1. Plastic Waste Bank in Myanmar ,— Trade Plastic Waste for your Benefits,- Winning Together

1. Plastic Waste Bank in Myanmar ,— Trade Plastic Waste for your Benefits,- Winning Together

September 16, 2019 Events General News 0

“…Gather Together, Reveal Value & Love People …”, Laguna Lodge awards active Ngapali Beach Guests,- Waste Reduction as a Currency to Trade with,-

..….. at Ngapali Beach – South Rakhine,- Laguna Lodge  ECO Hotel, starts a new initiative of ” Give Hands for Thoughts “. As Tourism – Community exchange,- mindful supporting & understanding the importance,- of a clean and healthy Nature in Tourism Destinations for Sustainable Development as to Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State within Myanmar.

We like to support the idea of : … a mission to stop Ocean Plastic by gathering a million people together to monetize, ” Value Waste “, Solid & CO2 Waste,- while providing incentives. Ngapali Plastic Bank can be a root cause solution to prevent the flow of plastic into Ngapali s – Rakhine, Myanmar s,- into our all oceans……

Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel,- Lilli s Beach Front Bar

CO2 & Plastic Waste Reduction Ngapali Beach Project,

Direct Benefits to each Guest, domestic or international to Laguna Lodge & Lilli s Beach Front Bar Ngapali, Rakhine will get:

2 glass Fresh Dagon Draft Beer FOC for every old Cement Bag full of Plastic Waste from Nature or Sea

  plastic delivery to Ngapali Plastic Waste Bank, at Laguna Lodge entrance gate. Cement Bags at Laguna Lodge FO……

– For 3 bag s full will get 2 Traditional Curry meal & 2 Glass of Dagon Draft Beer,– plastic delivery to Ngapali Plastic Waste Bank … at the Main Gate of Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel. 

– Who send Dig pictures of waste in nature, beach sand mining, river fill, Corals on sale. Will get 2 Dagon Draft Beer FOC    ( send with an own Guests commend on environmental issues with date, time, location at Ngapali Beaches to angelatmyanmar@gmail.com  )

– Every two rooms of Laguna Guests which join 1 Taxi to Ngapali airport on departure, Laguna will pay 50 % of Taxi Fee = Reduce CO2 by 50 %

– Guests which no need Hot Water in room at all days of stay will get 10 % ” Green Laguna Lodge ” Discount on Room Rate 


– Guests which plant 20 Mangrove Trees through Laguna Lodge get 1 Rakhine Curry meal and 2 Dagon Draft Beer FOC.   ( Mangroves provided free by Laguna Lodge & Laguna staff to assist with plantation of mangroves ….. ), advance bookings – arrangements…

Ps.: Instead of Dagon Draft Beer can be changed to Tea, Coffee, Refill PH 7 Water,- all drinks NOT in an one way Plastic Bottle.

Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel & Lilli s Beach Front Bar,- will store & sort the plastic waste and lead to Recycling system of Myanmar and own system / use.

More info at : angelatmyanmar@gmail.com // 00 95 (1) 501123, 00 95 43 42 312.


  1. Plastic Bank Myanmar in Ngapali Beach ,…..We can stop ocean plastic.A Plastic Bank is globally recognized as one of the most important solutions to stop Ocean plastic. The only way to stop Ocean plastic is to reveal the value in plastic by transferring as much value as possible into the hands of the collectors. Your contribution means a life changing for the Ngapali Beach,- the all Rakhine & Myanmar communities, encourages more collection, motivate others to follow you as well prevents plastic from entering the ocean at all.

Go Ngapali Tourism – “Plastic Neutral”,— The average person consumes 84 kg of plastic per year, Tourists much more during the Travel days. Start Your Plastic Neutral contribution, ensure the recovery of an equivalent or greater amount of ocean-bound plastic within the Social, Community & you at Tourism Plastic Ecosystem. Become an Ocean Saving Hero or Ocean Saving Champion to recover even more plastic and help to re build communities in need around Ngapali Beach,- Rakhine and all Myanmar. Your positive activity against Plastic is motivation and education to all community as well much Rakhine village, township, district Rakhine State and Myanmar Governments which 20 years ago were Plastic Free. As Ngapali Beach did not see plastic waste in 1995 when Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel project was first established.

The first Plastic Waste arrived possible with Tourism through all domestic Airlines mid to end of 90ties , that time first dumped all food & drink container direct at Beach front behind the Ngapali Mazin Airport just after each landing. Small and biggest, simple & best quality Hotels ( quality means NOT most expensive are best performer here ) dumped their tourism waste into nature until end of 2000… // Today 2019 most Hotels care well about Tourism waste and more: Many Restaurants, Guest Houses, Schools are today to main source of plastic waste in Ngapali Beach & Rakhine s Rivers, Nature, Oceans and Coastal area,- due to a NON interest of village based General Administration leader & staff. Education is abundant,- Law & Nature Law Enforcement non existing here. So the District Municipal Leader since 16 May 2018 in service cleared much already at Thandwe Districts markets as well installed with Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel a special by her TCDC staff Keytaw Beach front daily surface cleaning a success well to build on. Also the all beach front Keytaw changed to near clean under her leadership in less than one year. 

How It Works: …… traditional market prices for plastic are too low to motivate super markets, fish markets, shops, beverage companies or community members to collect. As a result, plastic washes into the oceans. By improving infrastructure and incentivize recovery of plastic waste,- Laguna Lodge & Lilli s Beach Front Bar Ngapali created meaningful, dignified, and beneficial rewards for every one which joins. By your contribution from your Plastic Neutral support during free time. When the value of plastic is revealed, it becomes too valuable to leak into the ocean. This is all made possible by your Plastic Neutral support,- share and tell all your friends about…..

Your Plastic Neutral contribution helps our Ngapali community access to healthy fresh food through clean water and nature, through intact and healthy breading grounds for all Marine and Land species, specially in rivers, lagoons at and near the open ocean natural breading is possible,- results in sustainable fish, seafood and others existing, ensures healthy food catches which again support reasonable market rates for food and marine products,- compared to areas poisoned by plastic and waste into rivers, nature and ocean s as still in some Ngapali areas,— specially at main beach and Myabin village. Next to Lonthar and Zibigone village Rivers as well. Easy to see by General Administration Officials – so not every one seems to have good eyes. 

All staff and members of Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel & Lilli s Beach Front Bar Ngapali are proud to say that the Social Plastic Ecosystem supports 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Thank You for your support as Laguna Lodge Ngapali House Guest or Restaurant Guest at Lilli e Beach Front Bar, Ngapali Beach Myabin, Rakhine Myanmar, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet & Laguna Lodge Lilli s Beach Bar Family

Ngapali Beach Front, Myabin  15.9.2019

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