WCWB Chefs CSR & Melons for Myanmar

WCWB Chefs CSR & Melons for Myanmar

March 13, 2020 Events General News 0

Chefs Social Responsibility support Farmers in Myanmar during ” Corona “

supported by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi – ” Myanmar Helps Myanmar ”

Yangon 29.2.2020 to 4,3,2020

…. at the initiative of Daw Thuzar Myint Myanmar VP of MCA more than 35 Myanmar Chefs Association members from Yangon joined the by Deputy Minister for Commerce U Aung Thu initiative to boost, promote and educate on the many new ways to use of Water & Musk Melons in Yangon and all Myanmar Domestic Market.

all arrangements by Yangon State & City Government and Myanmar Melon Producer and Exporter Association.

Aim was to build awareness and new domestic markets within Myanmar and here Yangon and through all media covered of how more than just eat fresh grown water melon and musk melons.

To boost sales again after the negative effects from closed border trade to China in North Myanmar. Just at main harvest time – China the 80 % export market for Myanmar melon growers. The Border was closed due to the new CORONA 19 virus and all trading stopped, kept the melon growers and traders off the hock and quickly prizes plunged over 50 % of sales rate before the virus. The U Aung Thu quickly initiated new markets, new trends and concentration on sales at domestic market with incentives for space and permits.

One incentive in cooperation with Yangon PM U Phyo Myint Thein was the awareness building and educational ” Watermelon & Musk Melon Festival ” at Yangon s Kandawgyi park from 29.2. to 4.3.2020.

The Booth were all free of charge provided,- Daw Thuzar Myint lead the MCA team,- Ma Khin Khet Khet Khaing mobilized all Yangon Chefs and majority MCA YOUNG Chefs Myanmar. With Chefs Ye Nanda Khin and Culinary Artist Chef Thein Naing took the lead in all booth arrangements and coordination, decoration.— Chef Nanda took 6 big booth for MCA Chefs in Yangon.

Next to general Culinary Education the highlight was for the MCA Chefs in Yangon to show how Melons can be used more and different from just eating fresh and raw.

Culinary Artist Chef Thein Naing built an army of young Artists – Fruit Carver with best carving designs, logos of the event . Chef Thein Naing also gave fruit carving lessons to the many people visiting the show. The top student art Culinary Art & Melon carving was at the end Ma Khet Khet – General Secretary and founding member of MCA,- continue her new skills now at home with daily training.

Black Box Nanda Water & Musk Melon,- an Event he likes it most,….

… just as Chef Nanda likes it and is most successful,– a theme , some ingredients and take it all from here, a real Melon Black Box – ” Out of the Box ” Culinary event. Creating Water & Musk melons, as salads, cocktails, soups, in curries, cocktail snacks, desserts,…. here we could see Chef Nanda, with Zwe Pyae Paing, Dominic, Harry, Bernard ( which represented MCA at all TV & ,media ), Lwin Oo, Zin Myo Nwe, A Bar John, Pastry Chef Sai with family, Yan Naing, all support. Every Chef at his convenience and time available,– some for a view hours some all days with one goal: ” Myanmar Chefs Social Responsibility – help the Melon Farmers of Myanmar to find new markets, new ways of marketing water & musk melons,- rather than the traditionally in Myanmar just eat fresh or drink of Melons… “  

It was knowledge sharing on Melon with the opening ceremony on 29th February,2020, Saturday, @ 1:30pm. Ma Khet Khet together with senior Myanmar movie giants as Lwin Moe or Yan Aung, Yangon Prime Minister Phyo Myint Thein also Mr Matt ,Head of USAID joined the cutting of the ribbon . Supported by MCA – WCWB Myanmar, MOC,MOLA, U MFCCI, the Yangon Mayer. Well done and initiated by Daw Thu Zar Myint ( Chemical Engineer & Food Technologist ) Shwe Yin Mar Coffee. MCA s V.P. and since years expert and leading in Food Safety, Food Hygiene and Nutrition. Another great achievement of hear main goal – Public Awareness and Education in modern food science and healthy food handling.

Also supported were former beneficiaries of Melon Value Chain in Dry Zone projected funded by USAID who has visited to United States Melon Industry an are now trying to apply several events and design of Georgia Melon Festival and California Melon Festival to this event.

This event was supported by Myanmar Chefs Association & World Chefs Without Borders Myanmar – ” CSR – give back & share with society when needed ” – it was organized by MFVP, MoC and MoALI. in attendance were Union Minister of Commerce, other Union and Regional Ministers of Planning and Finance, Foreign Economic Relation and Investment, Agriculture, and Mayor will join opening. There were Melon and Horticulture Farmers and SMEs from Sagaing/Mandalay/Magway Regions.

The festival was a great success,- as so many Ministries, Departments, Associations and Civil Societies joined for the same cause ” Myanmar Supports Myanmar ” a fantastic event which show that when standing together as a Union much more energy can move mountains  – here Melon Mountains stranded by a Corona 19 virus outbreak in China which closed the Myanmar – Chinese borders just at the time when Melon harvest was at the peak of the year and the planned 80 % of it got stuck to rot at just these Chinese Borders.

A big lesson that one should not count on one horse only in a challenging race, that markets should be careful spread and a monopoly might looks good at a beginning so can one press also quick again a wall,- be it the Great Wall with no quick alternatives at hand.

It is wise always to share and care to many sides,- to many markets and build partner and friendship with many different partners for a sustainable and long term healthy growth. Maybe at the end a good lesson for Myanmar and Myanmar s Trade & Commerce community to build quick new friendships,- markets as well stay away from over productions – not to exploit soils , use chemicals for more and more fast – to have nature well considered for a long term business which keeps also space for many generations to come in , from and for Myanmar.  With best Greetings and thanks for the outstanding best arrangements in each ones field for this Melon Festival as by MCA Chef Ye Nanda Khin & Culinary Artist Chef Thein Naing from Yangon, Daw Thuzar Myint as initiator for Myanmar chefs to participate at such noble course

in Community activities and Chefs Social Responsibility and much respect to Ma Khin Khet Khet Khaing for all arrangements with MCA Myanmar Office for utensils and arrangements of so many Chefs supporting the event specially with so many YOUNG Chefs of Myanmar,- here many in the Culinary Art and Fruit Carving field, show and training to visitors…  


  • Melon farming is highly profitable, but the debt burden arising from the corona virus crisis may arrest the momentum of the melon value chain.
  • Emergency loans are necessary to mitigate liquidity shortage at producers, Muse brokers, and input suppliers.
  • To help the government help the melon value chain, melon growers need to assist MFVP to quantify their damage and liquidity needs.

Oliver E Soe Thet,– Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders

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