Healthy Food for 400 Children, Chefs Social Responsibility, MCA Mandalay,- Myanmar

Healthy Food for 400 Children, Chefs Social Responsibility, MCA Mandalay,- Myanmar

July 18, 2019 Events General News 0

Greetings from Mandalay Chefs CSR – Myanmar Chefs Association …..Chairman Aung Naing Thu and his Mandalay MCA team took on the World Chefs Without Border s aim and paid back to community. They had chosen the YGW, – upper rural area Myanmar, higher educational school with 400 students there at the Civil Society Organization school 1,5 hours drive outside of Mandalay .  


The village name is Taw Su, with its non government YGW Baca school,- as often in rural area Myanmar where State schools are not existing, not sufficient , no teacher or were people and mainly farmer families do not have the money to pay charges related to a Government school and Tuition fees ( Tuition which is actually illegal in Myanmar to stop Teacher from miss using their positions and teach only against private money and not at school as it was most commend all over Myanmar just a view years ago. Until U Thein Sein Government stopped this and declared such Tuition as illegal income for Myanmar Government teacher, same policy followed by the present Government )…. 

The Mandalay MCA – Chefs under the lead of Tun Tun, Zaw Zaw , Aung Naing Thu cooked for a total students 400 students. The Donation menu was:

– Minced chicken with fresh Vegetable.

– Braised Pork Belly. –

– Pickle Mustard Soup

– Assorted bread and drinks.

MCA Mandalay travelled all the way with 40 MCA Mandalay Member Chefs, mainly YOUNG Chefs Mandalay guided by the senior well known Chefs from Mandalay.

Aung Naing Thu & his MCA Mandalay team arranged the Healthy Food donation on 14.7.2019.

Many greetings to all Mandalay Chefs and MCA leadership in Mandalay for this excellent CSR – giving back to society as chefs, wonderful team work and sharing – caring with the not so fortunate people in Myanmar, as WCWB Chairman Willment Leong s Global Message to chefs all over the world and within World Chefs ….

Oliver E Soe Thet

Myanmar Chefs Association – Yangon 18.7.2019, Myanmar

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