” Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 “

Smiles  from Food – No Tears from Hunger – Yangon

Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 – “ MCSR2021 ”

Sharing food aid boxes at South Dagon`s poorest,……

Chefs Zin Myo Nwe & Chef Kyaw Kyaw with all volunteer Young Chefs team in Yangon cooked a feast for poor people in Yangon. The new way is now get the food, cook, pack, deliver and go,…. Health Safety of all involved as well the ” Chefs Guest ” – the people is paramount in these days. Excellent cooked, best hygiene packed and quick delivered. Well done chefs can see on the smile of the people welcoming a good meal Vegetable with Chicken.

Thank YOU to all Donor – More to Come, Chefs Love People – OUR Guests,…

Next at plan is Blueberry Jelly for Children from fresh Blue Berries,– Thank YOU Ma Su Yee Mon and METRO Myanmar & AKTION MYANMAR e.V., German – Myanmar Dental Education Group, Interplast Germany. Thanks to all single great Donor, for the generous support into the very Myanmar People`s hands,- It make this all happen and give the tools to the Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021.    

” Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility 2021 ” follows the ” Ethical Code of Good Conduct ” by World Chefs – to be there on humanitarian work, support communities in need, open society, equal, fair, clear at all times.   Chefs Always Keep it Hot and Always Keep in Cooking,….

Oliver E Soe Thet Environmentalist & Chef

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