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Dear all great Donors, all Chefs and specially here METRO Myanmar Lets recall 1 year ago in Chin State – Mindat & Kampalet Cities,— Happy Peaceful People,….
5000 kg Food for Smiles,- Zero Tears from Hunger,- Shelter,- no Fear, in Myanmar`s Chin – Mindat City                      Ethical Community Aid @ Chin – Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2020                                Recall Chefs Work on 28. & 29.9.2020 in Chin State 

,…..due to the very sad, cruel, inhuman & brutal, sensless events at Than Ta Lan Chin City on 29.10.2021, which was burnt down including 2 Christian churches are in strongest contrast to the peaceful land, peace loving people, heaven like landscape we all chefs in the Ethical Chefs Food Aid Mission saw and were allowed to live on 29.9.2020,- just 13 month s ago. Most Chin State Areas, Hilly Forests much neglected by many Governments of Myanmar over decades with near to no infrastructure, near to no internet, a health system vergially not existing formost if not all in rural regions and still most friendly Chin people where ever we reached on our than over 2000 km driven Food Aid Tour ” Ethical Myanmar Chefs ” where we hired a 10 ton truck from Yangon ( METRO Warehouse – METRO Myanmar donated over 5000 kg high nutritious – quality foo, meant that time actually for Noth Rakhine refugee camps arround Mrauk Oo and Kyauktaw,- so as we were not permitted to send the food to North Rakhine by truck and sea way was to costly, would have taken long and much labor needed,- due to same sad events in September 2020 in North Rakhine as today in Than Ta Lan – Chin State we changedwith much regret not be able to help hungry North Arrakan children and people we changed to Mindat – Chin State ) – Yangon , Bagan, Pakukku, Mindat,  Kampalet, Magway, Bagan, Kalaw and back to Yangon. With great young Chefs as Zin Myo Ngwe , Moe, Giacomo, Khet Khet followed to bring  smiles to the People in the Chin Hills. When we were able to pass Food Aid also to the Orphanage in Kampalet and hiked up the over 3000 meter Mount Victoria to be Near Heaven of ” natural beauty,- silence, peace, calmness and just the way every normal human loves live,.. ” Planing already for this year 2021 an all Myanmar Chefs gathering at Mt Victoria, ” Mission Impossible ” since 1.2.2021 and the follow up events. ****With great thanks to METRO Myanmar,– at that time still in strongest believe that Myanmar is on the right way and developing to be a ” Tiger State ” soon within Asia leading again as before the times of the 60ties . All signs were set right and a prosperous future for all people living in Myanmar in Peace and Harmony as well and especilly in Chin State were set and believed in by near to best developments from past two Governments Army General President U Thein Sein as well State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, with her mantra of ” always stay with reconciliation with the past and include the Myanmar Army in the processfor a Peaceful – Developing Myanmar for all people living in Myanmar – ” Positive Nation Building ” by education, infrastucture, health vocational training andFair Justice to every one at any time. With Falam got the very first Airport in Chin State at all,— another one in the plans to start soon.  Lets reflect ,- lets stay silent for some moments after reading and just see the pictures of 29.9.2020 in Mindat Chin State,- see the 95 years old – proud but gentle Chin Lady at the ” Fountain of Love ” in Chin – Mindat home for the elder .Please reflect and imagine these old folks of Chin State – the Fountain of Love today on 29.10.2021 – just 13 month s later when near the whole city of Than Ta Lan was deliberately burnt to the ground. It is up to anyones believes, ethics , moral, vision of furture and sens of humanitarian values orLaw Enforcement to Protect people – humans in any part of this world. It is up to you, as well to you and also to you,- for your self to judge,……Right or Wrong…..We as Ethical Chefs in Myanmar stay with the People of Chin State, Mindat, Kampalet, Matupi, Falam, Thantalan and all children, elder and women now living in forests and on mountains exposed often without roof, no blankets, notoilets, no medical drugs or Drs, no mosquito nets,…. lets share our love and our live with them for a better tomorrow,— All over the world,- in Chin State, in Than Ta Lan, in all Myanmar as well in Syria, Afghanistan, the Children of Jemen, Irak or Sudan and Ethiopia …  Yours in Love for Humans and Humanitarian Work ONLY – Myanmar and specially Chin People needs Humanitarian, Health, Shelter and Education more than everbetter yesterday, so best as well today,— pls make all sure not ONLY Tomorrow – as Tomorrow never comes,…Follow Buddha`s Loving Kindness, With God or In Shalah,Oliver E Soe ThetEthical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2020 – 21 and 2022Ngapali Beach Front, FREE ZONE, Arrakan State, Myanmar 29.10.2021

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