A Great Loss for all Hearing Impaired Chefs of Myanmar

A Great Loss for all Hearing Impaired Chefs of Myanmar

September 19, 2019 Events General News 0

Mauricio Mandl passed away un expected in his home Italy, – Mauricio founded the Red Elephant – Deaf Chefs Myanmar CSO in Yangon where he started some 4 years ago at Marry Chapman School for the hearing impaired cooking classes with MCA members & culinary well know chefs Zin Myo Ngwe & Chef Kyaw Kyaw. At same time Mauricio tired less ensured that his deaf Chef students got best places to work and earn an equal salary to their hearing chefs in top Hotels and best Restaurants of Yangon & Myanmar. Many of them are today outstanding Chefs and backbones of these kitchens with some winning International Culinary challenges as at 2019 Food Hotel Myanmar with 1. Prize & Gold Medal Awards.

Needless to say that this is at present a great loss for all hearing impaired Chefs in Myanmar,– so at same time it must be an outstanding motivation for every one which was and is still involved in this highly Chefs Social Responsibility project,- to ensure that Mauricio s work to ensure that ” Everyone Can be Trained to be a Great Chef “. Several of his deaf chefs Students are sure already able to lead such team.

Let` s all assist the Red Elephant Chefs and show The Project Is On;

” ….. Chefs are Chefs ….. “, yours

Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon 18.9.2019 Myanmar

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