U Sunny Aung Khin , passed away 10.8.19

U Sunny Aung Khin , passed away 10.8.19

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He is best remembered as a great Culinary Hero for Myanmar Ethnic & Traditional Cuisine
since the early 90ties with his wife Cherry Aung Khin and the famous Green Elephant.

Later with La Padoma which saw many global dignities as special Guests. Some of and one of the last of the many outstanding achievements U Sunny did,\ was the establishment of the Myanmar Ethnic Cuisine Association. Which showcased many times at best the great diversity of Myanmar s wide range and so different Ethnic Cuisine and Cooking techniques, flavors and ingredients only growing at these frontier areas of Myanmar. Maybe with the Myanmar Ethnic Cuisine Association U Sunny got Myanmar much more united than anyone else.

U Sonny Aung Khin will be much missed in the hospitality scene of Myanmar ….
In silent thoughts to the many knowledge and great moments U Sunny gave us all and Chefs.


Myanmar Chefs Association, Yangon 10.8.2019

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