A Good Piece of A 100.000 Healthy Bread Roll for Aid

A Good Piece of A 100.000 Healthy Bread Roll for Aid

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A Healthy Role of A Good Peace for Hope

Rakhine Tourism & World Chefs Without Borders

A brave young Rakhine Lady Chef in Mrauk Oo s War Zone and her mainly 8 Girls staff bake 3000 healthy rich Bread Rolls daily since weeks for children,- who had to ran away from their homes as a deadly war knocked their doors, peace and freedom since just a dream or often nightmare at night – with rocket shelling nearby day & night. For weeks already living in Buddhist Monasteries – Refuge Camps, very well arranged by the village communities – head monks and Rakhine Civil Societies ONLY. Mrauk Oo region. Can you help the project continues to run, call 01 501123 Ma Saung Sandi or 043 42 312 Ma Pan su Aung of World Chefs Without Borders.

Can you help for the Children of Mrauk Oo region, pls help and support this noble work with hands on baking, send Flour, Butter, Eggs of funding to keep this Healthy Bread Roll project running in the weeks to come. Best known Yangon Pastry Master Chef – Aung Myo Lwin is next days on the way to Mrauk Oo ( a noble cause a human cause ) with his staff and Family to active support Ma Shwe Ngwe s team of daily 3000 healthy & rich Bread Rolls for Refugee Children. Master Chef Aung Myo Lwin will use the time also to train more modern and special PASTRY products to Ma Shwe Ngwe and young team of brave Rakhine girls as Train the Trainer.

Join hands, help to keep the Kids of Mrauk Oo – Daily Smiling.  

Contact: angelatmyanmar@gmail.com

Ma Shwe Ngwe Oo usually Hotel owner and well with Tourism to Mrauk Oo had to experience how non diplomacy, greed, miss politic s and possible geo strategic matters leads since 2012 always to negative situations for Tourism to Mrauk Oo the most Ancient City in today s Myanmar. In 2017 she move herself on and went to Yangon learnt again from scratch the profession of Bakery Master, installed an oven, self made proving chambers, mixer and shelf s between the Front Office and roofed garden of her & U Htun Shwe s Prince Hotel – at best location direct under the sunrise and sunset pagoda. She got to successful through here quality minded Bread & Cake production that the Bakery took quick over the by sectarian violence downed Tourism. So she moved the Bakery to the other side of the road this year,— just for the situation in N Rakhine and Mrauk Oo got worse again and the villagers stopped orders, her near all Lady staff was afraid to come to work as war started in 2019 in and around Mrauk Oo. Again Ma Shwe Ngwe was at a situation she as well all other s in the Mrauk Oo and Rakhine Tourism Industry face since 2012. Near to no Tourists ……

Ma Shwe Ngwe Oo a stand up woman which never gives up and at any time can learn something very new to ensure her family s business, actually she is from Yangon and a Burman. Build up the long time well known Prince Hotel with U Htun Shwe her husband and two lovely kids.

At the this time war style situation where many family s fled their villages and homes to so thought save Mrauk Oo. She started to use here facility to support the most vulnerable in such war zone situation – the many children, she designed a Healthy Bread Roll as a ” Happy Breakfast ” for daily 3000 of the now over 20.000 children in N Rakhin and Mrauk Oo living in Refugee Camps.

Good Butter, Eggs, rich Bean Paste ( homemade ), Sesame Seeds, and a Sweet topping makes since weeks daily 3000 Rakhine children faces smile and running from their makeshift tents and huts at the many Buddhist Monastery Refugee Camps. Quick quick…. ” We must rush every day the children are waiting at the gates already to see our car for the Daily Smiling Food….. ” Ma Shwe Ngwe told the group of Tourists visiting Mrauk Oo s temples and Buddhist Monasteries. These day s Tourists from Germany, South Korea, England, France and the head of a Yangon UN agency had been in Mrauk Oo, which one can best count while having lunch or dinner at famous Moe Cherry restaurant where Ma Mi Mi cooks since decades the best Lamb – Potato, Red Pork, Rakhine clear Chicken soup…     


8th of April we travelled with two German Tourists by Yoma Yazar Bus from Ngapali Beach to infamous Ancient Rakhine City ” Mrauk Oo “. Overnight with an un usual stop at an Mimbya bride crossing the Lay Myo River where we had to sleep in the small bus chairs from 2:00 am as surprisingly the bridge was closed until 5:00 am. The next morning we had to cross the bridge by foot all people had leave the bus and so we crossed the river to the other side,- 18 $ US is just the whole bus fare Ngapali Beach to Ancient Buddhist Temple City of Mrauk Oo which had his first Rakhine Buddhist culture already 500 BC with Vessalie as capital and at that time the casting of the with special power Maha Myat Muni Buddha image. Vessalie was taken by nature and only some small areas remind on the side where Buddhism is said have entered the today Myanmar first. The Maha Myat Muni Buddha image is as the Rakhine call it since 1784 ” A Prisoner of War ” at a Mandalay Monastery after Burmese Kings had conquered Rakhine is a very deadly war, also genocide called where Burmese Kings had Rakhine under Burmese control for 40 years, before a Rakhine resistance at Chittagong saw Rakhine free from Burmese rules in 1825 which opened the 130 years British area of first lower and than all Myanmar. The famous Lion Throne of the Burmese Kings was taken to England – so as a peace & friendship bargain given back to Burma / Myanmar in the 1950ties.

Today these many unsettled issues in the hearts of many specially North Rakhine drives this part of today Myanmar since 2010 and specially 2012 through politically, motivated issues, driven by poverty, near non existence of health, education or street infrastructure.   It is sure not without financial macro management and setting foots on other peoples land,- today low at cost and tomorrow cost a fortune. Super powers need a part Asia which has the potential to be a New Singapore by 2040 or 2050 with energy lines to China, railways and highways from China to this part of today Myanmar, ending at a Deep Seaport and a Special Economic Zone at Kyauk Phyu Island, links through the Kaladan River to India s North. No one likes to buy much of land when the rates reached hundred thousands or Millions when an acre today is just 2000 $ US if an owner gets in trouble he might sell for 500….

Combined with a near to no education of the rural population, no infrastructure from one village to the other, no electricity and no 2019 usual communication,- quick a nothing become a rumor and with some support of always bad or always yesterday people communities start fighting each other,- many times without any real reason, so the hear say is strong and a Face Book in Myanmar near unchecked and much miss used often by people with ” Higher Interest ” for this Part of Myanmar – for this future Gold Mine of Asia , a New Singapore when the today Singapore might change to a kind of Monaco of the East as land and resources are already over the legal limits used by today s Singapore,- growth is not much possible – I mean the legal way. Which might explain that Singapore is the biggest investor into Myanmar and mainly in Real Estate business. North Rakhine a rich region which traps its people poor, big player – just Play


We arrived at our Hotel by 9:00 am and could direct join a trip to several Rakhine Buddhist sides, we saw how Monks arranged 300 to 500 people of other far away villages communities living together, cooking and warship together. We could notice how with a discipline and a rule of law , procedures of waste management, hygiene cooking and best arranged dining areas were separated from the sleeping areas which were divided in men and women with children.  Only 20 L PH7 water drums ensured Zero Plastic in and around the spotless clean – well managed Monastery area. A Save Heaven for all people living there as we heard and saw how the children enjoyed much and awaiting already the healthy bread rolls baked daily at Mrs Shwe Ngwe s small bakery. Rich rolls with Butter, Eggs, Bean Paste and Sesame seeds were not only there to fill the stomach – it was more to give daily some more happiness to all the around 20.000 children at present away from their homes in Refugee Camp style Buddhist Monasteries. Their usual meals were very well taken care by the host community – the villages where such a Peaceful camp was, all villagers took daily care for their brothers and sisters from far… No NGO s or INGO s are allowed into the region and so the Government also seemed to be not at all or near to not there.

At one such Child protective Monastery staff from Relief & Resettlement Department of the Union s Ministry of Social Welfare joined the Healthy Bread roll donations , — The Social Welfare Ministry s staff took 7 healthy bread rolls a person and enjoyed them well ,— the children got 1 only as there were always more children than the 3000 daily fresh baked rolls.

Funded by some Rakhine Tourism Industry & World Chefs Without Borders …

This by one Brave young Rakhine Lady managed daily 3000 Healthy Bread project reached near 100.000 healthy bread rolls already and was mainly funded by members of the Rakhine Tourism Industry of Mrauk Oo and Ngapali Beach. With little business in high season only some Hotels sent the one or other staff to help baking as it is this situation again and again which cripples the White Industry the Tourism Industry to Rakhine since 2012 3rd june, which was in the making since 2010 when certain political parties and movements prepared the ground for the situation also today – always yesterday people not aware of Myanmar in 2019 and far to long protected by Governments where their real goals until today are not clear why a Rule of Law cannot be installed even when the whole region is since years controlled by most powerful institutions. ” It gets even worse …. ” villager tell when Tourists pass by invited for a hot green tea under a Bamboo house near the 80.000 image Pagoda.

Yes as Tourists we felt also somehow confused that it is possible and there are no restrictions for foreign visitors to Mrauk Oo Ancient City, Lay Myo River and Tatoo Chin women… and than when driving through the town on 10.4.19 the streets looked deserted – the souvenir shops and restaurants at the Pagodas looked like a war just happened and the pagoda trustees did not even open the pagodas when they were called by the Hotel s the Tourists stay and that all despite the fact that all paid the Archeological Zone Fee s – Hard $ US, took all the time by bus and boat, spent all the money to visit this first Buddhist place of the today Myanmar was and is daily at present a Myanmar Blunder in Tourism Marketing.     

The best Highlight this time in the ancient City of Mrauk Oo, were not the ancient pagodas as all locked up by the Trustees despite they were informed , Zone Fee paid Tourists would come – the Highlight this time was to see how a young – energetic women in Rakhine s war zone gives her energy daily to make 3000 children in refugee camps happy – smiling.

An Outstanding Aid Performance of a Myanmar Lady Pastry Chef in Rakhine

the today s Myanmar, we all agreed. We deeply appreciated the inside look and understanding gained of the situation there since 2012, see the children which all had to run away from their homes and villages, each of them carried the best of clothing they had and all looked un real – more like at a big wedding party of 300 to 500 people in a North Rakhine Monastery. Near all children had ever traveled that far in their whole young live. Events they will never forget…….

As for our German Tourists group we continued by bus to Pyay, Bagan, Kalaw,- than by train to Inle Lake in Shan State. All the places different with different trips and ethnics. So one every one had in commend we talked with on the way. The situation today in Mrauk Oo is hurting since 2012 and again and again so now as well all sides of development in the regions all have the same view,– all is a total miss management at leaderships and here most pointing out that they not mean the political leadership. As fact : ” War can only & only be won,- By Peace “, and nothing else or in between ….

Yangon Pastry Master Chef – Aung Myo Lwin s ” Sweet Role “,  is next days on the way to Mrauk Oo ( his noble and human cause ) help bake 3000 healthy roles for Mrauk Oo Children

        Join hands, help to keep the Kids of Mrauk Oo – Daily Smiling.  

Contact: angelatmyanmar@gmail.com

Oliver E Soe Thet, Tourist to Mrauk Oo, Global Board World Chefs Without Borders

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