Myanmar Happy Birthdays 19.6.2021 – ” A Gentle Lady & A Chef,..”

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Over 600 Orphan Girls,- first donation in two years in Yangon,…

Zin Myo Nwe & Kyaw Kyaw @ Kids Healthy Food Aid 16.-19.6.21

We went to Mya Theingi Girls orphanage today. Head of Non s is very happy when she received food. There are over 600 children here. She is also taking care for health safety for the near all small girls. She is hoping for food donations from MCA always. This is the first time of food donation in this two years because there is rare of donations. After COVID19 and the Myanmar 1.2.21 events….

Special Thanks to METRO Myanmar as well our Global Friends & Dr s care for Myanmar people. Next to the all volunteer young Chefs and Birthday Lady s,..  

It was all good and safe, Chef. …. ” The Lady – A Chef ” & Their combined 107th Birthday today 19.6.2021…………….

The donation was again as near twice a month and more often due to the best cooperation between METRO Myanmar & Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ( MCSR2021).

Wide amounts of Blueberries from Germany and Black Berries from France best quality frozen – fresh high vitamins transformed by Chef Zin Myo Nwe, Chef Kyaw Kyaw and her mother with young Chefs volunteers into a great Berry Jelly – More Great Happiness as MCSR2021 slogan since 1. February “… Food For Smiles – NO Treats from Hunger in Myanmar 2021 … ” …

Multiple more chefs all over the Myanmar Country serving, helping and arranging food products and cooked meals, livelihood and clothes – Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility helps to support the dignity of all People in Myanmar at the World Chefs ,- ” Ethical CODE of Good Conduct .. “.

Thank you to all donors of goods, logistics, time and volunteer manpower,—

Safety and Health safety of all Chefs, Family members and all Myanmar is our top priority at any time…… With the miss managed COVID19 virus on the quick move through Myanmar — Health Safety , Social Distance and Top Personal Hygiene is paramount for any MCSR2021 Mission.

May every one in this world be able to celebrate his Birthday with loved ones, in a healthy and save – protected place…May every one can Celebrate the Birthday as free ,- to see the light and breath fresh air, hear the birds as at the moment when we are all born and joined a ” Peace Loving Protected World – Our Families .. “

Keep it always Hot,- and Keep it always Cooking for a great Myanmar 2022

Oliver E Soe Thet

Environmentalist & Chef

Ngapali Beach FREE ZONE, Arrakan State,- Myanmar 19.6.2021   

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