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WCWB – helps change lives, ensure normal eating first time, Myanmar 2019 – 2020, MCA Medical Aid

C.S.R. – Chefs Social Responsibility …..23 years now already Chefs Social Responsibility in partnership with World Chefs Without Borders, Interplast Germany, USA and Switzerland,- German/Myanmar Dental Education & Public Dental Health care. Over the past 11 years running usually from October to March also as ” Health Food for Healthy Teeth “, and ” Normal…
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September 23, 2019 0

A Great Loss for all Hearing Impaired Chefs of Myanmar

Mauricio Mandl passed away un expected in his home Italy, – Mauricio founded the Red Elephant – Deaf Chefs Myanmar CSO in Yangon where he started some 4 years ago at Marry Chapman School for the hearing impaired cooking classes with MCA members & culinary well know chefs Zin Myo Ngwe & Chef Kyaw Kyaw.…
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September 19, 2019 0

1. Plastic Waste Bank in Myanmar ,— Trade Plastic Waste for your Benefits,- Winning Together

“…Gather Together, Reveal Value & Love People …”, Laguna Lodge awards active Ngapali Beach Guests,- Waste Reduction as a Currency to Trade with,- ..….. at Ngapali Beach – South Rakhine,- Laguna Lodge  ECO Hotel, starts a new initiative of ” Give Hands for Thoughts “. As Tourism – Community exchange,- mindful supporting & understanding the…
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September 16, 2019 0

Food Safety Forum

September 11, 2019 0

Join this most important for a Chef, – ” Food Safety & Hygiene ” Forum 2019 in Yangon

Dear All Chefs in Myanmar Pls register and try to Join this most important for a Chef, – ” Food Safety & Hygiene ” Forum 2019 in Yangon  Forum will be on 28th September,9 to 5 PM @ University of Yangon. GOLDERN JUBILEE HALL.,Pyay road. Thanks wish you take the chance to attend and be…
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September 9, 2019 0

Myanmar Chefs Conquer the Global Culinary world on 7.9.19

Myanmar Chefs Associations – MCA Professional Chefs won the prestigious ” Best of all Culinary Team Award 2019 “ as team at Food Hotel Thailand in Bangkok , Thailand International Culinary Cup …. MCA Professional Chefs followed the invitation of Myanmar Chefs Association with three professional Chefs and won 7 Top Medals & the Super…
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September 9, 2019 0

MCA YOUNG Chefs International support Myanmar Team at TICC Bangkok 2019

Thailand` s Food Hotel Thailand Young MCA International Chef Hein Thu leads & Rakhine Chef Ivan …..under the lead of MCA YOUNG International Chef Hein Thu ( his logistical background in Bangkok and fluent in Thai Language makes it more easy and quick for the MCA team to arrange all ). MCA chefs prepare in…
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September 3, 2019 0

Myanmar`s Professional Chefs are,- Sure NOT ONLY TV MasterChef`s

…..there is no secrete that in Myanmar everyone can be at a time and his be anything,- just dress as ” Something “. Some dress in orange, some in white, others in green, and so on. Myanmar people in general are good hearten and quick believers – so due to a certain education over the…
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