Master Chef with Sponsors & Disaster Judges Myanmar,- I heard the other days….

Master Chef with Sponsors & Disaster Judges Myanmar,- I heard the other days….

August 8, 2019 General News 0

in an aggressive – abusive language Myanmar TV Show. A show only, or seen – wanted real in Myanmar ??

Do the Global Master Chef TV Show Sponsors support the Idea of such Food Wasted by Judges when millions stay hungry ???

MCA suggests: MRTV4 or sponsors have a little bit a money,- the next Certified Culinary Judge Seminar is 3.9.19 in Bangkok

….., Master Chef & Disaster Judges Myanmar,- I heard the other days…..”… It is a TV show only .. .”, I replied. So if it goes wrong and here in Myanmar it might goes badly wrong, anyone might suffer, capacity building in hospitality as Chefs are featured as Non Ethical like the Judges, No Code of Conduct with abusing language, creates a negative image also for the All Sponsors ( still let their staff run around in Master Chef Aprons at the shops ), the Restaurant s and Hotel chain ( run by a ” Mr Clean ” ) behind the main actors and some still in their fields most creative person end up to be seen as Un Ethical. The vast outcry of Myanmar s really Professional Chefs with many years experience at Michelin Star restaurants and the best Hotels in the region & globally is very much to understand and negative results in their purchasing behavior towards sponsors of such Chefs Trade Insulting Show would be more than understandable. Good Luck sometimes it is better for sponsors to read the text book and watch the here Judges ethical behavior and abusive language very closely,- it sure damages every ones best reputation. 

As I and many chefs get asked all the time why we chefs do such a negative style show on TV as the past 25 years MCA and Myanmar Chefs Association has groomed with many partners, also TV channels, sponsors and the Myanmar Governments at each time the once not recognized chef in a most dirty place they called kitchen that time,- groomed to be a status and professional to learn which raise a family out of poverty and into well middle class and more. With many opportunities to work globally, well respected today and one or even the most important part on Myanmar s Young Tourism Industry to ensure a growing capacity building as chefs ensure best, healthy, nutritious food of many countries. Today Chefs in Myanmar stand for education and not destroy young people in public, Chefs stand for NO Abusive Language, Chefs stand for ZERO Food Waste when tens of thousands stay daily hungry in Myanmar s War and flood areas as IDP s, Chefs stand for Ethical behavior. This message is clearly to show that MasterChef Myanmar here by the judges totally miss represent the profession of chefs & culinary Judges, they abuse a whole trade for Money Profits ONLY. The whole Tourism Trade and specially F&B will suffer from such negative image drawn by the TV channel and the Master Chef Myanmar Judges.

Sponsors and specially sponsors of the food industry, supplier, supermarkets should think twice if they really want to cut their legs as such:

1.- Direct negative :as near all leading chefs in Myanmar do not want to be associated with such Food sponsors which join such NO Code of Conducts events

2.- Long term negative:  as many young people voiced already that they can not work in such environment as Chefs   ( senior chefs they would never had become chef if they had seen such negative image shows before their started to become proud chefs, as stated already last year )  – Negative for all Tourism Industry.

The in Master Chef Myanmar used un ethical style, most negative behavior and abusive language is direct transferred by any TV Audience 1:1 with every one and here the sponsors as supermarkets, supplier, food producer, Restaurants, Hotels be all in the same boat, speak the same language, waste the same food, be same un ethical. No one Needs That…, specially NOT in or with Myanmar. There is enough un wanted war all over Myanmar,- who needs to establish such war style in Kitchens in Myanmar. It is called Hospitality Industry — sorry Myanmar gets at present miss educated on how Hospitality works.

Who still wants to wear a Master Chefs Myanmar Jacket or Apron as Chef, Sponsor in Kitchens, Supermarkets, Supplier, Restaurant, Hotel Group, etc when at same time this Master Chef Myanmar stands mainly for: Abusive Language, Throw Away a Healthy Good Meal when 300.000 IDP s in Myanmar are hungry ( 2 billion globally ) by the Myanmar Judge is near Criminal The Judge that time without any Ethics, 

The Trade / Profession as Chef is through untrained Culinary Judges with ZERO Pedagogical background or sure no skills is badly image damaged ( Myanmar Army would have called 66d already long time — of course we disagree) . So much scared already, YOUNG Myanmar reject already to become chefs & parents disagree to have their kids work in such abusive environment as A Kitchen. A Kitchen MRTV4, The two French directors and the mainly 2 Myanmar Judges showcase as a place where today still in 2019 such abusive language and un ethical waste of good nutritious food can be wasted when millions are in hunger. The Myanmar Army is always quick, as when Myanmar youth as Theater Groups do parody performances on stage,— 66d charged and locked up in Prison. Today many Myanmar professional Chefs, which can prove that they have a much more culinary culinary foundation, skill & Ethics, Code of Conduct asking already to charge people which place the Profession of Chefs so much in a Fake Picture to charge them with 66d…..They are right as Chefs, Kitchens, Culinary Judges are not and should never be in 2019 anymore as MasterChef Myanmar TV show. Kitchens, Chefs & Culinary Judges today are Educated, are having workplace environment, ensure best personal treatment for anyone involved. Feedback s and De Briefings are given,- so they are never abusive, cruel, never unjust as one Judge through away all food without tasting. Real Culinary Experts as many many Myanmar Chefs today educate through understanding, lecture with positive examples how to do better, show ways where and how to improve, make a young Chef Grow. Not as MasterChef Myanmar & all Sponsors destroy a young chef and all which look such at TV screen.

Master Chef Myanmar today is a disgrace for the Global trade of Chefs, through the abusive language, aggressive style and healthy Food wasted by Myanmar — called, culinary Judges. Today after weeks and many FB posts and professionals discussion in Myanmar, the looser are seen already as: The Judges play,- the Sponsors become the fool of the show…

The Good Image of becoming a Chef in Myanmar destroyed by Fools Talk & Action,   so most looser are The three Judges, their business ( like Le Planteur, Memory Group, Sharkies, Monsoon ) , restaurant and Hotels, the Sponsors. Let alone the Myanmar people in front of their TV could have been educated and learnt something, just the way as in past TV shows done & explained.

The only winner which cash in as usual, are the TV Station and its 2 French TV show directors. A movie only, of course,- but not the way the Judges and past winners celebrate them self …the public can judge very well.   


Do the Global Master Chef TV Show Sponsors support the Idea of such Food Wasted by Judges ???

  2 billion people are hungry,- YOU do NOT throw Food away,- not even tasted by YOU….

You might have cooked a bit,– so Culinary Judging is something very different,- Judge is another profession,- needs other skills, needs training needs education and not JUST an aggressive big mouth.

It might be for cost reason that this TV channel of Myanmar, save as much as possible money,- not to have Certified Culinary Judges. ( see attached files what it means to be a Culinary Judge ) . Of course they could and easy, just register at one of the many World Chefs Culinary Judging seminars, do than your 5 times Rooky ( trainee ) Judging at any at standard Culinary Event and renew your Culinary Judge License every 5 years. There are several just coming up in September 2019 nearby,– possible a positive step for the three Master Chef Judges from Myanmar to attend if money is available to cover their cost. At present Show, every Grand Mother might have more cooking experience than these Judges,– so Judging is more than cooking, it is Psycho, Ethics, Code of Conduct and most important – Culinary Judging is ” Education & Educating ” ( Chefs & all TV Audience ) and not just destruction and Face loose ONLY.. I would suggest that Master Chef maybe including the two TV Directors take a culinary Judge Training at World Chefs standard, when they at low cost copy cat a ” World Chefs TV Show “.  

All here involved in such a Master Chef negative show might be seen by a wider audience as persons like; without Code of Conduct and negative Business Ethics. Effecting already as one can at Face Book read their business very negative. If this continues ones good and quality business might goes down the drain, effects also related business outlet and a whole companies name will suffer when people feel there is a show which disgrace and abuse the profession of Chefs. Let alone that here in Myanmar are no Master Chefs are at all,- much less there are NO Culinary JUDGES by skill, training or certification, so much miss leading in a ” Young Country ” concerning such aggressive and as seen abusive TV Shows by using the word Master….It would be as when I wear a rope I am called Monk already,- sure not.

The negative effect already to hear,- that young Myanmar do not want to have such a profession where one can be so much insulted in public with abusive language and a not jet tasted food dish is thrown into a waste bin. Myanmar parents do not like to see their children taking on a profession which can result on such a destructive development, by Unprofessional ” Culinary Judges “. Myanmar a country often described as : ” to soft “, ” to polite “, ” to much Yawade “, ” more Kesa Meshibabu ” , ” try not to let Loose Face ” – which all of course also has a toll on productivity and quality achievements that is clear.

So with such a TV Show and un qualified, or better not educated in culinary Judging or Judging young people at all such a TV Show and such Judges will sure have a very negative impact in the Capacity Building amount and less people are interested in the Myanmar Hospitality Industry. A whole Trade,- mentioned already that the Chefs Trade feels insulted, miss represented, negative pictured.

By all means this ” negative – abusive language ” image in Kitchens is NOT True anymore since decades, in most countries not even allowed and fails to apply labor Rights…Myanmar of course has its History..

“…It is a TV Show ONLY… ” I said again,- just to get another commend by a more real master in Culinary skills telling me: “… yes maybe,- so when there was some weeks ago a similar ” Theater Show ” by young Myanmar on other topics, only which involved the Myanmar Army,- the Tatmadaw, – quickly all actors ( here maybe than Master Chef Judges ) here at ” theater ” the actors were taken off the stage and are in prison now,— face 66d ( not my favor ) and some years in prison for insulting the ” Trade of Myanmar Military .. “,- ” Trade of Myanmar Chefs‚  “….. Do you see any difference —- of course not…. 

Abusive Language of a Dictatorship period in Myanmar, sure two class system, Judges feel upper class. 

So it might not be the issue that the Judges are seen as total failure by a wide audience as Face Book posts suggest, opposition write ups are in the thousands of likes, mailings and posts have it seen…. It is more the Abusive Myanmar language use, ( which sure two of the Judges learnt unintentionally during the fantastic times of the past decades of dictatorship …. sure a language & intimidating style the Judges show, they one guess hated them self for sure during the before 2010 Myanmar Government times,,,, — ironically the two Myanmar Judges adopted just this abusive language & style and be seen as such only.

It fits to people ( here Myanmar TV Judges ), which never in their live needed to suffer, could at early age go where ever they wanted, do whatever they wanted as their parents were well positioned in the past decades of Myanmar Governments,- that they despite of 2 billion people go hungry every day,– & Myanmar TV Judges are able to throw away a full plate of much nutrition rich pasta – which sure could have fed 2 Myanmar poor for a whole day. This even without tasting of the cooked meal amounts to a Crime against Humanity in the global world of 2019 at the ethics of many. In today s world, these TV judges might not know, or close their eyes daily what happens in the world and more daily in Myanmar 2019. Or simply their put their Popularity before Dignity. Such Un Ethical behavior is Criminal and against Humanity, not wanted anymore in 2019. Specially as many in Myanmar go daily hungry through the whole year,- so imagine all the hungry Myanmar Children in all the many created War Zones of Myanmar or on the run as the Monsoon floods took all their belongings these same days ( not the Monsoon eating place which was founded by the German & Cambodian as their second ). See poor Myanmar Families and Children running for safety as the flood takes all their belongings,- now sitting at a Refugee Center – watching hungry and wet the great Master Chef TV Show and in front of them a himself called Chef – Judge, throws away a good portion of rich nutrition and healthy cook food – possible enough for this whole family. This is criminal, very much questionable if any Myanmar TV station should be allowed to waste food when at same time people stay hungry.

Do the Global Master Chef TV Show Sponsors support the Idea of such Food Wasted by Judges ???

Reality Show ?? called out side of Myanmar and many years old. With a primitive & simple concept of insult and discredit,- ensure people lose their face, get angry and the best is when a ” powerful ” person , here as an ” Myanmar Upper Class – Seya Gyi Gyi “ in the show make one cry. That is the simple concept which made Master Chefs popular around the world,- many years ago, not popular anymore and not wanted anymore a run out concept — one TV Station in Myanmar believes that is still Good enough for Myanmar – as ” Myanmar and its people are still Behind ” ??? Not sure so, when one read all FB negative comments on the show. There is ZERO value for the subject itself,- here cooking or chefs. The only reason and value this show has also in Myanmar, is that one only makes a fortune of money ( 5000 $ US was in April 2016 at a Nay Pyi Taw Government Officers envelope when he entered a TV stations Water Festival Panel….he was just one among many….- call it T Money or call it Bribery, like it or dismiss it as NOT Ethical ). Several servants play the fool in such Master Chef TV Show, dance to two directors stick, might do thing s , might use a language they would in their Restaurant, to their guests or to people which have the same power they would never use. They The TV Judges. Such people sell their identity, sell their dignity, sell their standing in society ( may believe they grow in society ) and might be seen also outside the TV show as what they try to act – to be ( a habit of a Myanmar TV audience,- they “Judge”;… once a rapist in TV than always a rapist ….,- Myanmar a ” Young Country ” by many means ) . The more unprofessional the more they might look at the end as the bad guy, Â inhuman, NO Ethics and no feeling for 2019, also or specially in Myanmar. The Judges…..- as it looks now after a week of one such show, the Three Judges seems to be rated already the real Looser of Master Chef TV show by the gross Myanmar audience. The looser is not a TV Show only,– this became already much reality,.. with regret.

The Winner are the two French Directors and TV station owner ( was it the one from April 2016 in Nay Pyi Taw ?? ) as more people commend as more spread the words and the interest grows bigger and more people get curios : “… need to see the Disaster Judges … ” as I heard. As here an oldest marketing concept will work again: “…. it does not matter if there is negative or positive news about you …. it matters only and out most that your name is mentioned. Human mindset forgets the bad, so the name remains… ” …

So as the ” Disaster Judges ” ( as they were named to me as such, when I replied ” A TV Show ONLY ”  ) are already in their negative image and reportedly feel the head in their own business – sponsors will also feel the heat being related with such Un Ethical language, gesture and no Code of Conduct Standards TV Show in Myanmar. Many in Myanmar already feel pity to these three Judges as they totally lack all experience in culinary judging, which does not mean that they have no knowledge of food or cooking. Of Course they have and do well in their own small Kitchen ( or better their staff does ). One judge was lucky some years ago that a German with his Cambodian wife started a shareholding Restaurant in Yangon and she joined in. The Myanmar Chefs Association supported them with an excellent culinary trainer & Chefs – still there and for many years the main grant of the success for the Judge,- that time a part of being a mother, sure the judges very first touch with the culinary scene.  Another Judge as stated by him started at a better MC Donald s ” Junk Food ” restaurant not really sure a culinary fine dining carrier start. So also made his way to much Excellence in culinary reinvention of traditional foods and many things before thought to be not possible in Myanmar,- Hats UP.  The third Judge changed his last job at a Rooftop bar for exactly the same reason the way he commented at the 19 years old chefs food and plate. He himself, the judge could not stand his past owners commends on his way of cooking and presenting as he told me once, as the head of one of Myanmar good restaurants with many young Myanmar cooking there for many years, he well blended in and sure gives a special taste and creativity. Professionals in Culinary Judging or Judging at all – sure they are NOT.  Still they built great business with much guests satisfactory in their range. As the one sure looking always for the superlative and the best to make better.

Sure in no way these three Judges have any qualification to judge young chefs,- ( never forget it is a TV show ONLY ” – the three they try to be actors as the TV needs actors not Professionals.. ” as I said again and again. NO qualification sure they have,- less from the culinary knowledge – so the more from the ethical, using most abusive language and very negative body language style. It is without doubt a plan in the Directors book,- that one Chef need to be destroyed that show, one the winner – as any Good Cob – Bad Cob Movie.

A real critic, where the Myanmar Master Chef TV show also fails for my view: Â No educational commends are given,- a big loss for the TV Show which has a chance, possible also the DUTY by Constitution, to educate not only the one participant so also the whole nation of chefs, mothers and anyone which loves cooking – who sees this TV show in Myanmar.

Give improving feedback, tell the audience what went wrong, how to avoid mistakes how to do better to reach the goals. I remember a cooking show by the same TV channel which had all this Positive – Educative , Ethics commends and most Myanmar Loved the Show some years ago…. the reason was simple real chefs as participants and much professionals as judges ( with global Culinary skills achieved ) that time agreed to do the show only as it was Educative and Much Valuable for Myanmar s TV Audience :”… The past TV show had a value for Myanmar, it had an educational value for Myanmar, it had an Understanding for Myanmar, it had a Human Touch, it was honest and the really best won through the ranks. .. “

The past TV show gave a value and a status to become a Chef in Myanmar, a country which is still very young in terms of Hospitality Industry… people are very innocent,- people believe what is shown in TV and cannot divide between Reality and ” Fake Judging ” according to a Directors and a TV channel owners Books and desire to more money through more people see the show…

Myanmar TV Master Chef 2018 – 19 is of course NO Master Chef, maybe 15 years away from it.

So better make clear that all participants understand this, so better that the Judges understand this,- the best is changing the Name of the Show as ” Myanmar Grooming for Master Chef ” TV show… This can be easy seen on the commends as well even funny comedy movies out at Face Book the past week. People take the show serious and not as a TV Show, as well the participants, opening restaurants afterwards sets wrong signals and set wrong and lowest standards to Myanmar. One can compare it with the fantastic worked over years ” Golden Land ” image, when the real situation was diffferent and just for that to Cover UP.– so the Judges and as past years participants also do not see it as TV show – but as the real Champignon of Master Chefs, be Myanmar Master Chef. This is a total miss leading to Myanmar s young generation. The show miss leads standards – miss leads meaning s of a Profession as Chefs, as people in Chefs UNIFORM at TV, — as said YOU do so this in a green Army Uniform in Myanmar today, you sure are all in prison as we learnt some weeks ago, stay there for a bit longer 66d.

To become a Real Master Chef needs 15 years and much much Education….

The name Master Chef is already totally an abuse of the real meaning where in Europe one learns three years, be called apprentice – goes through the ranks and maybe after 10 years goes back to school another year and need to pass the Master Chefs certification.  There are a view Myanmar Chefs which fit such vocational training through their time in Mid East or other foreign countries. Have worked with some of the best – up to Michelin Star Chefs level together for many years. Yes these Myanmar Chefs are sure in the direction of Master Chef and sure culinary wise much further than most of the three Judges ever will be.
“…It is a TV Show ONLY… ” I said again and again,…….

and in conclusion ????…. as Myanmar is on the way, in transition to democracy or so called,- there should be sure guidelines and norms, set & strictly controlled by the President of Myanmar – through the Union Information Minister U Pe Myint. The Union Minister of Hotels & Tourism U Ohn Maung sure should have a Standard set to ensure that the young Myanmar with happiness enjoy and want to become Chefs , much in respect of Myanmar culture, action, habits and ways of communication.

Daw Aung San Su Kyi as well the Union Ministers of Health Dr Myint Htwe as well Social Welfare Minister Dr Win Myat Aye should remind the TV channel owner strongly that such not necessary good Food wastage should not happen at all and should not be an Educator for 52 million people in a TV show. This as from the Myanmar Judge seen, not even tested food plate through into the Waste Bin is absolutely UN Ethical in front of some hundred thousand HUNGRY Myanmar in war zones, in flood related Refugee Camps and daily as their normal lives – the thousands which are hungry in the outskirts of Hlaingthayar. It is much to hope that this TV channel owner or management not try to smoothen the damages done as the wide reactions by Myanmar people show. Best as Code of Conduct not try to cover again with and use 5000 $ US for education and building Myanmar experienced chefs as World Chefs standard Culinary Judges – than ONLY start a TV show again . The just renovated dental hospital of course a good deed, so as some said: “… everyone is less interested where one spend his money — it is much more important how Ethical – Code of Conduct they make their money also as a Myanmar TV station….”

As Ethical Business, Code of Conduct, the Dignity of a person as well a whole Trades Professional People, a shows language which ensures that it not nearly amount s to a guidance to hate speech, should be compulsory and come already without the now OUTCRY of a wide audience. Maybe the Director and TV channel as well become at the long end the looser,– the three Judges and the Sponsors as retail or whole sale are in the eyes of many already the looser s and avoided or suggest to avoid as seen on Face Book – so sad for something which is so great ” Cooking and Culinary Skills & Honest – Ethical Education and Judgments “….

One Judge better listen to her father…, the father which seems to have still a bit of the Beautiful – Ethical Myanmar as most Myanmar people are known for – also if it is for the prize of quick productivity . Give Myanmar the time, which Myanmar needs – in Ethical Dignity.

“/…… It is a TV Show only …. “,- I said always, so need to educate Myanmar that it is a TV Show ONLY and all are only actors & NOT professionals, some act better some worse, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

Global Board,- World Chefs Without Borders, ( Disaster & Aid Management ), Jakarta,- 21.7.2019

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