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COVID19 FOOD Aid by Chefs to Chin Communities 

Chin MCA – Dominic Mang, COVID19 Food Aid Donations  World Chefs Without Borders – MCA & METRO Myanmar 2.9.2020

near 2000 km Aid Road,- no place to far for Chefs in Myanmar, Chin Mountains

COVID19 Laws & Rules enforced to small people only in Mindat & Myanmar ??? 

,….planned as ” Chefs on the Bus “, annual MCA Chefs Road Show Myanmar 2020. To be on the road again as Chefs & for Chefs in Myanmar;- from Yangon – Mindat – Kampalet – Bagan – Kalaw – Yangon a near 2000 km trip in a week from altitude Zero in Yangon to 11.000 Feet – 3400 meter high Mt Victoria.

,….. Myanmar Chefs followed the invitation of Chin MCA & Myanmar Chefs International ( MCAI) Chairman Dominic Mang s invitation to travel some near 1000 km from Yangon, direction to the Indian Border to Mindat Central Chin State. The Idea was to be with him and Celebrate Dominic`s new Chin Restaurant ” THE SALT ” in Mindat was ready to open. A first high class Culinary place in the Chin Mountains of Mindat overlooking the Chin forest valleys offering Traditional Chin Cuisine with a touch of French Fine Dining – combine centuries old Chin recipes with modern cooking applications. Chef Dominic, educated and with a degree from Taylor Hospitality University Malaysia, culinary experiences in Singapore, best Boutique Hotels in Yangon and Siam Reap Cambodia as Executive Chef and head of a Yangon catering kitchen – mountains and years of culinary & management experience. Always with the first when it comes to Social Responsibility, Education and Vocational Culinary training even for the hearing despaired at Marry Chapman School in Yangon manage the MCA Bakery training center or Cooking lessons & charity meals cooking at Hnit Aung San – near Yangon 540 boys prison cooking for fun and give these young children a chance to look into the Chefs Profession with first apply to become a chef already. Back in his Chin Mountains home Chef Dominic a most positive magnet for young Chefs.


World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB ) – MCA & METRO Myanmar exercise since 7 month s the ” COVID19 Food Aid – Help the Helping to COVID19 Hero`s “, supporting quarantine centers, volunteers, hospitals and the government staff which are 120 % on heavy duty the past 7 month s, for 7 month s ” Best Managed COVID19 Situation “,- mostly as a ” Thank YOU through Chefs in Myanmar ” , motivation, daily support as well help filling the needs at village communities as in Rakhine, Amarapura, Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, Mollamine at ” Chefs Social Responsibility. 

World Chefs Without Borders, MCA & METRO Myanmar support Chin Community

” CSR – Chefs Social Responsibility, Myanmar 2020  ” 

Chef Dominic Mang, Chin MCA Chefs & young volunteers from Mindat arranged all dry food donations to Mindat city communities:

The Old Folk s Home, Fountain of Love – Home outside of Mindat got dry food donations on 29.8.20

Next to food donations for COVID19 Hero`s Mindat at Police, District & Township families to, 

Much thanks also to U Shein of Oasis Resort MIndat & his daughter Chef Shing Shein for a great Dinner.

Thank YOU METRO Myanmar & volunteer YOUNG MCA Chefs,….for all CSR efforts

5020 kg of branded quality – healthy food & beverages aid were loaded at Yangon Warehouse by Oliver & Giacomo on 27.8.20 to a 10 ton truck sponsored by Dr dent Julia Fruehbuss of German – Myanmar Dental medical Group. 6 Yangon MCA Chefs were on the way by Highway busses overnight to Mindat.   On 27.8.20 early morning loading the 10 ton truck at Warehouse with young Chef Giacomo,- having the 4th round of MCCL Culinary & Pastry live TV show over the day – the bus ready by 17:30 pm start the near 1000 km journey through all central Myanmar – direction to India – Rakhine Border. MCA – WCWB got clearance info the same late afternoon that there are no travel restrictions due to COVID19 Virus developments on the way – an all night drive with traditional Burmese Breakfast in Pauk – Sagain. Than climbing the Chin Mountain with air quickly got more thin. Chef s Hlaing Tun Oo@Moe, Zin Myo Nwe, Khin Khet Khet Khaing, Oliver – Giacomo ( Ye Nanda Khin last moment needed to care for his mother in Yangon ) joined the Young Chin Chefs around Dominic by 8:00 am in front of Mindat City Gate.   

As the situation of COVID19 changed more or less over night in Yangon with the many COVID19 positive cases by grave neglect of COVID19 rules & laws ( all today virus easy shuttled by fully booked and no face mask ensured Myanmar National Airline and Highway busses from Sittwe and Thandwe ZERO social distancing coming from Rakhine – 100% opposite as we saw on all busses & planes Yangon to NPT, Mandaly, Bagan, Heho etc. It is for others to find out why from Rakhine – Sittwe & Thandwe travelling in fully booked planes and busses was permitted – not cared about by the COVID19 Task Force Myanmar ?? With the bitter food to eat for every one today in Yangon ).

So just in front of Mindat gate at early morning we learnt ” NO ENTRY for the Chefs with the 5020 kg Food Aid to Chin Communities ” – all were quick temperature checked by a mix of all GAD & Police at Mindat overnight established gate. We and poor villagers were stopped for Right – Health and Liked. In front of our eyes and cameras so ” ZERO COVID19 Law Enforcement to the Rich Class in Myanmar by Mindat Police and GAD “.  As usual still in today s Myanmar ” Lugy ” biggest cars VIP – Pajero s drove through the Police and Kayaka gates ” Not Checked – Not Temperature taken “. Every one knew ” This is Myanmar ” so no one cared to much. Each poor family on a bike with three – kid in the middle and chicken on bamboo basket at back were ” Harsh Worded “ near bullied to stand and follow a ” Mindat GAD Text Book of Covid19 Law Enforcement – We liked it as it could save lives. So in reality the GAD & Mindat Police efforts would become useless once one in the ” LUGY – VIP ” can brings the COVID19 Virus into town or some of his guests in the car. We counted 1 Big Car over 10 times crossing the Check point Un controlled – and were even not Mindat people.  Be VIP ” is a near free to do anything at all time Ticket still in Democratic Myanmar, a generational issue – young , modern and by internet global news informed and  educated NEW Generations of young Myanmar long time do not like to accept anymore. Equal rights and Equal treatment – so more expect from Elder Myanmar ” Equal Follow the rules by a honest heart and commend sense “ young Myanmar, ” Mind setting their way of Healthy Community ” through Myanmar. ( Just when Myanmar`s State Counselor had a verbal fist onto the tables last week, things started to move at Law Enforce standards,- with first great success the new Government stroke through criminals, their ” protectors ” and ” Business VIP based ” communities all over Myanmar from 4. to 10.9.20 against illegal sexual exploitation, illegal business and braking of all COVID19 Health Care Laws and Rules,- ( all of course were only possible with Security Units – ” Closed eyes & ears back up ” )   a state of the art – first time nation wide Law Enforcement which brings hope to normal people in Myanmar: New Light of Myanmar news 12.9.20 ).     

Our plan was clear and aim of WCWB – Myanmar Chefs, as Code of Conduct ” Safety for all and all Families First “. We never needed to be in side of Mindat. The overnight established gate was best for us. We quickly downloaded as the truck arrived to smaller three wheeler trucks for direct distribution to homes of elder and for orphanage. The rest Mindat MCA Chefs volunteering with Chef Dominic sent over 4000 kg to the Mindat MCA dry storage. From here all multi ethnic & multi religious communities came ( social distancing & with small amount of group leaders ) and picked their food aid share up,- others Chef Dominic & Mindat Chefs delivered in small groups ” Face Masks on and Social Distanced ” mostly just dropped at a places gate for the communities to take it in later by them self.    

Message and Audit Confirmation by Chef Dominic 3.9.20: 

“…. Dear Chef,

We arranged all over 4000 kg food and beverage donation for Mindat mixed communities with one more monastery the     . Two catholic boarding houses as the     . As well two more Catholic Nuns boarding houses. Than also to one Baptist boarding house at . As documentation we also shared to the Mindat General Administration Department of Khayaka – District,-  Mayaka – Township and the Myanmar Police Force families of Mindat District. Next to Home of Elder also now arranged to: 

1) Secret Heart Parish – Perish priest – Fr. Joseph Se Thang & St. Francis Convent-Sr.Celina Shing Yaung

2) Ce Cheh Paris – Fr. John Om Se (Parish Priest) & Little Way Of St.Theresa (Sr. Asaumpta Cha Tee).

3) Lukse village  Parish – Fr. Nicholas Hung Thang Se (Parish priest) & St.Francis Convent (Sr.Naw E La) 

4) Kee Tha Parish Village (Fr. Nicholas Khui Shing Tam)

5) Htim Chaung Parish (Catechist) – Daw Bu Sein.

Thank you for your great effort METRO Myanmar & MCA Chef`s. Sincerely yours Dominic Mang ( Chin MCA – MCA International  ) Mindat Chin State 3.9.20…. “


At the sideline MCA discussed with the Chairman & small team of Chin Fruit & Vegetable Association of how to promote Chin Mountain fruits, vegetables and flowers to all Myanmar Culinary Scene for domestic and international tourism – as well how to promote these Chin specialties for Export from Myanmar. Chefs and MCA Myanmar plays a wider role here since years mainly through USAid & Winrock to show in how many ways chefs can transform Avocados, Fruits & Melons in modern cooked – traditional way as well created new & popular recipes to boost sales also for Chin Farmers. Elephant Jam, Coffee and Passion Fruit are on our all list to use more and create ” Yummy Food Dishes ” and support this way also Chin Farmers. 

We like to thank here very much to U Shein of Oasis ECO Lodge Resort in the Mountain Forest overlooking the wide valley s nature, just below the Mindat new gate for all his Hospitality to Myanmar Chefs & World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar.

Thanks also to Chefs Zin Myo Nwe, Hlaing Tun Oo@Moe, Giacomo, Khin Khet Khet Khaing, ( Chef Ye Nanda Khin for his commitment ) for all their time and energy contributed which was awarded by a great Chin Cuisine cooking under the Stars and in the forest of Oasis ECO Lodge Mindat on 28.8.20 by Chef Dominic Mang and his volunteer Chin Chefs. 

MCA presented a great Cook Book to Chefs Dominic and World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar a ” WCWB – CSR Apron ” as special thank you for all care and arrangements to us chefs in and from Mindat. So also for all his time taken and arrangements to share with the Chin multiple Communities. Arrangements with all higher authorities for this most successful Food Aid  Donation made possible by METRO Myanmar, here Mrs Sue Yee Mon. 

All Chefs travel arrangements were sponsored by Laguna ECO Lodge – Ngapali Beach Front – Rakhine State with much compliments for all Myanmar.

Thank YOU Chef Dominic, Thank YOU METRO Myanmar,…

Myanmar CSR  “Chefs Social Responsibility” @ COVID19 times in UNITY

Oliver E Soe Thet

World Chefs Without Borders 

Environmentalist & Chef

Myanmar Chefs Association

Yangon 12.9.2020 – Myanmar

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