Message from Tony Khoo

Message from Tony Khoo

June 6, 2019 Events General News 0

Good Evening All Master of Culinary Chefs,

For those that have been to Myanmar Food & Hotels Competition Show I’m happy to share

In what’s been Six edition of organising a regional competition in Myanmar, I had personally witness what are the challenges of this country had pertaining to almost every aspect, challenges from geographic, communication, cultural, language, infrastructure, economically and produce etc..

But what makes me return and support Myanmar in every edition of their competition is Myanmar Chefs Association resolution, conviction and courage in the face of all this challenges to uphold WACS international standard of competition with least support from the wealthy countries.

Looking back fifteen or twenty years ago in Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines or Indonesia were the same mass as Myanmar and had to date successfully improve by leaps and bounds please see attached,

I have not seem in any salon culinary competition which I have judged around the world where there is a waste organic blue bin for competitors to throw away their trimming waste and this will be turn into recycle food fertilizer organic waste.

My sincere congratulations Chef Oliver and his team of chefs of Myanmar and will always continue my support to the third world countries.


Sincerely Yours

Chef Tony

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