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13. & 14.8.2021 Fortified Rice & Chicken

MON MCA teams up with Bo Bo Win Mollamine Rescue Team

A Chefs is only,- one who follow the Ethical Code of Good Conduct by World Chefs !!!

,…….. since weeks we coordinate from our “ Central Kitchen of Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “ with MON MCA secretary Chef Tin Hlaing Win, his chairman Ko Ko and Pastry Chef Wai Lwin Lwin food aid to Mollamine with the great logistical support of METRO Myanmar we were able to send several thousand kg of rice and beans. Intended for zero income people – beefed up the aid when Mon state was heavy flooded again as MCA Team was in Mollamine & Ye township cooked daily 2000 hot nutrition rich meals – that time with over 8000 high energy rolls donated by METRO Myanmar. Now again Mon Chefs with MCSR2021 support teamed up with Bo Bo Win Recue team cooking for COVID19 Patients in Isolation and Quarantine centers. Pls see below a short communication who and where all happened was communicated with Mon Chefs and MCSR21 Central Kitchen. In the pipeline the next hours is a major Medical drugs for Mon State zero income families,– Pastry Chef Wai Lwin Lwin which recovered already from COVID19 assists with her all knowledge of Home treatment patients and with healthy food and food consulting to todays CV19 patients in and around Mollamine.

Chef Tin Hlaing Win – Secretary of MON MCA and most active member of           “ Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 21” 2021“,         sent me the message on 8.8. (88) 2021 as   ,-…. “ Dear Chef Oliver,….We arranged a meeting with Mon Chefs & Mollamine Bo Bo Win Rescue team and have to talk about Boil Rice cooking for hundreds of healthy, vitamin & nutrition rich food donation to COVID19 positive people.   Mollamine Rescue – Bo Bo Win likes to donate Nutritious Fortified Rich Boil Rice for COVID19 positive patients as there is shortage of food ( same as in Quarantine Center Nay Pyi Taw as reported from the Capital City ) . Bo Bo Win requested me to join hands as he has Nutrition Fortified Rice which he got from overseas.—– We Mon MCA Chefs have “ Helping Hands and Cooking skills “ as Bo Bo Win said: “…he has no manpower for the cooking,,– and asks to help him. So we’ll join hands for his urgent Food Aid donation.  After this Mollamine Rescue Team Fortified Rice & Chicken donation,— than after the next day we will do again the MCA MON 1000 meals food Donation as per peoples support of “ Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021. I will report to you about the donation. Thanks Chef – Tin Hlaing Win Mon MCA…”  — reported.   We very much welcomed MON MCA Chefs joining hands again as 2019 Mon flooding with Big Pot master – Chef Ye Nanda Khin & Chocolate Chef Ye Minn Oo at Mollamine. 2100 kg Rice and Dry Beans we sent through our Donor Funds already early to Mon Chefs by METRO Myanmar – Chef Adam arranged Logistics Yangon to Mollamine.   ,…view days later……” Dear Chef, today we cooked the Boiled Rice with chicken and did the food aid donation with all MON MCA Chefs together with Bo Bo Win – Rescue Team Mollamine volunteer menbers and the rescue teams ambulances. We cooked for COVID19 positive person around 270 pax,…. “ Chef Tin Hlaing Win sent the message to us.   *******   ,…. When I meet with Bo Bo Win I told him about your supporting urgent needed medical items if short in supply or at sky rocking prizes so the many Zero Income people cannot afford their healthcare. Bo Bo Win is very happy for this,……”…. We shall never forget all donors support for Mon people through Chefs to the wider Mon region hard hit by the “ 3 C`s ” this month,- after coup effects also with climate – flooding and covid19 third wave hard out brake in Mollamine,…..Thanks again, Yours Chef Tin Hlaing Win, Secretary of MON Chefs – MCA and Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 team leader.    

,… “ The Kitchen is at Chef Myint Kyaw’s Restaurant. Chef Myint Kyaw and all his staff at his Family Restaurant helping us MCA MON for all preparation and cooking. We are

Cooking at his restaurant and we can use all his Kitchen Equipment & storage.

Our plan for the next day will be fried Noodle with chicken,- than again for around 300 COVID19 patients and some Drs and Nurses. I will confirm I report to you all again… “

Yours Tin Hlaing Win — He reported between all trhe activities of medical drugs and food aid as well teamwork with Mollamin Rescue Teams & Volunteers and a great united team for the MON people.

mca.monregion2019  Thu, 12. August 2021

“……Dear Chef,…Mollamine Rescue Bo Bo Win told us they are short of medical drugs and in urgent need of: 1. N95 Mask, 2. PPE, 3. Oxygen, 4. Oximeter, 5. Oxygen Equipment ( concentrator ) – next to all already by you arranged commend sickness and seasonal sickness best medical drugs.

A Mon Lady Pastry Chef – Wai Lwin Lwin turns COVID19 Health Assistant

Thank you also for the “ COVID19 Home Care Patients medical drugs which Pastry Chef Wai Lwin Lwin will arrange after her own COVID19 sickness – she knows best how to support the now COVID19 stage 1 home stay patients with medical drugs and healthy nutritious food. A Lady Chef turns health care supporter for COVID19 patients in Mon State – Myanmar as the Health system does not work sufficient after 60 years no or miss management and a near collapse over the past 7 month s events.

If you can support some,– it will be the outmost help to Mollamine & Mon all people and we together can help much more people. Thanks Yours Chef Tin Hlaing Win,- Mon Community Aid @ Myanmar Chef SOCIAL Responsibility 2021 


,….”.. Good Day to you Chef Oliver,……We will do again the donation on 13.8.21

We send food to COVID19 Positive patients Center and Hospital as well to the Mollamine Quarantine Center. The Fortified Rice are can cook same as normal Rice.

We cook as boiled Rice in much water not as traditional rice cooked. 15 Mon Chefs helping for all preparation, cooking and food donation delivery.

Great that we could clear the high way bus charge 215.000 ks this enables us to do more so we will do another donation and have a plan to cook for 1000 people with Eggs, Onions and others donated by Mollamine Donors and Chef Myint Kyaw,—-  yours Chef Tin Hlaing Win … “

                      mca.monregion2019 – Thurday 12th August 2021

          Dear Chef Oliver,..We are preparing for 13.8.21 – Boiled Rice With Chicken.

First Day Total 270 pax

Collage Quarantine Center 35 patients

Isolation Center 1, 65 patients

Isolation Center 3, 170 patients

,-…..Chef we wish you all great Dreams, – All Mon Chef Love to all Donor,

Next day we will make Fried Noodles, Chef Kyaw Myint Kitchen with chicken again for 300 pax.


,….. a Day Later from MON Chefs: “….together we cooked a total for 600 patients – people we can do well,— We all time work Safe and Social distancing. Thanks,- Yours Tin Hlaing Win,…..Wish you All the best from Mollamine…. “


 ,…. “Dear Chef Tin Hlaing Win,…Sorry for late info I had no electricity and generator in repair, so no internet until now.

Great Chef your cooperate with Mollamine rescue Bo Bo Win –tell him my very best regards. That is a great move you are arranging with Bo Bo Win , he has the fortified Rice ( nutrition rich ) and you have great man power … That is the way to go and support each other to get the best for everyone & all people in “ UNITY and TEAMWORK by Valuable Ethical People for People “,….When all or many small or minorities join hands than they can build the majority and can save people, property & environment from any disaster – “ Natural or Man Made “ easy and health save.  

So please always stay save and healthy all social distancing all hands washing sanitizer, Face mask etc etc never neglect it is very important to ensure the best health for all your Chefs as well yourself, so also all your family members and people you work with and donate to, Health Safety is Paramount and must be ensured 24/7…

Thanks you are all doing a fantastic Job great that you Chefs Aid Work

with Bo Bo Win and MOLLAMINE Rescue Teams 2021

Oliver E Soe Thet 

Community Aid @ Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 

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