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25 Years Medical Aid Direct to the People of Myanmar 1997 – 1.2021

Dental, Eye, ENT, Child,- Plastic& Neuro Surgery Free of Charge

Myanmar, German & Swiss Medical Family 

“ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge “, Ngapali Beach Front – Arrakan


See the small Time Travel Movie – stop it where YOU need more Time – Reflect


,…. 25 years 1997 – January 2021, — Tens of Thousands of Myanmar people mainly in Rural Area Communities, medical treated, medical educated, free of charge operated by “Myanmar – German – Swiss “specialist Drs Free of Charge. ………Dental Public Health – education for over 7000 students at Ngapali Beach – Thandwe schools. Transfer of Knowledge between German – Swiss and Myanmar Drs in clinic, in field camps, operation theaters at Medical & Dental Councils training & annual assemblies. 


“Patients – Myanmar people asking when the Drs come back ??? “

Interplast Germany e.V.

AKTION Myanmar e.V.

Eagle, ENT – EAR e.V

Dental Study Group Myanmar – Germany e.V.


To Myanmar, over 100 medical missions and medical equipment were financed to ensure medical work in many rural areas for the benefit of the local host community 1997 until 31.1.2021. All Free of Charge for any people living in Myanmar.

500 to 800 patient “ Life Changing “ plastic operation & mobilized again a year all over

( Cleft Lips, Pallets, Burn Contractures, Tumors, NEW Noses, )

1000 to 2000 Dental treatments at Arrakan – Ngapali, Yangon, Delta a year

7000 students “ Dental Public Health “ trained each year in Ngapali – Arrakan State

450 plus Menegoncele operated at Prof Myat Thu`s Yangon Gen Hospital nation wide

35 Hydrocephalus from Rakhine to Yangon and Treated FOC

Millions $ US Medical Equipment – Facilities benefit Myanmar People

Myanmar patients asking where are the German – Swiss – Myanmar Dr teams, – The Dr Teams are ready to do it again at any time safety wise possible,… with first Drs plan for January 2022 to be back in Ngapali – Myanmar to plan a road map of much needed Medical support to Myanmar people.

See the small movie a review of many of the great Dr teams& friends with Myanmar college’s,— also much caring, supporting the Environmental protection of Myanmar` s Arrakan Coastal region – support the stop of Beach Sand Mining,– save coastal region communities when global warming raises sea levels. Be there when near all Myanmar was under water in 2015 with funding for nutritious healthy food, livelihood and medical support.

Special Thanks to all Drs and more to mention for sure,…

Drs – Paul, Nuri, Dirk & Dirk, Heinz, Julia, Axel, Roland & Roland, Beate, Ulrike, Robert, Ulli, Helmut and Helmut, Harald& Klaus,- Susanna, Marlies & Fritz, Mallu and Werner, Michael & Michael, Wyn Kyaw, Myat Thu, Moe Thuzar, Win Htu, Sunny, Aung San Thet, Dent Dr Soe, Dr Marlar, Dr Ingrid, Lena, Lwin, Tin Tun, Andreas, Michael, Peter, Paul, Katharina, Lina, Annabell, Klaus, Kurt, Eberhard, Benedikt, Christian, Udo, Thomas, Angelika Wagner, Heike, Gerry, Soeren, Mrs Dr Kyaw, Dr Bernd, Dr Christian & Ilse Runge, Arian, Wolfgang, Maung Toe, Philippe, Dr Ruben, Dr Khun Zaw Naing, Dr Ku Ku, Wai Wai, Dr Schieferstein, Ruedi Weber, Dr Romi, Dr Liebelein, Dr P.P., Su Su, Swe, Dr Sascha, Dr Evgeni, Juergen & Regina with MHW, ….. I might forgot one, “Old man’s Brain”, excuse me for that – hahahahaha – we miss you all.


I would love to mention specially this time:

Dr. med. Thomas Gesenhues which is with us all time,- the past months and the next with 

his vision & request – his enormous support to Myanmar people in this 2021,……

And all the noble Donor to make all this happen 1997 – 2021

Today we are all at standby and more than that all help to help Myanmar in many ways,– as Zoom Online medical & dental training to young Myanmar Drs. Care for food, free medical drugs, operations as below. Projects go with all your Myanmar Colleges in many parts of Myanmar direct medical aid to all Myanmar people.

Great Efforts by: ” Specialist Nurses Ma Su Su and Ma Swe of AKTION Myanmar e.V “

 So as well and very much attached to the all so well-known atmosphere here at Ngapali Beach Front @ “ Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge, Arrakan State – Myanmar. The two top class Myanmar & French specialist nurses Ma Su Su and Ma Swe many of you worked for years in Arrakan State,- are since May 2021 at our Laguna ECO Lodge to provide free of charge medical drugs for common health issue, seasonal sickness as well long term free of charge medical drugs for hypertension and diabetes. A special additional field is since June 2021 the 3rd wave of COVID19 outbreak in all Myanmar was more or less “ Not Managed “ the way every one well remembers from 2020 – Myanmar one of the best performing countries to secure Public Health under Union Health Minister Dr Myint Htwe.

Ma Su Su and Ma Swe since June very much supported the communities as well official health centers with medical – “ Lifesaving Drugs ” ( as blood thinner ) , all needed COVID19 preventive items for the general public as face masks, face shields, hand and room sanitizer as well COVID19 quick tests , OXIMETER and Oxygen Concentrators. Here much thank YOU to Mrs Christine and Mr Hans – “ Myanmar Friends “ since decades as well to Mrs Li Jun of Premium Food Service and City & Love Foundation to make that all happen – the eldest was a 86 years old lady which could life saved in Thandwe next to many in an radius of 250 to 300 km from Ngapali Beach – South to North ( near Mrauk Oo ). All best supported by Myanmar& German medical Drs via “ Tele medical Consultancy “ direct with patients as well between different Drs and Nurses. I got my “ COVID19 negative Antibody test – at 16.000 Kyat “ through this wonderful system – Thank YOU specialist Nurse Ma Su Su & medical Colleges.

Thanks to YOU All and here outstanding Dr. med. Thomas Gesenhues for AID.


Ngapali Beach Front,- Not much Change Just the Beer,…

Ngapali Beach Front,- A FREE ZONE in 2021

hahahahah the rest is at YOUR Service – The Best as Ngapali Beach in 1995,- The Beach is YOUR`s, Clean, Green, Crystal Clear Water, 

– 28 degree Celsius,- daily a slightly refreshing Breeze – CO2 and COVID19 Free Ocean Air from the Bay of Bengal.


Latest such medical support by German Drs to Myanmar Community

Decade Long; ” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth in Myanmar “,.. Dr dent Julia 

Thank YOU Dental Drs for Ma Ohn Tin Shwe s Eye Operation 11.21

Many years “ light assistance ” and “ Good Hand & Soul “ at German- Myanmar Dental Drs “ Solar Community Clinic “ at Linthar Village – Ngapali needed an eye sight saving,…

,…. Thank YOU Dear all German & Myanmar Dental Drs, Team and Donors. The Eye operation of the near blind eye of Ma Ohn Tin Shwe was successfully operated in Pyay over the past 6 weeks. Thank you for your generous stepping in and financing much of the operation, medical drugs and side costs.

Today Ohn Tin Shwe wears a black sun glass – so she can see again at all with her eye,— needs to rest for another month and is not allowed to lift heavy. Sure as usual her salary continues and she lives at Solar Community Clinic compound. Her nephew stepped in for the work three days a week to cover & help and support during this time.

Again you all made it happen, Dr Ulli, Dr Robert, Dr Ulrike, Dr Roland, Dr Angelika , Dr Julia, Dr Axel, Dr Helmut, Dr Ingrid, Dr Helmut and all supporting members of the Myanmar – German study group for Dental Treatment and Dental Public Health.  Pls forgive me if I forgot one – usually a most famous — I tried my best. 

It is time to see you all again in the one or other way at the Dental project Myanmar – also as Zoom Dental Education by Dr Julia with and for young Myanmar Dental Drs is ongoing, – as well Ma Wai Wai s Dental Public Health and training in Dental Hygiene restarted in Schools in Ngapali Beach – Thandwe, Arrakan State – “ A Free ZONE “ in Myanmar 2021.

Not to forget our Great and Best Dr Khun Zaw Naing with Ma Khet Khet at Solar Community Clinic for all his medical and technical assistance to arrange transfers and all contacts with the Drs in Pyay – which saved all and the mission over 50 % of cost. Compared to a treatment in Yangon as first planned.

Great to see all also again in person at Ngapali Beach Front much greetings from Solar Community Clinic and ” Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel “ Ngapali Beach Front, Yours with thanks again

See YOU all Soonest again in Ngapali Beach Front

We are waiting for YOU, – January 2022 YOU are welcomed to Ngapali Beach

Oliver E Soe Thet and all “Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge & Solar Community Clinic “Team

Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel, – Ngapali Beach Front – Arrakan State, Myanmar 26.11.21

Myanmar Chefs – Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Visit for all update and Ethical Community Aid by Myanmar Chefs 
See :

,..” HELP – Support Myanmar NOW “,- by Manmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

You can make a difference with just 1 Euro we can feed a family a whole day in Myanmar. YOU can bring a future, hope and smiles to young Myanmar`s ” Generation Z “. With your Donation you help building Myanmar`s Future. Donation for Food Aid, Livelihood, Jobs for Young People@ International Certification,- Free of Charge medical drugs for children & elder poor people in Myanmar by Myanmar Chefs & International Medical Drs – partners.

You can Donate and help into the Hands of Myanmar people at:

Title: “Nothilfe für Krisengebiet Myanmar”   “AKTION MYANMAR e.V. “

Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V. – 1. Vorsitzender: Dr. Friedrich Fröhle 2. Vorsitzende: Dr. Maria-Luise Gremminger-Fröhle Web: Telefon: ( 0049 ) 07534-97127

Aktion Myanmar – Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V.
Bank: Bezirkssparkasse Reichenau
IBAN: DE71 6905 1410 0007 0852 10


All below projects are possible through support by AKTION MYANMAR e.V., German – Myanmar Dental Group, Interplast Germany – Myanmar, METRO Myanmar – Germany, City Mart Group, Premium Food Service, Mr August & Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali.

,…. is an initiative by Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ( MCSR2021 ), German Drs groups and Myanmar` s Food & Hospitality Services.

It has the aid the support Myanmar rural as well urban communities after 1 year of COVID19 and further devastating events. Bring ” Food For Hope & Food For Smile “ to people in urgent need. Also supports livelihood, medical support where needed and people can not afford anymore by themselves.

MCSR2021 operates volunteer by Chefs and friends of Chefs through Myanmar, also links farmers to a better rated products as ” FAIR Trade ” making it a ” Win – Win – Win ” for all as farmers get better rates and we can support more people at same time..  

Another MCSR2021 & Partners groundbreaking Aid project us the 1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021,- where young Myanmar from all over the country enter an,- ” At the Job Internship ” ( hired as Hotel staff ), to get ready for a future job inside or outside of Myanmar. Giving Hope and Future to young people at same time ensure they are not at the streets. These internships are for Chefs, Service, Housekeeping, Front Office with a strong area of Destination & Environmental Management and Protection. Working together with Thant Myanmar – ZERO Plastic, Bokashi Myanmar, ZERO Food Waste – Zero Hunger,- Mangrove Reforestation – Coastal Area Protection & sustainable Food Chain Protection.

MCSR2021 providing at a new Dispensary, free medical drugs for children and elder people which can not afford such anymore with having the monsoon rains started and diarrhea, malaria, respirations sickness being an additional live & health threat to the already poor people in Myanmar.

                                  1. Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021

                                                Ngapali Beach Tourism Destination management

Aim: Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility to provide regardless the situations a best standard vocational training & education to young Myanmar as well senior for upgrading courses through International Standard Online & At The Job certification programs. To ensure for each student a good independent future inside or outside of Myanmar. Sponsored by World Chefs Academy, City & Guild, Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021.   

The Curriculums in follow MOHT – ASEAN 2020 minimum standards as well mentor guided by Mr Alan Palmer ( founding member of SHATEC Hospitality Center Singapore and World Chefs Historical Committee Chairman. Honorable World Chefs Member.

The On the Job at Oliver`s Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel, Internship is enabled through support by AKTION MYANMAR e.V., German – Myanmar Dental Group, Interplast Germany – Myanmar, METRO Myanmar – Germany, City Mart Group, Premium Food Service, Mr August, Mr Tun Zaw Oo, Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing & Laguna ECO Lodge Hotel Ngapali. 

With Great Thanks for all your support again and again as over the past 26 years to Myanmar People direct into peoples hands, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet 

Environmentalist & Chef 

1. Myanmar Tourism Forest & Mangrove Forest 2004 – 2021

Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 

Arrakan “Ma May Naing” Heritage Developments

Good – Future Vision Leadership is needed for Success

Development Ministers Pro Active – All Inclusive and Non Corrupt

Best Heritage Home Cooking Restaurant “                Ngapali Beach, Thandwe – Arrakan State – Myanmar 2021

Shwe Phone Thar Street


All @ Best Value “4” Money

Arrakan Heritage in Thandwe City

In the middle of Thandwe – so Far from the World,…

,….Culinary Heritage Ngapali Beach – Arrakan, still a secrete – so a Best Known already. “ Ma May Naing – Never Forget “ authentic Arrakan – Myanmar family “ Home Cooking “. As Ma Win the only Chef, Waiter – Owner there herself early up in the morning sourcing the best food ingredients,– the most seasonal food items,- all local sources – near ZERO CO2 from cargo – travel. Fully Local Arrakan Communities, Fishermen and Farmers support. 

After the daily shopping, which starts for Ma Win before dawn,– the Kitchen then, the center of the “ Culinary Rock `N Roll “ at “ Ma May Naing Restaurant Ngapali – Thandwe “. Even some items are ready on display all is cooked daily fresh – there is no way to get a bite before 11:00 am all is in one strong “ General in White Jacket` “ hand. 

In the middle of Thandwe – so Far from the World,…once you choose your favorite curry, fried meat or fish,- it all arrives with fragrant rice and always a Sour Soup, A Chili “ Ngapali Kyaw “,— much seasonal herbs, roots, flowers raw or blanched to perfection. Season Vegetables at side.

A Place which transfers to a “ Feel Quite World,… “

While sitting at Ma May Naing Restaurant, even a TV runs or some other guests talk at the next table,— the atmosphere,- the feeling is so calm and peaceful that one quick forget the day, the outside world in Myanmar and a fresh breeze of wind streams from the nearby Thandwe River through the “ Colonial – Arrakan “ style high ceiling “ Brick and Ironwood “ room. Traditionally with many natural air flow designs at the upper walls.  

Location: Thandwe City – Shwe Phone Thar Street

The place – the “ Thandwe – Arrakan Heritage Atmosphere “ there at Ma May Naing,- in Old Patina Off White and Pinkadone Bordeaux Brown transfers one quickly intro a : “ Feel Quiet and Relaxed World,,, “ – so usually a dining there should not have any more appointments for later in Thandwe and is a great place to just Dine & Fade away with a best – tender – tasty – original culinary treat. 

Pauk Pan Phyu – were the Seasonal Specialty today,…

,….Paul Pan Phyu – a flower, fruit, leaves short blanched – with a texture and flavor of an Artichoke leave and heart. Interesting seasonal cooked to perfection actually for the chili dip “ Neo Thi Chet “ – I love to eat it alone – chew well and get all the Artichoke kind of flavors.

At the Daily Menu in Standard as well Changing ways cooked

All @ Best Value for Money

 ,… are different beef curry & crispy, pork, duck or chicken, squid,- a best Arrakan potato – dry fish curry, chick pea with beef, deep fried fish, dry roasted chili shrimps,  assorted organs as curries. One is better than the other and now in November 21 I am looking already to July 2022 when again than the “ Arrakan style Asparagus “—the fresh young Bamboo Shoots are in season. A Highlight of the much Seasonal, Leaves and Flower based Arrakan Cuisine by Nature.

One end up usually order more of the best,- and have some always as parcel “ take away home of a little bit – Ma May Naing “ for the days until the next return to “ Never Forget Restaurant – Ma May Naing “ Ngapali Beach – Thandwe City. 


Arrakan Heritage Athmosphere in Thandwe City – Ngapali Beach

,….It might not be by surprise or coincident that “ Ma May Naing – Never Forget “ Arrakan Heritage Culinary Restaurant is in the “ Old & Heritage “ part of Thandwe City. With so many “ Cultural – Architectural Heritage buildings,- some hundreds of years ago – often the multi religious buildings. So also the former “ Opium Wholesale & Retail “ Offices of the British ( all came down the Arrakan Yoma – Mountains from Shan State – today it is the Thandwe Tax Office ),. Next to the Colonial building of the today TCDC – Municipal Office lead by Daw Khin Khin Saw, the near 200 years old Colonial Administration today District and Township office – followed by the old “ Historical Designed – Thandwe Police Station “ ( one can imagine the old days of Thandwe and Arrakan after 1825 the British invaded Burmese occupied Arrakan Kingdom after in 1824 Arrakan resistance at Chittagong were ignored by the British to help the Arrakan to get their Kindom of Pre 1784 back – that time near all Burmese had left already and Arrakan was with just 60.000 people near deserted ). 

Also worth a visit is the “ Bo Thaung “ ( white mans hill ), so called as there the British Governor of Thandwe lived in big Iron Wood – Brick houses – elegant built at best quality today still stand strong so the all Governments of Myanmar the past 60 years totally neglected the houses and zero care went into – neglecting today the great “ Tourism & Arrakan Historical Heritage Value “ of all these building. All could be partly or at office closure – weekends be opened to public at a fee ( see the Heritage Projects draw millions of Tourists to Penang in Malaysia earning hundreds of Millions of $ US a year for Hotels, Services, Restaurants, Chocolate and Souvenirs “ Made in Penang “ —- “ Sweet Arrakan & Green Pepper “ would be sure a theme to earn millions of $ US from people visiting Ngapali Beach – Thandwe & Arrakan. Not to experience a night live or a noisy rush at Beach front – selling all lowest quality items as souvenirs – NON is Thandwe or Arrakan made = ZERO Jobs, ZERO development for all local community — a Clear Failure of Myanmar & Rakhine Governments since 2005 … Today could be a Time of Good Sustainable ,…………Changes. /////////

Good – Future Vision Leadership is needed for Success

Development Ministers Pro Active – All Inclusive and Non Corrupt

Many wonderful old Arrakan & Colonial designed Pinkadone – Iron Wood houses are still in good shape and could be the Soul for a “ Ngapali Beach – Thandwe Cultural & Natural Heritage Site 2021 and Beyond …. “. Funding should be provided with clear “ Arrakan Heritage Guidelines “ to ensure and secure “ Ngapali Beach – Thande – Arrakan History “ is not lost by time in time – so sadly mostly and often by Business Minded quick developments where “ Money is the only God to believe and trust in “ . Logically for some, view and less only … The public Communities usually pay the price of such failure and missed long term Developments. 

Ma May Naing – Never Forget Heritage Restaurant at Ngapali Beach in Thandwe City is such a sustainable – quality – Arrakan Heritage place — may it for many years be there for Food, Soul and Inner Peace Lovers ,….

Thank YOU,- Dear Ma Win for the wonderful Culinary Moments

“ @ Ma May Naing – Never Forget “ Restaurant Thandwe

Shwe Phone Thar Street 

Oliver E Soe Thet

Arrakan Heritage Promotion Ngapali Beach – Thandwe

1.   Arrakan Hospitality Vocational Academy 2021

President Myanmar Chefs Association

World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

Arrakan Free Medical Drugs @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21

“ Su & Shwe,- Golden Girls @ Public Health “ 

Support ZERO Income Families in Arrakan State

300 to 400 people a month – free drugs & tele consultations

Outsourced COVID19 Treatments FOC to Station Hospitals


,….Now 7 month s working for the health and public health of any person in South Arrakan ( Rakhine State ),- the Free Medical Drug station for any person in need of such. Started in May 2021 even before the third wave of COVID19 overran much of Burma` s heartland in June 21. So WHO daily updated standards are paramount for us all – all COVID19 Virus – preventive measurements were taken in place from the very first moments. Top trained, educated through the 2020 Myanmar Union Ministry of Health lead H.E. Minister Dr Myint Htwe, himself a Johns Hopkins University graduated, many years at WHO Geneva working/ Ensured all times the Best.


We follow all WHO – MOHS Myanmar COVID 3,0 updates – at Beach Front ZERO Follow

Any seasonal or other sick person is provided with free of charge medical drugs,- as well long term treatments as Diabetes and Hypertension – High Blood Pressure.

All arranged at international medical guidelines hygiene and health safety for patients and medical staff there. — with an outmost proactive precaution of COVID19 awareness – social distancing, – all preventive protection measures ensured at all time by Specialist Medical staff Ma Su Su and Ma Swe.


Initiated and funded by AKTION Myanmar e.V. & German – Myanmar Dental Dr Teams as one of our three pillars at “Ethical Community Aid@Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021” as:

·       Food Safety, – Safe Food, Livelihood Aid for Zero Income Myanmar families

·       Free Medical Drugs & COVID19 prevention for Myanmar people in need

·       Quality Education & Vocational training to Gen Z. – all Young Myanmar


,… much work and medical help is delivered by “ Tele Medical Consultations “ with specialist Drs from Myanmar as well from Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Ground breaking are the networks of medical staff and the quick way to get any medical drugs all over Myanmar. Much thanks to a very view Philanthropic Chefs & Hospitality Industry Myanmar members – stationed there and having “ Hospitality Aid – At Your Service “ in their bloods, ensure even for Yangon clinics which were out of live saving blood thinner at times and again, as ZERO Stock in the country while COVID19 positive infections Sky Rocking. We were always able to step in, solve such issues smooth, quiet – quick = “ Live Saving “. As well for other clinics in Yangon, Mollamine, Sittwe, Mrauk Oo and much needed places.

Teamwork with Rescue & Ambulances of Arrakan – Community Aid 21

Further to station Hospitals in South as well North Arrakan ( Rakhine ) working in a radius of near 250 km north to south or more. Working hand in hand with regional Rescue & Ambulance teams for patients, live saving equipment & drugs and consultation. At one way,– using the drive back to fill “ Nutritious Food Basket “ ( as WFP standards ), COVID19 protective and much live – health saving aid into the cars to support IDP s Refugees in North Rakhine at times.


Oxygen to Breath,- when there was Non Provided by the System 2021

,…. All was topped by the great donation of Mr Hans Leiendecker, his Wife, Premium Food & City & Love Care Mrs Li Jun ,- also Mrs Christine Henkel through German M.I. – with the donations of 7 state of the art Oxygen Concentrators, Oximeter as well Top Quality imported “ COVID19 test Kits “. All is shared on “ FOC borrow base as long as live saving is needed ,… than to the next patient – simply save lives of loved ones, … “. Rescue teams – Ambulances arrange the logistics, a small paper was enough as record as “ Trust to Each Other is the main Ingredient for any Success in UNITY “, for the most quick and top efficient medical support to a failing system in Myanmar 2021. The oldest person live saved is an 86 years old lady of Thandwe District.  Thanks god the COVID19 infection rush is down to near not heard of the past weeks in our region. This must not let our guards down, 120 % Health Safety is daily paramount. We all are at standby looking to UK, Poland, Germany, France and much COVID19 deadly Russia despite “ Sputnik2 “ a Health wise Failed State,— another wave might be in the looming with the cold season arriving to Myanmar and International Tourism,- travel gets planned and promoted by the present Government, with just 8 or 9 % of people vaccinated in Myanmar. Village and City Markets, near all Schools as here do not follow any COVID19 Protective update measures which the “ Care Taker “ issues on 5.7.2021 – so we all got the “ Update 3,0 “ only end of October – a just 3 month delay of an Official Order to ensure best and healthy Tourism for guests and staff alike. Schools and Municipal Markets seems not to be included,- not “ Law & Rules Enforced in November 21”  of any COVID19 Preventive measurements update 3,0  — by Care Taker Health & Home Ministries so far. Where Hotels & Hospitality Industry got warned by Care Takers Home Ministry already that actions and license will be revoked when CV19 measurement failures are noticed. As since early 2021 Taxi Drivers,- Boat men for Tourist Groups, illegal beach vendor even illegal Beach Massage all are Free from Care Taker`s Home & Health Ministries “ COVID19 protective rules & laws “ today 13.11.21 when several Union & State Minister, including the Union Tourism Ministers have meetings just in front of all these potentially “ COVID19 Super Spreader Events “ at Ngapali Beach Front. 

COVD19 Virus prevention starts only at Hotels Entrances – NOT in Public,… ???

Care Taker issued COVID19 update 3,0 in July @ November Ngapali is not Ready

Despite the Official Order all Domestic Flight passengers need CV19 Test Certificates within 48 hours,— Thandwe District and Ngapali “ NO NEED – NOT Ready “, Minister failing ???

So Hotels & Restaurants are instructed at a new update “ COVID19 – 3,0 “ ( the actually 5.7.21 update was handed over only on 10. October 2021 ). Much of what all A rated Re opening Hotels in Ngapali applied and trained already many times in 2020, were excluded for “ Funny Rreason “ to ensure “ The 6 are open ONLY “ at Christmas – New year “ 2020 by Thandwe District in charge that time – later demoted to small Mrauk Oo. In Mid January all were A Rated – Reopened as compiled to all International COVID19 preventive measures under the Myanmar “ Legally Elected Government “ 2020 .

A brush up,- “ reinvent the wheel “ or “ Only the 6 open at Christmas 2021 again ???

,… so no one can be careful enough, prevention of COVID19 is paramount,– prevention – exclusion of business might have other reasons behind.  As said the more it will surprise anyone at Thandwe & Ngapali Beach public markets as well all schools now reopened 1.11.21 – “ ZERO COVID19 Preventive measures “ are taken care of – everyone without face mask and no other preventive measures,- no hand washing – no sanitizing, all students & teachers alike, — a hand wash basin just for show and sure to be used when TV, News and VIP would arrive for a moment. At beginning and the end of each school day loud and powerful singing in the class rooms — logically further “ Spreading Far “ any potential COVID19 virus,- as far as possible.

The logic behind such State, Union and Countries Public Health management needs more explanation by people in charge as with commend sense a failure within the system lays bar to see and potentially getting infected at any time anywhere again – a 4th COVID19 Wave sure not wanted not needed, not liked – the ground is prepared for a next COVID19 disaster in Myanmar, as at Beach Front in Taxis, Tourism Boats and Highway busses ,- Illegal Beach vendor, illegal Beach massage ( a ZERO GO anyhow by Myanmar law anywhere except Hotel Spas ) simply the same failure and ZERO Law Enforcement of existing COVID19 rules and regulations, — Except at The Hotels …. One is relatively save of COVID19, as long one not get out and meet the people.

The more surprise is an announcement heard ( TBC ) that the Union home affairs ministry will close Hotels if positive cases come up there and a staff was not vaccinated or cured from COVID19. Yes the same Home Ministry and Minister which acted in September 2020 immediately – “ after 3 weeks “ illegal by COVID19 Disaster Law – KTV s and entertainments “ ordered to be closed,- within 3 weeks the Home Ministry was aware already of the danger threat which eventually helped to ignite the deadly 2nd Wave of COVOD19 Virus all over Yangon & Myanmar. That time quickly blaming 5000 to 7000 Rakhine which flew Sittwe – Yangon for the spread in the usual divide & rule strategy in Myanmar, push Ethnics against each other. Yes the Home Ministry “ immediately “ acted after 3 weeks of Music Zone KTV s – Of course the owner was not able to be caught by the same good Ministry. Others running “ un seen – un heard – “ all day and night the operations – every one remembers the 119 guests and staff from Music Zone alone tested COVID19 positive in one night only — lead to a super spreader in all Yangon. Despite the new 5.7.2021 COVID 3,0 update by the Care Taker to Hotels — KTV s in Ngapali & Thandwe operate as normal any COVID19 restrictions and precaution not seen when checked it out yesterday. As COVID19 Virus seems to exist by Myanmar s Health & Tourism Ministry only at Hotels & Hospitality Industry – great they take care as best or better as they can ONLY.


Specialist Medical – Ma Su Su arranged for 3 months new Medical Drugs,…

 ,…. With the Myanmar winter arriving soon and cold nights we reordered medical drug stock for the next three month s as well added “ Seasonal Flues and other sickness “ medical drugs for Free of Charge treatments to anyone.

Ma Su Su arranged all as her many years experience in international managed best clinics – all to arrive next days.  For the time in Yangon Ma Su Su arranged as volunteer – Dr Thet Khaing to be there for the patients to ensure 110% contingency in Treatment & Medical drugs supply to any person in need at Arrakan, within reach or at Tele Medical Consulting. Dr Thet Khaing a very well to our Medical German Drs and donors known Medical Dr with a best hand for Children health & medical treatments.

Tele Medical & Dental Consultancy at Generation Z times, a best Health Opinions Exchange.

The medical free drugs station became institutionalized with people come from far, – not for the free drugs only – so much for the high professionalism and medical expertise – this thanks to the networks of Myanmar & German Tele Medical & Dental Consultancy 2021 ( as ENT – Ear, General Meds, Orthopedic, Eye, Plastic Surgery & Dental – Dental Public health at present Zoom & FB online,…) against a single Dr s opinion,- a great way at Generation Z times, have quick the best opinions in Health exchange all for friendship – volunteer, free and future.

Special cases at district Hospitals were this way guided with much exchange of knowledge between Myanmar, Danish based & German Orthopedic Drs. Arrangements of best medical drugs, here antibiotics – were key to a quick healing process after a patient’s 7-month infected leg near to lose the leg for a young Arrakan fisherman, – struggle as poor and without contacts – on the best way that time to lose the leg. The case is ongoing and Ma Su Su – Ma Swe team is on and follow up with Thandwe District Hospital Orthopedic surgeon.

Thank YOU to Dr Fritz – Dr Marlies Froehles, Dr Klaus, Dr Harald, Dr Susanna, Dr Julia, Roland, Michael, Robert, ( their medical specialist friends ),- Dr Eberhard, Lena, Dr Heinz, Paul & Dr Nuri and specially all the for Myanmar running “ Myanmar Lovers of the past 26 years “,… every one with much efforts to make such above and more projects happening for the better of the all people of Myanmar. In Nutritious Food security, Livelihood – Household, Hygiene and Medical support,…. Ensure many Myanmar people can remain, regain to dignity in their daily live – mostly hard hit by the “ 3 C`s “ in Myanmar since 1.2.2021… Thank YOU all sadly more efforts might be needed – daily news are not a reason to celebrate let alone not to have a “ Happy Ngapali Beach Opening Party 2021 “,— some may need – more to show off their faces,- and the price tag paid by others,….. a well know set up ,… your

Oliver E Soe Thet

Ethical Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Free Nutritious Food, Shelter and Medical – Drugs & Treatment for all People in Need

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