Rakhine World Chefs Without Borders cooks 600 meals for Poor, Old and Hospital Patients Thandwe, Myanmar

Rakhine World Chefs Without Borders cooks 600 meals for Poor, Old and Hospital Patients Thandwe, Myanmar

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Rakhine Chefs Social Responsibility October 2019

600 meals of Rich, Healthy VEGAN meals Potato, Chick Pea Curry s, plus 800 Shrimp Noodle Soups, 400 Blueberry Muffins, 1000 Soft Drinks, 200 Vegi Pizza….

ZERO Plastic = all Aid Food Container were Biodegradable, by METRO

….. Rakhine World Chefs Without Borders Chefs ( Rakhine MCA ) cooked up a storm as Chefs Social Responsibility – Rakhine Aid, for the Thandwe – Rakhine community, the poor, the old, all patients & family members at the Thandwe District Hospital and Children of Shwe Sandaw Pagoda quarter. 600 meals of Rich & Healthy VEGAN Curry s with Potato & with Chick Pea s, 800 Shrimp Noodle Soups, 400 Blueberry Muffins and 1000 Soft Drinks, 200 Vegi Pizza….

The Young Rakhine Chefs,  70% all Women Rakhine Chefs of Ngapali Beach Hotels cooked the curries while Chef Aung Chit Oo ( Art of Sand ) with his staff had all the Pizza bakes at three story oven.

Dagon Beverages and METRO Myanmar supported the RCA – Rakhine WCWB Chefs with food and beverage items,– enough for a Fun Lunch under Palm Trees, Blue Sky, also to have for all Rakhine Chefs ( 70 % are women top class chefs with many years experience through most high class hospitality at Ngapali Beach ) a great Pizza and Soft Drink Lunch with Malta Fresh & Blue Cola at the Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotels Ngapali Beach Front Garden.

Chef Tin Tun ( Bayview ) lead with a trail of 5 three wheel WCWB Aid trucks the whole group to Thandwe after Chef Mg Mg with all his chefs finished the fantastic VEGA Curries with much Rakhine Cuisine flavors.

The Thandwe Home of the Aged with Mrs Khine at lead was the first stop, preparing all meals for early Dinner to the near 100 people there ,- than all Chefs & Young Chefs handed out the Blueberry Muffins, Soft Drinks and Shrimp Noodle Soup to all the elder people at this heaven within the harsh daily reality of live in Rakhine State.

The eldest is 105 years old an elegant lady with still is mobile, – while another one was a Theater Dancer now 102 years, when Mrs Khine talks to her she starts a 2 minutes dance performance – sings like a bird and than remains like a Puppet back to her bed… The Home of Aged was build and is funded by Swiss Philanthropists which came as tourists to Ngapali Beach.


Next station was 450 patients and their families at the Thandwe District Hospital, – with extra VEGI Pizza,- the rest menu was the same as at Home of Aged. With big smiles most Women Chefs delivered all the meals and soft drinks to the long lines of people.

After this all Rakhine WCWB Chefs drove to a more poor peoples quarter below Shwe Sandaw Pagoda and opened the free VEGAN Curries Aid , Mobile Kitchen Truck for all Children of the neighborhood with Soft Drinks and Japan Noodle Soup.  Here all arranged by RCA Chairman Chef Mya Win ( Jasmine Ngapali Hotel ) , after a rest the Chefs Train of three wheel trucks went back to Ngapali Beach – a well done great job of Rakhine World Chefs Without Borders, Myanmar.

Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon

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