MAX – U Zaw Zaw supports Myanmar Health System with Quarantine Facilities 22.3.2020

MAX – U Zaw Zaw supports Myanmar Health System with Quarantine Facilities 22.3.2020

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U Zaw Zaw can motive Myanmar Chefs as active front runner 

Myanmar Chefs & CSR Partner Can be Stand By to help the Helping…

… President of Myanmar Football Federation and Chairman of AYA Bank and MAX Myanmar supports Myanmar Health System in Corona 19 Virus times. U Zaw Zaw sets up a housing facility for Myanmar people coming back from neighbor countries where the Corona 19 virus spread already. So there migrant workers can find a place to quarantine for 14 days after arrival in a good environment – sponsored by MAX Myanmar – AYA Bank as understood. Thailand sees at present all new Corona Virus positive people are Thai people which came back from other corona virus effected countries and not from Foreign Tourists.

Needless to say how important U Zaw Zaw s volunteer support to Myanmar community is,- he was also main instrumental to build the Yankin Child Hospital years ago. U Zaw Zaw also supports since weeks the Waibagyi Hospital in Yangon where Corona virus suspects were tested and stayed in quarantine over the past 2 month s already ( No person jet is tested positive in Myanmar for Corona 19 Virus – all tests were done with Singapore Virus tests kits ).

Over 80 Myanmar Drs already registered as Volunteer for a situation where medical man power is needed in Myanmar. Every one – everywhere in Myanmar can contribute his share. Stay together and overcome what in so many countries amounted to a great disaster now.

Myanmar Chefs, WCWB & CSR Partner Can be Stand By to help the Helping…

Imagine your Hotel, Bar, Restaurant is closed,- why not health Save & coordinated help people which help others,- Imagine your Owner, GM, Boss & Company support s you to Help Myanmar as Chef. Chefs are experts in Logistics, Hygiene, Nutrition, Food & Personal Hygiene, Logistics, Cooking of Healthy Meals, Waste management. Imagine you are a Company in Myanmar with best CSR ethics with Logistics and healthy Food & beverages, Call us MCA.

Chefs could also register as ” Stand by Volunteers ” for an emergency situation,- where maybe at a time / a place mass cooking need to be done. A scenario we do not want to think about and which is not needed at present. So be prepared and start a ” E Mail/ Phone / SMS / Whats Up – ” MCA / WCWB network Corona 19 Group, Myanmar “.

Chefs & CSR Partner can Ensure that in an emergency situation not only patients but also the Volunteer helpers, Drs, Nurses and other Staff have always Healthy – Nutrition Rich Meals during the than usually ” Round the Clock Duty “. Support they get Rest and Energy again.

Info Contact : Ma Khine Khet Khet Khet Khaing, MCA Secretary at MCA Office: 01 501123 / / / Andrew Tin Shwe,>;;

Lets as Chefs support where Health Wise possible all Myanmar this Time…

all attached pictures from past Chefs Social Responsibility – Myanmar

The health and security of each Chef, members and volunteer of course must stand always at the first, the top and most important to be ensures at any time.  There is always space, time & chance to be there for others in need,- Chefs Social Responsibility. Coordinated, Well managed, Safety, Healthy – Future Oriented, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet, World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar & Global Board

President Myanmar Chefs Association

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