Rakhine Online Chefs Education despite Internet Shut Down,- Myanmar

Rakhine Online Chefs Education despite Internet Shut Down,- Myanmar

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World Chefs Academy Certification to Sweet – Rakhine Chefs from                 

Mrauk Oo, Mimbya & Ngapali Beach in Myanmar 2.2020

WORLDCHEFS Academy for Myanmar Chefs is available Free of Charge through: WorldChefsAcademy@myanmarchefs.com

…..with the great support of World Chefs global secretary Chef Cornelia Volino ( former all Americans Chefs president ) and World Chefs Education Master John Clancy I was able to arrange for rural area as Rakhine State – Myanmar Chefs the World Chefs Academy Certification,-  supported by the Myanmar Chefs Association,- MCA.


The WORLDCHEFS Academy was officially launched by World Chefs Association of Chefs Societies at its 38th Biennial Congress, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 11-14, 2018. Myanmar Chefs Association – MCA, founded in 1996 and full World Chefs member since 1998 attended the World Chefs Congress in KL 2018 and took direct account on the fantastic Educational Project,- this way for every chef also in Myanmar s rural,- even in areas with Internet Black Out available. A culinary online education project also to download and working when one is offline. This was the perfect solution to many Rakhine Chefs in Myanmar as Internet is always not the best, never fast and at present even by the Myanmar government on Army s request totally black out – cut in 9 Townships in North Rakhine. The online – to download World Chefs Academy Certification program enabled this way the past 9 months many Rakhine Chefs to achieve a 3 month study of the World Chefs – highest international culinary teaching standards and join the individual online – ” 60 questions EXAM ” and receive individual World Chefs Culinary Certification – the very first Chefs in Myanmar.


First ever Myanmar Chef s,- 16 Rakhine Chefs achieved the World Chefs

Academy ” Pre – Commis ” Certificate, Awarded this March 2020.


” Professionalism ” – ” Hygiene & Sanitation ” – ” Culinary Theory ” – ” Nutrition ”          ” Professional Cooking ” – ” Kitchen Operation ” are the 7 modules ….


WORLDCHEFS Academy, was established to offer culinary education to aspiring students,- as young Rakhine Chefs, that not have the means, mobility or flexibility to attend full-time culinary school, only in far and costly Yangon available. The WORLDCHEFS Academy is Free of Charge and open to anyone, no matter what background or current skills-level. 

Chefs can learn through the web-based platform or via the mobile & an offline study mode, complete the total course free of charge between 2 to 3 month ( 6 month s time is available to fulfill ),- then simply need to go back online when ready to complete the final assessment and pass the International EXAM.


…….After I started with 35 North & South Rakhine Chefs, they just needed to download all in one or one by one,- than work through and get after 2 to 3 month to the final EXAM. 60 questions await the chefs, all in English ( here direct an upgrade and an awareness of the importance of English knowledge as Chef are most positive educational side effects ).  Each chef works with his personal entry number / password, which is with his name recognized and authenticity checked by World Chefs each time a chef logs in to the program ” with by him first registered PC, Laptop or Mobile phone for the next lesson. The Chef alone determined the speed of study, depending on time as well general understanding and English skills. One can also go through a lesson a second and a third time everyone is his own teacher.

Best employer practice by Mrs. Sue Ozturk & Yoma Cherry Hotel, Vera Thompson English School, fantastic learning place for Chefs in rural Rakhine


When I informed through the Rakhine – Myanmar Chefs Association also Mrs Sue, of Yoma Cherry Hotel she direct registered as the first from all her 5 chefs for the first ever ” Myanmar World Chefs Academy Certification ” project. As not all her chefs were well in English, some were not experts in Computer – IT. Mrs Sue Ozturk arranged for all 5 chefs at same time a ” Daily Online Culinary School – Education ” via World Chefs Academy Certification program – online as well downloaded. She assisted the 5 young Rakhine Chefs all with one IT Computer teacher as well one English teacher. Next to Chef Ye Minn of Pristine Mermaid which as first passed the World Chefs EXAM,- it is needless to say these 5 Rakhine chefs of Yoma Cherry were the following first chefs in Myanmar at all to pass and were Awarded the ” World Chefs Academy Pre Commis ” certification. The biggest thank you for best employer practice we like to refer to Mrs Sue Ozturk, hands on care for her staffs education.


Excellent Certification for one Chef or provide Theoretical Component to Apprentices.


For Rakhine Chefs I had chosen the Monsoon Season between July and October where usually all Chefs have the most time when Hotels are in ” Green Season ” Tourism Business the daily on job pressure is much lower. As well the Chefs community of the R – MCA Rakhine Myanmar Chefs Association has a strong friendship to each other with chefs meet often together,- the Chefs Chapter in Myanmar with a wide well trained and many years experienced,- majority women chefs. So all never had the chance to enter a Culinary Institute,- never got the chance past 20 years to enter an educational or vocational training course . All is usually ” Home to Kitchen and  Kitchen to Home “,- well trained on the job as Ngapali Beach and Rakhine Tourism is historically a very high end Culinary Hospitality Industry.  So no paper, no certification to show for further study or be recognized as a ” Professional Chef of Myanmar “.     

“For us as Myanmar Chefs Association like for WORLDCHEFS, it is important to give aspiring individuals in this Myanmar hospitality industry the opportunity for a proper, well researched and developed learning system from a-to-z. Ensuring that this opportunity is available all over Myanmar. Here specially to the many remote areas and in rural area Tourism destinations with mainly local hospitality investment and than usually non or near to no Culinary Education system available,- but the daily practical professional live cooking only. Allowing these ” Education wise under privileged Chefs ” as many Rakhine Chefs over 20 years in Myanmar also to really build on their career, from scratch and at Best International, – The World Chefs training standard. I am planning to have same available for Chefs in Ancient Bagan ( UNESCO Cultural Heritage ), Mon State, Chin State and Kayah State rural areas with high tourism potential with the support of there senior MCA members as mentors.


MCA Myanmar brings World Chefs Academy Certification now to all Chefs,…

Register Today as well – Be World Chefs Academy Certified


A next step will be also a by Nay Pyi Taw MCA Chairman Chef Romeo Thu guided ” World Chefs Academy 1. Certification Course ” soon to start. It is important for me that the individual MCA Chefs chapter chairmen and committees also do the World Chefs Academy themself. Simply to know what is on the program and help – guide and support the MCA member chefs as well MCA NON Members for this fantastic Free of Charge ” Global Standard Culinary Education Certification System ” for Chefs.


Upon completion of its first course for the pre-commis chef, participants will have learnt the theory required to complete an online assessment and receive their WORLDCHEFS pre-commis chef certificate and badge – an important first step for anyone looking to apply for employment in a professional kitchen. The Program links to the Worldchefs Certification and is intended to be the first step on the culinary career path. The successful passed Chef will get an official World Chefs Academy certificate of achievement.

“Worldchefs Academy will make it possible for any person in rural areas as Rakhine, Chin, Mon, Kayah,- in education facility wise, ” under developed ” areas of Myanmar. Like anywhere in the world, that wants to enter the culinary industry, to get a solid professional foundation and apply for their first culinary job, promote them self, make their skills & position clear  with more ease and confidence .† 

WORLDCHEFS Academy for Myanmar all Chefs / Pastry Chefs available Free now at: WorldChefsAcademy@myanmarchefs.com

Welcome to WORLDCHEFS Academy to Myanmar Chefs

Sign up for World Chefs easy to follow FREE Pre-Commis Chef training program and in as little as 3 months, or sooner, you could be ready for EXAM at World Chefs standard .

MCA Chefs will guide you through World Chefs Academy. YOUR Password – register at : WorldChefsAcademy@myanmarchefs.com


ABOUT Myanmar Chefs Association full member within WORLDCHEFS

The Myanmar Chefs Association is as a full member since 1998 in and as World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WORLDCHEFS) a non-political professional organization, dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines as well promoting with modern dietary and cooking techniques all Myanmar Ethnic & Traditional Cuisines. We stand for ZERO Single Use Plastic,- ZERO Food Waste,- ZERO Hunger. We accomplish these goals through education and professional development of our in Myanmar Chefs by MCA chapter leadership groups in line with the international World Chefs membership, through skills-building and competitions, and through sustainability and humanitarian initiatives. We as Myanmar Chefs Association follow ” World Chefs Code of Conduct ” & care for others regardless of race, color, religion with frequent ” Chefs Social Responsibility “ projects by the MCA chapters. Myanmar Chefs Association respects and honors World Chefs as the authority and opinion leader on food, WORLDCHEFS represents a global voice on all issues related to the culinary profession. Any member of Myanmar chefs Association is also direct a full member of World

Chefs to benefit from all World Chefs global, network, trainings, support. Visit: www.myanmarchefs.com


Yours, Oliver E Soe Thet,- Myanmar Chefs Association, Ngapali Beach – Sweet Rakhine, 12.3.2020


CONTACT: Myanmar Chefs Association /  WORLDCHEFS Academy

Boe Moe Street 30, 5th Fl, A/B, Minigone // Telephone: + 95 1 501123 // 9 5138411  / Email: WorldChefsAcademy@myanmarchefs.com


See Below all Rakhine Chefs which passed already World Chefs Certificate.

The Culinary Education Program is ongoing with more chefs to pass..  

First Myanmar Chefs ever passed World Chefs Academy Certification are:

Khin Susan – Art of Sand

Aye Su Mon – Art of Sand

Ye Minn – Pristine Mermaid Ngapali

Soe Ko Ko – Amata

Nway Naing Oo – Amata

Ye Min Paing – Yoma Cherry

Wai Wai Thin – Yoma Cherry

Khin Soe – Yoma Cherry

Aung Zin Phyo – Yoma Cherry

Kyaw Zin Phyu – Yoma Cherry

Win Ko Naing – Jasmin Ngapali

Mya Win – Jasmin Palace

Phyu Wai Aung – Tawin Nan Shi Sha Bar

Tun Yadanar – Jasmin Ngapali

Aung Chit Oo – Art of Sand

Chit Oo Ko Ko – Jasmin Ngapali

Thet Paing Tun – Jasmin Ngapali

Kaung Myat Shein – Amazing

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