Food Hotel Indonesia 2019 Jakarta

Food Hotel Indonesia 2019 Jakarta

July 31, 2019 Events General News 0

ZERO Plastic, a standard in Indonesia` s F&B

….a fantastic Food Hotel Indonesia 2019 – Culinary Challenge was held again in Jakarta by UBM and Indonesian Chefs Association under the lead of Chef Stefu with his wonderful senior and much junior team of professionals and volunteers. Over 30 World Chefs certified Judges were the guaranty for fair, professional culinary judging – with the most emphasize to keep the dignity and face of the participants,– non destructive so very much educational, supportive and encouraging commends by all Culinary Food Judges as it is the Ethic and Code of Conduct for all World Chefs judges by nature to motivate and guide young chefs from all over the world.

Real Certified – Culinary Judging by Educated Experts,- not by TV Clowns acting as Judges …..

In no way to compare with the most negative rated behavior and destructive language of Myanmar s so called Master Chef Judges seen now weekly at TV. A TV show only – so everyone from winner to judges fly high their personalities as they were real master s… Far from any standard. Food ready cooked was also not destroyed un judged every one go a face and fair chance. Compared to the Myanmar TV Judges – here in Jakarta at a real professional culinary competition worked for ZERO Food Waste – ZERO Hunger as it is a Global UN Goal… so this part of global 2019 burning issues the Myanmar TV Judges still have to learn or realize the reality…

As highlight from Myanmar we offered ” Shwe Htee – Lephet “, pickled Tealeave from Kyaukmee Northern Shan State to much happiness for the Indonesian Chefs which knew it already from 2018 MCAC. As well for Myanmar ASEAN permanent office in Jakarta.  

Indonesia much with Traditional Cuisine from different regions, with a Table Setting competition, The MLA team event was a highlight Judged by Otto Weibel – also Chief Judge, next to Tony Khoo, Luis Tay, Eric Wong, Edmond all from Singapore.

At the Pasta, US Potato kitchens MerryChef High Speed Oven, by Welbilt Singapore, the top combination of Micro and Oven, where hot air is shoot through pipes and cooks meals in seconds was at all Kitchens on display for reality use with some staff assisting this super power Equipment. Provided by Singapore Welbilt Asia Pacific… , Leonard Lam also sponsored a fantastic Chinese Dinner on 25.7.2019. With Ben in charge for Myanmar – Myanmar chefs get a chance see the equipment by Chef Jimmy stationed in Myanmar, planed for September – info follows .

ZERO Plastic was visible at many places at Food Hotel Indonesia , the supplier , retail and wholesale partner in Jakarta & Bali are much further than our well known in Myanmar supplier. ZERO Plastic is already a Concept followed by many. The show which is in size possible 15 times bigger from the Exhibition than FHMM and MCAC ( where MCAC possible has more hot cooking participants ). Sushi was on display for competition the first time — possible also an interesting class for MCAC 2020. Same as Tapas and Cold display, or three course display, Pralines.

Coffee roasting, Gelato – Ice Cream and Tea Competition are also subjects to plan for the future of Myanmar number 1 Hospitality show FHMM 2020.

Yangon MCAC 2020 for Pastry & Chocolate Champignon Chef Louis Tanuhadi , Miss Pipit Yulianti and his ” Sweet Team ” were there and we agreed in a meeting to have Chocolate Art wider and more for 2020 MCAC with Chocolate workshops up front. Luis is also already much motivated for upcoming Charity MCA / WCWB events 1.6. & 5.6.2020 in Yangon… Master Pastry Chef Luis now with his own Chocolate School in Jakarta.  

Myanmar Chefs & Pastry Alliance attached online – Culinary Friendship…. a great moment was the by Stefu s Team the Happy Birthday surprise party for our great Pastry Master friend, Eric Wong with all World Chefs Judges, team members and volunteers on 27.7.19 – by than many Chefs from Myanmar had congratulated him already as Bernard, Aghee and Pastry Alliance Myanmar.

It was easy to recognize by International companies the very high interest in Myanmar and eager to be in Myanmar soon as MCAC – Food Hotel Myanmar 2020 in Yangon as Welbilt – Merrychef Singapore, than the global leading Induction oven producer from South Korea.

Taiwan Chefs invited to MCAC 2020 – 60 Chefs to come for much Cross Exposure to Myanmar chefs, Taiwan Government which supports much their young with colleges and Hospitality Universities over years best education and sponsor for oversea culinary challenges…. Chef Simon is planning to come over to Yangon possible with 60 young Taiwan Chefs to enrich and challenge Myanmar & Shan Li s Malaysian Chefs from 3.6. to 5.6.2020 Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition at Food Hotel Myanmar – EXPO …….  

We thank to Stefu chairman of Indonesian Chefs Association and his all team, like Mia which took much care with her team for all transfers 24/11 between Airport – Hotel – EXPO and thanks to UBM team for a great arranged show Food Hotel Indonesia 2019 — first we met of course was Martin Cox well known from the beginning of FH Myanmar and MCAC — Martin just took over Food & Hotel Singapore for 2020 in April…,— see also next story on ZERO Plastic at FHI – Jakarta, Wish all the best yours  

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association , Jakarta

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