. due to the sad and inhumane events in much Myanmar 2021 – so specially in Chin State, Mindat, Kampalet,- 29.10.21 in burnt down Than Ta Lan,- Falam Citiespls let us recall when we for same sad and inhumane reason we were not permitted to deliver a 5000 kg high nutritious food and fruit juices, through Mimbya bridgein North Rakhine with our truck. Aimed for 10 thousands of IDP s war refugee Arrakan children, mothers and elder people. We changed finally plans and delivered on a more than 2000 km journey over a week into the mountains of far Westeren Myanmar – Chin State. To lowest income people, COVID19 quarantine centers, Myanmar Police and District admins in Mindat for people in need. As well to the ” Fountain of Love ” home of the elder in Mindat and by arrangements of Myanmar Hotel AssociationChin State Chairman and Bagan Vice Chair U Shein to the Orphanage and Vocational Training Center in Kampalet ( mainly traditional Chin Weaving Vocational training ).

,…. today we must realize that we stay in front of the Chin Mountains as we were standing in front of the Mimbya bridge,— not permitted,- nor secure for any humanitarian volunteer to support the ” Host Community ” in forests & mountains without human most basic needs as nutritions food – food at all, shelter, toilets, medical drugs, warm clothes, blanketsor mosquito nets — when today the Cold Winter without Mercy becomes a daily enemy to all children, elder and people at all threatening their health and live in Chin state nextto all other danger as ” security ” is not existing anymore. Law is in the hand of gun power. A live the North Arrakan people experienced since end of 2018 for the past 3 years. 
Reflect by your self and imagine what all was built by the past two Governments of Myanmar President – General U Thein Sein and State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi followingup on U Thein Seins work for infrastructure, health, education, vocational training, save and secure sustainable develpoment of a ” Last long neglected Frontier – Chin State “,-much similarities to North Arrakan and the all people in Arrakan. 
1 peaceful year only passed – so Chin State surely is pushed back 20 years in just 1 month of aggression, senseless destruction today and more destruction seems to be in the pipeline,…the days now follow might unfold the unthinkable in terms of humanity or Loving Kindness any Buddhist believer would name it. At least all is much on record now with CCTV, Drones and Cameras within as well in far distance show crystal clear developments as on 29.10.2021 in Than Ta Lan city what is surely not ” Care Taking ” of Civilians. Evidence is taken and for ever on record.When ” Ethical Codes of Conducs ” are knowingly or by order are ingnored and abused,…by whom ever. Justice will prevail as clear evidence is documented.
With much hope that Chin Children, Women and Elder no need to go through a three year war as deadly, inhumane as the North Arrakan children, women and elder had to go through2018 to 2021. With today still and daily in fear in all Arrakan now,- that all could quick restart all again, as last week already short in Mimbya,— The answer ” Careing or Take Care ” must be ” No War at and Time ” in Myanmar. First one need to understand the term ” Care ” at all.
Oliver E Soe ThetEthical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2020 – 2021Ngapali Beach, FREE ZONE – Arrakan State, Myanmar 29.10.2021 

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