Culinary EXAM 30.6.2019 – Shwe Sa Bwe Yangon, Yangon

Culinary EXAM 30.6.2019 – Shwe Sa Bwe Yangon, Yangon

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Myanmar s longest serving top vocational training center

1 year hands on chefs & service training at live restaurant

…..despite past 25 years opening up for tourism with international Hotels & Restaurants, an influx of vocational training center plans by EU – Western INGO s,- there is not much jet what deserves the title of international culinary quality vocational training. Since 2011 when Myanmar opened up, Hillary Clinton opened the doors when she visited in December 2011, for a rush like ” now we can, now it is ethical …” flooded the country with Global Player CEO s, INGO s and millions of $ US for projects. Evaluations were done, Expats knew the best way to go and how to set up all…..

The result after 3 years was best mentioned by a than Swiss Ambassador;”….yes much of the 5 million Euro is used already,-  we just do not have a project jet,…. an Expert cost at least 250.000 Euro… “.

That time Shwe Sa Bwe had already the first Exam running after a year culinary hands on training at a live restaurant where Culinary & Service Students are at reality – hospitality stress from day 1. Having a small team and the luxury of a French Executive Chef and Service leader,,,,,- just this Francoise had in mind when we met many years ago at the Savoy Hotel in Yangon and he wanted to know how it would be and if needed to have a Culinary Training Center at Europe standards in Yangon.

Than it was there after 1 year, Chef Michel Mecca was the Jury leader joined by many best known Chefs & F&B manager of Yangon s top restaurants.

Nothing much changed,– so yes it charged,- the standards went up year to year and the most outstanding the 1. batch best Chef Student, a Lady Chef is leading since three years the all Shwe Sa Bwe kitchen training and operation of the well 30 seats fine dining restaurant.  Students are required to cook a 3 course surprise menu from scratch, involving bakery, butchery, saucier within 3,5 hours all must be ready at the point and hot must be served hot. Zero Food Waste, top Hygiene, Food Safety, tender, juicy, best taste, presentation and right cooking technique this Saturday 29.6.19 and Sunday 30.6.19 – 28 sharp eyes best trained in culinary skills watched the 6 chefs students, the chef them self worked through their program as no none was watching,- Business as usual – a la carte best trained.

At the restaurant side 4 service students set up each a Fine Dining table for the three course,- wine service is prepared and the next highlight is the Cocktail Exam for all culinary judges, one each and cross testing, followed by sitting at the tables Lunch was served course by course. Here same one portion a guest and at a display table all students dished to compare and cross judge.

The service busy with wine knowledge, wine service, opening , bread and butter , some offered the extra olive oil, pepper from the mill all perfect service at front.

So also the menus apart from some small differences in taste all courses were best cooked by all students, meat or fish right to the point tender – well cooked and juicy.

The Culinary Jury saw all winners at Kitchen and Service, all jobs well done and just 1 year in training.

It is a usual outcome every year that all students get good offers direct on exam days from the different chefs & F&B of Yangon and carriers starting to become reality. How else one want to judge a culinary vocational training center than to see that year by year the whole lot of students gets jobs right on EXAM day.

Among Melia Executive Chef Lluis, Premier Foods Sommelier Gavit, Metros Magnus, Rosewoods Patrick, Executive Chef Tun Tun of Novotel, Chef Jack of Fine Dining Yangon Cuisine, The Top Duo of the Penthouse, MCA co founder Renato Buhlmann, Owner of Rangoon Tea House, Babett F&B manager, Chef Davy, MCA – VP Daw Thuzar Myint, Deaf Chefs Club Myanmar founder Maurizio, Rosewoods Chef de Cuisine Mario – new Chef in Town, the chefs of The Seeds, 50below and Port Authority management granted a very well mixed & professional Jury. Not without a De Briefing by the all EXAM Jury.

With a good cup tea, coffee and sweets it was great to see again as each year the fantastic outcome of young Myanmar people become chefs & service professionals as at Swe Sa Bwe,- as the learning conditions are at International standards and the time to learn with 12 month – still a minimum ( Malaysia offers 3 to 4 years to each Chef student by the Malaysian Government – in Myanmar far to go so places like Swe Sa Bwe are the more valuable for a growing hospitality industry Myanmar ). Happy to see at same time that culinary institutes sponsored by Singapore, Luxembourg and Switzerland are taking off now and providing quality training now for more young Myanmar – so much or even millions of $ US are also used already there before the first student stepped into the projects.

Easy to see, there is much much more to do and to establish for quality vocational training in Myanmar,– specially or at all in Rural Area – Tourism destinations as in Rakhine – Ngapali Beach , Chin State, North Kachin State or south Myanmar Kawthaung, more than urgent needed,- education & vocational training neglected by Myanmar Governments over the past 60 years.

Welcome every one with a big heart, financial backing and the understanding that a country, communities and ethnics only can stay in peace and development through fair and equal chances in education and vocational training. Countries will never succeed as long as some believe with war peace can be achieved. As at Shwe Sa Bwe all students are at boarding and from far away all ethnics and much rural areas,-  Francoise easy to say “… WELL DONE – Shwe Sa Bwe … ” is a Myanmar Heaven for Vocational Quality Training. Which includes everyone a part of the success of course, a Team Work.

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board,- World Chefs Without Borders, Yangon 3.7.2019 – Myanmar     

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