MCA – WCWB Food Aid Kanpetlet, (Kampalet) Chin State 30.8.20

METRO Myanmar & Chefs Social Responsibility 

Donation World Chefs Without Borders Myanmar  :

1.796.120 Kyat = 1.282.94 $ US @ 185,12 kg Dry Food

A great cooperation of WCWB, MCA & Chin State MHA with METRO Myanmar

,….World Chefs Without Borders,- Myanmar met U Shein a real Philanthropist – low profile,- so always soft voices and positive smiling,- and with all his many years knowledge still asks for advise to do and to be better. For Nature, For Chin State, For Value for Money hospitality in Myanmar. He is the Chairman of Chin State`s Myanmar Hotel Association, a Myanmar Forestry Expert and Environmentalist. He was main in charge to set up Mt Victoria National Park ( a preserved Forest area since 1936 ) now an ASEAN Heritage Park since 2012. U Shein the owner of Oasis ECO Resort in Mindat he was just busy building up a new Chin & International Cuisine restaurant for his young daughter ( learnt at Melia Yangon and plans for Le Planteur Kitchen experience )met the Myanmar WCWB volunteer team with MCA Chin leader Dominic Mang. It took just minutes to reroute our return from WCWB Chin Food Aid tour through south Chin State, via the high altitude mountain road to Kanpetlet next to Mt. Victoria. Chef Dominic arranged all logistics, we arranged METRO Food items for the Orphanage & Vocational Training center in Kanpetlet. The next morning all Chefs & Ma Su Yee Mon of METRO Myanmar started at 5:30 am. At Kanpetlet we checked in quick at the Mountain Oasis Kanpetlet ECO Resort, had a short lunch and U Shein already there arranged all transport and Donation & Food Aid delivery METRO Myanmar – MCA & World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar to the Chin Orphanage in Kantpetlet ( Kampalet ). Outstanding was the weaving vocational training center for the elder orphans weaving Chin Traditional pattern and convert into top modern clothing, bags, hat – even Chef Hats. Quick all WCWB Myanmar Chefs took the chance and bought these outstanding beauty and quality products. U Shein than introduced us to ” Kan Pearl – Tradition Chin Cuisine “, for the top Chin Jerky of ” MYTHUN ”  (Nanauk), Chin spicy Bamboo shoots, Chin Mythun Rice Soup, Mythun Skin Salad, Millet Chin Soup and drink Kaung Yee from Chin fermented Millet. Thank YOU U Shein for supporting the WCWB – MCA Myanmar team at and during our Aid Donation tour for Chin communities with METRO Myanmar. We learnt a lot about the Chin culinary traditions as well lifestyle. With his daughter loving cooking and cooked for the whole group the second dinner a wonderful meal,- MCA Chin Chef Dominic, U Shein is happy to support Chin Chefs and Chin Cuisine to reach the world. MCA & WCWB is more than happy to strengthen ties with U Shein s Culinary group and even more as his Hotel Manager Bonnaventura is Dominic Mangs school class mate from Mindat . Great work by all chefs as Chef Moe, Zin Myo Nwe, Khet Khet, Oliver, Young Myanmar Chef Giacomo,- ( with Chef Ye Nanda Khin had to stay with his mother last moment in Yangon ) and Ma Su Yee Mon as representative of METRO Myanmar. —- Thanks to all supporter, yours Oliver E Soe Thet , Myanmar Chefs Association – World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar, Kanpetlet – Chin State Myanmar, 30.8.2020        

Thank YOU Chef Dominic Mang to open a NEW World to us within Myanmar

30.8.2020 @ Chin State Kanpetlet,- to Kanpetlet Orphanage & Vocational Training Center

–   3 box Sweet Soy Sauce , 1 l x 12 =       / 36 l

–   3 box Dark Soy Sauce , 0,623 x 12 = 36 bot / 22,42 l

– 5 box Sweet Chili Sauce , 0,7 x 12 = 36 bot / 36 l

–   2 box Oyster Sauce , 0,7 x 12 = 24 bot / 17,5 l

–   2 box Coffee Bean , 4 x 3 kg  = 8 pack / 24 kg

–   5 box Fruit Juice , 1 l x 12 = 60 pack / 60 l

–   2 bag Baking Flour, 2 x 50 kg = 100 kg

– 10 box Dark Soy  24 x 0,15 = 240 bot / 36 l

–   5 box Sushi Sauce 24 x 0,15 = 120 bot / 18 l

–   2 bag Top Baking Flour 2 x 50 kg = 100 kg

Total Handed over to the Kanpelet Orphanage at gate: 161,12 Ltr, 124 kg Food Aid = 185,12 KG 


 Value Donation of WCWB Food Aid by METRO Myanmar               : 1.141.120 Kyat /    815,00 $ US

Logistics Cost by MCA, Laguna ECO Lodge Ngapali Beach Sponsor :     655.000 Kyat /    467.85 $ US

Total Value of Donation World Chefs Without Borders Myanmar  :

1.796.120 Kyat = 1.282.94 $ US @ 185,12 kg Dry Food

Oliver E Soe Thet, 

MCA – WCWB 30.8.2020 Kanpetlet ( Kampalet ) – Chin State within the Union of Myanmar

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