Myanmar`s Professional Chefs are,- Sure NOT ONLY TV MasterChef`s

Myanmar`s Professional Chefs are,- Sure NOT ONLY TV MasterChef`s

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…..there is no secrete that in Myanmar everyone can be at a time and his be anything,- just dress as ” Something “. Some dress in orange, some in white, others in green, and so on. Myanmar people in general are good hearten and quick believers – so due to a certain education over the past 70 years or more not so much used to ” Ask always questions ” as Albert Einstein requested peoples to do. Neither Myanmar people were encouraged, at some time s even not allowed to be critical. So there is little wonder that someone in a Religious dress is considered as such, even in public the same would brake any of its own religions rules, as collecting money in public, speak a language usually not found in the same religions text books. Another one would claim to ensure safety & security, the next one might be a picture for law enforcement – where it remains to the wider audience to judge if there is something important overlooked and so quick miss judged. The same happened without surprise with the ” White Jackets “, the Chefs… it is logical that there are many different standards, ways of cooking and ratings for chefs just as in any other profession,- be it in orange, green, black or grey – blue dress. There are in any field many Masters also, as globally so a bit special in Myanmar. Some manage well and despite of having never done a ” Master Class ” stay cool and perform their living,- others,… so usually self named without any justification of how and why they name them self Masters are often – not always much Master – Creator of Disasters. No color, profession or trade is free and save from it,- unless a trade ensures best and always bottom to top ” Own Trade Quality Control, Best Ethic & Code of Conduct “.

Here we are,….. MasterChef Myanmar, a TV station some Fast Food trained experts & housewife s and a Myanmar TV show which sure would be named in Europe a ” Trash TV Show “. Not only as a fast food chain educated called judge throw some good meals not tasted into a waste bin – in front of millions and tens of thousands flood and war refugees of Myanmar,- an Ethical Disaster by the TV Station. Abusive or better Trash Language ( the education system of Myanmar the past 70 years might have not been able to produce better ?? , So the latest can be just discovered under the same name ( maybe coincident ) MasterChef Myanmar = 24 to 33 % Plastic Waste paid as food for a ready to cook meal. Of course as Myanmar lacks still an Union & State – City Municipal law to charge for waste the one which produce the waste,- here as MasterChef even make good money from selling plastic bags and container for every little pinch of salt. One could get the impression that there one also owns a plastic products industry.

Possible all is much more simple and could be broken down to Myanmar MasterChefs ( and Judges which made them as such ) are not necessary trained Professional Chefs. Money making is the only target and the all plastic waste and garbage can be paid by the community, public people as a City s municipal budget is eaten up by such way of uncontrolled and Myanmar  s Nature Plastic Polluting MasterChefs through their Judges certified as The best of the Show.

Trained and professional Myanmar got annoyed, complained art FB and were much liked,- the major plastic waste producing Masterchefs & Judges are rated down. By the abusive language Myanmar is not – or not jet used to. So MRTV4 might achieve that goal and change the gentle way of Myanmar communication, harsh behavior by non professional simple minded ” judges”. Without ethical sensitivity waste good food in front of tens thousands of hungry Myanmar in war and flood zones. Yes a War Zone by language many, even mothers at home feel is on the TV screen today at Masters Chefs show time. Not enough to have 50 % of the country in such miserable situation.

Last not least,- be it Greed, be it ZERO Quality Control, be it just NON Professional as Chef, & as by the same not trained Culinary Judges named ” Myanmar MasterChefs “,- a Customer even in a village market or most far rural area must be granted a quality product of freshness and food safety. There will never be a way around that a whole ” MRTV4 MasterChefs Food Pack ” carries a product as all Sweet Potatoes as ” Non Vegetarian “,– and at home one will see, – full of half and to quarter cut live animals, – in the Sweet Potato….. still moving and one part pity looking at a Cook only. The rusty one might think about the protein,– the sensitive might stop cooking. In a recent Mon State Flood Aid Cook Off, – many ” Professional Myanmar Chefs “,- cooked three days with Sweet Potatoes, lowest in cost – bought fresh from the wet market and never needed to change the vegetarian menu to be named ” meaty ” …

Here is the slight but important difference between a Myanmar MasterChef, which we learnt already every one – ” John, Dick & Harry ” can be named by another anyone TV station or self made culinary Myanmar Judge. The first shows TV disastrous Myanmar Judge scene was paid much money for to be removed from YOUTUBE already as negative & destructive even to MasterChef them self,- well done ( not by their own choice but by peoples public outcry ) and sure many had seen the TV station as highly Unethical in front of tens of thousands Myanmar war and flood refugees destroy healthy good two fresh meals,- it is a TV Show only all is bought with money all is money all is for Money ONLY – No educational Value. A Professional Chef so…. YOU and no one can buy,- this needs to be earned over many years many exams, practical and in theory, through best schools, trainer, and decades long experience. Still one will not automatically a MasterChef or even a higher see Judge of MasterChef,…. one will just be a Professional Chef, also without white or any Jacket or Uniform.

Here it becomes much clear that Myanmar Professional Chefs are for sure in no way are Myanmar MRTV4 MasterChefs only. Time to let the audience know the right way, the standard way the good way the lawful way, as much confusion is already happening. Not much different to the orange, green, black, blue – grey uniformed which are seen to face daily the same challenge all over Myanmar, holding back a whole country from benefits and pleasure all neighbor countries people enjoy since decades. As here in the certain fields the, ” Not Educated & Wrong Minded “…. try to mobilize the masses for the very own single benefit…. Here Government s can or should step in,- as well did already in regard to some colors jackets & uniforms in the past three years. As for the White Jacket and Chefs much work and law enforcement still needs to be done. Just to keep Myanmar on track with positive development and not degradation of a profession for the financial benefit of a view ONLY. Be international, be a part of the world and the world will be a part of you.  

Myanmar Professional Chefs Stand For;

ZERO Food Waste

ZERO Hunger

ZERO Plastic

but for

120 % Professionalism as Chefs

Myanmar Professional Chefs,- are sure not only “TV MasterChefs”, but Professionals

Let s keep Myanmar s Beauty Free from ” TV MasterChef s- Plastic Waste “,- Be Global….

Keep it always hot, keep it cooking and never stop asking Questions,- Einstein, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet, World Chefs Without Borders, Yangon August 2019           


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