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Food For Smiles,- “ Spiderman Chef Kyaw Kyaw”,- ZERO Tears from Hunger in Myanmar  – 2000 kg Chicken 

1. – 20.10.21 METRO Myanmar supports World Chefs Day 2021


Teaching Nutritious Cooking to Children in Yangon`s Streets

Potentially 25.000 chicken meals to ZERO Income Families in Yangon`s outskirts and hard hit townships over the past months. “ Spiderman Chef “ Kyaw Kyaw – Zin Myo Nwe, Alex, Naing Oo, Myo Sandar and volunteers teamed up under Chef Kyaw Kyaw`s lead to carry 2000 kg best quality “ French Doux Chicken “ to the most in need people. Many eating since weeks only lowest quality broken rice – Rice soup – Congee without anything inside. 


A main Aim Chef Kyaw Kyaw and his team talked to people   

and mainly children about the value of nutritious meals to 

stay healthy and create a “ Great Future for Myanmar ” in UNITY.


Thank YOU METRO Myanmar as usual supporting Myanmar Chefs with a fantastic initial cost price and topped by a “ Buy One Get One Free “.

It was clear that we direct took a 2000 kg stock. METRO Trucks delivered at the days and places pre arranged by Chef Kyaw Kyaw – places which he and “ Yangon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “ support already in first weeks of February 2021 due to “ The Events “. 

Today Kyaw Kyaw is still on the run with Chickens fly to people in much need of any nutrition with the Myanmar economy crashed, the Myanmar Kyat sky rocking and most without a job and income. All at a year 2021 in Myanmar when people must pay by them self much or all of medical charges as well COVID19 treatments and protection, where in 2020 the Government took care under the usual arrangements of the Ministry of Health. 

Great Job “ Spiderman Chef Kyaw Kyaw “ well doing with all Your Team and Chefs as a great start of “ Myanmar Chefs – International World Chefs Day 2021 “ leading to more events already planned and arranging over the next weeks to 20.10.2021 – Below Chef Kyaw Kyaw`s planning of “ Yangon`s International World Chefs Days 2021 “ over the past weeks, – 


“Myanmar Spiderman Chef Kyaw Kyaw plans International World Chef Days 21“

“…….Good evening Chef,– I contact ready with Little Sister place. They have 120 old people + sister + staff. Metro car can drop the food in this place. I will choose Wednesday, Sunday for them.

Coming Tuesday and Saturday will drop the food at Mya Theingii Nunnery.

One day 500kg of chicken. 1- way I will go for all planed zero Income places 1 to 7 and on second – way will go for plan at regions & groups 8 to 12….  Have a good night Chef yours Chef Kyaw Kyaw


I asked for three or four truck ready also Schools Bus. They say will not easy to arrive every place we plan the ward and township due to the issues in Yangon. So we made two groups, four day per week.

This is two group idea;

Chef Alex say he can help for one way Little Sister, C.. house, staff of railway, Thanlwin Orphanage and Htamalone, without Hlaing Thar Yar. With some Chef and Chef Myo Sandar. I can also go with Ko Naing Oo. Than as a four day per week idea;

Schools bus will help for donations with low price but they can carry four people and  around 500 kg chicken. He will take out the some seats to put the food inside in original boxes.


On Fr., 24. Sept. 2021 — 22:47 pm Kyaw Kyaw – Good evening Chef,…

1-Mya Theingii – usually 700 girls and poor surrounding

2-Garbage Mountain 70-small house 30-staff

4-Maharnwe Orphanage 

5-North Dagon small house 33-133-134-135-155-156 ward, Zero Income


7-South Dagon small house 60-106 ward, Zero Income 

Zero Income also at a little far place outskirts small house one is 106 ward

2 to 7 is in the same direction.

8-Hlaing Thar Year for small poor houses

9-Little Sister

10-C… place, Staffs 

11-Thanlwin Orphan School

12-Thanlwin Htamalone where most of the people are jobless in these situation, they save only poor quality rice to cook rice soup – congee to share within family.

We will team up with METRO trucks for the deliveries – at planned places and amounts of beneficiaries, in each region.

Food Aid & Education on Nutritious Meals to Yangon` s Children

Myanmar`s International World Chefs Days 2021

Great Job Chef Kyaw Kyaw, Zin Mya Nwe, Alex and all Volunteers.

Oliver E Soe Thet, Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021

Ngapali Beach Front, FREE ZONE, Arrakan State – Myanmar 5.10.2021

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